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Fragments, as, when they were gathered filled: and they took up, filled seven Bread-baskets.

up of the broken 39. After this, Jesus sent away the

meat that was left,

seven baskets full, People ; and went himself by Water

38 And they that into the Country of Magdala.

did eat, were four thousand



and children.

39 And he sent away the multitude, and took ship, and came into the coasts of Magdala.


Ver. 21.


CH A P. XVI. The Pharisees asť a Sign from Heaven, and are denied, ver. 1.

The Disciples warned to take heed of the Leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees, ver. 5. The Peoples Opinion of Christ, and Peter's Confession of him, ver. 13. Fefus foretells his Death, and rebukes Peter for speaking against it,

The necesity of bearing Afflictions and Persecutions, ver. 24. A

THE Pharisees ftitious Pharisees and unbelieving

also with the Sadducees came to Jesus to tempt him Sadducees, came,and and ask him captious Questions, that tempting,desired him

that he would shew they might find some opportunity of

them a sign from reproaching and accufing him. And heaven. they desired that he would show some miraculous Sign, immediately from Heaven ; which might demonstrate him 2 He answered and to be sent of God, and to act by his faid

them, Power and Commission.

When it is evening, 2&3. But Jesus knowing their ye say, It will be fair

weather: Obstinacy and Malice, answered them

for the thus. Ye Hypocrites, wherefore do sky is red.

3 And in the ye urge me to thow you more Signs ; morning, it wilt



be foul weather to as if God had not already given you day: for the sky is sufficiently plain Tokens, to know both red and lowring. O who I am, and wherefore I am fent? ye hypocrites, ye can

Ye are skilful enough in smaller Matdiscern the face of the sky, but can ye of Things that are to happen ; ye can

ters, to observe the signs and Tokens not discern the signs of the times. guess by the Face and Colour of the

Sky, what Weather is like to be the next Morning or Evening. Why then will ye not take pains in Affairs of. greater Concern, to observe the Periods and Revolutions of Things? Why can you not study to learn from the Predictions of the Prophets, and from the Things which ye see accordingly come to pass, to know the Time and the Per

son of the Mefias. 4 A wicked and 4. But ye are a degenerate and peradulterous generati- verse Generation of Men. Ye have on seeketh after a seen many of the Things, which were hgn, and there shall foretold of the Meffias, already acno sign be given unto it, but the sign of complished in me; and yet ye will

I have the prophet Jonas not understand nor believe. And he left them, already worked many and great Miand departed.

racles in your Sight, and yet nothing will convince you but more Signs. I tell you, God will not vouchsafe any more Signs to this Generation, but only this one to render them inexcusable; that as Jonas, after having been three days buried in the Sea in the Belly of the Whale, was cast up again alive; so Chrift, after he shall be killed and buried in the Earth, shall on the third

day be raised again. 5 And when his

5. S Having given this Answer, disciples were come Jesus turned away from the Pharisees to the other side, and Sadducees, and left them, and went they had forgotten with his Disciples over the Lake; and po take bread.

as they were in their Passage to the other Side, they found that they had forgotten to take Bread.

6. Where

H 3

6. Whereupon Jesus taking occasion 6 Then Jesus from the Similitude of Bread to draw said unto them, Take Some useful Instructions for his Difci- heed and beware of

the leaven of the ples, bad them take care to avoid the Leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees; the Sadducees.

Pharisees, and meaning their Doctrine and Hypocrisie, which was apt to spread like Leaven.


7. But the Disciples not understand- 7 And they reaing his Meaning, said among them- soned among themselves; This is to rebuke us for our for selves, saying, It is

because we have tagetfulness in not taking Bread.

ken no bread. 8. Jesus knowing their Mistake, 8 Which when Jesaid to them; Why are you so disturbed sus perceived, he laid and troubled at your having forgot to

unto them, O ye

of take Bread? Do you think I am con

little faith, why rea

son ye among your cerned and speak about that ?

selves because ye have

brought no bread? 9. Do you not know how easie it

9 Do ye not yet would be for me to provide Bread, if understand, neither that were the thing I was concerned remember the five about? Have you forgotten how I once

loaves of the five fed five thousand Men with five Loaves,

thousand, and how

baskets and yet there remained no less than many

ye twelve Baskets full of Fragments ?

