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the Lord Jesus and asked Him to cast the devil out wounded Christ, and absorbed into Himself. Sweat of her daughter, He answered her, “It is not meet and thorn, and sorrow and death—all the curse has to take the children's bread and give it to dogs.” | been drawn up into Jesus Christ, and He hath You know what the children's bread means. She become a curse for us. What is the result? That asked this simple question, that He should cast the He hath restored us again into the presence of God, devil out of her daughter. The Lord said, “It is That is the meaning of the Ascension. Man is gone not meet to take the children's bread and give it to up to God again ; man is in the presence of God you, a dog." Why the children's bread is to cast again. “ I ascend to my Father and your Father, the devil out of the soul of man. Brethren, it is to my God and your God." God's intention that we should eat that bread. This is a blessed truth, that Christ hath delivered Every child of His by right divine hath this house- us from the curse, and now we are free, He hath hold bread. Oh, how Jesus must yearn that we not only restored unto us this wonderful position in should all eat this bread and suffer no more defeat ! | the presence of God, but He hath actually inShall we not believe the Lord Jesus ? Shall we not stalled us in His own position in the presence eat this bread and live ? Shall we not have the of God. He actually gives us His own place. power of the bread of heaven within us, and, em

There was no place for us in heaven; justly powered by His strength, shall we not go forward ? we had forfeited our place. The dear Lord Jesus

But, you ask, How is this strength to be obtained saith, as He goes forth to die, “Give them my of God? What is the process of it? In brief words place, Father !” And the Church of Christ has it seems to me this: God the Father is the source taken, by Divine leave, the place of Jesus Christ, of blessing and of power; God the Son is the and the Church is with Jesus, even on the very channel of this power; God the Holy Ghost is the throne of God. supplier of this power; the cross of Christ is the In the next place, God hath restored unto us our flood-gate of this power; and it is through the lost powers. We had lost four powers. The first window of the Holy Word of God that we see was this : power over sin. Christ hath restored us this wonderful vision of power. As the Lord Him this wondrous power. “Sin shall not have doself said, “Thou mayest be rich ;” “I counsel thee minion over you.” What do you think of that? to buy of Me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest Sin shall not reign over you. Thou shalt not be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be serve sin henceforth,” saith God. "By the abunclothed ; and eye salve that thou mayest see.” All dance of grace you shall reign in life.” I quote spiritual cataract shall be removed, all colour-blind-God's words, my brethren. Oh! let there be no ness shall be removed, and we shall be able to see, dispute over plain truths. Do not let anything even as God Himself desires us to see. No man can interfere with your blessed acceptance of the see God's face and live. Yea, Lord ; but see Thee simplest words of God. They are intended for us. we must, and die then we will. Shall we not see Christ hath broken the bondage and set us free. God to-night — see Him with the child's eye of What else? He hath given us a power over the faith ? I do believe that God wants more children law. The law of God was in all ages what at creaabout Him. He wants men and women of simple, tion we should have wished and intended; but sin child-like faith. He set a little child in the midst, hath broken the law. Now God hath restored us and taught the grown doctors. Often He teaches power over that law, “that the righteousness of the grown men and learned men by the simplicity of law should be fulfilled in us who walk not after the the faith of a new-born converted child.

flesh but after the Spirit.” Again, the Lord Jesus But you may ask not only what is the process of hath given us this third power: power over the this, but what is the fulness of blessing. I won't devil. “ Resist the devil, and he shall flee from dwell

upon this point, but I must utter a few words you." “He is your servant. I have conquered about it. The fulness of blessing seems to me to be him. He is a conquered foe. Resist him, and he this: First of all, freedom from the curse. God is shall flee from you." Your faith in this doth not not able to bless us until He removes the curse from destroy the power and truth of God's word. He us. Every part of the thunderbolt of the wrath of hath Himself shown us how to resist the devil. God has been gathered up by the hands of the | When the devil came to Him, He only said just a


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verse of Scripture, “It is written." When the promises of God are true. Oh, Jesus, Thou and I devil became more troublesome, He said, “It is have often exchanged promises, and Thy promises written.” And again, when the devil became con- have always been honoured and true and faithful fusing as well as troublesome, He said, “It is even to this hour ! written.” Three “it is writtens ” will defy and But there is yet something more; the fulness of resist and drive off even the devil himself.

blessing is not yet exhausted. Not only hath God There is one other thing: God has given us the done all this for us, but He has put on our side all power over-power over death. He by death hath the peace of God. God cannot break His peace delivered us from the power of death and from the with His children, because the peace is on our side, power of the king of death, even the devil. Oh! and the Son of God is our peace, and He cannot wondrous is this fulness of blessing.

break the peace with us.

