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44 Then he faith, tertainment elsewhere, returns to the I will return to my fame Man again ; and if he finds him house from whence

disposed and fitted to receive him, enI came when he is come, he

ters into him again, and brings also findeth it empty, many other evil Spirits with him; lo swept,

that the state of that Man becomes ten nished.

times worse than it was at first: Even 45 Then goeth he so shall it be with the Men of this Geand taketh with neration. Ignorance, Superftition and himself seven other Malice, like fo many evil Spirits, have spirits more wicked then himself, and by the preaching of the Gefpel bethey enter in and gun to be in some meafure dispeldwell there : and led from amongp them ; But meeting the last state of that with less Entertainment even in the man is worse then Heathen World than among the Jews, the first. Even fo and finding the Hearts of thele Men Thall it be also unto still prepared to receive and entertain this wicked gene- them, they return into them again, and ration.

filling them with more incurable Wickedness and Impenitence than ever, fit them for a molt dreadful and exemplary

Destruction. 46 , While heyet 46. ^ While Jcfus was discourfing talked to the people, these things, his Mother and some obehold, his mother ther of his nearest Relations, hoping and his

brethren food without, defi- (as it should seem) to draw him away ring to speak with from the Dangers which he exposed him.

himself to, came and desired to speak to

him. 47 Then one faid

47. But not being able to get near unto him, Behold, him for the Crowd of People, one that thy mother and thy stood nigh told him, that his Mother brethren stand without, deliring to speak and other Relations waited to speak to with thee.


48. But Jesus answered him and swered and said un- faid; Who are they, whom


call to him that told Mother and Brethren? Do ye think him, Who is my that I esteem of People by nearness of mother ? and who Plood, by any earthly Relation or are my brethren ?

Affections ? 49 And ne inietched forth his land 49. And pointing towards his Dil towards his dif- ciples, he added, and said; No: But


thele to sow.

48 But

he an


these are they, whom ye ought more ciples, and faid, Beproperly to call my Relations.

hold my mother and 50. For whoever shall hear the Word my brethren. of God, and believe and embrace and

50 For whosoever obey it; these are the Persons, whom

shall do the will of I look upon as my truest Friends and

my Father which is Relations, and esteem them as my is my brother, and

in heaven, the same Mother and Brethren and Sisters. fifter, and mother.


The Parable of the Sower, ver. 1. Why Christ spake in Pa.

rables, ver. 1o. Parable of the Tares, ver. 24. Of the Mustard-Seed, ver. 31. of the Leaven, ver. 33. The Explication of these Parables, ver. 19. and 34. Parable of the hidden Treasure, ver. 44. Of the Pearl, ver. 45. Of the Fishing-Net, ver. 47. The Use and Application of them to the Disciples, ver. 51.

Christ despised in his own Country, ver. 53.


BOUT this time, Jesus being

1 THE fame day teaching in the House, and find- went Jesus out ing that he wanted room, went out to

of the house, and the side of the Lake, and there he fat fat by the sea fide. and taught the People.

2. And when the Multitude of Peo- 2 And great mulple, that came together to hear him,

titudes were gather

ed together grew fo great that they pressed one ano

him, so that he went ther, he went into a Boat that he might into a fhip, and fate, be the more conveniently seen and and the whole mulheard, and the people stood upon the titude stood on the Shore before him.

shore. 3. And because there were but few

3 And he spake among them, that were able to compre

many things unto

them in parables, hend, or prepared and worthy to hear the whole Truth fully declared to them, sower went forth

saying, Behold, therefore he instilled things into them


by degrees, and taught them by the way of Comparisons or Similitudes. And first he compared the preaching of the Gospel, to a Husbandman's fowing Corn in his Field; to show them, that as the fame Seed produced better or worse Corn, according as it was sown in better or worse Ground; fo the preaching of the Doctrine of Christianity had more or less effect upon the Lives of Men, according as it was heard and received by Men of honest and well-disposed Hearts, or by those of an evil and contrary Difposition. A Husband-man, faith he, went out to fow his Ground: Thus the Preacher of the Gospel scattereth his Instructions, and as it were sows the Precepts of true Religion, in the Hearts

of his Hearers. 4 And when he

4. And while he was fowing, some fowed, some seeds of the Seed fell upon the beaten Road, fell by the ways and never entring

at all into the fide, and the fowls came and devoured

Ground, was pick'd up by the Birds. Thus the Doctrine of the Gospel is heard by some, who never confider and meditate upon it at all; but as they heard it carelessly and without regard, so the next trivial business tha: either the Devil or the World puts into their Thoughts, causes them immedi

ately to forget it. 5 Some fell upon

5, & 6. Again, some other of the ftony places, where Seed fell upon rocky Ground, where they had not much the Earth being very hallow, it earth : and forthwith they sprung up, sprung up indeed quickly ; but having because they had no

no depth of Root, as soon as the Sun deepness of earth : shone bot, it withered away: Thus fome

