The Portable Postmodernist

Rowman Altamira, 2003 - 119 pages
In The Portable Postmodernist, Arthur Asa Berger introduces key concepts written by postmodernism's leading theorists including Lyotard, Baudrillard, and Jameson. This collage of influential writing is followed by Berger's concise, accessible comments. Written for the newcomer, Berger's lucid explanations define the postmodernism's most elusive ideas. Organized in fifty segments, the book runs the gamut from postmodern architecture to feminism to punk music. Berger weaves these diverse topics together, exploring and challenging postmodernism's role in popular culture. This highly-readable book is essential reading for students and anyone interested in media, social, and cultural studies. Visit our website for sample chapters!

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The Post in Postmodernism
Postmodernism and Pop
Postmodernism as Eclecticism
Postmodernism the Loss of the Old Credulities and Games
Four Aspects of Postmodernism
Nietzsche and Postmodernism
Postmodernist Architecture
Notes on Camp
James Joyces Ulysses
Georges Perecs Life A Users Manual
Disney and Postmodernism
Postmodernism as Chaotic Critique
A Postmodernist Hotel and Its Problems
Postmodernisms Impact on Signs and Signifiers

Theorizing Feminism and Postmodernity A Conversation with Linda Hutcheon 1997
Julia Kristevas Stabat Mater
Postmodernism and Nihilism
Postmodernism and Hyperreality
Postmodern Art Literature and Rules
The Death of the Author
Modernist and Postmodernist Creative Works
Saussure on Concepts Being Purely Differential
Derrida on Differance
Spy Magazine on Postmodernism
Pynchons Crying of Lot 49
Musils Man without Qualities
Feminism and Capitalist Libertarianism
Modernism Defined
Critique of Fredric Jameson
The Postmodernization of Culture
African Americans and Postmodernism
Punk and Postmodernism
Sorties by Helene Cixous
Images and Simulations
Conservative and Critical Postmodernism
Advertising Women and Postmodernism
Postmodernism Marketing and Consumer Behavior
Postmodernism as an Attempt to Rescue Modernism
Jenny Jones Interviews a Postmodernist
Blade Runner as a Postmodernist Film
Postmodernism and the Postmodern Novel
Hypertext and Pastiche
The Flavors of Postmodernity
The Questions of Postmodernism
Postmodernism and Therapy An Interview with Lois Shawver
Romantic Love in Postmodern Societies
Modernism and Postmodernism in the Arts
PostmodernismModernism Chart
A Concluding Note
About the Author
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Arthur Asa Berger is professor emeritus at San Francisco State University.

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