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ple: Nay, we have no more amongst us in all, than five Loaves of Bread and two small Fishes.

18. Jesus wondring at the lowness 18 He said, bring of their Understanding, that they them hither to me. should not yet call to mind his former Miracles, and consider what he was able to do; bad them bring to him what Victuals they had, how little fo- 19 And he com

manded the multicver it might be. 19. Then commanding the people to the grass, and took

tude to sit down on sit down in several Companies upon the five loaves, and the Ground, he took the Bread and the two fishes, and Fish in his Hands ; and when he had looking up to heagiven Thanks to God and blessed them, ven, he blessed, and he brake and gave them to his Disci- brake, and gave the ples, and the Disciples distributed them loaves to his disciples,

and the disciples to to the Multitude.

the multitude. 20 & 21. And though the number

20 And they did of the People that did eat, was not less all eat , and than five thousand Men besides Wo- filled: and they took men and Children, yet such was the up of the fragments efficacy of the Divine Power evidenced that remained twelve in the wonderful Increase of the Bread

baskets full. and Fish upon Christ's giving his Bles

21 And they that

had eaten were about fing, that not only all this Multitude

five thousand men, had enough and were satisfied, but beside women and there remained moreover as many children. ments, as, when they were gathered up, 22 I And straightfilled twelve Bread-baskets.

way Jesus constrain22. When this was done, Jesus ed his disciples to get ordered his Disciples to go into a

into a ship, and to go Boat ; and though they were very un- other fide, while he

before him unto the willing to go without him, yet he in- fent the multitudes tending to try them with another Mi

away. racle, commanded them to row over

23 And when he the Lake before-hand, and leave him had sent the multibehind to dismiss the People.


he went 23. Accordingly, when the Disci- up into a mountain ples were gone, he fent away the Mul- apart to pray: and

when the evening titude; and after that, he went up to

was come,

he pray upon a Hill, and there continued there alone. alone till Night.


was was

24 But out of the Boat; and he came down


24 But the ship 24. During which time, the Disci

in the ples were gotten into the midst of the midit of the sea, Lake; where, the Wind coming contossed with waves : for the wind was

trary, and a Storm arising, they were

tossed up and down by the Waves, not contrary.

without fear of being loft ; Jesus suffering them to be alone in this Danger, that he might inure them to Hardships, and teach them to rely without diftruft in the greatest Extremities


the Providence of God. 25 And in the

25. However, when they had toiled fourth watch of the the greatest part of the Night, Jesus night, Jesus went unto them walking

took pity on them; and knowing in on the sea.

his Wisdom when they had been sufficiently tried by this Danger, he came to them towards Morning, walking up

on the Lake. 26 And when the 26. But when the Disciples faw him disciples faw him walking upon the Water, and had not walking on the sea, they were troubled,

yet Light enough to know who he was, faying, It is a spirit; they were affrighted, thinking him to and they cried out

be a Spirit or Apparition; and not for fear.

knowing what to do, they cried out

for fear. 27 But straight- 27. But Jesus, not willing to keep way Jelus spake un

them any longer in a Fright, spoke to to them, saying, Be them, and told them who he was, and of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid.

bad them take Courage,and not be afraid. 28 And Peter an

28. Then, knowing his Voice, they swered him and began to come to themselves : And faid, Lord, if it be Peter, who was forwardest upon all Octhou, bid me come cafions to make proof of his Faith, unto thee on the

said ; Lord, if it be you, give me leave to come out, and walk upon the Wa

ter with you. 29 And he said, 29. Jefus, knowing the Infirmity of Come. And when

his too forward Confidence, and being Peter down out of the

willing to take occasion at the same Tip, he walked on

time to reprove his Weakness and to

to go confirm his Faith, bad him come down to Jesus.




the water,



and walked upon the Water towards Jesus.

30. But when he felt the Wind 30 But when he strong, and saw the Waves rage and saw the wind boibeat about him, his Faith failed, and

strous, he

fraid : he was afraid ; and beginning to fink, ning to fink, he cri

and beginhe cried out, Lord, help me, I perish. ed

out, saying, 31. Then Jesus took him by the Lord save me. Hand, and helped him up, and repro- 31 And immedived his Difidence, saying ; Wherefore ately Jesus stretched were you so weak, that after you had forth his hand, and not only seen me walk upon the Water, caught him, and said but had also experimented my Power little faith, where

unto him, O thou of in doing the same your self ; yet at fore didit thou the boisterousness of the Winds and doubt ? Waves you should let your Faith fail, and fuffer Distrust to arise in your Mind?

