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his clergy. And in contemptuously abjuring the Christian Religion, they disregarded Him, who was the ancient desire of women. They denied the Father, and the Son; denied the Lord, who bought them; denied the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

"Revolutionary France, in the phrenzy of democratic enthusiasm, established atheism and anarchy by law. They hold out the right hand of fellowship to the insurgents of every nation. They commenced a tremendous massacre of their enslaved citizens. They proclaimed the Son of God an imposter, and his Gospel a forgery. They swore to exterminate Christianity and royalty from the face of the earth, as they had done from their own dominions. And they madly unsheathed the sword against every regularly established government." During the French revolution a comedian, dressed as a priest of the Illuminati, publicly appeared, and personally attacking the Almighty, said, No, thou dost not exist! If thou hast power over the thunderbolts, grasp them, aim them at the man, who dares set thee at defience in the face of thine altars. But no! I blaspheme thee; and I still live. No, thou dost

not exist.

Yet they, in their estate, or after they viewed their revolution established, honored their god of forces, their Mozim; whether we translate it fancied gods, or military munitions. With respect to the former, the French converted the magnificent temple of St. Genevieve at Paris, into a Pagan pantheon.* To this they conveyed, in solemn procession, the bones of the arch-infidel Voltaire, and of Rousseau. The bones of the former they placed upon a high altar, and offered incense to them; while the multitude bowed down in silent adoration.

A female, dressed in fantastic hue as a goddess, to personate Human Reason, was borne upon a carriage on men's shoulders, and escorted by the national guards, and all the constituted authorities. She was

The pantheon was a temple in ancient Rome, dedicated, as its name imports, to all the gods.

placed upon a high altar, and worshipped with various religous ceremonies. She was then conveyed to the principal church, where these idolatrous services were repeated. A priest was then brought in, who abjured the Christian faith, and avowed the whole of Christianity to be an imposture. The scene closed with the burning of their religious books, and their various apparatus for public worship; multitudes dancing round the flames in savage mirth. And an account of this whole scene was published in their national Bulletin; an official paper distributed at the expense of govern


The images of reason and liberty were placed in a temple, Festivals were instituted to the virtues, such as reason and labor. Thus they adopted and honored. the gods of their fancy.

And the French have honored military munitions; should any prefer this rendering of the term Mozim. Their unprecedented improvements in the arts of war, afford them a most distinguishing feature in this particular.

A train of other enormities are related in authentic histories and memoirs of the French revolutiou, too numerous to be cited in this dissertation. "It appears, (says a writer on this subject†) that there have been two millions of persons murdered in France, since it called

*See Residence in France, N. Y. edition, p. 270.

Kett, vol. ii, p. 252. See also Faber, vol. ii, p. 43, 46 where it is ascertained, that the clergy were commanded, by the revolutionary government in France, to quit the realm in fourteen days. And then, instead of giving them liberty even to do this, this whole period was employed, by the Jacobins, in their most wanton destruction:-That a Jacobin miscreant caused an oath to be taken by all the members of the National Assembly, that as a Committee of insurrection (as they were pleased to style themselves) against all the kings of the universe, they would use every exertion to purge the earth of royalty. And the purpose was deliberately contemplated, of privately destroying by pistol, sword, or poison, all the sovereigns of the earth. Nothing but fear of reprisals prevented their proceeding to attempt to carry them into the most effectual execution. And many other enormities are there noted.

itself a republic; among whom were 250 thousand woman; 230 thousand children, beside those murdered in the womb; and 24 thousand priests, many of whom were Protestants." Marat, that great professed friend of the people, scrupled not to assert, that in order to cement liberty, the national club ought to strike off 200,000 heads. "As for the privilege of extending mercy to the condemned, it was contemptuously disclaimed; and all applications for pardon were rejected with the declaration, that the enlightened government of Republican France possessed no such power. By one vast and cruel act of confiscation, it is supposed more than 800,000,000, of dollars were seized by the hands of the public. It was esteemed indeed a sufficient crime to be suspected of being a suspicious person."+ The pupils of their new republican school appearing at the bar, and declaring that all religious worship had been suppressed in their section; and that they detested God; and horrible to relate! their establishing a tan-yard, under the auspices of government, to manufacture into leather the skins of their murdered fellow-citizens; their drowning, under guards of soldiers, their new-born infants, born of women kept by the officers in Gen. Jourdan's army, as related by Count Sodin, who was present; and numerous other enormities, which exclusively characterize the annals of modern France;-these are things well known. And they strikingly corroborate the evidence exhibited, that we behold in that nation the rise of the Antichrist of the last time.

