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man :

me, teaching for dience to the Divine Commands, they doctrines the com- infijt only upon the Doctrines and Tramandments of men.

ditions of Men. 10 And he called the multitude ,

10. Then Jesus calling to him the and said unto them,

common People, faid; Hearken, and Hear and understand, understand what I say.

Not that 11. Eating with Hands not washed which goeth into just before, does not make a Man imthe mouth defileth a

pure, as the Pharisees vainly teach. but that for real Purity and Impurity does not which cometh out

confift in outward cleanliness or uncleanof the mouth, this defileth a man.

liness of the Body, but they are inward and moral dispositions of Mind. Every thing that God has created, is in its own nature pure ; and * nothing that entreth into a Man's Mouth, and goeth down into his Stomach, can of it self make him appear sinful and unclean in the fight of God. They are those things only, which come out of a Man; Thoughts and Desires proceeding from his Heart and Mind ; that can

defile him in this Sense. 12 Then came his

12. Then came the Disciples to Jedisciples, and said

sus, and said ; Do you not perceive that unto him, Knoweit thou that the Phari

the Pharisees are angry and enraged at fees offended what you say? And that they are likely after they heard this to bring you into some Danger, for saying?

speaking thus openly against their Tra

ditions ? 13

But he answer- 13. But Jesus answered, saying: ed and said, Every They may be angry and rage, but ye plant which my hea- need not fear them; for both they and venly Father' hath

their Doctrines, not being from God, not planted, shall be

shall be destroyed and perish together, 14 Let them a- 14. Let them alone, and do not lone: they be

trouble your felves about them. They

blind, ignorant , proud


rooted up.



* That is, no kind of Meat or Drink makes a Man a Sinner, tho' the quantity may, through Intemperance, which is a Vice of the Mind.

Teachers :

Teachers: 'They know not the Truth, blind leaders of the and they refuse to be instructed in it:

blind. And if the They shall perish therefore in their Ob- blind lead the blind, ftinacy themselves; and as many as will both fhall fall into

the ditch.
be led by them, preferring Ignorance
and Superstition before Knowledge and
true Religion, shall also perish with

15. Then said Peter to Jesus; Explain 15 Then answerto us more fully what you

have now

ed Peter and said unsaid, about the things that do or do not

to him, Declare unmake Men unclean.

to us this parable. 16. Jesus answered; Are ye who 16 And Jesus said, ought to teach others, so dull yet and Are ye alfo yet withflow to understand a thing your selves,

out underítanding? and that in so manifest and plain a Case ? 17. Do ye not yet conceive, how

17 Do not ye yet whatever a Man eateth, goeth into his understand,

that Stomach, and passeth through his Body; whatsoever entereth

and being wholly corporeal, affecteth in at the mouth, go* See Note only his Body; without having * of it eth into the belly, .

and is cast out into self, merely for being of this or that

the draught?
kind, any effect upon the Man to make
him better or worse.

18 & 19. But the things which 18 But those come out of a Man, proceeding from things which prohis Heart and Mind; such as are wick

ceed out of the ed and dishonest Intentions, base Con- mouth, come forth trivances and evil Speeches, Murder and from the heart, and

they defile the man. Hatred, Adultery and Fornication and

19 For out of the all kinds of Uncleanness, Theft and heart proceed evil Fraud

and all Cheats, False Witness and thoughts, murders, Lies, Prophaneness and the like, these adulteries, fornicatido truly and properly defile a Man.

thefts, false 20 Thefe, I say, are the things witness, blasphemies.

20 These are the which make a Man unclean and sinful in the fight of God; But to eat with things which defile

a man : but to eat unwashed Hands, which does not at with unwashen all affect the Mind, cannot make a hands, defileth not Man unclean.


a man.

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21 Then Jesus 21. After these things, Jcfus rewent thence, and de

tired to the Borders of the Courtry of parted into the coasts Tyre and Sidon. of Tyre and Sidon.

22. And while he was there, there 22 And behold, a Woman of Canaan

came a Heathen Woman of that Councame out of the same try, and cryed after him, saying; Lord, coafts, and cried un- I have heard of the

I have heard of the many Miracles you to him, saying, Have have wrought, and the good Works you mercy on me, O

me, o have done, and I believe you to be a Lord, thou son of

Teacher sent from God:I beseech you, David ; my daughter have pity upon me, and heal my Daughis grievously vexed

ter, who lies now in my House misewith a devil.

rably afflicted with an evil Spirit. 23

But he answer- 23. Jesus, knowing the Woman's ed not a word. And Faith, and intending to reproach the his disciples came Obstinacy of the Jews Unbelief, by and befought him, giving an evident Proof and Tryal of saying, Send her away, for the crieth seemed at first to despise and neglect

the Constancy of this poor Gentile ; after us.

