German Lyrics and Ballads

D.C. Heath & Company, 1900

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Page 207 - au bord du crime ils conduisent nos pas. Ils nous le font commettre et ne l'excusent pas. » gained melancholy consolation from these sad and significant lines at the time of Prussia's deepest humiliation, when she was compelled to flee to Königsberg. 113.
Page 205 - Chamisso was born in Champagne of a noble French family, but the troubles of the French revolution destroyed his home and exiled his family while he was still very young. The present poem is a touching reminiscence of the home from which he had been driven (Whitney).
Page 205 - Everybody remembers the story of the little Montague who was stolen and sold to the chimneysweep: how he could dimly remember lying in a beautiful chamber ; how he carried with him in all his drudgery the vision of a fair, sad mother's face that sought him everywhere in vain.
Page 201 - the pavement, worn by the footsteps of pilgrims like myself, covers the dominie's ashes. There is a rude figure carved upon it, at whose feet I traced out the cabalistic words ' Est, Est, Est.' The remainder of the inscription was illegible by the flickering light of the sexton's lantern. 11. 5-6. On account of too much "Est Est" my master came to his death. 1. 10.
Page 206 - I know no two lines in the world which I would sooner have written than those" (Trevelyan, Life of Macaulay, ii, 26). 1. 16.
Page 190 - dramatic poem, cast in the form of a dialogue between two travellers, has the abrupt beginning so common in the Volkslied, and shows the influence of Uhland's study of Scandinavian literature. It is an excellent example of a musical expression of two moods by the aid of natural accessories. Translated by Longfellow : Hast thou seen that lordly castle, That Castle by the Sea?
Page 203 - Written 1821. From a cycle of poems, The Springtide of Love, addressed to Luise Fischer, whom Rückert married in 1821, and with whom he lived in ideal happiness until her death in 1857. 1.
Page 171 - embodies the entire impression which the solitude, the peal of the single bell, and the silence produce (Hewett). 13.
Page 216 - Hoffmann von Fallersleben, August Heinrich. Born at Fallersleben in Hanover, April 2, 1798; died at Korvei, Prussia, January 19, 1874. 1830 was made professor of the German language and literature at the university of Breslau, but was deprived of his position on account of his having published poems of radical political tendency. After 1860 he lived at Korvei as librarian to the Duke of
Page 196 - king of the Visigoths, had conquered Rome in 410. Intending to extend his conquests to Sicily and Africa, he was overtaken by death at Cosenza, in Calabria. In order to protect his grave from desecration or robbery, the Goths buried their king in the bed of the river Busento, having diverted the stream long enough to carry out this purpose. 1. 7.

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