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While the utmost care is taken to insure accuracy in the publications of the International Bureau of the American Republics, no responsibility is assumed on account of errors or inaccuracies which may occur therein.



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CHAP. I.-Geographical sketch; area and population; topography; clima-

tology; orography; hydrography; native races

II.-Government and constitutional organization; law of citizenship;

rights of foreigners; guaranties; civil and commercial laws;


III.–Political divisions; capital city; resources; means of communica-

tion; principal buildings; public institutions.

IV.–Provinces and territory of the Republic; brief geographical sketch

of each; resources; means of communication; climate; seasons;

population; capital cities; industries..

V.-Agriculture; review of the agricultural wealth of the country;

principal products: their cultivation; facilities for obtaining

Government lands; land laws; forest products

VI.–Stock raising and cattle industry

VII.—Mining data; mineralogy; mining laws.

VIII.- Manufacturing industries: their development and production....

IX.-Commerce; domestic and foreign statistical data; customs tariff;

stamp and internal-tax laws...

X.-Financial organization; revenue; budgets; internal and external


XI.-Banking and currency; bank of Honduras; semiannual state-


XII.—Means of communication; interior communication; communica-

tion with foreign countries; lines of steamers; railroad; con-

cessions; mail, telegraph, and postal service --

XIII.-Emigration and colonization; emigration law and regulation;

law of foreigners. -

XIV.-Public instruction; laws relating to education; school systems...

XV.-Patent and trade-mark laws; the Army; weights, measures, and

values ..

XVI.-Bibliography and cartography

APPENDIX No. 1.–Native Races, by Dr. J. Hampden Porter.

No. 2.-Treaty between Honduras and the United States of

America, proclaimed in Washington, May 30, 1865



Economical map of the Republic of Honduras.
Central Park, Tegucigalpa
Medical school, Tegucigalpa
Cathedral of San Miguel, Tegucigalpa (front view)
Cathedral of San Miguel, Tegucigalpa (rear view)
Bridge on the Rio Grande near Potrerillos.
San Juancito
Rosario Mining Company's plant, San Juancito.
Tunnel in the Rosario mine, San Juancito ...
Old Spanish bridge connecting Tegucigalpa with Comayagüela
United States consulate, Tegucigalpa..
New wagon road in the Ule Mountains, near Tegucigalpa.
Sketch map of telegraph lines in the Republic
Mail carriers and mule train leaving post-office, Tegucigalpa-
School of Arts and Trades, Tegucigalpa
Native types...-
Native house on the Pacific coast.

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