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commanded his Disciples, not to publish in plain Terms, that he was Christ the Meffiah.

third day


21 s From that 21. Moreover, having now made time forth began Je- known to them his Glory and Power, fus to shew unto his he thought it a fit Season to acquaint disciples, how that them also with his Humiliation and he must go unto Je. rufalem, and fuffer Sufferings ; that they might not, being many things of the puffed up with great Thoughts of his elders, and chief Glory, be surprized and terrified at the priests, and scribes, Day of his Adiction. From this time and be killed, and therefore he began to tell them, that be raised again the he must go to Jerusalem, and there

suffer many things, and be cruelly used
by the Rulers of the Jews, and at last
be put to death ; but that on the Third

Day he should rise again.
Then Peter

22. But his Disciples understood notook him, and began thing of this. And Peter particularly, to rebuke him, lay- whole Thoughts were full of Glory and ing, Be it far from thee, Lord : this

Greatness, was so disturbed at this Difshall not be unto

course, that he could not forbear, but took Jesus aside and expoftulated with him, saying ; God forbid, that you who are the Son of God, the Messiah and Redeemer of Israel, should have

any such thing happen unto you. 23 But he turned,

23. But Jesus turning about to him and said unto Peter, with displeasure, said ; Nay, now you Get thee behind me, Satan, thou art an When you made a good Confession,

are become my Enemy and Hinderer. offence unto me: for thou favoureft not

I commended and extolled you : but the things that be of now you deserve a severe Reproof: God, but those that For you talk like a weak Man, and

show your self to understand nothing of God's Dispensations, and of the Way wherein he designs to redeem Mankind.


be of men.

24 S Then said 24. After this, Jesus said to his Jesus unto his dif- Disciples, I my self am to be perfected ciples, If any man by Sufferings : and whoever will be a will after



True Disciple of mine, must be wil me, let him deny ling to follow my Example: He must himself


himself, and take absolutely resign himself to the Will of up his cross, and God, renouncing all worldly Desires, follow me. and resolving both to do and suffer whatever God shall think fit to require of him.

25. And let him not think it much, if 25 For whosoever he be forced even to lay down his Life

will save his life, shall for the Sake of True Religion. For lose it : and whofothey who save their Lives in this pre- for my fake,lhall find

ever will lose his life sent time, by basely complying with it. Temptations to forsake their Religion ; these only are they who most truly lose them, by incurring eternal Death. But he that constantly perfeveres, and loses his Life in this present Time, to preserve his Religion and his Virtue ; does most truly save it unto Eternal Happinefs. 26. For what comparison is there;

26 For what is a between all the Things that this pre- thall gain the whole

man profited, if he fent World can afford, even if one

world, and lose his could possess himself of them All; and

own soul ? or what the saving or losing a Man's Soul eter

shall a man give in nally? or what valuable Consideration exchange for his can be given for a Man's Soul ?

soul? 27. For the time is coming, when 27 For the Son of Christ shall appear in the Majesty of man fhall come in God, and with the glorious Attendance the glory of his Faof his holy Angels, to pass a final Judg; gels'; and then he

ther, with his anment upon all Mankind, and to reward


every every one according to his Works.

man according to his 28. The Time indeed of this last works. Judgment, God has not thought fit to 28 Verily I say reveal : But I assure


there are some unto you, There be here present, who shall live to see the fome standing here, rious Resurrection and Ascension, and see the son of man Kingdom of Christ begun, in his glo which shall not taste in his executing Judgment upon the coming in his king unbelieving Jews in the final Destruction dom. of their. City and Nation,



TA Ở H A P. XVII. Cbriflos Transfiguration, ver. 1. That John the Baptist was

Elias, ver. 10. A Lunatick healed, and the Disciples rebuked for want of Faith, ver. 14. Chrif foretelleth his Death and Resurrection, ver. 22. Chris payeth Tribute, ver. 24 1 AND after fix 1.

BOUT a Week after this, Jedays, Jesus ta. fus designing to give his Disciketh Peter, James ples fome small Representation of his and John his bror future Glory, went up privately into a ther, and bringeth Mountain, and took with him Peter high mountain a and James and John.

