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to his own house, and when waters. he required, they set bread 28 Now therefore gather before him, and he did 'eat. the rest of the people toge

21 Then said his servants ther, and encamp againit the unto him, What thing is city, and take it : left I take this that thou hast done ? the city, and it be called after thou didit fast and weep for

my namné. the child while it was alive, 29 And David gathered but when the child was dead, all the people together, and thou didit rise and eat bread. went to Rabbah, and fought

22 And he faid; While against it, and took it. the child wasî yet alive, I 30 And he took their fafted and wept: for I laid, king's crown from off his Who can tell whether God head (the weight whereof will be gracious to me, that was a talent of gold, with the child may live? the precious stones) and it

23 But now he is dead, was set on David's head : wherefore should I faft? can and he brought forth the I bring him back again? I spoil of the city in great shall go to him, but he shall abundance. not return to me.

31 And he brought forth 24 And David com- the people that were therein, forted Bath-sheba his wife, and put them under faws, and went in unito her, and and under harrows of iron, lay with her : and the bare and under axes of iron, and a fon, and he called his name made them pass through the Solomon ;

and the Lord brick-kiln: and thus did he loved him.

unto all the cities of the 25 And he sent by the children of Ammon. So hand of Nathan the prophet; David and all the people reand he called his name Je- turned unto Jerufalem. didiah, because of the Lord. 26 And Joab fought

CHAP. XVIII. against Rabbah of the chil- ND David numbered dren of Ammon, and took the people that were the royal city.

with him, and fet captains 27 And Joab fent messen- of thousands, and captains of gers to David, and said, I hundreds over thein. have fought against Rabbah, 2 And David sent forth a and have taken the city of third part of the people under




the hand of Joab, and a third feryants of David, and there part under the hand of Abi- was there a great flaughter Thai the son of Zeruiah, that day of twenty thousand Joab's brother, and a third men. part under the hand of It- 8 For the battle was there tai the Gittite: and the king scattered over the face of all said unto the people, I will the country: and the wood surely go forth with you my devoured more people that self also.

day, than the sword de3 But the people answer-voured, ed, Thou shalt not go forth : : 9 And Absalom met for if we Alee away, they the servants of David; and will not care for us ; neither Abfalom rode upon a mule, if half of us die, will they and the mule went under the care for us : but now thou thick boughs of a great oak, art worth ten thousand of and his head caught hold of uş : therefore now it is bet. the oak, and he was taken ter that thou succour us out up between the heaven and of the city.

the earth, and the mule that 4. And the king said unto was under him went away. them, What feemeth you 10 And a certain man best, I will do. And the raw it, and told Joab, and king stood by the gate-fide, said, Behold, I saw Absalom and all the people came out hanged in an oak. by hundreds, and by thou- 11 And Joab said unto fands.

the man that told him, And 5 And the king command-behold, thou fawest him, and ed Joab, and Abilhai

, and It- why didst thou nof smite him tai, saying, Deal gently for there to the ground, and I my fake with the young man, would have given thee ten even with Abfalom. And Thekels of silver, and a girall the people heard when dle ? the king gave all the captains 12 And the faid

unto charge concerning Abfalom. Joab, Though I should re

69 So the people went ceive a thousand Mekels of out into the field against !f- filver in mine hand, yet rael: and the battle was in would I not put forth mine the wood of Ephraim; hand against the king's fon:

7 Where the people of for in our hearing the king Ifrael were flain before the charged thee, and Abilhai,



and Ittai, saying, Beware and it is called unto this day, that none touch the young Abfalom's place. man Absalom.

19 . Then said Ahmaazi 13 Otherwise I should the son of Zadok, Let me have wrought falfhood againft now run, and bear the king mine' own life: for there is tidings, how that the Lord no matter hid from the king, hath avenged him of his eneand thou thyself wouldest have mies. set thyself against me.

