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5 May


Gent. Cadet G. M. Eden, from R. Mil. Assist. Surg. S. Gilder from Coldst. Gds. with

Coll. Ens. by purch. 11 July Assist. Surg. F. Gilder, h. p. Gren. Gds. 91 Lieuit. Maclachlan, Capt. vice Arch.

Campbell, from 57 F. with Assist.
Campbell, dead,

Surg. Inglish, h. p. 93 F.
Ens. Ducat, Lt.

do. Vet. Surg. Cross, from 11 Dr. with Vet. Surg. Per-
Hosp. Assist. Robertson, Assist. Surg. civall, h. p. 25 Dr.
vice O'Donnell, dead

4 July Rifle Brig.J. Maister, 2d Lt. by purch. vice Wood, Resignations and Retirements. 7 F.

20 June Lieut.-Col. Roberts, 5 F. 1 Ceyl. R.H. H. White, 2d Lt. vice Page, res. Major Hamilton, 4 Dr. G.

11 July

Whiteford, 15 Gr.

Campbell, 11 F.

Captain Green, 1 Dr.
Bt. Maj. Falla, h. p. 18 F. Town Maj.

Robison, 7 F.
Gibraltar, vice Fraser, res.

4 July

2d Lieut. Page, 1 Ceylon Regt. Royal Artillerij.

Appointments Cancelled.
2d Capt. Louis, from h. p. 2d Capt. vice

Captain Chisholm, I R. Vet. Bat.
Conroy, h. p.
17 June

1st Lt. Kett, from h. p. Ist Lt. vice Ro-

General Coates, 2 F. Heslington, near York binson, h. p. 20 do.

July 22, 1822. 2d Capt. Grantham, from h. p. 2d Capt.

Major Gen. Aiskill, E. India Co. Service, Madras viee Pakenham, h. p. 1 July

Nov. 24, 1821.

Lieut.-Col. Cutcliffe, h. p. 23 Dr. Barnstaple, De-
Commissariat Department.

July 9, 1892.
Assist. Comm. Gen. Henderson, from
Major Molloy, 12 F. Madras

Feb. 5.
Irish Comm. Dep. Comm. Gen.

Wilson, late of R. Mar.

Mar. 13. 24 May 1821. Captain Binny, 11 Dr. Berhampore, Bengal

Nov. 26, 1821. Medical Department.

Fitzgerald, 87 F. Fort William, Bengal Assist. Surg. Wiley, from h. p. 1 Vet.

Dec. 10. Bn. Assist. Surg. to the Forces

Archibald Campbell, 91 F. Jamaica 4 July

May 4, 1899. Hosp. Assist. D. J. Stewart, Apothe

Crawley, R. Art. Clontaff, near Dublin cary, vice Taylor, dead 11 do.

July 10.

Green, h. p. 52 F. (Adj. Oxford Mil.)

do. 24. Lt. Col. Torrens, 38 F. Dep. Adj. Gen.

North, h. p. 71 F. Cove of Cork, Ireland

do. 3. E. Indies, vice Murray, res. 20 June

Champion, h. p. 8 W. I. R.
Maj. Stanhope, h, P. 36 F. Dep. Qua. Lieut.Pott, 13 Dr. Bangalore, Madras,Jan.31,1822.
Mast. Gen. E. Indies, with rank of

John Roe, (2d) 30 F. Madras, Dec. 30, 1821.
Lt. Col. vice Torrens

M'Carthy, 31 F. Dundalk, Ireland

June 5, 1822.

Joseph Mulkern, 65 F. Bombay Lt. Col. Sir C. W. Dance, from 2 Life Gds. with

Dec. 25, 1821. Major MacNeil, 84 F.

Charleton, R. Art. Newfoundland, Major Hon. E. Cust, from 55 F. with Bt. Lt. Col.

May 31, 1822. Rolt, h. p. Bt. Major Gardiner, from 1 Life Gds. rec. diff. be

Hopwood, h. p. R.'Wag. Train June 12.

Robertson, h. p. 59 F. Edinburgh tween full pay Life Gds. and full pay Inf. with

Dec. 26, 1821. Capt. Lord Bingham, h. p. 74 F.

Young, h. p. 86 F.