32. Then they went Both up into 32 And when the Boat together, and immediately the they were come inStorm ceased; and the Air became

to the ship,


wind ceased. calm, and the Waters finooth.

33. And when the Men of the Boat 33 Then they that faw this great Miracle, they fell down were in the ship, at Jesus's Feet, and worshipped him,

came and worshipsaying ; Verily you are the true Meffias, ped him, faying, of

a truth thou art the the Son of God, the Redeemer of Israel. Son of God. 34. Now when they had crossed the

34 And when Lake, they came into the Land of they were gone oGenneferet, where Jesus had been once ver, they came into before.

the land of Gen35. And the Men of that Country

nefaret. knowing him again, sent presently in

35 And when the to all the Towns round about, and had knowledge of

men of that place brought unto him all that were afflicted him, they sent out with any manner of Disease.

into all that coun36. And being convinced of his try round about, Power by his former Miracles which and brought unto they had seen and heard of, they defi- him all that were red that they might but touch so much


36 And be. as the Hem of his Garment: and, ac

sought him, that cording to their Faith, as many as they might only


touch the hem of his touched him, with a firm Trust and garment :

and Belief of his Power, were perfectly many

touched healed. were made perfectly whole.




Jesus Scribes

CH A P. XV. The Pharisees Hypocrisy and vain Traditions reproved, and

the true Notion of Cleanness stated, ver. 1. The Woman of Canaan’s Daughter healed, ver. 21. Many others cured in Galilee, and four thousand fed with seven Loaves

and a few Fishes, ver. 29. 1 THen came to


BOUT this time certain few..

ish Doctors, Scribes and Phariand Pharisees, which sees, Inhabitants of Jerusalem, strict were of Jerusalem, Observers of the traditional Precepts saying,

of the Elders, came to Jesus; and because they could not find any means to accuse him of transgressing the Law of God, they charged him with neglecting

their Humane Traditions, saying: 2 Why do thy dif- 2. If you pretend to be a Teacher of ciples transgress the greater Holiness than ordinary, why do tradition of the el- you suffer your Disciples to tranfgrefs ders? for they wash those Precepts and Traditions, which not their hands when

our wise Ancestors have commanded to they eat bread.

be observed as Fences of the Law ? For Example: Whereas our Elders have ordained, that for fear of any defilement that may have happened to them, Men should always wash their Hands before Meat ; your Disciples wholly neglect this Tradition, and make no

scruple to eat with unwashed Hands. he

3. Jesus answered : Ye are most unswered and

reasonably and maliciously partial. For, unto them, Why who are most juftly to be blamed? My do you

also transgress the Disciples, who neglect indeed your


3. But



xxi. 21.

trifting and tedious Superstitions, but mandment of God
strictly observe the Law of God? Or ye by your tradition ?
your felves, who, that ye may fuperfti-
tiously observe the vain and sometimes
directly wicked Traditions of Men, stick
not at all at transgressing the eternal
Commands of God?
4. For Instance: 'Tis an eternal and


For God comunchangeable Law of God, that Men manded, saying, Hoshould Honour and Respect their Pa- nour thy father and rents ; that they should Obey and Sub- mother : and, He mit to them; and that, when need re

that curseth father quires, they should Relieve and Ajir die the death.

or mother, let him them. And this Law God hath morecver confirmed, by pofitively annexing a capital Punishment to the breach of it ; that whoever Dishonours, Reviles,

Disobeys, or Rebels against his Parents, + Deut. + Thould Die without Mercy. 5 & 6. But ye on the contrary say: 5.


ye fay; If a Man binds himself by an Oath, Whosoever shall fay that he will not relieve the Necessities

to his father or his of his parents; or

mother, It is a gift vows to give to

by whatsoever thou fome pious Use, what should otherwise

mightest be profited have been laid out for their Relief and by me. Alistance; the Man is by this means 6 And honour not, freed from all Obligation of Duty to his father or his mohis Parents. Thus in observing your ther, he shall be free. vain and superstitious Precepts or Tra- Thus have ye made ditions, ye openly violate the plain of God of none ef

the commandment Commandments of God.

fectby your tradition. 7. Ye Hypocrites; most justly may 7 Ye hypocrites, I now fay of you, what Efaias in old well did Esaias protime faid of your Fathers; (Ifai. xxix. phesie of you, saying, 13.)

8 This People 8. This People talks of Religion, draweth nigh unto and makes an outward show of Holi

with their ness and Devotion ; but their hearts mouth, and honour

eth me with their are far from being honest and sincere

. lips : but their heart 9. In vain therefore are all their

far from me. pretences to Piety, and of no esteem in 9 But in vain the fight of God; whilst instead of Obe- they do worship



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