And, moreover, He hath But there is something further. God has not also given us and put on our side all the power of only restored these four lost powers, but He hath God. “All power is given unto Me;" all authority, conferred upon us four of His own wondrous pro- and it is all given unto us. Not only so, but God perties. He has given us first of all His possession. has given us all His word to be on our side also. The Lord Jesus willed us into His own posses- He hath given the Lord Jesus, who is the Word, sions. “My peace I give unto you.” “My joy and He has given to us to have the divine Word "I

' shall remain in you.” “ The love that the Father on our side. He hath given us such wonderful gives Me, I give you." And there is one thing privileges. more of His possession-it was power. This is a Not only this; there is something more-He has remarkable fact about our blessed Lord Jesus, that given us all the purity of God to be on our side. by His death all the property which He had—and I think brethren often do not see what was fully He had a very wondrous property—belongs unto us meant when God the Holy Ghost came down. All

. who are His heirs. God willed it, so that at the the holiness of God is now dwelling in the Church death of His Son all should be ours. “ All things of Christ. Not the Father's pity only; not the are yours.” And this, also, is interesting. Our Son's power only; but the Holy Ghost's holiness Lord not only died, and by His death gave us all also belongs to the Church of Christ, and is by the His property, but He rose again and administers gift of God on the side of redeemed man. His own will. He has gone up to the Probate Now may I say how you may appropriate this? Court of the King, and He is seeing that His will is You know the book of the Ephesians is the book of administered on our behalf, so that His possessions the fulness of the blessing of Christ; it is the book are ours, and they cannot and shall not be alienated. of Joshua to the New Testament. You know there

He has given us not only possessions but He has are in this book of the Ephesians five "heavenly given us His promises. Cash the promises of God, places” mentioned. The first is this—the heavenly brethren. They are the cheques of God; cash them. place of blessing. Blessed be the God and Father If you are in distress, cash a promise. Promises are of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with the power of God done up into portable packets; all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ every packet, or every promise, contains as much Jesus." Here, then, is this wonderful storehouse of seed as will sow any undertaking on the barrenest blessing. Why, you might have known that God spot under heaven. Spend freely the wonderful meant to bless you if you had only read your Bible. promises of God. Your Father has plenty more. When He began the creation, and was going forTo make sure that we should have His promises, God ward with it, He blessed everything He did. He gave us the Promiser, and so the promise is the blessed all the creation He had made. He blessed Promiser, and I have got the Promiser Himself. He the human creature and even the day and the time can draw me out a cheque at any moment just as I into which He put the creature, man. But

you say, want it, and supply all my need. On there are such “By sin we have lost the blessing.” I am not so sure promises to the consecrated believer. Plunder Him of that. You remember that when God came down and you please Him; bind Him with His own pro- to Eden He cursed the serpent, and cursed the ground, mises, and He is more free to bless you. I know, but He did not curse man. Man was the offender, brethren, after long years of experience, that the but He did not curse him. Where was the weight

of the hand ? It was on “the Lamb slain from the we appropriate it? Why this verse tells us :foundation of the world.” Already Christ was there “Blessed be the God and Father,-it is appropriated bearing the curse for man.

by praise. Just turn round, and bless God your Trace in a few words the blessing of the Lord. Father, for having blessed you with all spiritual The Lord blessed Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and blessings in heavenly places. Have you done it? all the patriarchs. Nay; He did much more. He Blessed Father, I bless Thee, and the brethren here instituted an order of blessing. He said : “On this bless Thee to-night for the gift of Thy love in Jesus wise shall ye bless the children of Israel”—so full | Christ our Lord. It is in Jesus that all the blessing of blessing is the heart of God. All through the is stored up. He is the reservoir outside the city Old Testament we read so much of the wonderful up in the hills of God, amidst the free breezes of blessing of God. You remember that the last word heaven. There is the reservoir of living water, of the Old Testament is “ Lest I come and smite untainted, unpolluted, my Lord Jesus up there on the earth with a curse;" but when the Lord Jesus the throne. As this wondrous water of life must came, and was revealed, heaven opens with “Glory rise up as high as its source, let the praise rise and to God in the highest.” And when our Lord began return to the God who gives us this source of His ministry we find Him saying, “Blessed are they praise. that mourn." “Blessed are the pure in heart," &c. The next heavenly place is the heavenly place of He blesses great classes; He cannot stay to bless power. How is that to be appropriated? Dy faith. individuals—He is so full of blessing. Oh ! friends, “The exceeding greatness of his power to usward this is my Lord Jesus, and I love Him for it. who believe." You say you do not see much of the “ • Blessed,"

;" He said, and He says it to night, “are power of God. I know why--you do not believe they that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for it. Oh! brethren, believe the power. Put your they shall be filled.” I believe that, Lord Jesus, foot upon the power. Adam was put into Eden to from my very soul. All through His life He keep and dress it, but he lost it. How did Noah blessed the children, and He went on blessing men, secure his property in the new world ? He built an until at last, as He was going away to heaven, His altar upon it; that is the best thing you can do. hands were lifted

up in blessing, and He went away Present yourselves body and soul to the Lord. How in His unfinished work of blessing. Then you re- did Abraham secure his property ?

