The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray


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Page 661 - Now the children of Judah had fought against Jerusalem, and had taken it, and smitten it with the edge of the sword, and set the city on fire.
Page 634 - ... the spray dashed o'er the funnels, . And down the deck in runnels; And the rushing water soaks all, From the seamen in the fo'ksal To the stokers, whose black faces Peer out of their bed-places; And the captain he was bawling, And the sailors pulling, hauling; And the quarter-deck tarpauling Was shivered in the squalling; And the passengers awaken, Most pitifully shaken; And the steward jumps up, and hastens For the necessary basins.
Page 472 - Where the golden gates of day Open on the palmy East, Wide the bleeding cross display, Spread the gospel's richest feast.
Page 635 - How he beat the storm to laughter; For well he knew his vessel With that vain wind could wrestle; And when a wreck we thought her, And doomed ourselves to slaughter, How gaily he fought her. And through the hubbub brought her, And as the tempest caught her, Cried, "GEORGE ! SOME BRANDY AND WATER!
Page 215 - Et sur un âne, pas à pas, Parcourait son royaume. Joyeux, simple et croyant le bien, Pour toute garde il n'avait rien Qu'un chien. Oh! oh! oh! oh! ah! ah! ah! ah!
Page 318 - I came out of the place quite sick ; and looking before me — there, thank God ! was the blue spire of Monkstown church, soaring up into the free sky, — a river in front rolling away to the sea, — liberty, sunshine, all sorts of glad life and motion, round about : and I couldn't but thank Heaven for it, and the Being whose service is freedom, and who has given us affections that we may use them — not smother and kill them ; and a noble world to live in, that we may admire it and Him who made...
Page 377 - The man that lays his hand upon a woman, Save in the way of kindness, is a wretch Whom 'twere gross flattery to name a coward.— I'll talk to you, lady, but not beat you.
Page 632 - THE WHITE SQUALL On deck, beneath the awning, I dozing lay and yawning ; It was the gray of dawning, Ere yet the sun arose ; And above the funnel's roaring, And the fitful wind's deploring, I heard the cabin snoring With universal nose. I could hear the passengers snorting I envied their disporting — Vainly I was courting The pleasure of a doze...
Page 605 - ... over with daggers and pistols, sat leaning forward on his little stool, rocking about, and grinning quite as eagerly as the black minstrel. As he sang and we listened, figures of women bearing pitchers went passing over the Roman bridge, which we saw between the large trunks of the planes ; or...
Page 216 - C'est l'enseigne d'un cabaret Fameux dans la province. Les jours de fête, bien souvent, La foule s'écrie en buvant Devant : Oh! oh! oh! oh! ah! ah! ah! ah! Quel bon petit roi c'était là ! La, la.

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