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too much overlooked, that there can be no true and Let us therefore at once yield ourselves in
joyful service without love as its great underlying obedient supplication unto Him who invites us, and
principle; and with but scant knowledge of its wait patiently for that power against remaining sin
object, how can love flow spontaneously forth? If which God has promised we shall find in the Man,
this be true in the relations between man and man, Christ Jesus ; nay, more, what that loving Saviour
how much more true of that service which the Man in tender ity has made Himself responsible
creature yields to the Creator? Mark this well, for; and when the knowledge of Him in us, the
therefore, that anything which mars love must Destroyer of Satan, comes (as it surely will), then
equally spoil service, converting its gladness into a must the glad strain burst forth spontaneously, “Oh
dry task, and making the heart that performs it sad come, let us sing unto the Lord ; let us heartily
in proportion. Yet the Lord's call is “Oh, be joy- rejoice in the strength of our salvation.”
ful ;” and St. Paul speaks of a power of rejoicing

N. H. D.
even when the heart is sorrowful (2 Cor. vi. 10).
A complex experience, indeed, (hidden unto all mere

Column for Testimony. human understanding); nevertheless, well comprehended by those who have the risen Christ within NEARLY two years ago the Lord led me, through them.

the instrumentality of some of His servants, into And how is this? Because such people, in their a rest of soul for which I had long been a seeker. daily battle with sin, know Him as its conqueror - Since then, my life-though I had been converted

— one, who, as He goes forth on their behalf to meet some five years previously, and been a worker Satan, can smile back comfort and hope to lighten for the Lord for most of that time—has been, in their depression; and oh what a change that smile a very real sense, a new one. It is about a few produces ! Under the influence of it, every gloomy of the difficulties I, in common with many more, I place is irradiated ; all mists depart; while a voice suspect, experienced after receiving this blessing, reassures their hearts with these words, “ Greater is that I want to say a few words. He that is in you, than he that is in the world" The first thing I learnt after receiving Jesus as (1 John iv. 4). Satan being the Prince of this my King was that there was very much to surworld, and his power crushed indeed when every render to Him yet. I imagined that all yielding up sinful suggestion, while yet in the bud, is hindered came before, and that I had given all into His hands from taking either form or shape. Again, should before I entered into rest.

But I found there was change or decay, with relentless stroke, sever the more behind that I had never seen as yet. The Lord tenderest friendships, or scatter the happiest homes, was searching me, and I found it no good trying to have we not still Christ within us—the hope of search myself, for my eyesight was bad, and I could glory? Verily, yes. We that have Him are more not see the sin in myself until it was revealed by the than conquerors ; for has He not said, “I am the Lord Himself. Little by little I was shown what to resurrection ”? and what boundless possibilities of let go. Very little things, some of them; but there restoration are concealed beneath the bursting of was no peace as long as I attempted any controversy the bonds of death. Blessed, blessed Jesus, be with the Lord concerning them, however little they Thou with us now as the Finisher of our faith, even might seem. Employment of time, amusements, timo as Thou hast been the Author of it; and as that of rising in the morning, dress, expenditure of money, faith glories in the possession we have of Thee even management of household, recreation, each came, in this world, may it, in anticipation, take a still one by one, under the Master's scrutinizing eye; further flight to that glorious time when we shall and I was told clearly what was wrong, and what be like Thee, and, therefore, able to see Thee as was inexpedient. The Lord took possession of the Thou art ; and if here Thou dost enable us to look ground thus vacated, so to speak; and with the inup into Thy face with the confidence of happy crease of the government, came an increase of peace children, and in doing so to rejoice with an un- and rest. speakable joy (1 Peter i. 8), what may we not look I found also that there was much not only to forward to there, of bliss beyond our present under- learn, but also to unlearn, and that many pet theostanding !

ries I had held so tightly and thought of so much

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importance were not quite in accordance with God's He may wish you to be silent. Be in His hands. mind and will as I now saw it. A brother had Have we not realised that, when this has been the told me some time before, when talking to him on case with us, ostentimes the Lord has brought us the subject of fulness of blessing and power for with a straight course to His work, and someservice, that my ideas of service would change, times when we longed to speak for Him “the Spirit when I trusted Jesus fully. This I found to be suffered us not? true, and slowly I found many of my own notions I found, too, that great watchfulness was required, of service beginning to change. The enemy of souls lest “the fine gold” should become dim, and the finding himself repulsed on one side, now trans- old habits and sins spring into power again; but formed himself into “an angel of light," and sorely the power of Jesus was always sufficient as I rested tried me.