" Arise and member, when He rose from the grave, the Lord walk through the length and breadth of the land.” invented a new blessing, so full was He-a resur- Make it your own, as Abraham did. How did rection beatitude, “ Blessed are they that have not Joshua secure his property—the covenant land? seen, and yet have believed.” He knew we should“ Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread be here at Mildmay, and so He gave us a blessing upon, that have I given thee,” saith the Lord. for to-night. Oh! it is a lasting blessing.

Tread down fearlessly on the promised land with Follow it still on. There was one blessing of the foot of faith ; with the tread of faith keep the God floating down the stream of time, unanchored promised land as your own. This power of God and ungarnered; yet we read of it in the midst must be used. Attach yourself to the power of of the Acts of the Apostles. Suddenly the hand God: link yourself on with it. There is tremendous of inspiration draws it in, and it is secure :—“It force in the power of God. Go forward in the force is more blessed to give than to receive." It is the of the Holy Ghost. Use it for the glory of Jesus. principle of the Acts of the Apostles. It is upon Jesus is raised from the dead. He was worn out this noble principle that they did their glorious and exhausted before His blood was shed, but three acts, by the power of Christ. So if you follow days after He was raised whole, with only the scars of it on you get blessing upon blessing in the reve- victory upon Him. And the power that He hath lation of the Lord Jesus. He keeps on saying, can do wondrous things for us. “According to the “Blessed is He that overcometh.” “To him that working of the power which God wrought in Christ overcometh will I give," and so on. Oh! brethren, when He raised Him from the dead." do you not believe in the blessing-the fulness of The third heavenly place is the place of our blessing?

sitting with the Lord Jesus upon the throne of His Where is this fulness of blessing, and how shall power. Ah, we want this rest of faith, which

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of you.

claims all that Jesus is to us. Will

you rest in this be empty? By the full surrender of everything wondrous loving Lord Jesus, brother ? Oh for the into the hands of Jesus. Are you afraid to surcalm of God! When God rested, that was the first render all into the hands of Jesus? Oh! the dear Sunday--the Sabbath; and when Christ rested Lord is such a Father; He will not take advantage after His great work, that was the new Sunday,

Surrender fully, freely. What is the the Sabbath of His resurrection power and His surrender? It is just leaning over into the bosom ascension mercy.

of Jesus a little too far until you have lost your Lut now I touch for one moment on something balance and you are irrecoverably His.

Lean over more. There is this appropriation of the wondrous now, and thus be surrendered unto your Lord. fulness of God, as referred to in the third chapter “ It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the of the Ephesians, where the Apostle says, “To living God”; but it is a blessed thing to fall into me who am the least of the apostles is this grace the hands of the dying God, and it is a more given, that I should preach the unsearchable riches glorious thing still to fall into the hands of the of Christ.” To communicate, to manifest, this is risen interceding Lord. Then you shall be emptied the way to keep. What you give you keep ; what also by defeat of self. I am sure of this, that the you keep you lose. Do you know this? You say trials and the discipline God is putting you through you are not fit to preach for the Lord Jesus ; you are just the very thing to keep you fastened to the are not fit to speak for Him. Why it is the least cross. It is the hammer of His providence that of the Apostles who is fit. He is the only one drives in the nails of trial to fasten you to the cross chosen to communicate those unsearchable riches of Jesus, and all this discipline is but God Himself of Christ—to preach the fellowship of the mystery helping you to put self to death. Will you give to the Gentiles. Not the mystery of the division- Him leave to do it? Let us go this step furthernot exclusion. My brethren, in the name of the there must be death. In every believer's house Lord, let not one redeemed brother shut out another there is one dead. It is self. A dead self and redeemed brother from the redeemed land. Oh, a living Christ—this is the believer's household. let us preach the fellowship of the mystery, and the Oh! there must be death. You must “ bear mystery of the fellowship ; let us preach oneness in about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus.” the Lord Jesus of Jew and Gentile, and everyone You must not be ashamed of it. When you are who speaketh in the power of Christ.