6 And when the others hear the Doctrine of Christianity, fun was up, they wio receive it indeed, and consider it were scorched ; and also, and make Resolutions to obey it ; because they had not but not having a settled firmness and foot, they withered constancy of Mind, they are overcome away


them up


by Temptations, especially in Persecu-
tion, and fall away from God.
7. Again, some other of the Seed


And some fell among Weeds and Thorns, which among thorns : and Sprung up with the Corn, and over

the thorns sprung up grew it, and killed it. Thus the preach- and choaked them. ing of the Gospel is heard by others, who also receive it and entertain it ; but their Minds are so taken up with the Covetoufness, Cares, and Pleasures of the World, that it hath little or no Effect upon their Lives and Conversations.

8. Lastly, Some other of the Seed 8 But other fell fell into good ground, which brought into good ground, forth Corn proportionably to the good and brought forth ness of the Soil

, some more plentifully, fruit, fome an hunfórne lefs: Thus some others hear the fold, fome thirty-fold. Doctrine of true Religion ; who being of good and honest and well-disposed Tempers, believe, embrace and obey it, and show the Effects of it in the Holiness of their Lives ; according to the different degrees of the Goodness of their Tempers, and of the firmness of their Resolutions, making smaller or greater Improvements in Virtue. 9. He that is capable and desirous

9 Who hath ears of being instructed, let him attend and to hear, let him hear. observe what I say. 10. I This Parable of the Sower

10 5 And the difJefus fpake unto the People, without cipies came and said applying or giving the Explication of unto him, Why it. And when he was alone his Dif- speakest thou unto ciples asked him, why he taught the them in parables ? People, only by way of Similitudes, 1 He answered without giving them the Explica- and said unto them, tion.

Because it is given 11. Jesus answered: Because though unto you to know you indeed may have all the Truths,

the mysteries of the that concern the State of the Gospel but to them it is not

kingdom of heaven, and the Kingdom of the Messiah, clear- given. ly and fully explained to you, yet the

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12 For

12 For whosoever mixt Multitude are not capable nor hath, to him shall be worthy of such a thing. given, and he shall

12. For they who with honesty have more


and fimplicity receive Instruction, dance: but whosoever hath not, from and improve those Advantages, which him shall be taken God hath already given them, to the away, even that he purposes of Religion and the increase hath.

of Virtue, as you do: Such Persons indeed shall have * more Instruction and greater Aflistances, continually afforded them. But they who make no

use of that Instruction which is given 13 Therefore speak I to them in them, and improve not those Advanparables : because tages which they already have ; as a they seeing, see not; great part of these common Hearers do and hearing, they not : Such Persons, as they are not cahear not, neither do pable, so neither shall they be accountthey understand.

ed worthy of more Instruction or greater 14 And in them Advantages: is fulfilled the prophecy of Efaias Parables ; that because by seeing the

13. Therefore I speak to them in which faith, Ву hearing ye shall hear, greatest Miracles they have not been and shall not under convinced, and by hearing the plainest stand: and seeing yè Doctrines they would not be made to shall fee, and ihall understand ; all those may yet continue not perceive. Ignorant, who will not take pains to

15. For this peo; confider, and search out the Truth. ples heart is waxed gross, and their ears

14. And thus in these People is most are dull of hearing, exactly fulfilled that Prophecy of Eand their eyes they saias ; (Ifa. vi. 9.) Ye hear indeed, but haveclosed; leit at any understand not : and ye see indeed, but time they should see perceive not. with their eyes, and 15. For the Heart of this people is hear with their ears, fat, and their Ears heavy, and their and hould understand with their

Eyes Jhut; so that they fee not with hearts, and should be their Eyes, nor hear with their Ears, converted, and I nor understand with their Heart, to be Dhould heal them. converted and healed.

that hear, fall more he given.

Mark iv,


16. But

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