May 4, 1892. Hulme, from 1 F. with Capt. Ford, 7 F.

Ross, h. p. Nova Scotia, Fenc. Halifax, Abbey, from 72 F. with Capt. Brown- Nova Scotia

do. 2. low, 1 Ceylon Regt.

Francis, h. p. Indep. Co. Ireland, April 29. Capt. Turner, from 13 Dr. rec. diff. between full J. Cochran, Stirling Mil. at Stirling, June 28. pay troop and full

Crookes, h. p. 62 F. at Drogheda Thornton, h. p. 78 pay company, with Captain

Dec. 28, 1821. Calvert, from 72 F. with Capt. Hall, h. p. Ensign Bellingham, 6 F. Caffre-Drift, Cape of 52 F.

Good Hope

March 25, 1822. Lieut. Wood, from 7 F. with Lieut Bourke, h. p.

Riddel, 33 F. Jamaica

May 1. O'Kelly, from 11 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Whitney, h. p. 13 F. (late of 2d F.) BanCorfield, h. p. 22 F.

don, Ireland

do. 22. Jordan, from 13 F. with Licut. Havelock,

Haymes, h. p. 66 F. St Helena. 63 F.

Williams, h. p. 6 Ir. Br.

July 92. Steele, from 29 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Paymaster Godfrey, h. p. 10 F. Jan. 10, 1892. Browne, h. p. 28 F.

Quarter-Master White, h. p. 15 Dr. Wesley
Edwards, from 58 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

June 17. Seymour, h. p.

Embree, h.


Tarleton's Dr. Nova Roberts, from 66 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Scotia

Aug. 1, 1820. Kirwan, h. p. 7 F.

Dep. Assist. Com. Gen. Duke Barbadoes Ens. & Lt. L'Estrange, from 3 F. G. ree. diff. with

May 14, 1822. Ens. & Lt. Fairfield, h. p.

Surgeon Trumble, Forces, Honduras March, 19. Ensign Henerman, from 60 F. rec. diff. with 2d

Davidson, h. p. 30 F. Lieut. Creagh, h. p. Rific Brig.

Clarke, East Middlesex Mil. Dawson, from 61 F. with Ens. Mallet, h. p. Apothecary Taylor, on passage to West Indies on 91 F.

board the Buserus Scott, from 42 F. with Ens. M‘Donald, 47 The Editor regrets the insertion in last month's Foot.

list of the death of Lieut.-General Fuller, the inPaym. Haldane, from 33 F. with Capt. Heazle, formation respecting his decease having been found h. p. 3 W. I. R.

to be incorrect.

April 22.


of a son.

3. At Cargen, the Lady of William Stothert, July 1. At Edinburgh, Mrs Norman Lockhart, Esq. of a daughter.

4. At 16, Frederick Street, the Lady of Carlyle - At Howard Place, Mrs Lamont, of a daugh- Bell, Esq. W.S. of a daughter. ter.

5. At Edinburgh, Mrs Heriot of Ramornie, of a - At Stockton, the Lady Charlotte Macgregor

son. Murray, of a son.

- At Muirtown-house, Mrs Duff, of a son.

5. Mrs Douglas, Great King Street, of a daugh- 1. At Shrub Place, Leith Walk, Mr Andrew ter.

Snoly, Solicitor, Leith, to Helen, only daughter 7. At Scourie-beg, Sutherlandshire, Mrs Ralph of the late Captain John Lewins of Holy

Island. Reed, of a son.

3. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Cuthbertson, 8. The Lady of Thomas C. Hagart, Esq. of a merchant, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr Wildaughter.

liam Miln, tanner, Blackburn. Mrs Henry Sibbald, Northumberland Street, 4. By special license, at Montagu-house, Privy of a daughter.

Gardens, London, Lord Stopford, son of the Earl 9. At Linlathem, the Lady of Captain Paterson, of Courtown, to Lady Ann Montagu Scott, daugh. of a daughter.

ter of the late Duke of Buccleuch. - At Braham Castle, the Honourable Mrs 5. At Argyll Square, Edinburgh, Captain James Stewart Mackenzie of Seaforth, of a daughter. Fraser, hall-pay 98th regiment, to Christina, eld

10. At Lossit, the Lady of George Macneal of est daughter of Robert Gray, Esq. merchant. Ugadale, Esq. of a son and heir.