10 Neither the

seven loaves of the 10. And how at another time I fed four thousand, and four thousand Men with seven Loaves, how many baskets and there remained no less than seven ye took up? Baskets full of Fragments ?

11 How is it that

ye do not understand 11. Why then are you fo dull and

that I spake it not to flow of understanding, as to think that bread, that ye should


concerning I spake about Bread, when I bade you beware of the leatake heed of the Leaven of the Pharisees ven of the Sadduand Sadducees ?


12 Then under12. Then they understood, that it

food they how that

he bade them not was not Bread that he meant, but the beware of the leaven evil Doctrines and Hypocrisie of the of bread, but of the Pharisees and Sadducees.


took up?

doctrine of the Pha-
risees, and of the
13 S When Jesas

13. I After this, Jesus travelled
came into the coasts through the Country about Cæfarea
of Cesarea Philipp, Philippi ; and as he was walking in the
he asked his disci.
ples, saying, Whom

Way, he asked his Disciple, What they do men fay, that I, heard Men talk about him, and Whom the Son of man, am? People thought him to be ?

14 And they said, 14. They said ; Some think you to Some say that thou be Yohn the Baptift, risen again from art John the Baptift, the Dead : Others think you to be Elias, fomé Elias, and o

the Fore-runner of the Mefliah : Others thers Jeremias, or think you to be Jeremiah, or some other one of the prophets.

of the Prophets.

15 He saith unto 15. Then he asked them, Whom they them, But whom themselves thought him to be? say ye that I am! 16 And Simon

16. Peter answered ; You are Chrift, Peter answered and the Messiah, the Son of the most High faid, Thou art Christ God; Tent into the World for the Rethe son of the living demption of Israel, and to discover the God.

whole Will of God to Mankind.

17 And Jefus an- 17. Then said Jesus to him ; Bleffed {wered and said unto and happy are you, Peter : For this your him, Blessed art thou Confeflion is not a bare humane ConSimon Bar-jona : for flesh and blood hath jecture, but a thing revealed to you by not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.

18 And I say also 18. By your Constancy therefore in unto thee, that thou this good Confession, you shall emiart Peter, and upon nently be, what your Name signifies, this rock I will build

a Rock : that is, you shall after my my church: and the Refurrection and Ascension, be a firm, gates of hell fhall not unlhaken, and immoveable Professor prevail against it.

of the Truth: You shall be the firft + See Acts Preacher of my true Religion to the x.

Gentile World, and fo become as it droit

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* the first


that is laid of that Foundation, upon which my Church shall begin to be built; which shall afterwards, as a well-proportioned Building, be continued and increased by the addition of sincere Converts in their several degrees; and all the Powers of Death and Hell shall never be able utterly to destroy it.

19. You shall first open the Kingdom 19 And I will * See Acts of the Mefias, and make * the first give unto thee the

Publication of the Gospel to the Gen- keys of the king.
tiles. And whatever Ordinances you whatsoever

dom of heaven : and

thou shall by the Affiftance of the Holy thalt bind on earth, + See Acts Ghost' make and t establis, for the shall be bound in

orderly Settlement of the Churches; ; heaven: and what-

Determination shall be ratified and foever thau shalt
confirmed of God.

loose on earth, fhall
known to his Disciples. But then, he his disciples that
20. Thus Jesus made himself plainly be loosed in heaven.

20 Then charged
either because he would not provoke they should tell no
the unbelieving Pharisees, to apprehend man that he was Je
him before his Time ; or because he sus the Chrift,
would not give occasion to the Multi-
tude to come together feditiously, and
make him (according to their false
Notions of the Messiah) a Temporal
King; or because he knew it to be
more agreeable to his Design, that Men
fhould collect and conclude who he
was, from his Doctrinę and Miracles,
than that they should be told expressly
by his Disciples; therefore he strictly

* That the Rock here mentioned, is not the Confeffion, but the Person of Peter, seems plain from the Construction of the Words; But then 'tis also as evident, that by the Churches being built upon him, is not meant his being the only Foundation of it, or having Supremacy over it, but his being the firt Preacher of the Gospel in order of time. Thus Ephef. ii

. 22. Ye are built upon the Foundation of the Apostles, &c. See also Revel. xxi. 14.

3. From

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