Under the idea that I was under the in Him and submitted myself, again and again, to influence of the Holy Spirit I was led to do many His keeping. I learned to watch. Asa of old foolish things, and especially to speak to people walked before God with “a perfect heart," but yet about their souls in a very unwise way, and under maintained a careful watch against his enemies, and

sense of great bondage. This continued for a large standing army to resist them in case of some time, and I was often led by mere impulse to attack (2 Chron. xiv. 6-8). So we must be watching, do things which I deemed God required me to do, looking diligently “lest any root of bitterness spring and which I feared to omit doing, for fear of losing up, and thereby many be defiled.” We are not only His presence, or grieving the Holy Ghost. God weak vessels, constantly needing fresh supplies of graciously set me free from this species of bondage grace, but we need constant emptyings of self, who, by the words of Psalm xxv. I, “The meck will He in his various and subtle forms, is seeking to assert guide in judgment, and the meek will lie teach His his rights and regain his lost power. And so I way." I saw that I had been mistaking impulse for found it well, and find it so increasingly, not only the special direction of the Holy Spirit, and that I to endeavour, daily and hourly, to put off the old was being led into bondage, instead of into liberty. man with his deeds, but to have special times as “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty,” well for prayer, confession, and heart-searching and I rejoiced again that the yoke that the Lord had before God. Doubtless, we most of us feel this, given me was an easy one, and His burden light. but it is safe to be reminded of it. Walking closely with Him, and in step with Him, Before there could be any fresh revelation of it will never gall the shoulder. But walking with Jesus, I found there must be a fresh revealing of Him I saw that we are not meant to shirk service, self. “He maketh poor, and maketh rich. He or even difficult service, for Him, but first of all to bringeth low and lifteth up"; and I found there make sure that it is His yoke, and service for Him, must be first a making of us poor in our own estiand not merely something taken up to ease our mation before the riches could be poured in. Oh conscience, and then to realise that He is at our for newer views of ourselves, that there may be side to help us, and to be with us in the work. newer views of Jesus and His power, enabling us to Where this is the case there will be perfect liberty, walk in newness of life ! and, fully surrendered to Him, all our service will be I have written this in the hope that some, seeing found pleasant service. I believe that many, as I another one's mistakes, may avoid them, and did then, fall into bondage through not seeing that praying that some may trust themselves more unnot only does the Lord Jesus guide us, but that reservedly to that Saviour who “ saves always" those who are in His hands “He guides in judg- those who abide in Him. May He have all the ment," and that we need " a sound mind," and the glory.

D. leading of Providence, with His special direction. For instance, if you enter a room full of people, many of them worldly people, and you wish to witness for Christ in the best way, the only true way

is Faith lies not in bringing forth some great things remembering that you are in His hands, to keep look- by your own power, but in employing the power of ing to Him for guidance, and follow where He leads. God to work all your works in you and for you.He may wish you to speak to someone for Him, or Ralph Erskine, 1777 ; Works, vol. i., p. 80.

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you, to

She may

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that there is not a lonely heart somewhere, to which MY DEAR M --I am so glad to hear that the He means to send you as a messenger direct from thing that has been hindering your spiritual life has Himself, perhaps a great gap made by His own been put away at last. It is wonderful how foolish hand, of which as He made it, He said “There is we Christians are, and how long sometimes we will another child of mine, who has given herself fully go on making ourselves miserable for the sake of to me; she shall come here as my representative what we fancy we should be miserable without. and fill up the void ; " and so, while it seems to you Now you have surrendered it, and you "hope" God that “nothing is happening,” He is getting a career will keep you from going back to it. Of course He ready for you, and you ready for the career, and when will keep you, if you trust Him. He will do it for both are fully prepared He will take care to bring His own sake. It saves lim so much pain, to have them together. He went in the way

before His children really for His own, instead of always search you out a place to pitch your tents in. “ That grieving Him by their disloyalty; only He won't implies careful looking, not just taking the first force them. That would be for Him to assume a place that appeared pleasant, and saying, false position. He never meant to be a slave-driver, try this,” but searching out, discarding one here and but the Leader of a willing people,” who serve in another there, that you would have thought very freedom—from love, not compulsion.

