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Cities of the Jews, teaching and in- he departed thence Atructing the People, and confirming to teach and to preach his Doctrine with Signs and Miracles.

in their cities. 2. The Report of which Miracles 2 Now when John spreading over all the Country, came had heard in the prialso at length to the Ears of John the fon the works of Baptist ; whom Herod for his freedom Christ, he sent two

of his disciples i in reproving his Faults, had shut up in Prifon : But bis Disciples were admitted to come to him in the Prison, and they acquainted him with the Fame of Jesus's Miracles. Whereupon john sent two of them to Jesus :

3. And bąd them * ask him, Whe- 3 And said unto ther He were indeed the expected Mel- him, Art thou hạ that fias, or whether they should look for should come, or do

we look for another? another.

4. Jesus, upon their asking this 4 Jesus answered Question, worked immediately several and faid unto them, Miracles before their Face, and then Go and shew John bid them judge What he was by his again, those things

do hear Works; Ġo, faith he, and tell John and fee : what things ye have not only heard, but also seen with your Eyes. 5. Tell him that the Blind receive

5 The blind retheir Sight; that the Lame walk; that ceive their fight, and the Leprous Persons are cleansed; that the lame walk; the

lepers are cleansed, the Deaf hear; that the Dead are and the deaf hear,the raised ; and that poor and meek, and dead are raised up, humble Men, have the glad Tidings of and 'the poor have Salvation preached unto them,

the gospel preached 6. And blefied is he, whofoever shall to them. not * be asharged of my Doctrine, or

6 And blessed is 7.discouraged by any temporal Evils he whofeever thall

not be offended in from obeying it.


* 'Tis probable John did this, not so much that he doubted himself of Christ's being the Meffias, but to satisfie his Disciples, who it seems had some small æmulation against Jefus and his Dirciples; as may be gathered from Matt, ix. 14.

+ Thus the word cravdari beats fignifies in other places ; and most evidently, Matt. xiii. 21.

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ye went

was that

7 | And as they 7. With this Answer the Discideparted, Jesus be- ples returned to John. And when gan to say unto the they were gone, Jesus took occasion to multitudes concerning John, What

speak to the People concerning John ; went ye out into the and he said, What was it that ye went Wilderness to fee? A out into the Wilderness unto fchn to reed shaken with the see? I presume it was not for nothing, wind?

and in mere triAing, that ye went out

in such Multitudes, 8 But what went 8. What was it then, that ye went ye out for to see ? A out to see? Was it in expectation of man clothed in soft seeing some great Person, finely clothraiment ? behold they that wear foti ed, and appearing in great delicacy and cloathing,

are in fplendor No; The Wilderness was kings houses. not a proper place, to expect fuch

Sight in. 9 But what went 9. What then was it, that ye out for to see ? A

out to fee? Was it in hopes to see a prophet? yea, I say Prophet? Yea verily, and a Prophet it unto you, and more then a prophet.


did see ; and a much greater one too, than any of the Prophets that

went before him. 10 For this is he

10. For this was he, of whom the of whom it is writ- Prophet Malachi foretold, that he should *ten, Behold, I send be sent as a Fore-runner, to make rea- my messenger before thy face, which shall dy the way for the coming of the prepare thy way be Messias, and to prepare Mens Hearts fore thee.

for the Reception of the Gospel. 11 Verily I say un- 11. Assuredly I tell you, that of all to you, among them the Prophets and holy Men, that ever that are born of wo

yet appeared upon the Face of the men, there hath not Earth, there never was any equal to risen a greater then John the Baptist: John the Baptift ; nevertheless, the notwithstanding, he meanest Preacher of the Gospel in the that is least in the Kingdom of the Mefliah, has a greater kingdom of heaven, and more excellent Office and Ministry is greater then he

than he.

12. 'Twas John the Baptist that first the days of John declared openly the coming of the the Baptift, untill Messiah, and preached publickly God's now, the kingdom

Design of accepting Repentance as the
Condition of the Gospel-Salvation :


14. And if


And from that time forwards all sorts of heaven suffereth of People, not only Jews but even

only Jews but even violence, and the Gentiles also, and Publicans, and the violent, take it by

force, greatest Sinners, have pressed in to hear this gracious Doctrine, and to accept the Terms of Repentance and Forgiveness. 13. For till the time of John, Men

13 For all the prohad only the Guidance and Direction phets, and the law

until of the Law and the Prophets; but since prophesied that time, the Gospel hath been begun

John. to be published to the World.


will bear that I should 14 And if ye will tell you the Truth, this John is the receive it, this is EliPerson whom the Prophets foretold as which was for to should appear in the Power and Spirit of Elias, to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah.

