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45. Again,

the 45 & 46. Again, As a Man that kingdom of heaven trades in Pearls, when he meets with is like unto a

one of exceeding great value, readily sells chant-man, seeking all the rest that he has, to buy that: goodly pearls : 46 Who when he

So the Virtue and Happiness of the had found one pearl Gospel is a Jewel of fuch Price, that of great price, he whoever really searches after his chief went and fold all Good, ought to be willing to quit all that he had and earthly Enjoyments, rather than come bought it.

short of this. 47. Again, the

47 & 48. Again: As a Net cast kingdom of heaven into the sea, catcheth all sorts of Fish, is like a net that was cast into the sea, and good and bad together; but when it is gathered' of every

drawn to the shoar, then the Fishermen kind,

separate them, and preserve the good, 48 Which when and cast away the bad: it was full, they drew

49 & 50. So by the Preaching of to fhore,, and fat the Gospel there is gathered together a down, and gathered visible Church upon Earth, consisting the good into vefsels

, both of good and bad Men, fincere but cast the bad a

Christians and Hypocrites together ; way.

49 So shall it be But at the end of the World, God shali at the end of the by the Ministry of his Angels feparate world: the angels the Good from the Evil; and then the shall come forth, and one shall be rewarded with eternal Life, fever the wicked and the other punished with everlasting from among the juft

. Destruction. 50 And shall cast them into the fur

51. J When Jesus had finished these nace of fire : there Parables, he asked his Disciples ; Do fhall be wailing and ye understand all these things that I gnalhing of teeth. have taught you ? They answered ; Yes,

51 Jesus saith un- Lord. to them, Have ye 52 Then he said ; Ye must take care understood all these therefore so to lay up

these my

Doctrines thing3 ? they say un

in your Minds, that ye may be throughto him, Yea, LORD.

52 Then said he ly qualified to be Preachers of the Gofunto them, There- pel, and be able upon all Occasions to

bring forth out of your Memory, as out of a well-furnished Store-house, Instructions suited to Persons of all Capacities.

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53. & 54. After this, Jesus de- fore every

scribe parted and returned into his own Coun- which is instructed try; and there he preached in their unto the kingdom of

heaven, is like unto a Synagogues with so much Wisdom

man that is an house and Authority, that those who knew the holder, which bringmeaness of his Family and the poor- eth forth out of his ness of his parents, were astonished and treasure things new faid, How comes this Man by all this and old. Knowledge and Power?

53 S And it came 55 & 56. Is not his father a Car- to pass, that when penter? And do we not know his Mo- Jesus had finished ther and all his Relations ? plain and these parables, he de

parted thence. mean Persons ? People of no Learning,

54 And when he Power or Authority ? How then comes

come into his this Man to pretend to such Wisdom, own country, he and to do tuch mighty Works? taught them in their

57. Thus they despised and flighted fynagogue, infomuch him for the meanness of his parentage, nished, and said,

that they were astoand rejected his Doctrine out of prejų- Whence hath this

But Jesus upbraid- man this wisdom, and ed them for these unreafonable Preju- these mighty works? dices, saying: A Prophet is no where 55 Is not this the likely to be undervalued and disrespect- carpenters fon? is ed, so much as among his own Coun

not his mother called trymen and by his nearest Relations. Mary, and his breFor these Men judging of things only thren James, and Jo,

ses, and Simon, and by temporal Confiderations, and despi- Judas ? fing a Man's former meanness, and en- 56 And his sisters, vying his present Honour, are there are they not all with fore apt to reject him and disbelive his us? whence then Do&rine; But Strangers, acknow- hath this man all ledging the Divine Power by which a these things ? Prophct acts, and admiring the ex

57 And they were cellency of the Doctrine which he offended in him. But

Jesus said unto them, preaches, will receive him, and honour À prophet is not and believe him.

without honour, save 58. For this reason Jesus worked in his own country, but few Miracles in his own Country: and in his Because there, Men by their unreafona- house. ble Prejudices and Unbelief, were be

58 And he did come uncapable of being benefited by

not many mighty

works his Divine Doctrine, and unworthy of


works there, because being convinced by any greater Miraof their unbelief. cles.

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Herod's Opinion of Christ, and the History of John Bap

tist's Death, ver. 1. Five thousand Men fed with five Loaves and two Fishes, ver. 13. Christ and Peter's walk. ing upon the Sea, ver, 22. Many Sick healed at Genelaret, ver. 29.