nice indeed, because they were not just what He And then about work for God. It seems to me, wanted, and at last fixing upon the one, and the that conimitting a thing to God just means com- only one, which would exactly answer His purpose. mitting it to Him, and then taking whatever comes If you are His, He will take care to put you where as His doing in the matter. You asked Him, if He He can use you best; anyhow, it will be close by wanted you to speak to the housemaid, to send her Him. to you, that you might have an opportunity of speaking ; and He sent her. You believed that, UNION OF “ALL FOR JESUS" DISCIPLES. because you saw it. He did more than you asked, for He made her ready to listen, which was a great

July, 1882.

1. Text: The King's daughter is all.glorious within ” thing. Then you asked Him to give you the .

(Ps. xlv. 13). message for her; and He gave it. He must have

The most important place in the Jewish temple was that done, unless He dealt falsely with you ; for how “ within the veil." Here was the Ark of the Covenant, with could He send the girl to you, and then give you its Mercy-reat, and the overshadowing Cherubim; but, more nothing to say to her ? But you were unhappy, than all besides, the Shekinah, or visible symbol of the Divine because you thought you had “made a mess of it";

Presence. Special directions were given by God as to this

“most holy place"; amongst them, that it should bo purified as if He would let you do that, when you were

from all defilement of sin by the blood of atonement. How doing His will—was that fuith? Was is not rather supremely important it was that God's mind as to His temple disappointment, because He did not let you walk should be rightly apprehended, especially that it should be by sight? If He told you “ to say it," the results “all glorious within.” Of what avail altars, sacrifices, and are His business.

priests outside, if the Shekinah be not between the Cherubim I don't think you need be the least troubled about from external observances, if any defiling thing desecrated the

“ within the veil” ? And what blessing could be expected your

future. F. R. H. gives a quotation somewhere Holy Place ? No, it was to be “ all glorious”; its arrangeto this effect that, “even when other people do ments in exact accordance with the Divine instructions ; the some things contrary to the will of God, which atoning blood cleansing it from every stain of sin ; and, above affects me, yet by the time it reaches me, it is God's all, the Presence there. will fire me.” So, whether E—'s thoughts agree the Holy Ghost.* Alas! sin utterly defiled it, so that it

God tells us in His Word that the believer is a temple of with God's or not, yet as the decision has been made

became “altogether abominable" in God's sight. That which for


have no choice in the matter, hav- should be—as the place " within the veil” in the Jewish ing committed it to God, you are safe in taking this temple- God's abode +-is described as " deceitful above all decision as God's choice for you, and therefore the things and desperately wicked,” all its thoughts and imagina. very best. He has something better in store for tions being “only evil continually.” The beart thus losing you than what you had hoped might be, as you

its primal “glory,” became a stronghold of sin, and was will see when His "purposes ripen.” Who knows

1 Cor. ix. 19.

+ Ps. lxxs. 1.

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you, and

filled with “enmity against God” in all invincible strength.

Thou merciful Redeemer, Ob, what a mighty change must be wrought ere the sinner

My spirit cries to Thee,

O give to me the blessing become "all glorious within”! Nothing less than a "new

Of inward purity. creation will give effect to God's mind as to His temple. “ Ye must be born again,' are the express words of the Lord

My weakness I acknowledge, Jesus. And God's gracious promise is : "A new heart will I give

My failures I deplore ; you; and I will take away the stony heart.” And He adds :

But, since Thy grace abouddeth,

O bid me “ sin no more." “From all your filthiness will I cleanse you.” As it was with

My spirit faints with yearning the place“ within the veil,” so must it be with us : the Blood of

