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Certainly this Man must be the zed, and said, Is not Messiah.

this the son of Da24. But the Pharisees, who were

vid ? hardened against all Conviction, when

24 But when the

Pharisees heard it, they heard the People thus talk, said within themselves: No; This Man, doth not caft out de

they said, This fellow who is a breaker of Sabbaths and a vils, but by Beelzedespiser of our Traditions, cannot act bub the prince of the by Divine Power and Authority ; but devils. it must be by Confederacy with the Prince of the Devils, that he thus casteth out Devils.

25. But Jesus knowing their Thoughts, 25 And Jesus knew said; With what perverseness do you their thoughts, and now reason among your selves! For said unto them, Ewhatever is done by Confederacy with very kingdom divievil Spirits, must be something that ded against it felf, is

brought to desolapromotes the Intereit of Evil Spirits on: and every city and the cause of Wickedness, and not or house divided any thing directly contrary thereto: gainit it felf, fhall Unless you will imagin that any King- not stand. . dom or Society, can be supported by Quarrels and Divisions within it felf. 26. If therefore cafting out Devils,

26 And if Satan and that in Confirmation of a Doctrine cast out Satan, he is directly contrary to the Interest of evil divided against himSpirits, be a thing not to be done by his kingdom tland ?

self; how shall then Consederacy with those Evil Spirits; then nothing can be more absurdly malicious, than this your Accusation of




27. But besides ; your own Country- 27 And if I by

and Relations have sometimes Beelzebub cast out undertaken to cast out Devils, and yet devils, by whom do ye never accused them of Confederacy them out? therefore with evil Spirits: What reason have

they shall be your ye then to accuse me thereof, who

judges. have never cast out Devils by any worse means, or to serve any worse purpose ? Sw that either these your own People mitt condemn you of Partiality and unjust Judgment, or else ye must

apparent, and

needs acknowledge that I caft out De

vils by a Divine Power. 28 But if I cast 28. And now if the thing it self be out devils by the

ye cannot without exSpirit of God, then


Unreasonableness and the utthe kingdom of God most degree of Malice deny it, that is come unto you.

what I do is by the immediate Power of God; then here is a convincing Proof, that I am truly sent from God, that I act by his Commission, and that the Doctrine which I preach is for the

eftablishment of his Kingdom. 29 Or else, how

29. For as one's entring into a strong can one enter into a

Man's House, and forcibly dispossessing strong mans house, him of his Goods, is an evident Proof, and spoil his goods, that he who fo enters, is stronger and except he first bind the strong man ? and comes with greater Authority than he then he will spoil

that had the first Possession: So my his house.

breaking the Power of Devils, by cafting them out of the Bodies, and destroying their Dominion over the Minds of Men, is an undeniable Demonstration of my being sent by a Power and

Authority greater than theirs. 30 He that is not

30. When two great Powers are at with me, is against irreconcilable Enmity against each other, me: and he that ga- even he that only forbears joining with thereth not


one side, is thereby reputed to be ame, scattereth abroad.

gainst it: * How much more therefore ought I, who have actually done fo many things towards destroying the Power and Kingdom of the Devil, to be believed to act really in opposition to him? And * he that shall not joyn with me in this great Work, shall be look'd upon to be against me.

** This Verse being capable of two Senses, whereof it is not easie to determine which was principally intended by our Saviour, I have endeavoured in the Paraphrase to express both.

31. Since

unto men.

31. Since therefore 'tis as evident 31 S Wherefore as is possible, that the Works which I say unto you, All I do, are by the Authority of God, and manner of sin and by the Power of his holy Spirit ; I tell blasphemy fhall be you, whosoever shall refirt this Con- forgiven unto men: viction, by fuch a degree of Malice as againff the holy Ghost

but the blasphemy ascribing these Works to the Power of shall not be forgiven the Devil, God will not afford to such a Man any further Conviction ; so that though all other Sins and Blafphemies whatsoever may be repented of and forgiven, yet he that shall be guilty of this, shall never have granted him any further means of Repentance and Forgiveness. 32. All other Sins, I say, may be

32 And whosoforgiven : Even he that speaks against ever speaketh a word me, and is not convinced by my preach- againit the Son of ing, may yet afterwards be convinced man, it shall be forby the Power of the Holy Ghost, and given him : but whorepent and be forgiven. But he that loever speaketh a.

gainst the Holy shall obstinately resist this last Means of Ghost, it shall not Conviction, which God has thought be forgiven him, neifit to make use of for the Conversion ther in this world, of Mankind, and fhail maliciously re- neither in the world vile the most evident Operations of to come. the Spirit of God; such a one has no further Means left, by which he might be convinced and brought to Repentance, and consequently he can never be forgiven. 33. In vain do

ye Pharisees

pre- 33 Either make tend to Holiness and Sincerity of Heart, the tree good, and while


