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In the following Translation, the simple character of the Æschylean Dialogues has generally enabled me to render them without any material deviation from the construction and idioms of the original Greek. But in the Choruses, where the sense is often more obscure, the transitions more rapid, and the repetitions more frequent, -repetitions, it should be remembered, which the musical accompaniment reconciled to the ears of an Athenian audience-I have been compelled to allow myself a greater latitude; satisfied if I could express the general scope and bearing of a passage, which the rules of our lyrical metres made it impossible for me to translate word for word.

The Greek Text adopted in this Edition is based upon that of Wellauer, which may be said, in general terms, to represent that of the best Manuscripts. But in correcting the Text, and in the Notes, I have freely taken advantage of the suggestions of Hermann, Paley, Linwood, and the other Commentators who have preceded me. A list of the deviations from Wellauer's Edition, will be found preceding the Greek Text.

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