The succeeding predictions (Dan. xi, 38,) the French nation have precisely fulfilled. They soon fell under a military despotism; and have become a great and terrible empire. The people who magnified themselves above God, and all legitimate authorities, received their foreign god, their emperor, from an origin, which their fathers knew not; and have honored him with gold, and silver, and precious stones, and pleasant things; or with Imperial magnificence. A Corsican youth was admit.

+ Faber, vol. ii, p. 205;

ted to an under office in a company of artillery, in the republican French army. His activity at the siege of Toulon, in 1793, excited the attention of the national agents; and he was advanced. His subsequent rise was rapid. Within a few years the French received him, and honored him, as their First Consul. And his subsequent magnificence, his victories, and his distributions of the nominal crowns of his conquered nations to his kindred and favorites, appear fully to accord with the forecited passage, Dan. xi, 38, 39. And a god, whom his fathers knew not, shall he honor with gold and silver and precious stones and pleasant things. Thus shall he do in the most strong holds, with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory And he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land (earth) for gain. In the whole of the passage aforecited from this chapter, relative to the Infidel Power, we find a train of particulars, which have been fulfilled in their order in France; but which, I believe, have never been fulfilled in this order in any other nation; and there now appears no probability that they can ever be fulfilled in any other nation.

Have we then any reason to doubt of the correctness of applying the passage to the French nation? And es pecially considering the origin of their revolution, which will by and by be noted. When this is considered, we shall find also that in the French, as far as they have proceeded, we behold an inceptive fulfilment of the prophecy in Rev. xii, concerning the devil's coming down to the earth in great wrath; and of the prophecy in Rev. xvii, concerning the Beast, that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit, and is bearing the Papal harlot to her execution. The gross Infidel system, instigated by the great dragon, in the former of these passages, has most strikingly appeared in France; and appears to be fulfilling in what has been called the Christian world. And the features of the Beast in Rev. xvii, are conspicuously prominent in that nation, so far as they have proceeded. Examine the prophetic picture. Then look at the French nation. And you will be constrain

ed to say, the picture there has its original; the prediction, its accomplishment. The seventh head of the old Roman Beast, continuing a short space, has been verified in the Terrible Republic The succeeding head, numerically the eighth, but yet of the seven; being the sixth healed from its deadly wound, is now presented before our eyes. This new Beast from the bottomless pit, of scarlet color, covered with the deeds of blasphemy, forming to himself his ten horns, bearing the Papal harlot to her execution, with the world wondering after him, has appeared upon the stage, mani? fested with dreadful precision. And the events of Rev. xviii, are fulfilled, or fulfilling. Some of the most important parts of the dominion of Papal Babylon have indeed been exhibited to the world, as the habitations of devils; the hold of every foul spirit; and the cage of every unclean and hateful bird. The rod of iron, for the work of judgment there implied, is presented before the nations. Papal Babylon is fallen; and the judgments of God on Papal nations are in the most conspicuous train of fulfilment.

The above ideas will be corroborated, when we come to ascertain the real origin of the late unprecedented commotions in Europe. This origin stands clearly exposed in the writings of Dr. John Robison, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh, in a volume published in 1797, entitled, "Proofs of a Conspiracy, &c." And in the volumes of the Abbe Barruel, a French Catholic, who wrote Memoirs on the French revolution. In both these works, although the plans of the authors are very different, and the writers were of different kingdoms, and different religious educations, and unacquainted with the object of each other; yet the same points are clearly ascertained. They give the same original letters, mottos, and watch words; and in short, disclose the same systematic plot, laid to introduce anarchy and Atheism, under the notion of enlightening mankind.

As much of the evidence concerning the fatal scheme of Illuminism, was first given in this country by these

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