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8 But unto the Son he 2 Forunto us was the goffaith, Thy throne, O God, pel preached, as well as unto is for ever and ever : a scep- them: but the word preachtre of righteousness is the ed did not profit them, not sceptre of thy kingdom. being mixed with faith in

9 Thou hast loved righ- them that heard it. teousness, and hated iniquity: 3 For we, which have betherefore God, even thy God, lieved, do enter into reft, as hath anointed thee with the he said, As I have sworn in oil of gladness above thy my wrath, if they shall enter fellows.

into my reft: although the 10 And, Thou, Lord, in works were finilhed from the the beginning haft laid the foundation of the world. foundation of the earth: and 4 For he' spake in a certhe heavens are the works of tain place of the seventh day thine hands.

on this wise, And God did 11 They shall perish : but rest the seventh day from all thou remaineft: and they all his works. shall wax old as doth a gar

5 And in this place again, ment ; 014 a

If they fhall enter into my 12 And as a vesture Inalt rest. thou fold them up, and they 6 Seeing therefore it rèn shall be changed: but thou maineth that some must enart the fame, and thy years ter therein, and they to whom Ihall not fail.

it was first preached entered 13 But to which of the not in because of unbelief : : angels said he at any time, 7 (Again, he limiteth a Sit on my right hand until I certain day, saying in David, make thine enemies thy foot- To-day, after so long a time; ftool?

as it is faid, To-day if ye will 14 Are they not all mi-hear his voice, harden not nistering spirits, fent forth to your hearts. minister for them who shall 8 For if Jesus had given be heirs of salvation ? them rest, then would he not

afterward have spoken ofanoCHAP. IV.

ther day. ET us therefore fear 9 There remaineth there

left a promise being fore a rest to the people of left us of entering into his God, rest, any of you should seem 10 For he that is entered to come short of it,

into his rest, he also hath ceaf



.ed from his own works, as | trine of Christ, let us go on God did from his.)

unto perfection; not laying II Let us labour therefore again the foundation of reto enter into that reft, lest a- pentance, 'from dead works ny man fall after the same ex- and of faith toward God, ample of unbelief.

2 Of the doctrine of bap12 For the word of God tisms, and of laying on of is quick, and powerful, and hands, and of resurrection of sharper than any two-edged the dead, and of eternal {word, piercing even to the judgement. dividing alunder of soul and 3 And this will we do, if fpirit, and of the joints and God permit. marrow; and is a difcerner

4 For it is impoflible for of the thoughts and intents, those who were once enlightof the heart.

ened, and have tasted of 13 Neither is there any the heavenly gift, and were creature that is not manifest made partakers of the Holy in his fight: but all things Ghost, are naked and opened unto 5. And have 'tasted the the eyes of him with whom good word of God, and the we have to do.

powers of the world to come, 14 Seeing then that we 6 If they shall fall away, to have a great high priest, that renew them again unto repen, is passed into the heavens, Je- tance ; seeing they cruc:fy to sus the Son of God, let us themselves the Son of God hold fast our profession. afresh, and put him to an

15 For! we have not an open shame. high priest, which cannot be 7 For the earth which touched with the feeling of drinketh in the rain that our infirmities; but was in cometh foft upon it, and all points tempted like as we bringeth forth herbs meet are, yet without fin.

for them by whom it is dres16 Let us therefore come fed, receiveth blefing from boldly unto the throne of God. grace, that we may obtain 8 But that which beareth mercy, and find grace to thorns and briers is rejected, help in time of need. and is nigh unto curfing; CHAP. VI.

whose end is to be burned.

9 But, beloved, we are Herefore leaving the persuaded better things of



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12 That

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pany salvation, though we might have a ftrong confolathus speak.

tion, who have fled for refuge 10 For God is not un- to lay hold upon the hope fet righteous, to forget your before us: work and labour of love, 19 Which hope we have which ye have shewed toward as an anchor of the foul, both his name, in that ye have sure and stedfast, and which ministered to the faints, and entereth into that within the do minister.

vail ; II And we desire that 20 Whither the forerunevery one of you do fhew the ner is for us entered, even fame diligence, to the full af- Jesus, made an high priest surance of hope unto the for ever, after the order of end:

Melchifidec. ye

be not slothful, but followers of them,

CH AP. XI. who through faith and pa

O W faith is the subtience inherit the promises.