her, by giving her no Answer at all: Insomuch, that his Disciples, wearied with her Importunity, desired him to send her away with some Answer or other, that they might not be troubled with her continually following

them. 24 But he answer- 24. But Jesus said: I am not * now ed and said, I am not fent unto the Gentiles : The Design of sent, but unto the my coming into the World is to make loft sheep. of the the first offers of Mercy to the Jews, house of Israel.

who are the peculiar People of God; to convince them by my Miracles, and

to reform them by my Preaching. 25 Then came the 25. The Woman then came up to and worshipped him, him, and kneeling down before him; saying, Lord, help faid; Lord, do not reject me, but grant

me this one Favour,


* The Mercy of the Gospel was not to be offered to the Gentiles, till after Christ's Resurrection.

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26. Jesus answered : It is not fit to 26 But he anfwertake that Bread which God has de- ed and said, It is not figned for his own Children, and give mete to take the it to the Dogs ; I must not dispose of childrens bread, and

cast it to dogs. those Favours to Gentiles and Strangers, which God has sent me to bestow among his own People the Jews.

27. The Woman replied: 'Tis true, 27 And she said, Lord; Yet as the Dogs are every where Truth, Lord : yet suffered, to eat the Crumbs that fall the dogs eat of the from their Master's Table; fo out of crumbs which fall

, that bounteous Liberality, wherewith from their masters

table. you dispense among the Jews the abundance of God's Mercy, I beg you would not deny me this one small Petition. 28. At this Answer, Jesus, as it were

28 Then Jesus furprized and vanquished with the answered and said

unto her, O woman,greatness and constancy of the Wo- great is thy faith : be man's Faith, said ; O Woman, very it unto thee even as extraordinary is your Faith and Trust in thou wilt. And her God, far greater than I have ordinarily daughter was made found even among the Jews themselves; whole from that very be it therefore done unto you, according hour. to your Desire. And her Daughter was

29 And Jesus defound to be healed at that

parted from thence,

and came nigh unto
29. After this, Jefus departed the sea of Galilee,
from the Borders of Tyre and Sidon, and went up into a
and returned towards the Lake of Ga mountain, and fat:
liles ; and he went up, and fat upon the down there,
top of a Hilli

great 30. And the People who had seen multitudes came unbis former Miracles,gathered again about to him, having with

them those that were him, and brought to him all manner lame, blind, dumb, of diseased Persons, whether they were maimed, and many lame, or blind, or dumb, or maimed, others, and cast them or whatever other. Infirmity they la- down at Jesus feet, boured under ; and he healed them every and he healed them:

31 Insomuch that

the multitude won38.. Insomuch that the Multitude were astonished beyond measure, seeing the dumb to speak,

dred when they saw those that had been lame and maimed, the maimed to be. to walk; those that had been blind, to whole, the lame to sec; those that had been dumb, to walk, and the blind.

30 And



to see: and they glo- speak; and all sorts of Diseases healed rified the God of If with a Word. And they gave Praise rael.

and Glory to the God of Israel, who had sent amongst them so great a Pro

phet. 32 S Then Jesus

32. Then Jesus calling to him his called his disciples Disciples, said; I pity these poor unto him, and said, People, who have nothing to eat : If I I have compassion should send them away fafting, some

the multitude, because they conti- that have far to go, would be in dannue with me now ger of fainting before they could get three days, and have home. nothing to eat: and 33. The Disciples, forgetting how he I will not send them had lately fed miraculoully five thouaway faiting, left sand Men, seemed surprized, and said ; they faint in the way. Which way can

we get Victuals e33 And his disciples lay unto him, nough in this desert place, to fatistie lo Whence should we

great a multitude ? have so much bread 34. Jesus knowing his own Power, in the wilderness, as and what he intended to do, faid ; to fill so great a mul- How much have you amongst you ? titude ?

They answered ; Only seven Loaves of 34 unto* them, How Bread, and a few small Filhes. many loaves have ye?

35 & 36. Then Jesus, commanding and they said, Seven, the People to fit down in Ranks upon and a few little fifhes. the Ground, took the Bread and Fith

35 And he com- in his Hands; and when he had given manded the multi- Thanks to God and blessed them, he tude to sit down on brake and gave them to the Disciples, the ground.

and the Disciples distributed them to 36 And he took

the multitude. the seven loaves and the fishes, and gave

37 € 38. And though the Numthanks, and brake ber of People that did eat, was not them, and gave to less than four thousand Men, besides his disciples, and the Women and Children ; yet such was disciples to the mul- the efficacy of the Divine Power evititude.

denced in the increase of the Bread and 37 And they did

Fish, upon Christ's giving his Blessing; and were

that not only all this Multitude had enough and were satisfied, but there remained moreover as many

all eat,

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