At Edinburgh, Mr John Clark, Chessels 11. Mrs Camegy of Craigo, of a daughter. Court, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr Lo

14. At Dunotter-house, the Right Honourable thian, Milne's Square. Lady Kennedy, of a son.

8. At St James's Square, Edinburgh, Mr Silves. - Mrs A. M. Anderson, No. 9, Nelson Street, ter Reid, W. S. accountant and depute clerk of of a son.

teinds, to Georgina, daughter of Mr Alexander 15. At the Manse of Kinglassie, Mrs Cunning. Kidd, writer in Edinburgh. ham, of a daughter.

- At Stafford Street, Mr Richard Rennie, mer17. Ac Dalzell, Mrs Hamilton, of a daughter. chant, Leithi, to Clementina, only daughter of the

19. At Coates Cresent, Mrs Abercromby of Birk- late Mr D. Robertson, perfumer. enbog, of a daughter.

- At No 1, Meadow Place, James Collins, Esq. - At Nairne Grove, the Lady of Colonel An- of the county of Cork, to Margaret, second daughderson, K.T.S. and C.B. of a daughter.

ter of the late Alexander Macdowal, Esq. of Park20. In Albany Street, Mrs W. Ferrier, of a son. hill.

22. In George Street, Mrs Adolphus Ross, of a 9. At London, Henry Lindesay Bethune, Esq. daughter.

of Kilconquhar, county of Fife, to Miss Coutts - At West Collington, Mrs W. Anderson, No. Trotter, eldest daughter of John Trotter, Esq. of 12, Brown's Square, was safely delivered of a Durham Park. daughter.

- At Streatham Church, Surry, Captain Ma24. At the Earl of Weymss's house, in Queen son, of the late 100th regiment, to Miss Gordon, Street, Lady Eleho, of a son.

daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Gordon. 25. In Wimpole Street, London, Lady Bridport, 10. Lieutenant H. Kymer, R. N. to Henrietta, of a son.

daughter of the late William Dallas, Esq. of King26. At Dunsinane, Mrs Nairne of Dunsinane, of ston, Jamaica. a daughter.

11. At Glasgow, Keith Macdonald, Esq. Hon. - Mrs Bell, No. 9, Queen Street, of a daughter. East India Company's service, to Miss Flora Mac

28. At Clelland-house, Lanarkhire, the Lady of alister, second daughter of the late Colonel NorFrederic Grant, Esq. of a son.

man Macalister of Cairnhill, and Governor of 29. At Monreith,

the Lady of Sir William Max- Prince of Wales Island. well of Monreith, Bart. of a son.

- At the Friends' Meeting-House, John Bellis, 30. Mrs Johnstone, No. 1, George Street, of a hosier, Edinburgh, to Sarah Johnston, daughter son.

of William Miller, Summerhall. - At Minto Street, Newington, Mrs Scott, of 16. At Leith, Mr Lewis Downie, merchant, to & son.

Isabella, daughter of John Sanders, Esq. Lately. At Stoneridge, Mrs Hood, of a daugh- - At Glammas, Mr Alexander, Professor of ter.

Greek in the University of St Andrews, to Esther, - At the Palace of Montbrilliant, near Hano- daughter of the late Patrick Proctor, Esq. of ver, her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cam. Glenholmray. bridge, of a Princess.

18. At Perth, Dr Colin Lauder, Physician, Ed

inburgh, to Miss Margaret Ross, daughter of the MARRIAGES.

late James Ross, Esq. Procurator-Fiscal of the November, 1821. At Hobart Town, Van Die

county of Perth. men's Land, Lieut. Thomson, belonging to the

22. At Edinburgh, Patrick Hutchison, Esq. staff of his Excellency the Governor-in-Chief, Sir

writer in Auchterarder, to Miss Mary Sophia Thomas Brisbane, tó Eliza, second daughter of

Stewart Richardson, Clyde Street. the late Thomas Reiby, Esq. merchant, Sydney,

At Edinburgh, James Hendry, Esq. mer. New South Wales.

