Ancient Persia

I.B.Tauris, 18 août 2001 - 332 pages
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Of all the great civilizations of the ancient world, that of Persia is one of the least understood. Josef Wiesehöfer's comprehensive survey of the Persian Empire under the Achaeminids, the Parthians, and the Sasanians focuses on the primary Persian sources--written, archaeological, and numismatic. He avoids the traditional Western approach which has tended to rely heavily on inaccurate Greek and Roman accounts. Part of the freshness of this book comes from its Near Eastern perspective.

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Review: Ancient Persia

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a good book about Persia and if you interest persian history and culture, it will be your book:) Consulter l'avis complet

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Macedonian Domination over Iran
PART THREE Iran from Arsaces I to Artabanus
The Survival and Rediscovery of Ancient
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Josef Wiesehöfer is Professor of Ancient History at the Institut für Klassische Altertumskunde at the University of Kiel, Germany.

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