15. Whoever is desirous or willing 15 He that hath to be taught and instructed, let him ears to hear, let him observe what I fay.

hear. 16. But the Men of this Generation 16 9 But whereare perverse and obftinate ; and what- unto shall I like this ever we say or do, they will be sure to generation ? It is like interpret crolly and perversely. No

unto children fitting

in the markets, and Arguments can persuade them to hear- calling unto their felken to Instruction, and no manner lows, of Behaviour can remove their Prejudices against us: But they are just like Children in a froward and peevish Humour.

17. For as Children in such an hu- 17 And saying, mour, do every thing just contrary to

We have piped unto what their Companions desire and ex


ye have not pect; If others laugh and play, they mourned unto you,

danced :

we have will be sad and fullen ; if others be and ye have not laCorrowful, they will laugh and mock: mented. Even fo the Men of this Generation cannot be worked upon either by one way of Teaching, or another.

18. For John the Baptist, when he 18 For John came came to preach to them, came folitary neither cating, nor




drinking, and they in the Wilderness, with great Austerity fay, He hath a devil. and Severity of Life, with Fasting and

Abftinence, with Mortification and
Self-denial: And they said, he is mad,

and hath a Devil. 19 The Son of

19. On the contrary, Christ comes to man came eating and them without this Austerity, in a freer drinking, and they way of Conversation : And they call fay, Behold, a

him a loose Person, a Glutton and a gluttonous, and

Wine-drinker, and a Companion of wine-bibber, a friend of publicans and fin

the worst of Men. But when the perners: but wisdom is verseness of Men has faid and done all juftified of her chile that it can, Wisdom will still vindicate dren.

it self and appear to be Wisdom, in whomsoever it be found, and in what

manner soever it be exercised. 20 Then began 20. Then began Jesus to upbraid he to upbraid the ci

the Cities wherein he had worked most ties wherein most of of his Miracles, for their invincible were done, because Obstinacy and Malice; that though he they repented not. had taught them such excellent Doc

trine, and proved his Authority by such undeniable Miracles, yet they could

not be persuaded to repent. 21 Wo unto thee, 21. And he said, Wo unto you the Chorazin, wo unto Inhabitants of Chorazin and Bethsaida : thee, Bethsaida : for For if God had vouchsafed to Tyre and if the mighty works

Sidon the same Demonstrations of his which were done in you, had been done Power, and the same Offers of his Merin Tyre and Sidon, cy, that he has graciously been pleased they would have re- to make unto you; they might long pented long ago in since have repented in all Humility. fackcloth and ashes.

22. Therefore I tell you, the Punish22 But I say unto ment of the Inhabitants of Tyre and you, It shall be more Sidon, shall be more tolerable than that tolerable for Tyre which shall be inflicted upon you in the and Sidon at the day of judgement, then Day of Vengeance: Because ye have

withstood greater Convictions, and re

jected the Offers of greater Mercy. 23 And thou 23. And thou Capernaum, which Capernaum, which art now so great, and flourishing, and art exalted unto proud a City; shalt be utterly destroy. ed and brought to nothing. For if


for you.

God had done the same wonderful heaven, Ihalt be things in Sodom, that he has done in brought down to thee; it might have repented, and have hell: for if the migh

works escaped that dreadful Vengeance which have been done in

which fell upon it.

thee, had been done 24. Therefore the Overthrow of in Sodom, it would Sodom shall appear to have been more have remained untill tolerable, than that dreadful Destruction this day : which shall be inficted on the Inha- 24 But I say unto bitants of Capernaum in the Day of you, that it shall be Vengeance.

more tolerable for the land of Sodomi,

in the day of judg25. After these things, Jesus pray- ment, then for thee. ed, and said : I return thee Thanks and

25 S At that time Praise, O Father, the Almighty Crea- Jesus answered and tor and All-wise Governour of the said, I thank thee, World; for that in the infinite Wif- O Father, Lord of dom of thy Divine Providence thou heaven and earth, behaft so ordered the Dispensations of thy these things from

cause thou hast hid Mercy, that the Mysteries of the Gof- the wife and prupel, and the Means of attaining eternal dent, and hast revealHappiness, are not so much understood ed them unto babes. and embraced by the cunning, politick, and proud Men of this World, as by the modest and humble and meek.

26. Most justly, O Father, haft thou 26 Even so Fai So disposed things : For thus it became ther, for so it seeminfinite Goodness and Justice to do; ed good in thy fight. and thus it seemed good to the eternal Wisdom of thy All-seeing Providence. 27. Jesus added moreover,

and 27 All things are faid: The whole disposal of all things delivered unto me of relating to the Salvation of Men, is

my Father: and no now committed to me by God the Fa- Son but the Father:

man knoweth the ther. And as no one understandeth the neither knoweth any nature of this Oeconomy, but God the man the Father, fave Father who has sent the Son into the the Son, and he to World; so no Man can understand in whomsoever : the what manner God the Father will be Son will reveal him. worshipped and obeyed, but the Son to whom he has committed the Discovery of his Will, and they to whom the Son shall reveal that Discovery,

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