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lines, or indeed whole paragraphs, are jumbled—not in the well-known style of cross-readings—but without any connexion or meaning; and, having been previously seen, read, and corrected by the Reader and Overseer, the chances are, that it all goes to press in

its confused condition.

An instance occurred the other day, where seventeen

sensible paragraphs were mixed up in the following

manner :

His Majesty arrived in town yesterday from Brighton, elegantly dressed in a salmon-coloured pelisse with ostrich feathers. He refused to pay any of his assessed taxes overdue. He was instantly conveyed to the Station-house, where, we understand, he has signified his intention of wintering, having lost the entire use of his mental faculties, and been severely.“ victimized.” Mr, Macready made his first appearance this season, and offered bail to any amount. He was dressed in a shabby old brown coat, which had been picked up the day before, by her most gracious Majesty, for the benefit of the exiled Poles. Captain Ross rose to return thanks. He begged to assure the company present, that a Courier arrived late last night from



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