And sighs, “O Lord, how long ?". atonement which “ cleanseth from all sin" must be sprinkled ;

Change Thou that cry of anguish

Into the victor's song. and then God, dwelling in His temple, will manifest Himself in power and grace and love. “Be filled * with the Spirit,”

I know that Thou hast promised is His injunction to all true believers, and the words of the

To form my beart anew; Apostle are for them, “The very God of peace sanctify you

I know that Thou art "able"

To “keep" and to “subdue," wholly ; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body

Dear Saviour, I am longing be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus

To take the offered place; Cbrist.” Oh, surely, the teaching of the Word of God is

Dear Saviour, I am claiming most clear and definite on this subject. The believer, accord.

The fulness of Thy grace. ing to God's mind, is to be "all glorious withip.” The ex

Because Thy blood availeth pression must not be explained away or weakened. It is

To cleanse from every sin, God's. It definitely sets forth His will. It is in harmony

I come to Thee to make me with the rest of His Word. It can be accomplished.

" All glorious within."

O keep me at the fountain, Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it,” is

Yea, in its sacred flow; the assuring word of the Apostle. And, doing it, ob, the

The ever-cleansing fountain, grand result! The mind will, surely, be filled with holy

That washes white as snow. thoughts, the heart with boly affections, the lips with hoʻy

O make my heart a kingdom, words, and the life with holy worship and service.

Where Thou shalt reign alone; Christians frequently deplore their frequent failures and

“ Self" on the cross extended, repeated falls, their scanty realisation of blessing and very

And Jesus on the throne ! limited success in God's service. Must it not ever be thus

O make my heart Thy dwelling,

Of Deity the shrine ; when God's mind is not accepted as to the character and

“ Thine is the power,” Lord Jesus, extent of the sanctification “ within”? David, scourged by

The glory shall be Thine. the remorseful consciousness of dreadful sin in his life, laid

LUCY A. BENNETT. his axe to the root of the matter when he said, “ Create in me a clean heart, O God.” Ob, for a simple, childlike spirit, to receive the mind of God on this subject. Ob, for the

3. INTERCESSIONS (Daily): response, too, of willing acquiescence and eager desire :

For“Be it unto me, even as Thou wilt," Should we not, (a) The Union. That God may be pleased to use it for then, prove that Christ died to "redeem us from all ini- His glory. quity;" and that it is possible to be " delivered from all (b) The Members. That each one my be enabled to live the p)wer of the enemy,” to "put off the old man, with All for Jesus faithfully and fully. his deeds,” and to “lay asidethe sin that “doth so (c) All Christians. That God may fulfil in them all the pasily beset" us, to "walk even as He walked,” and to be good pleasure of His goodness and the work of faith with

bely in all manner of conversation'? The life and experi. power. ence intensely longed for by God's people everywhere, may (d) Purochial Missions held this day, that many souls surpass the limit to which the hand of the human teacher

may be saved. may lead us; but, oh for the hand of God !

(e) Meetings held this day for the promotion of Holiness One day, just before a mission commenced, a young Chris- amongst God's people. tian, who had heard of the “Rest of Faith,” came to the

REQUESTS : mission preacher with ibe earnest longing words on her lips : I want this blessing." She bad but to receive it, for Pray forthe Lord had it awaiting her acceptance. Is not this a fur

“My Bible Class for Women, just commenced; that the ther possibility to be made “all glorious within? And will members may be All for Jesus." not the readers of this Notice, recognising an intimation of

“Me, that I may b3 completely delivered from a besetting the mind of God, and trusting His willingness and power to sin.” "do it" according to His word; cry “ Lord, I want this

“Much blessing on a Navvy Mission about to be held at blessing ?"

F., near H

“The conversion of my two pupils." 2.-FULL CONSECRATION:

“ Further blessing in my Bible Class." (Song of Sol. iv. 7.)

“ Conversion work in my Bible Class.” O give to me this blessing,

• Blessing on a visit to C—, to be paid (D.V.) by the So sweet beyond compare ;

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writer of this notice early in July.O let me hear Thy whisperMy love, thou art all fair!"

“Grace be with you all. Amen." * Tanpůvde, “mado full."

St. Paul's, Newport, Mon.