put down and put back, and humiliated, say : Then, in the last chapter of Ephesians, we have This is the dying of the Lord Jesus from the the last heavenly place—it is the heavenly place of hands of my Father and Lord. You must always be victory. We read that we are called upon to put delivered unto death for the sake of Jesus. Reon the whole armour of God, to withstand the member that this is the first word almost that God principalities and powers in the heavenly places, spake : “In the day that thou eatest thou shalt and to stand. My brethren, can you stand ? This surely die." But it is true in a new sense. In the is appropriation-standing. Oh! stand your ground. day that you eat of the tree of life you begin to die, Christ has put you in the forefront of the battle. immediately death has set in. You must mortify He hath given you His own place of victory. Stand your members which are upon the earth. there, and, holding up the shield of faith, quench Shall we be thus emptied by the Lord and preall the fiery darts of the wicked one. Yes, stand, served empty by the Lord? How may we be kept and then you shall have the victory; and as you emptied ? May I say it ?—oh, it is a wonderful truth stand armed, what must you do? Oh! kneel down – by substitution. You are not fit to bear away and pray with all prayer and supplication for all your own sin, remember. You are not fit to die for saints. The armed warrior must kneel and pray yourself, remember. You must have the Substitute. before he goes out to fight. In spite of the armour, You are not to live for yourself, remember. and in the power of the Holy Ghost, he shall I that live, but Christ that liveth in me." You are succeed.

not fit to think or will for yourself; “it is God that How then shall we appropriate this ? Fulness, willeth.” “It is God that worketh in you to will as has been well put before us this morning, can and to do." You are not fit to pray for yourself; only be appropriated by emptiness. How may we it is the Spirit that makes prayer within you. God

“ Not




substitutes Himself for everything you can possibly Calvary–His life goes on across the resurrection do, and thus effectually dislodges self; and so even shore. Oh ! live His life then, and go about raising this night it is true, “it is not ye that speak, it is the the dead with Jesus. He gives you blessed work in Spirit of my Father that speaketh in you.” Oh ! that raising the dead; you must take away the stone, we might thus be preserved empty!

and He will speak the word of power. Then you There is a river of life rolling at your feet, must loose him and let him go. There is plenty of brethren. The deep waters of the Holy Ghost are work for you to do in raising the dead. Then give here before you deepening, deepening, up to the the raised ones bread to eat; bring in the blind; very throne of God. Will you not then baptise and fetch in the lost, and go out over the hills to in these wondrous waters of the Spirit? Oh! that find them. we may bow ourselves and bathe ourselves in the The Saviour saith, “ Church and Bride, believer wondrous water of life to-night, that you and I and friend, come work with Me." We then as might be hidden out of sight-not the feet merely workers together with God beseech you that you washed, not the knees merely bathed, but the whole receive not the grace of God in vain. This very being baptised in the living water until we are night God answer us for Jesus' sake ! lost in the wondrous living power of the Lord “Praise God, from whom all blessings flow." Jesus. Let yourself go. Let go the shore. Faith lets

go the shore, because it sees the Unseen. Love lets go

self for she loves another and she cries not for herself. Let go self and take the Lord. Launch forth on the great deep of God. Give yourself away to God.

My brethren, through the grace of our Lord, who Once a Persian king proposed that there should is amongst us, working and blessing, I trust you will be designs sent in to him for a temple to the sun. not be hindered by my language in receiving the Many wondrous designs were produced, describing message which the Lord has laid on my heart. I in picture and form, and figure and representation, the trust that you will help me, so that I may not be sun within the building; but one design was this- hindered by this difficulty in seeking to bring before something like a Crystal Palace which admitted the you clearly and simply this quickening, life-giving light of the sun itself. Oh ! should we not be like message. such a temple of the sun ? Will you not open doors The subject of the day is “How to Communicate and windows to the Lord Jesus? Let the golden the fulness of the Blessing.” In the presence of summer morn of the presence of my Lord pass right such perverted notions about truth as we always through your being, my brother. Let the sweet have in our hearts, let us remember that the subjects voices of His holy word float in upon you. Let of this day and of yesterday are only two sides of the perfume of His blessed promises be throughout one and the same truth. The way to receive blessthe whole house. Give all to Jesus. “Ask ye of ing is to be fruitful; to be brought by the power of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain.” Yes, God out of our fallen state into such a position of you must pray for it, although it is the right time heart as that the Holy Ghost may be able, through for it. The Lord shall give showers of blessing. us, to bring forth fruit. And the fulness of blessing Do not be terrified if the heavens become dark is to be in such a state as to bring forth, ugh with the rains of God's great mercy and love. the Holy Ghost, the fulness of fruit for which we " And to each man grass in the field.” Do not be have been created and planted by God. content until the moral verdure is wondrously fresh To have sound ideas and notions on this question, within you from the hands of God, in your soul let us go back to Father Abraham. So far as we and life.

are children of God through Jesus Christ, we are Then share with Jesus His life-work ; go out and children of Father Abraham. Jesus Christ is of spend and be spent for Jesus ; live Christ's life for the seed of Abraham. In Gen. xii. 2 you will see Him ; do not live it for yourselves ; do not let there what God understands when He speaks of blessing. be confusion with the two lives. Have done with Abraham was the great and blessed one—"I will your own life and live His. Your life stopped on make of thee a great nation and in thee

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