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attentive to the whole service, as it is long, and there are some things you cannot at present understand; but

you can say our Lord's prayer first taught us by our Saviour himself, and attend to the commandments, which were given by God: and there are many prayers in which even children

may join. And when you may not understand what is going on, sit quietly, and do not disturb others. Every day your minds will be opened, I hope, more and more, till, by degrees, the happiness of understanding the whole beautiful service of our Church will be granted you. I therefore advise you, when

you go into church, to kneel down and say, “ Pray God 66 make me attentive to what I am "s about to hear, and obedient to what I understand, for the sake of Jesus 66 Christ. Amen.”

“ Serve the Lord in fear, and rejoice unto Him with reverence.Psalm ii. 11.




AFTER the return of the Holy Family to Judea out of Egypt, we hear nothing more about our Saviour for several years, except that he was filled with wisdom, and that the grace of God was with him.

Now you must know, that once every year there was a very solemn feast at Jerusalem, called the Passover, which God had commanded the Jews to keep, in remembrance of their having been delivered from the Egyptians many hundred years before, and it was called



the Passover, because God as the means of delivering them, had sent a destroying angel to visit the families of the Egyptians with death, while he over, and left untouched, the houses of the Jews.

The observance of this great feast was so particularly commanded to the whole Jewish people, that even if they lived a long way off, they always endeavoured to visit Jerusalem at the time of the feast. Joseph and Mary, therefore, as you may suppose, being pious people, regularly attended; and when our Saviour was about twelve years old, they determined that they would take him with them, the time of keeping it being near at hand.

Now as a great many families came up from the country at the same time, they used to join company and travel

together, and sometimes these companies were very large; so when the time came, Joseph and Mary, the child Jesus, and all their friends and acquaintance, went up to Jerusalem ; and, after celebrating the feast, they set out on their return home.

They journeyed on for a whole day, and at the close of it, when each family collected together for the night, the child Jesus was missing; but as there were so many people, and many different companies, his parents thought that he might perhaps be with some of their friends in one of the other companies, and they immediately went to every family, making the most anxious enquiries, but nobody knew any thing about him, and no one had seen him since they left Jerusalem. Then it was that they were very much alarmed

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