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coq, m.

cock. domestique, adj. tame. étoffe, f.

stuff, cloth. facteur, m. postman. merci, m.

you. oie, f.

goose. pris, e, part. taken. prix, m. prize, price.

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, thank


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Vocabulary 35.

to amuse one's s'amuser,


to be called, s'appeler,

to call one's

self. après, prep.

after. se coucher, to


to bed.

to lose one's s'égarer,

way. s'éveiller,

to awake, wake

up. forêt, f.


to accustom s'habituer,

one's self.

to wash one's se laver,

self. se lever,

to rise, get up. parent, e, n. m.f. relation.

to walk, take se promener,

a walk, remercier, to thank. Robert, m. Robert. si, adv.

80 much. tard, ado. late.

to deceive one's se tromper,

self. violon, m. violin.

Vocabulary 32. chanter,

to sing. danser,

to dance. messieurs, m. pl. gentlemen, Messrs plaisir, m. pleasure. prêter,

to lend.

most part, plupart, f.

greatest part,


most, several, plusieurs, ind. pro. the

greater part.


Vocabulary 33. bal, m.

ball. blâmer,

sto blame, to find

fault with. blesser,

to wound. comte, m. count. Grec, m.

Greek. inviter,

to invite.

Vocabulary 36. car, conj. for, because.

ceasing, intercesse, f.

mission. cesser,

to cease. compte, m. bill, account. cruche, f. pitcher. éclair, m. lightning falloir, imp. 0.*

must, should,

ought. strong.

vel, nouvelle, }new.

officier, m. officer. parce que, conj. because. Troie, f.

Troy. Vocabulary 34.

fort, e,

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it is necessary,

enough. bien, adv. well,

assez, adv.

• il faut,

it must.

this way.

{dama the whole partici.

to pass.

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) necessary. to enano. not yet. little, few.

peu, ado.

to rain. rain.

journée, f. nécessaire, neiger, imp.o. pas encore, peu, m. pleuvoir, imp.o. pluie, f. rendre, sans, prep. taire, irr.o. se taire, irr.o. temps, in. tonner,

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without. s to say nothing


to be silent. weather. to thunder.




everywhere. passer,

little, fer. presque,

almost. quelquefois, sometimes. rencontrer,

to meet. Stuttgard, Ta. Stuttgart.

Vocabulary 39. à cause de, on account of accompagner, to accompany. Allemand (un)

a German. armoire, f. cupboard, closet. au lieu de, instead of. au tour de around, about. aveugle, n. m. f.

fblind man aveugle, adj. blind. boulanger, m. baker. bourse, f. exchange. chemin de fer, m. railway. chez, prep.

sat, at the house

of, among, to. (il est chez lui, he is at home.) contre,

against. coton, m.

cotton. depuis,

since, from, for. derrière,

behind. dessous,

. dessus,

on, upon.

(au-dessus, above.) en, prep.

in, into, to. enfance, f.

( infancy, child

hood. entre, prep.

between. Français, m. Frenchman. Française, f. French woman.

railway station, jusqu'à,

as far as. leur, po88. adj. their. lit, m.

bed. long, m. length. mettre, irr. v.

to put. mur, m.

wall. naissance, f. birth. sauter,

to leap, jump situé, e, adj. situated. situer,

to place. vis-à-vis (de) opposite.

Vocabulary 87. agir,

to act. constamment, constantly. également, equally. facilement, easily. fois, f.

time. légèrement, lightly, slightly. lentement, slowly. marcher,

to walk. mieux, ado.

better, more. prochain, e, nest. prudemment, prudently. récompenser, to reward. richeinent, richly. sévèrement, severely. traiter,

to treat. travail, m.

work. vite, adv.

quickly, fast. vraiment, truly.

Vocabulary 38. ailleurs, adv. elsewhere. aller, irr. v. à peu près, nearly. apporter, to bring. autre,

other. baigner, to bathe, wash. davantago, adv. more. dohors, adv. outside. on haut, above, upstairs. journal, m. newspaper. là-bas

{ yonder, there

. moulin, m. mili. nulle part,

nowhere. par hasard,


{ undatin under

gare, f.

to go.


before. bienfaiteur, m., benefactor.

tandis que, tant que,


angry, resed.


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to copy.

bienfaitrice, f. benefactress. quitter,

to quit, leave. bord, m.

bank, shore. quoique, although, though. cadeau, m. present.

while, whilst. circonstance, f. circumstance.

as long as coucher, m. setting, sleeping. vice, m.

fault. voler, to enter, come entrer,

to rob, steal. in.

voleur, m. thief. envers, prep.

to, towards. fâché, e, adj.

Vocabulary 41. fâcher,

to offend, to
aller à pied, irr. v.

to go on foot, louer, to let, hire.

to walk. Munich, m. Munich.

aller en voiture, s to go in a carpartir, to set out, start.

irr. v.

riage, to drive. to push.

s'en aller, irr. o. pousser,

to go away. reconnaissant, e, grateful.

