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to excite some of the frailties of the mind. For that purpose he transported our Lord to the Holy City of Jerusalem, and placed Him on one of the highest pinnacles of the Temple; and then, endeavouring to excite the vanity and presumption so natural to every human heart, he said to Him, “ If thou he tho Son of Guil, cast thy“ self down; for it is written, that God ~ shall give his Angels charge of thee, “and in their hands they shall bear “ thee up, lest thou dash thy foot

against a stone.”

The first time the devil had tempted our Saviour to distrust the power of God to relieve his natural wants, but in this case he tried a contrary temptation, and endeavoured to persuade him presumptuously to throw himself into danger without any command


from God, expecting a miracle to save him.

But Jesus answered by another text, “ It is written, Thou shalt not tempt “ the Lord thy God.”

This answer had two meanings; first, it was a rebuke to the tempter himself, who was tempting his God; and, secondly, it was an expression of the command of God, that we are not to put ourselves in the way of temptation and danger, and then expect God to deliver us by a miracle, and thus tempt God, or try if He will interfere to save


Thus twice defeated, the devil still persisted, and his next and last temptation was by ambition, or the desire to be rich and great.

So he took Jesus to a very high mountain, where he showed Him, in a


vision, all the most magnificent kingdoms of the world, with all their glory, and pomp, and pleasures; and then told Him, that if He would fall down and worship him, all should be His.

This temptation teaches us that men are but too ready to strive after riches, power, and enjoyments, by worshipping the devil; that is, by breaking the commands of God, and committing every crime to gain their ends.

But after this last proposal, our Lord would bear the presence of the Evil One no longer; for he said “ Get “ thee behind me, Satan; it is writ“ ten, Thou shalt worship the Lord

thy God, and Him only shalt thou 66 serve.

So the devil was obliged to leave Him; and then God sent His Angels

to provide what He needed, for He never disappoints those who trust in Him, and who wait for His good time and pleasure to help them, when they cannot deliver themselves without sin. This story should teach

you, my dear children, to be very watchful yourselves; for since the devil tempted the Lord Jesus Himself, you may be sure that he will also tempt you. Yet you need not fear that he will be too strong for you; for remember your Saviour has conquered him; and if you “watch “and pray,” as He commands you, He will give you power to overcome his temptations also.

~ Resist the devil, and he will flee “ from you.” -- James, iv. 7.




AFTER our Saviour had returned out of the wilderness, he went to Jerusalem to attend the passover, and on his return to Galilee he was obliged to pass through Samaria.

Samaria is the next country to Judea; but though their lands joined, the Jews and Samaritans were so far from living in good neighbourhood, that they hated each other and never spoke on friendly terins. They both believed in the true God, but differed as to the place where He was to be worshipped: the Jews declaring He would be worshipped only


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