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IAT that time He- Y this time the Fame of Jesus's rod the tetrarch

Doctrine and Miracles , had heard of the fame of reached the Ears of Herod, who was Jesus,

Governour of Galilee, and Son of that
Herod who had sain the Children in

Bethlehem. 2 And said unto 2. And when he heard of Jesus, and his servants, This is how People talked variously concernJohn the Baptist, he ing him, fome judging that he was Eis risen from the dead, and therefore lias, others that he was Jeremias, and mighty works do others otherwise ; Herod himself faid, shew forth them- surely this is John the Baptist, whom selves in him. I beheaded; he is risen again from the

dead, and therefore these wonderful Works are wrought by him.

3 & 4. For this Herod had appre3 S For Herod hai had laid hold on hended John the Baptist, and put him in John,and bound him, Prison, and beheaded him there; and and put him in pri- the Occafion of his doing it, was this: fon for Herodias sake, Being desirous to marry Herodias his his brother Philips Brother Philip's Wife, Fohn had freely wife.

told him that it was not lawful for him 4 For John said unto him, It is not to have her. lawful for thee to 5. Hereupon he grew very angry with have her.

John, insomuch that he almost refol5 And when he ved to have killed him. would have


suasion which he had in his own Conto death, he feared



But the per

science concerning John's Holiness, and the multitude, bethe fear which he had left the People cause they counted (who all believed John to be a Prophet) him as a prophet. Thould be enraged at his Death and fall into an Uproar, restrained him from doing it.

6 & 7. Thus John, though he was 6 But when He. cast in Prison, had yet his Life preser-' rod’s birth day was ved. But on a certain time, when He- kept, the daughter red was feasting upon his Birth-day of Herodias danced

before them, and with the Court, it happened that the Daughter of Ilerodias dancing before pleased Herod.

7 Whereupon he him pleased him so extremely, that he promised with an swore rafhly he would give her what- oath, to give her ever she desired, though it should cost whatsoever The him even half his Kingdom.

would ask. 8. And hence arose the occasion of

8 And she, being

before instructed of Folm's death. For the Woman

young not knowing what was fittelt for her to Give me here John

her mother, said, defire of the king, went to her Mother Baptif's head in a Herodias to ask her Advice; who find- charger. ing that she had now a fair Opportunity of executing her Revenge upon John, for having opposed her Marriage with Herod; bad her Daughter defire of the King, that John might be slain. Accordingly the young Woman comes in and defires, that he would make her a Present of Fohn Baptist's Head.

9. At this Request the King was sur- 9 And the king prized and greatly troubled , For the was sorry: nevertheOpinion which he himself had of John, less for the oaths sake, and which he knew that the People also and them which sat had concerning him, did yet restrain with him at meat,

he commanded it to his Passion and Cruelty. However, be

be given her. cause he had folemnly sworn to her, and

10 And he sent that in the presence of his whole Court, and beheaded John he resolved at last to gratifie her.

in the prison. 10 & 11. Sending therefore to the 11 And his head Prison, he caused John to be beheaded ;

was brought in a and the Head was brought, and present- charger, and given ed to the young Woman; and the car- the brought it to her ried it to her Mother.


12 And his Dif- 12. In the mean time the Disciples ciples came and took of John, hearing of his death, went up the body and bu- and fetched away his Body, and buried ried it, and went and it, and when they had so done, they told Jesus.

came and gave Jesus an Account of the

whole Story. 13 S When Jesus

13. When Jesus heard this, he heard of it, he de departed from the place where he was, parted thence by Mip into a desart

and went by Water into a Desart priplace apart :

and vately with his Disciples. But it was when the people had not now possible for him to hide himheard thereof, they self from the diligent Enquiry of the followed him on People : For they fought him out, and, foot out of the ci- being neither discouraged with the diffities.

culty of the way, nor with the want of Provisions in the Desart, went round

about after him on foot. 14

And Jesus 14 Jesus therefore seeing a great went forth, and saw Multitude gathered together after him, a great multitude, and was moved with

and being pleased with their Faith and compaffion toward Diligence, took pity on them, and healthem, and he healed ed as many as were weak and sickly their fick. 15 And when

15. But when the Evening drew near it was evening, his his Disciples (not yet fufficiently indisciples to structed by all the Miracles they had him, saying, This is seen, to have a right understanding of the time is now paft; Jesus's Power and Wisdom,) began to send the multitude put him in mind, that the place being away, that they may Desart and the Night approaching, it go into the villages, was time to send away the People, that and buy themselves they might go into the neighbouring victuals.

Towns, and buy themselves Provisions. 16 But Jesus faid 16. But Jefus, knowing his own Diunto them, They vine Power, and resolving to work a need depart, Miracle for the benefit of those People, give ye them to eat. said ; Nay, it is not necessary nor con

venient to send them away thus fafting :

But do ye entertain them here in this 17 And they say

place. unto him, We have

17. They said unto him, we have no here but five loaves, Provision for so great a number of Peoand two files.


among thein.



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