Auguste, m. Augustus. selon,

boat. according to

bateau, m.

bateau à sur, on, upon, over.



m. Vers, prep. towards, abovt.

champ, m. field.

concert, m. concert. Vocabulary 40.

ensemble, together. cependant,

to send.
yet, however.

envoyer, irr. o.

when. copier,

marché, m. market. gagner,

to gain, earn. néanmoins,

by. nevertheless.

par, prep. to please.


m. pardon. plaire, irr. o.


more. proprement, neatly.

plus longtemps, longer. puisque, since.

plus tard, afterwards,later. quelque, adj. some, any. vain, e,

(en vain, vainly, in vain.)

Vocabulary 42.

beau-frère, m. brother-in-lavo. absent, e, absent. jamais,

gative, never). ambition, f. ambition.

menteur, se, m. f. liar. à moins que, unless.


to lie. approcher,

to draw near. minute, f. minute (of time). aussitôt, immediately. ordinairement, Usually. avant que, before.

raison, f.

reason, sense. avec, with.

(vous avez raison, you are right.) cause, f. cause, sentir,

to feel, perceive. ceur, m. heart.


to go out. dîner, v.

to dine. exploit, m. Şexploit, achieve

Vocabulary 43. ment. lire, irr. v. to read.

courir, irr.o.

to run. monde, m. world.

dangereusement, dangerously. (tout le monde, everybody.) | école, f.

school. montrer, to show.

indisposé, e, unwell. pendant que, while.

instant, m. instant.

in order that, (à l'instant, instantly, immedipour que, 80 that.

ately.) pourquoi, why, wherefore. invalide, m.f. invalid, pensioner.



[blocks in formation]

{ popaupersom

to serve. willingly.




to-morrow. faim, f.

hunger. main, f.

hand. midi, m.


(à midi, at noon.) mourir, irr. v. to die. parole, f. word. probablement, probably. promenade, f. walk, promenade promettre, irr. v. to promise, promis, e, part. promised. tenir, irr. v.

to hold, keep ,

. venir, irr. v.

to come. vertueux, se, virtuous. voir, irr. v.

pauvre, adj.

poor, needy. pauvre, n. m.

. prison, f. prison. reprocher, to reproach. simplement, simply. suffire, irr. v.

to suffice, to be

sufficient. Vocabulary 45. acquérir, irr. v. to acquire. Alexandre, m. Alexander. application, f. application. bien, n. m. property. bouillir, irr. o. to boil. connaissance, f. knowledge. conquérir, irr. v. to conquer. étude, f.

study. joie, f.

joy. légitimement, lawfully. cuf, m.

egg. peine, f. pain, trouble. peur, f.

fear. profiter,

s to profit, im

prove. tressaillir, irr. v. to start, tremble.

tranquillement, { tranquilly,

to see

Vocabulary 44. armée, f.

army. chaud, e, hot, warm. fenêtre, f. window. froid, n. m.

cold. malade, n. m. f.

s invalid, sick

person. ouvrir, irr. v. souffrir, irr. v. to suffer. vêtir, irr. v. to clothe.


to open.

apricot. autumn. warmly. completely. to gather.

Vocabulary 46.

adversary, opadversaire, m.

ponent. coutume, f. habit, custom. drap, m. cloth. falloir, imp. v. to be obliged. mètre, m.

meter. prévaloir, irr. v. to prevail. riche, n. m.

rich man. valoir, irr. v. to be worth. vivre, irr. v. to live.

Vocabulary 47. bonté, f.

goodness, kindgros, se,

great, large. non plus, no longer. oh ! int.

0! oh! pouvoir, irr, v. to be able.

to be willing. vouloir, irr. v.

to wish.

to run away,


abricot, m. automne, m. chaudement, complétement, cueillir, irr. o. s'enfuir, irr. v. ennemi, m. ennemie, f. fruit, m. fuir, irr. v. généreux, se, hiver, m. légume, m. mal, adv. modeste, moment, m.


escape. enemy, m. enemy. fruit. to shun, avoid. generous. winter. vegetable. badly. modest. moment.


Vocabulary 48. besoin, m. want. Dieu, m.

God. pourvoir, irr. v. to provide.

[blocks in formation]

Vocabulary 51. annoncer,

to announce. s'asseoir, irr, v. to sit down, sit. banc, m.

bench. déchoir, irr, v. to decay, fall off estime, f. esteem. premier, ère, first. public, m. public.

roof. trône, m.

throne. vieillard, m.

toit, m.

old man.

Vocabulary 55. bienséant, e, becoming. campagnard, m. countryman, campagnarde, f. country-woman. de bon coeur,

heartily. embarras, m. embarrassment. embarrassé, e, embarrassed. menace, f.

menace, threat. naïf, naïve,

naive, artless,

plain. prétention, f. pretension. raconter, to tell, relate. rire, irr. v. to laugh. rire de, irr. v. to laugh at. simplicité, f. simplicity. sot, te, n. m. f. fool. sourire, irr, v. to smile. tel, le,

such, such a one,

тапу а опе.

Vocabulary 52. belle-soeur, f. sister-in-law. contredire, irr. v. to contradict. dédire, irr. v. to disown. dette, f.

debt. de venir,

about coming. étonner,

Vocabulary 56. bas, n. m. stocking. chaise, f.

chair. épée, f.

to astonish. étonné, e, part. astonished. franchement, frankly. interdire, irr. v. to forbid. mariage, m. marriage. maudire, irr. v.

to curse,


# Used of raining.

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