chant, Glasgow, to Eliza, eldest daughter of George Feb. 14. At Calcutta, Sir R. D. Colquhoun of

Thoms, Esq. merchant, Edinburgh. Tilly Colquhoun, Bart. to Anna Maria, second

22. At Weedings Hall, Alexander Dallas, Esq. daughter of James Colvin, Esq. of Calcutta.

of North Newton, to Miss Russel Smith. June 21. At Mary-la-bonne new church, David

- At Lumbrane, by the Rev. Mr Wilson, CarPennant, Esq. of Downing, in the county of Flint,

dross, Mr Robert Mudie, merchant, Glasgow, to to the Lady Caroline Spencer Churchill, only

Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr M. Lindsay. daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough.

23. At Glassmount, Mr Alexander Spears, far98. At Chatham Head. Miramichi, province of

mer, Grange, to Mary, second daughter of the New Brunswick, North America, Alexander Fra

late Burnidge Purvis, Esq. of Glassmount, Fife

shire. ser, jun. Esq. merchant of that place, to Miss Ca. therine Fraser of Edinburgh, Scotland.

25. At Edinburgh, Charles Kinloch, Esq. of 26. At the house of Michael Oppenheim, Esq.

Gourdie, to Miss Agnes Mylne, daughter of the Mansel Street, London, Simeon Oppenheim, Esq.

late James Mylne, Esq. of Mylnefield. of Brixton, to Maria, fourth daughter of the late

27. At London, Lord Granville Somerset, seM. Levy, Esq. and niece to Lewis Cohen, Esq.

cond son of the Duke of Beaufort, to the Hon. formerly of Barbadoes.

Emilly Smith, youngest daughter of Lord Car27. At London, the Rev. Harvey James Sper.

rington. ling, A. M. son of H.P.Sperling, Esq.of Park Place,

29. At Edinburgh, John Colin Wilson, Esq. Berks, domestic chaplain to the Right Hon. the

Writer to the Signet, to Janet Ewart Peat, daughEarl of Rocksavage, and rector of Papworth, St

ter of Thomas Peat, Esą. Writer to the Signet. Agnes, to Ann, eldest daughter of the late John

30. At the house of Mirs Crawford, 2, George's Macnab of Newton, Esq. Perthshire.

Square, George Yule, Esq. merchant, Edinburgh, - At London, Lieutenant-Colonel Clements,

to Margaret, third daughter of Henry Swinton, M. P. for the county of Leitrim, to Catherine

Esq. Grangemouth. Francis Wentworth, second daughter of Godfrey

At No. 14, James's Square, Mr Archibald Wentworth, Esq. of Woolley Park, Yorkshire.

Aikman, merchant, to John Smith, daughter of July 1. At Kenly, Nicol Allan, Esq. of Hercu

the late Mr George Spankie, merchant, Edinles Insurance Company, Scotland, to Ann, daugh

burgh. ter of the late David Kay, Esq. Kenly. - At Muirfield-house, East Lothian, the Rev.

DEATHS. Weever Walter, M. A. of St John's College, Cam- Nov. 1821. At Alahabad, East Indies, last Nobridge, to Lillias, daughter of the late Spencer vember, Mr Boswell Cochrane Gillespie, son of Cochrane, formerly Lieutenant-Colonel in the the late D. Thomas Gillespie, physician in EdinHon. East India Company's Service.


18th year.


24. At St Thomas Mount, Madras, Major-Ge- 6. At Bath, John Grierson, Esq. of London. neral Francis Aiskell, of the Hon. East India Com- 7. At Kirkaldy, in his 19th year, Mr George pany's Service.

Malcolm, only son of the late Collector Malcolm. 28. At Madras, Donald Macandrew, Esq. sur- 8. At Stafford Street, Miss Margaret Macalpine, geon, 11th regiment, N. I. in consequence of a daughter of the late Captain Macalpine, at Amsevere attack of fever.

more. Dec. 1. At Trincomalee, Island of Ceylon, Tho- - At Howard Place, near Edinburgh, Mrs Hemas P. Lurchen, Esq. Colonial Master Attendant len Currie Lamont, spouse of James Lamont, Esq. at that place.