J. T. W.


Bible Study

Passover one male lamb was to be the burnt-offering;
now at the Pentecost seven lambs, a bullock, and

two rams were to be offered. To receive the gift of THE FIRST-FRUITS OF THE PENTECOST. pardon is one act. The work of the Holy Ghost, in (LEV. XXII. 15-21.)

restoring God's image to us, is a life-long course. The From the “ Sabbath of deep rest”—for that is work of Christ was manifold—the provision comthe meaning of the word used for the “high-day" plete and far-reaching. So the one and the many which intervened between the Crucifixion and the offerings were to be presented. Perfect was the Kesurrection of our Lord, fifty days were to be burnt-offering, and it ascended to God as a savour counted, before the second of the Great Festivals of rest-satisfying to God and soul-satisfying to all was to be kept, and a new Meat-offering was to be that believe. presented. The Green Ears had been offered, and 4. But a Sin-offering was presented also. How during the interval the corn had ripened. The complete is God's estimate of our condition--how beginning of that vast harvest, the result of the fully unfolded to us in all its aspects. No sin-offercorn of wheat which had fallen to the ground and ing at the Passover, but one at the Pentecost. In died, but which was to bring forth much fruit all the life-giving processes of renewal we are re(John xii. 24), was now to be seen.

minded of the cost at which we have been redeemed. Let us notice some of the peculiar directions 5. A Peace-offering was also provided. This was given respecting this new Meat-offering, and their the offering of which the priest, the offerer, and God lessons :

Himself all partook. Here we see the altar and 1. It was not a Sheaf, but flour ground from the the table brought into close contact (Lev. vii). There ripe corn. The Sheaf stood alone, in its freshness, was food for the altar-which was God's part—for its beauty, its brightness and its glory! Now the flour the priest, and also for the offerer. The Father was to be extracted, and the chaff scattered. This meets the offerer in Christ, and peace and satisfacis our first emblem and picture of the Church of tion and joy are all fulfilled. Blessed provision ! the First-born. The sufferings of the throes of that Let us not forget it in all our service and in all our New Birth by which we are introduced into the longings after the mind of Christ. family of God, is indicated by the pounding of the

6. It was then waved before the Lord-in token ears of corn, and the separation of the flour from of the wide-spread provision and of its acceptance. It the chaff. As we know from the record in Acts ii., was thus constituted holy unto the Lord. the Spirit of Life and Fire descended like a rusbing,

7. But one final thing must be briefly noted. It mighty wind, and the first utterance of the convicted was the joyful gathering-in of the harvest. Then men was,

“Men and brethren, what shall we do?" the heart, melted by the goodness of the Lord, was (Acts ii. 37). This heart-searching was followed by to flow out in loving unselfish recognition for the a mighty resurrection of three thousand souls on that poor and the stranger. The harvest was not to be memorable day.

selfishly appropriated, but a share of the costly and 2. However, the fine flour, though separated from much-valued blessing was to be communicated to the chaff, was to be taken with leaven. Unlike the others (Lev. xxiii. 22). "Freely ye have received, first-fruits of the Passover—which represented the Pentecost,—" The promise is unto you and to your

freely give” (Matt. x. 8.) So we see on the day of perfect One in all His fulness—the leaven, which is children, and to them that are afar off” (Acts ii. 39). always the emblem of evil, was to be mixed with it, Those who had received were full of joy, which indicating that the subtle influence of sin would still welled over in the fulness of their hearts towards be seen, even in those who were born again, purified of the blessing, let us witness to its power, and

all around them. And so it should ever be. Receivers by the blood, and indwelt by the Holy Spirit. testify to all with whom we come in contact, that Nothing can be more significant. Not the dominion the Resurrection life of which we have been made of sin, nor even its tolerance, but its presence would partakers--as a part of the first-fruits of the Pentestill be detected, even in the regenerated.

cost-is a great reality. “Holiness is the gold of 3. But the abundance of the Burnt-offering shows becometh Thine house, O Lord, for ever” (Ps.


“ Holiness how complete was the provision for the subjugation xciii. 5). of sin, as well as for its pardon. Whereas for the



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