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Thalia then he went about to seek,

And heard she might be met with, once a week

Or so, at Drury Lane or Covent Garden; But, 'neath her mask he found a grinning face, Distorted by the vulgarest grimace ;

So he pass'd on and begg'd the lady's pardon.

Next for Melpomene he turned to look

In Covent Garden, once her favourite nook; :

But there he found she scarcely ever came,

Having resigned her dagger and her bowl
Unto a noisy, ranting, raving soul,

With Madame Melodrama for her name.

In quest then of Terpsichore he went,

And at the Opera an evening spent,

In hopes the graceful maiden there to see ;Sad disappointment! in her place he found A painted, half-dressed lady twirling round,

With petticoats a foot above her knee.

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