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Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death:

O my good Angel, stand by me in this hour.

O all ye blessed Angels and Saints of God, assist me by your prayers.

I renounce Satan and all his suggestions: O ye blessed spirits of God, drive this wicked enemy far from me.

(It may likewise be proper, from time to time, to repeat leisurely to the sick person, the Apostles Creed, and the Lord's Prayer: as also to set before him the image or picture of Christ crucified, and to present it to him to kiss.)

Before giving the last Benediction.


YOU have, dear Brother, (or dear Child) by the goodness of God, already received all the holy Sacraments, ordained to strengthen your Soul with the grace of God in your illness, and to arm you for your last conflict in your journey to eternity. However, that nothing may be wanting that can be serviceable to your

Soul, I will now impart to you, by virtue of the faculty I have received from the Holy See, the Apostolical Benediction of his Holiness, together with a plenary indulgence, for the full discharge of whatever debts of sin, or bands, may remain upon you, that might otherwise retard your entrance into heaven. Our Lord Jesus Christ promised to St. Peter the keys of the kingdom of heaven, Matth xvi. and that whatsoever he should bind on earth should be bound in hearen; and whatsoever he should loose on earth should be loosed in heaven. By this power derived from St. Peter to his Successors, and by them communicated to me, I will now proceed to loose and release your soul from all its bands. But then you must also endeavour to concur on your part, and by a hearty act of coatrition renounce and detest, both in effect and affection, all your sins, both known and unknown, mortal and venial and accept of with patience and resignation what you may have yet to suffer, offer up all your pains, and your death, in union with the sufferings and death of your

Redeemer, in satisfaction for your


Wherefore now raise your heart to heaven by a lively faith in your Saviour Jesus Christ who died for you; and with an entire confidence in his mercy and goodness: offer your whole soul to him, to love him for all eternity: beg his pardon from the bottom of your heart, for all your sins accept of the penance of death, as due to them: and trust in his divine mercy that he will now release you from all your sins, and that at the hour of your death, he will receive you into the mansions of eternal bliss. Amen.

Instructions and Exhortations in the Solemnization of Matrimony.

BEFORE the contracting parties proceed to the solemnizing their marriage, the Priest shall instruct thém concerning this holy State, and the dispositions with which they ought to enter upon it, in the following man


Matrimony is a holy state, originally instituted by Almighty God,

between our first Parents, in the earthly paradise, (Gen. ii.) ratified and confirmed by the Son of God in the New Testament, (Matth. xix. 4, 5, 6.) honoured by his first miracle (John ii.) and raised by him to the diguity of a Sacrament; as a most holy sign and mysterious representation of the indissoluble union of Christ and his Church: to which he has been pleased to annex in favour of the worthy receivers a sanctifying grace, in order to enable them to love one another according to God, to restrain the violence of carnal concupiscence: to bear with each other's weaknesses: mutually to help each other: to walk as it were hand in hand in the way to heaven and to bring up their children, if they should be blessed with any, in the fear and love of God.

Seeing therefore this state is so very holy, and instituted for such great and holy ends, and moreover has so great a grace annexed to it, (when the Sacrament of Matrimony is worthily received) as to put the married couple into the way of being happy both in this world and the

next: we earnestly exhort you to enter upon this holy state, and receive this great Sacrament, with such dispositions, as may effectually secure to your souls so heavenly a grace. Your first care therefore should be to come to this Sacra, ment with a conscience purified by repentance from all wilful sin: les otherwise you incur the guilt of a sacrilegious profanation of this divine institution: and instead of a blessing, receive here your condem· nation, with evident danger of entailing upon yourselves a long train of miseries in this life, and eternal miseries in the next. Your inten tion ought also to be pure; that is, you ought to embrace this holy state with a view to promote the glory of God and the salvation of your souls: and to answer the holy ends for which God ordained it: lest, if you should in such manner receive Matrimony as to shut out God from your selves and from your mind, you should, as the Scripture says, (Job vi. 16, 17.) fall under the power of the Devil.

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