The Hellenics of Walter Savage Landor

E. Moxon, 1847 - 279 pages
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Page 60 - thee, ready to convey Thy weary steps where other rivers flow. Refreshing shades will waft thy weariness Away, and voices like thy own come near And nearer, and solicit an embrace." Artemidora sigh'd, and would have prest The hand now pressing her's, but was too weak. Iris stood over her dark hair unseen While thus
Page 93 - spark may light, a straw consume, The daughter's not her heart's whole fount hath quencht, 'Tis worthy of the Gods, and lives for ever. Iphigeneia. What spake my father to the Gods above ? Unworthy am I then to join in prayer ? If, on the last, or any day
Page 39 - Must have been tough, with little sap between ; It ought to run ; but it and I are old." Rhaicos, although each morsel of the bread Increast by chewing, and the meat grew cold And tasteless to his palate, took a draught
Page 88 - Around thy race. Altho' even in this fane the fitful blast Thou may'st hear roar, Thy name among our highest rocks shall last For evermore. Orestes. A calm comes over me : life brings it not With any of its tides : my end is near. 0 Priestess of the purifying
Page 3 - thyself This question ere the sail first flapt the mast." / " Already thou hast taken life from me ; Put up thy sword," said the sad youth, his eyes Sparkling ; but whether love or rage or grief They sparkled with, the Gods alone could see. Peirseeus they

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