Mouths to utter his fruit good ; such Blasphemies. For as a Tree is else make the tree known by its Fruit, fo a Man's Words corrupt, and his fruit are Signs of the Disposition of his corrupt : for the tree Heart. Either therefore forbear Blaf

is known by his frust. pheming, or else pretend not to Religion at all, with which such Behaviour is utterly inconsistent,

34. But indeed it is impossible ye 34 O generatiThould speak otherwise than Evil. For on of vipers, how




heart ,

and an


can ye, being evil, ye are a perverse and malicious Gcspeak good things ? neration of Men, and the Thoughts of for out of the a

Mens Hearts will discover themselves bundance of the

their Words. heart the mouth peaketh.

35. A good Man, whose Thoughts 35 A good man and Designs are good, will utter good out of the good Things : And a wicked Man, whose treasure of the Thoughts and Designs are wicked, will

bringeth utter evil Things. forth good things :

36. And do not think that Mens evil

Words are a light thing, and pass unout of the evil trea

heeded in the sight of God. I tell you, fure, bringeth forth evil things.

there is no falfity or evil Word, that 36 But I say un- a Man speaks, so trivial, which shall to you, That every not be examined and have its regard idle word that men in the exactness of the Divine Judgshall speak, they ment; how much more shall Revilings shall give account and Blasphemies be accounted for? thereof in the day of judgment.

37. For not only by Mens Actions, 37 For by thy

but also by their Words, shall their words thou řalt be. State be determined ; and Judgment justified, and by thy accordingly be passed upon them. words thou shalt be 38. Ş Then some of the Jewish Doccondemned.

tors and Pharisees fpake to Jesus, say.38 Then cer- ing; Master, we are not satisfied with tain of the Scribes

the Works


you and of the Pharisees

done; we delire

yet answered, saying, you would call for some miraculous Master, 'we would Sign from Heaven, which may demonsee a sign from thee. strate you to be sent from God, and to

39 But he an- act by his Power and Commission. fwered and said

39. But Jefus knowing their Obftito them, An evil nacy and Malice, answered them thus. and adulterous ge Ye are a perverse and degenerate Generation seeketh after a fign, and there neration of Men : I have already

worked shall no fign be given many and great Miracles, and ye beto it, but the sign of lieve me not; I have done many wonthe prophet Jonas.

derful Works in your Sight here on Earth, and now nothing will satisfy you but a Sign from Heaven. I tell

you, God will not vouchsafe any more Signs to this Generation : but only one such Sign as was that of the Prophet Jonas, to render them inexcusable.

40. For

but a

40. For as Jonas, after having been 40 Far as Jonas three Days buried in the Sea in the was three days and Belly of the Whale, was cast up again three nights in the alive: So Chrift, after he shall be kil- whales belly;


shall the son of man led and buried in the Earth, fhall on the be three days and third Day be raised again.

three nights in the 41. And then this Generation shall, heart of the earth. by being compared with the People of 41 The men of Nineveh, appear to be most juftly con- Nineveh shall rise demned to utter Destruction. For when in judgment with the Men of Nineveh were preach'd to

this generation, and

shall condemn it, beby Jonas, who was a Stranger, and

cause they repented mean Person ; who continued

at the preaching of among them but three Days, and Jonas, and behold, worked no Miracles to confirm his

a greater than Jonas Miffion; they yet hearkened to him and is here. repented. But this Generation, though they have Christ himself sent to preach to them; though they hear his Doctrine, and see his Miracles, though they wonder at the Authority and Plainness with which he teaches, and are astonished at the Power by which he acts; yet they are not by all these things brought to Repentance. 42. Again, this Generation shall, by


queen bcing compared with the Queen of She- the south shall rise ba, appear to be most juftly condemned up in the judgment and destroyed. For she having heard with this generatiafar off the Fame of Solomon's Wisdom, demn it :

on, and shall con

for The took a very long Journey to go and see

came from the utand admire it: But the Men of this termost parts of the Generation, having a Teacher of far earth to hear the greater Wisdom and Knowledge, offer- wisdom of Soloing himself to instruct them in their own mon, and behold, a Streets, yet despise and reject him.

greater then Solo43 & 44 & 45. I will tell you

mon is here. therefore by an easie Similitude, what clean spirit is gone

43 When the unshall be the Case of the Men of this

out of a man, he Generation, and how they shall be dealt walketh through with. As an evil Spirit, when he is dry places, seeking cast out of a Man, wandreth through reit, and findeth the World, and not meeting with En- none.

44 Then


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