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Vocabulary 11.

Ex. 11, A, B, C, D. chambre, f.

room, chamber. content, e, content, satisfied. déjeuner, m. breakfast. difficile, difficult. dîner, m.

dinner. domestique, m. f. servant, m. f. faible,

weak, feeble. fidèle,

faithful. juste,

just. Louis, m. Louis. Louise, f. Louisa. malade,

ill. pauvre,

poor. poste, f.

post. riche,

rich. servante, f.

Jservant, maid

servant, spectacle, m. play (the). temps, m. time. thème, m. exercise. triste,


Vocabulary 9. Afrique, f. Africa. Amérique, f. America. Angleterre, f. England. Asie, f.

Asia. Berlin, m. Berlin, Charles, m.

Charles. Dresde, f. Dresden. Europe, f. Europe. Frédéric, m. Frederick. gant, m.

glove. Guillaume, m. William. Jean, m.

John. Londres, m. or f. London. Marie, f. Mary. où, adv.

where. Paris, m.

Paris. partie, f. part. Pierre, m. Peter. Prusse, f. Prussia. Saxe, f. Saxony. Vienne, f.


dans, prep.

Vocabulary 12. actif, ve,

active, âge, m.

age. aimable,

amiable. amer, ère,

bitter. appliqué, e, diligent. arbre, m.

tree. beau, bel, belle, beautiful. bon, bonne, good. Caroline, f. Caroline,

into, in. eau, f.

water. église, f.

church. fortune, f. fortune. frais, fraîche, fresh. grand, e,

great. grand’mère, grandmother. grand-père, grandfather. heureux, se, happy.

pretty, lait, m.

milk. malheureux, se, unhappy. médecine, f. medicine.

joli, e,

Vocabulary 10. écolier, m.

pupil, m. écolière, f. pupil, f. maître, m. master. montre, f. watch.

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Belgique, f. Belgium. chocolat, m. chocolate. fertile,

fertile. fort, e,

strong. fou, fol, folle, adj. foolish. fou, m.

fool, madman, folle, f.


fool, f. France, f. France. haut, e,

high. Hollande, f. · Holland. Italie, f. Italy. Julie, f.

Julia. laborieux, euse,

laborious. lune, f. Mademoiselle, f. Miss. métal, m.

metal. pesant, e, heavy. peuplé, e, populous. Russie, f. Russia. sage, adj. wise. sage, n, m.

wise man. savant, e, learned. soleil, m.

sun. terre, f.

earth. ville, f.

city, town. violette, f. violet.


yet, still.

Vocabulary 13. allemand, e,

German. amusant, e, amusing. blanc, he, white. bleu, e,

blue. cher, ère,

dear. couleur, f. colour. demain, adv. to-morrow. doux, douce, sweet. encore, adv. français, e, French. garçon, m.

boy. gens, m. pl. men, people. gris, e,

grey. hier, ado.

yesterday. homme, m. тап. italien, ne,

Italian. jour, m.

day. langue, f. language. mais, conj.

but. mauvais, e,

bad. méchant, e,

wicked. meilleur, e, better. mûr, e,

ripe. musique, f. music. nature, f. nature. noir, e,

black. pour, prep. for. quand, adv.

when. raisin, m. grape. rond, e,

round. rouge,

red. table, f.

table. vert, e,


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Vocabulary 14. agréable, agreeable. Allemagne, f.

Germany. attentif, ive, attentive. autre,


semaine, f. Suède, f. vu, e, part.

week. Sweden.


soulier, m. souvent, adv. tomber, toujours, adv. travailler, trouver,

shoe. often. to fall. always. to work, to find

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Vocabulary 22. acheter,

to buy. appeler,

to call. chasse, f. chase, hunt. chemin, m.

road. commencer,

to begin. coûter,

to cost. déjà, adv.

already, yet. espérer,

to hope. essuyer,

to wipe. étudier, to study. franc, m. franc. geler,

to freeze. jeter,

to throw. jeunesse, f. youth. larme, f. tear. lever,

to lift. lire, irr. v. to read. mener,

to lead. nettoyer,

to clean. ou, conj.

or. payer, pierre, f.

stone. préférer, to prefer. soir, m.

evening. tout, e,

all, every. vieillesse, f.

to bring.

to pay.


old age.

{ladder stairs,

Vocabulary 21.

E.. 21, A, B, C. admirer, to admire. aimer,

to love. anglais, e,

English. apporter, arriver,

to arrive. beaucoup, adv. much. bottier, m. bootmaker.

s to look for, to chercher,

seek. chez, prep.

to, at. demander, to ask. donner,

to give. escalier, m.

. jeu, m.

play, game. jouer,

to play. lover,

to praise. manger,

to eat. Mathilde, f.

Matilda. mort, e, part.

dead. neige, f.

snow. nid, m.

nest. on, pron.

one, they, people. paquet, m. parcel. parasol, m. parasol. parler,

to speak. penser,

to think,
peut-être, adv. perhaps.

to carry.

Vocabulary 23. bâtir,

to build. flatterie, f. flattery. finir,

to finish. haïr,

to hute. leçon, f.

lesson. nourrir,

to nourish. obéir,

to obey. parent, m. parent, m. parente, f. parent, f. punir,

to punish. plus, adv.

more. remplir,

sto fill, to fill

again. Rémus, m. Remus. Romulus, m. Romulus. saisir,

to seize, catch. 'vertu, f.




to weep.

pourquoi, adu.

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{to give.

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Vocabulary 25.

to wait for, to attendre,

I expect. battre, irr. v. to beat. bourse, f. purse. bruit, m.

noise. croire, irr. v.

sto believe, to

think. cruel, le,

cruel. défendre, to defend. droit, e,

right. entendre, to hear. gauche, adj. left. innocent, e, innocent. longtemps, adv. a long time. nuit, f.

night. perdre,

to lose. répandre, to shed, spill. répondre, to answer. rien, m. nothing. rue, f.


blood. vendre,

to sell.

faire, irr. v. to do, to make. fait, e, part.

done, made. garder,

to keep. géographie, f. geography, Henri, m. Henry. mouton, m. sheep. notre, pron. pardonner,

sto pardon, forrègle, f.

rule. relieur, m. bookbinder. savoir, irr. v. to know. soif, f.

thirst. tailler,

to cut. tant, adv.

so many, so much. tout de suite, immediately.

Vocabulary 27. casser,

to break, corbeille, f. basket. demain matin,


morning. demeurer,

sto dwell, reside,

to live. écrire, irr. v. to write. écrit, e, part. written, Léopold, m. Leopold. matin, m. morning. pour, prep. for. tasse, f.

сир. venir, irr. v. to come.

Vocabulary 28. affaire, f. business. gâteau, m. cake. jambon, m. ham. morceau, m. parapluie, m. umbrella. prier,

to pray, beg.

Vocabulary 29. connaître, irr. v. to know, comment, adv. how. désirer,

sto desire, wish froid, e,

cold. prêter,

to lend, ruban, m. ribbon,

Vocabulary 30. aucun, e, bague, f. ring.

piece, bit.

sang, m.

to for

Vocabulary 26. aujourd'hui, adv. to-day. bientôt, adv. botte, f.

any. I

boot. dire, irr. v. to speak, to tell.


* La semaine pas- last week.

sée, + a soldier's pay.

# With a negative, none.

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