20 And Joab said unto 14 Then said Joab, I may him, Thou shalt not bear not tarry thus with thee. tidings this day, but thou And he took three darts in shalt bear tidings another his hand, and thrust them day : but this day thou shalt through the heart of Abfa- bear no tidings, because the lom, while he was yet alive king's fon is dead. in the midst of the oak. 21 Then faid Joab to

15 And ten young men Culi, Go tell the king what that bare Joab's armour, thou haft seen. And Cushi compassed about, and smote bowed himself unto Joab, Absalom, and few him.

and ran. 16 And Joab blew the 22 Then said Ahimaaz trumpet, and the people re- the son of Zadok yet again turned from pursuing after to Joab, But howsoever let Israel: for Joab held back me, I pray thee, also run the people.

after Cushi. And Joab said, 17 And they took Abla- Wherefore wilt thou run, lom, and cast him into a my son, seeing that thou hast great pit in the wood, and no tidings ready? laid a very great heap of 23 But howsoever (said stones upon him: and all he) let me run. And he Ifrael fied every one to his said unto him, Run. Then

Ahimaaz ran by the way 18 Now Abfalom in the plain, and over-ran Cuhis life-time had taken and thi. reared up for himfelf a pil- 24 And David fat belar, which is in the king's tween the two gates : and dale: for he said, I have no the watchman went up to son to keep my name in re- the roof over the gate unto membrance : and he called the wall, and lift up his the pillar after his own name, eyes and looked, and be




hald, a'man.running alone. 1 fafe? and Ahimaaz answered,

25 And the watchman When Joab fent the king's cried, and told the king. fervant, and me thy servant, And the king Said, If he be I saw a great tumult, but I. alone, there is tidings in his knew not what it was. mouth. And he came apace, 3. 302 And the king faid unt's and drew near

him, Turn afide, and itand 26 And the watchman here. And he turned aside, faw another man running, and stood still.a. £ and the watchman' called 31. And behold, Cushi unto the porters and faid, came, and Cushi faid, Tido Behold, another man running ings, my lord the king : for alone. And the king faid, the Lord hath avenged thee He also bringeth tidings. this day of all them that role

27 And the watchman' up against thee. faic, Methinketh the running 32 And the king faid of the foremoft is like the unto Cushi, Is the young running of Ahimaaz the son man Abfalom safe? and Cuof Zadok. And the king thi answered, The enemies of faid, He is a good man, and my lord the king, and all cometh with good tidings. that rise against thee to do 28 And Ahimaaz called, thee hurt, be as that

young and said unto the king, All man is. is well. And he fell down 33 And the king was to the earth upon his face much moved, and went up before the king, and said, to the chamber over the gate, Bleffed be the Lord thy God, and wept: and as he went, which hath delivered up the thus he faid, O my son Abmen that lift up their hand falom, my son, my son Abagainst my lord the king. falom : would God I had

29 And the king faid, died for thee, 0 Absalom, Is the young man Abfalom | my son, my son, From the Second Book of KINGS.

dead, and thou knowest that CHAP. IV.

thy servant did fear the Lord: OW there cried a and the creditor is come to

certain woman of the take unto him my two sons wives of the fons of the pro- to be bond-men. p'ets unto Elisha, faying, 2 And Elisha said unto Thy servant my husband is l her, What Thall I do for



a pot of oil. "*

thee? tell me, what hast thou


And the said unto her in the house? And she said, husband, Behold now, I perThine handmaid hath not ceive that this is an holy man any thing in the house, fave of God, which passeth by us

continually. 3 Then he said, Go, bor- 10 Let us make a little Tow thee vessels abroad of all chamber, I pray thee, on the thy neighbours, even empty wall, and let us set for 'him véffels; borrow not a few. there a bed, and a table, and

4. And when thou art | a stool, and a candlestick: come in, thou shalt shut the and it shall be when he door upon thee, and upon cometh to us, that he shall thy sons, and shalt pour out turn in thither. into all those vessels, and thou Il And it fell on a day, Thalt set aside that which is that he came thither, and he full,

turned into the chamber, and 5. So she went from him, lay there. and shut the door upon her, 12 And he said to Gehaand upon her fons; who zi his servant, Call this Shubrought the vessels 'to her, nammite. And when he had and she poured out. called her, she stood before

6 And it came to pass him. ¿ when the veffets were full, 13 And he faid unto him, that the said unto her son, Say now unto her, Behold, Bring me yet a vessel. And thou hast been careful for us he said unto her, There is not with all this care; what is to a vessel more. And the oil be done for thee? wouldest stayed.

thou be spoken for to the 7 Then the came and king, or to the captain of the told the man of God: and hoft? And she answered, I he said, Go, fell the oil, and dwell among mine own peopay thy debt, and live thou ple. and thy children of the rest. 14 And he said, What then

84 And it fell on a day, is to be done for her ? And that Elisha passed to Shu-Gehazi answered, Verily, the nem, where was

a great hath no child, and her hufwoman; and the constrained band is old. him to eat bread.

15 And he said, Call her. it was, that as oft as he passed And when he had called her, by, he turned in thither to the stood in the door. cat bread.

16 And he said, About

And so

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