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BELGIUM. TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, continued, viz.:—with

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Orange Free State.


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Brussels, 27th November, 1894. 544

Treaty. Establishment and

Brussels, 27th December, 1894. 549

Paraguay. Convention. Commerce and Navi-

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Sweden and Norway. Declaration. Modification

of Declaration of 1884.

Certificates of Tonnage.

Brussels, 18th May, 1894. 1126
British Protection,

BENIN AND JEKERI. Treaty with Great Britain.

Trade, &c.

Benin, 2nd August, 1894. 66

BENIN (PROTECTORATE). Arrêté (France). Introduction of Arms, &c.

Benin Protectorate.

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Porto Novo, 25th March, 1894. 1069

BOUNDARIES. Agreement. Great Britain and Congo. Spheres of In-


Brussels, 12th May, 1894. 19

Convention. France and Germany. French Congo and

Cameroon. Spheres. Lake Chad.

Berlin, 15th March, 1894. 974

Great Britain and United States.
of Term. Survey of Alaska Boundary.
Washington, 3rd February, 1894.


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Portugal and Spain. Demarcation. Maritime
Line. River Guadiana.

Lisbon, 27th September, 1893. 1301
Protocol. Great Britain and Italy. Spheres of Influence.

East Africa.
Rome, 5th May, 1894.

BRAZIL. Message of Vice-President. Opening of Congress.


Rio de Janeiro, 7th May, 1894. 357

BRITISH CENTRAL AFRICA. Agreement between British Government and

South Africa Company. British Central

.24th November, 1894.



Regulations. Customs Duties and Licences.
Zomba, 1st February, 1894.

BRITISH SOUTH AFRICA COMPANY. Agreement with British Government.

British Central Africa.

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BURMAH. Convention. Great Britain and China. Junction of Chinese
and Burmese Telegraph Lines.

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CAMEROON. Convention. France and Germany. Delimitation. French

Congo and Cameroon.

CANADA. Act. French Treaty..

Berlin, 15th March, 1894. 974
23rd July, 1894. 128

Proclamation (United States). Assistance to Wrecked Vessels.
Washington, 17th July, 1893. 1325

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. Accession. Postal Union Convention, 1891.

1st January, 1895. 134

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CHAD, LAKE. Convention. France and Germany. Delimitation. Spheres

of Influence. Region of Lake Chad.

Berlin, 15th March, 1894. 974

CHILE. Agreement with Argentine Republic. Extradition.

Santiago, 15th March, 1894. 1109

Notification. Accession of Chile to Postal Arrangements of
Vienna, 1891...............Berne, 21st August, 1894. 301
(British). Presentation. Claims against Chile.


London, 24th September, 1894. 133


CHILE. Notification (British). Claims against Chile.

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Act of Congress (United States). Chinese Immigration.

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Circular (British). Neutrality. War. China and Japan.


London, 7th August, 1894. 147
Decree of Emperor. War against Japan.. 1st August, 1894.
Proclamation (British). Neutrality. War. China and Japan.
Osborne, 7th August, 1894.
War against China.

(Japan). Declaration.


1st August, 1894. 303

Regulations (British). British Concession. Chinkiang, 1872.
Amended in 1894.

TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :-with

Great Britain.

United States.

See also Accession.
CLAIMS. Convention.

Convention. Junction of Chinese
and Burmese Telegraph Lines.
Tien-tsin, 6th September, 1894.
Convention. Emigration.



Washington, 17th March, 1894. 521

United States and Equator. Arbitration. Santos

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Santiago, 14th November, 1894. 172

Rules of Procedure. Anglo-Chilean Claims Arbitration Tri-


Santiago, 16th November, 1894. 173

COLLISIONS. Act of Congress (United States). Amendment. Act of 1890.

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COLONIES. Act of Parliament (British).
in Colonies. §§ 89, 90.
SS 735, 736....


28th May, 1894. 1316
Merchant Shipping.

25th August, 1894. 797

Bogotá, 28th April, 1894. 572
Merchant Shipping. Registry
Powers of Colonial Legislature.

25th August, 1894 665, 918

Great Britain and Japan. Accession of Colonies to
Commercial Treaty.

London, 16th July, 1894. 51

CONGO. Arrété. Organization of Central Government.

Brussels, 10th October, 1894. 989

Decree. Organization. Government of Congo State.

Brussels, 1st September, 1894. 989

Regulations. Personnel of Congo State.

Report. Measures taken for Execution of Brussels Slave Trade



Great Britain.


Brussels, 10th October, 1894. 1005

..Brussels, 24th December, 1894. 1053
POWERS, viz. :—with

Agreement and Notes. Spheres of
Influence. East and Central

Brussels, 12th May, 1894. 19, 21
Declaration. Withdrawal of Ar-
ticle III of Agreement of 12th
May, 1894.

Brussels, 22nd June, 1894. 23

[blocks in formation]

Servia. Proclamation. Repeal. Constitution, 1888.

Revival. Constitution, 1869.

CONVENTION. Egypt and Société de la Raffinerie d'Égypte. Octroi

Belgrade, 9th May, 1894. 987

Duties. Sugar.
Cairo, 9th June, 1887. 1155




Duties. Sugar.

Alexandria, 13th July, 1893. 1165

Greek Government and Messrs. Hambro, of London.
National Bank of Greece and Bank of Constantinople.
Greek Loan of 1893...... Athens, 9th June, 1893. 1249
See also TREATIES.



COPYRIGHT. Order in Council (British).

Convention with Austria-

Hungary, 1893.

Windsor, 30th April, 1894.

Proclamation (United States). Copyright. Denmark.


Washington, 8th May, 1893. 1324

Copyright. Portugal.
Washington, 20th July, 1893. 1327


CORRESPONDENCE. Germany and United States.

CRETE. Notice.

Countervailing Duties

on Bounty-fed Sugar...........July-December, 1894. 1177

Germany and United States. Affairs in Samoa.

May, June, 1894 1229

Great Britain and Russia. Seal Fishery in North

Pacific Ocean.

1892-1894. 184

Great Britain and United States. Affairs in Samoa.

Coast Fishery.

May, June, 1894. 1222
Canea, 4th March, 1894. 183
Customs Union.

Convention. Great Britain and Germany.

Gold Coast Colony, East of Volta, and Togoland.

[blocks in formation]

Notification (France). Customs Regulations. Tamatave.

Tamatave, 13th December, 1894. 178

Regulations (British Central Africa). Customs Duties and


Zomba, 1st February, 1894. 149

(Italy). Customs. Colony of Erythrea.

CUSTOMS TARIFFS (PUBLICATION). Notification (Belgium). Accession.

December 1893. 1116

China. Union of 1890.

CYPRUS. Law. Enrolment of Advocates........

31st May, 1894. 177
29th May, 1894. 385


DAHOMEY. Procès-Verbal (France). Recognition of King of Allada,
Sovereign of Southern Portion of Dahomey.

Allada, 4th February, 1894. 304

DEBT. Decree (Guatemala). Arrangement. Public Debt.

[blocks in formation]

DECREE. (China.) Declaration. War against Japan.

1st August, 1894. 301

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