Justice Is Dead

AuthorHouse, 27 janv. 2011 - 500 pages

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À propos de l'auteur (2011)

Jozef Demcak B. A.Graduated at University of Czechoslovakia with Academic Title Mgr.- Magister.Witnessed first hand suffering of innocent citizens Communist system brought to Czechoslovakia, when his mom and dad were robbed of their small bakery.It wasn't hard to recognize cruelty of communist system, when it was OK to rob by Government Officials and visiting the church could be used against you.In 1968, when Soviets invaded his homeland, Jozef escaped to Canada and became High school teacher. After more than 20 years it looked that it was safe to visit mom and dad.It was too late for Jozef to find out that Slovaks are building democracy by old corrupted communist creeps.Jozef was kidnapped by police car, kept for ransom in government jail, was tortured.Piles of documents were fabricated, number of signatures forged, children abused, families destroyed, just to cover up illegal acts of corrupted Slovak police and other bastards in Slovak justice system to get finances from Jozef.Jozef is probably most qualifying person in the world to understand what is going on in all communist and post communist jails, because he was in one of them.He understands how brains of abusers work, because he studied psychology and Marks-Lenin dogma. He had also grown up with some of the abusers. Most importantly he survived torture on his own skin.All this knowledge and experience is wasted by Canadian Government as they do not want to hear about it.If they did, somebody could ask the question:- Why didn't they try to stop abuse when it was taking place and why they are defending abusers now.Jozef has written this story for only one reason. He believes strongly that everybody should do something becauseTORTURE and ABUSE MUST STOP.

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