ftance of things hoped 13 For when God made for, the evidence of things promise to Abraham, because not seen. he could swear by no greater,

2 For by it the elders obhe sware by himself,

tained a good report. 14 Saying, Surely blessing 3 Through faith we un. I will bless thee, and multi-derstand that the worlds were plying I will multiply thee. framed by the word of God,

15 And so, after he had so that things which are seen patiently endured, he obtain- were not made of things ed the promise.

which do appear. 16 For men verily swear 4 By faith Abel offered by the greater: and an oath unto God a more excellent for confirmation is to them facrifice than Cain, by which an end of all strife.

he obtained witness that he 17 Wherein God, willing was righteous, God testifying more abundantly to fhew un- of his gifts : and by it he to the heirs of promise the being dead, yet speaketh. immutability of his counsel, 5 By faith Enoch was confirmed it by an oath : translated, that he should not

18 That by two immuta- see death ; and was not ble things, in which it was found, because God had transimpossible for God to lie, we lated him : for before his


translation he had this testi- promised. mony, that he pleased God. 12 Therefore sprang there

6 But without faith it is even of one, and him as good impoffible to please him. For as dead, so many as the stars he that cometh to God muft of the sky in multitude, and believe that he is, and that as the sand which is by the he is a rewarder of them that sea shore innumerable. diligently seek him.


These all died in faith, 7 By faith Noah, being not having received the prowarned of God of things mises, but having seen them not seen as yet, moved with afar off, and were persuaded fear, prepared an ark to the of them, and embraced them, saving of his house; by the and confessed that they were which he condemned the strangers and pilgrims on world, and became heir of the earth. the righteousness which is by 14. For they that say such faith.

things declare plainly that 8 By faith Abraham, when they seek a country. he was called to go out into 15 And truly, if they had a place which he Thould after been mindful of that country receive for an inheritance, from whence they came out, obeyed; and he went out, they might have had oppornot knowing whither' he tunity to have returned. went.

16 But now they desire a 9 By faith he fojourned in better country, that is, an the land of promise as in a heavenly. Wherefore God strange country, dwelling in is not ashamed to be called tabernacles with Ifaac and their God, for he hath preJacob, the heirs with him of pared for them a city, the same promise :

17 By faith Abraham, 10 For he looked for a when he was tried, offered city which hath foundations, up Isaac: and he that had whose builder and maker is received the promises offered God.

up his only-begotten son. 11 Through faith also Sara 18 Of whom it was said, herself received strength to That in Ifaac shall thy seed conceive feed, and was deli- be called : vered of a child when she 19 Accounting that God was past age, because she was able to raise him judged him faithful who had from the dead; from whence also he received him in a 28 Through faith he kept figure.


up even

the passover and the sprinkling 20 By faith Isaac blessed of blood, left he that destroyJacob and Efau concerning ed the first-born should touch things to come.

them. 21 By faith Jacob, when 29 By faith they passed he was a dying, blessed both through the Red-fea as by the fons of Joseph; and wor- dry land : which the Egyptishipped, leaning upon the top ans affaying to do were of his staff.

drowned. 22 By faith Joseph, when 30 By faith the walls of he died, made mention of the Jericho fell down, after they departing of the children of were compassed about seven Israel ; and gave command days. ment concerning his bones. 31 By faith the harlot Ra

23 By faith Mofes, when hab perished not with them he was born, was hid three that believed not, when she months of his parents, be- had received the spies with cause they saw he was a pro- peace. per child : and they were not 32 And what shall I more afraid of the king's com- fay? for the time would fail mandment.

me to tell of Gedeon, and of 24 By faith Mofes, when Barak, and of Samson, and he was come to years, refused of Jephthae ; of David also, to be called the son of Pha- and Samuel, and of the proraoh's daughter;

phets : 25 Choosing rather to suf- 33 Who through faith subfer affliction with the people dued kingdoms, wrought of God, than to enjoy the righteousness, obtained propleasures of sin for a season; mises, stopped the mouths of

26 Esteeming the reproach lions, of Christ greater riches than 34 Quenched the violence the treasures in Egypt: for of fire, escaped the edge of he had respect unto the re- the sword, out of weakness compence of the reward.

were made strong, waxed 27 By faith he forfook valiant in fight, turned to Egypt, not fearing the wrath fight the armies of the aliens. of the king : for he endured 35 Women received their as feeing him who is invi- dead raised to life again: and fible.

others were tortured, not ac8


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