2. And as he was praying in the prepart.

2 And was transfi- fence of these Disciples, he was changgured before them, ed into the appearance of a glorified and his face did shine Body; so that his Face, did thine as as the fun, and his the brightness of the Sun, and his raiment was white

Cloaths became white and glittering as the light.

as the Light. 3 And behold

3. And at the same time there apthere appeared unto peared two other Persons, in a glorious them Mofes and Elias Form likewise, namely Moses and Elias; talking with them.

and they talked with Jesus concerning the things that he was to suffer, and of the Glory which was afterwards to fol

low. 4. Then answered 4. All this the Disciples that were Peter, and said un- present, faw and heard ; but being very to Jesus, Lord, it is drowfie, and also in a great Conftergood for us to be nation and Surprize, they understood here: if thou wilt,

Yet moved with let us make here not what it meant. three tabernacles ; the strangeness and glory of the Vision, one for thee, and one and recovering a little from their Fear, for. Moses, and one their Minds were filled with an unusual for Elias.

Pleasure : And Peter, who was in all things forwarder than the rest, faid to



Jesus ; Lord, how great is this Glory!
How blessed a Sight is this ! How
happy should we be, if we might but
continue here! Give us leave to build
three Apartments, for Thee, and for
Moles, and for Elias; and we will
dwell here.
5. Scarcely had Peter said these

5 While he yet Words, when suddenly Mofes and Elias fpake, behold, vanished in a bright Cloud, and Jesus bright cloud overwas left alone. And the Disciples heard fhadowed them: and the Voice of God out of the Cloud, of the cloud, which

behold, a voice out saying; This is my beloved Son, whom faid, This is my beI have chofen to reveal my Will to Man- loved Son, in whom kind: Be not desirous of Visions and I am well pleased ; extraordinary Appearances ; but as ye hear ye him. have hitherto followed Moses and the Prophets, fo from henceforward hear and obey Him.

6.. The Disciples, astonished at the 6 And when the Greatness and Majesty of this Divine disciples heard it, Voice, fell down upon their Faces to

they fell on their the Ground,and were greatly affrighted.

face, and were fore

afraid. 7. But Jefus came to them, and ta

7 And Jesus came king them up, comforted them, and and touched them, bid them not be afraid.

and said, Arise, and 8. And when they came to them- be not afraid. selves, they saw Jesus alone, and in his

8 And when they usual Form, as he was before the Vi- had lift up their eyes, fion appeared.

they saw no man,

fave Jesus only. C. Then they came down from the

9 And as they Hill; And as they were in the Way, came down from Jefus knowing that the World was not the mountain, Jesus yet capable of understanding the design charged them, fay. and meaning of this glorious Ap- ing, Tell the vision pearance, commanded his Disciples not to no man, unti? the to report it abroad till after his Refur- Son of man be risen

again from rection.


dead. 10. Accordingly the Disciples kept

10 And his disthe Thing secret for the present: Only ciptes asked him, they debated privately among them- saying, Why then felves, what those Sufferings of Christ, say the scribes, that

Elias muft first which Mofes and Elias talked of, come?

should be ; and what his Resurrection from the Dead meant. That these were Things to be accomplished by him as he was the Messiah, they could not doubt: But one thing they ituck at, namely, that Malachi had prophesied, and their Doctors had constantly taught them, that Elias ought first to have appeared publickly, before the Messiah

could show himself: And they resolved 11 And Jesus an

to ask Jesus about it. fwered and said unto 11. Jesus answered them ; 'Tis true, them, Elias shall first as the Jewish Doctors tell you, that come, and restore all Elias was first to come, and to prepare things :

Mens Hearts for the reception of the 12 But I say unto

Mefliah. you, that Elias is

12. But this ought not to raise any come already, and they knew him rot, Scruple in your Minds concerning me: but have done unto

For Elias has indeed appeared accordhim whatsoever ingly, only the Jews did not receive they lifted : likewise and acknowledge him, but he was shall also the Son of persecuted and flain ;

sain ; and in like man suffer of them.

manner will they deal also with Christ 13 Then the dif

himself. ciples

understood that he spake unto

13. Then they understood, that Johx them of John the the Baptist was that Elias, whom the Baptist.

Prophet foretold should be the Forerun14 ( And when ner of the Messiah. they were come to 14. Now when Jesus returned to the multitude, there the rest of his Disciples, whom he had came to him a cer

not taken with him up into the Mount, tain man, kneeling but had left them below with the Muldown to him, and saying,

titude; there met him a Man, who 15

Lord, have fell down before him, and said ; mercy on my son, 15. Lord, have pity upon my Son ; for he is lunatick, for he is tormented with a Devil, and and fore vexed : for is Lunatick, and hath the Falling Sickoft-times he falleth ness ; so that he cannot keep himself into the fire, and oft from falling into the Fire or the Water. into the water. 16 And I brought

16. And I brought him in your Abhim to thy dilci- sence to your Disciples, hoping that they ples, and they


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