- At Port Glasgow, the Reverend John For Jan. 2. 1822. At Leakesville, America, Colonel

rest. James Campbell, agent for the State Bank, North - At Brompton, Jessie Philadelphia, eldest Carolina, son of the late Robert Campbell

, Esq. daughter of Sir Thomas Sydney Beckwith, in her of Middletoncarse, Clackmannanshire.

15. At Calcutta, Alexander Robertson, Esq. 9. At Torrence, near Lyons, John Forbes Mityoungest son of the late Andrew Robertson, Esq. chell, Esq. of Thainston, Aberdeenshire. of Foveran, and partner of the house of Davidson 10. Charlotte, wife of the Reverend Mr Lynn, and Robertson of Calcutta.

Vicar of Crosthwaite, Cumberland, daughter of 31. In India, Captain Beauchamp Mackintosh, of the late Lord Bishop of Carlisle.—Her death was the Madras Artillery, second son of the late Co- occasioned by drinking cold water when very hot. lonel Wm. Mackintosh, of Millbank.

- At Edinburgh, Mr Gavin Buego, houseMay. At St Andrews, New Brunswick, Mrs painter. John Mackenzie, a native of the parish of Golspy,

11. At Edinburgh, in the 20th year of his age, and sister to Lieut.-Colonel Wm. Monro, Hon. Mr John Johnstone, Esq. 30, Northumberland East India Company's Service, Madras.

Street. 1. At Kingston, Jamaica, Ensign John Riddell, - At Luffness Mill, James Yule Dudgeon, of the 33d regiment, second son of the late Mi- youngest son of Major Dudgeon, 58th regiment. chael Riddell, Esq.

12. At Sidmouth, Magdalen, wife of Henry 13. At Madeira, Miss Elizabeth Young, eldest Harvey, Esq. and daughter of Sir James Hall of daughter of Harry Young, Esq. of Madeira. Dunglass, Bart. 15. At Richmond, Virginia, John Wood, Esq.

- At Prestonpans, Captain Thomas Simpson, a native of Scotland.

R. N. 25. In Jamaica, George Gregory, Esq. from - At Strachur, Argyleshire, Archibald Weir, Edinburgh, merchant in Kingston.

grocer in Greenock. 19. Ai Edinburgh, Margaret, only daughter of 13. At his house, Broughton Street, John JefMr James Anderson, tailor, Edinburgh,

frey, Esq. late of Allerbeck. 25. Mr William Lawson, plasterer, Edinburgh.

- At Edinburgh, Mr Patrick Cunningham, June 26. At his house Grassinarket, William goldsmith, aged 37. Thomson, corn-merchant.

11. At Edinburgh, Alexander Fullarton, Esq. - At Brechin, Alexander, only son of Dr Guth- late land-surveyor of the customs at Perth. rie.

15. At Edinburgh, after a few days' illness, Mrs 29 At King Street, Leith, Eliza, daughter of the Margaret Sawers, wife of Mr John Hunter, mer late Mr Henry Band, merchant there.

chant, Edinburgh. - At Sea Bank, Rothsay, Miss Christian Brown 16. At Kindeace House, Charles Henry, infant Hamilton, daughter of the late William Hamilton, son of Charles Robertson, Esq. junior of KindEsq. of Craighlaw.

- At Portobello, of inflammation of the bowels, - At Lauriston Place, Mr John Drummond, Sir John Macgregor Murray, Bart. of Lanrick

linen manufacturer, Edinburgh. Castle, Perthshire. In the early part of his life, - At Fulwood Lodge, near Liverpool, in the Sir John had served in the army of India with 13d year of her age, Margaret, the wife of William considerable credit to himself ; and it is well Smith, Esq. and eldest daughter of the late Wilknown to every Highlander how zealously his lat.

liam Forsyth, Esq. ter days have been devoted to promoting the best

17. At Edinburgh, Mr William Phin, merchant. interests and maintaining the ancient character of - At Pontsfield-house, Cromarty, Jamima, his native country, for enthusiastic patriotism and youngest daughter of Mr D. Montgomerie. unaffected loyalty; and his loss will be deeply felt, - At Beil, Wm. Hamilton Nisbet, Esq. of Direlboth by the public and a numerous circle of friends,

ton and Belhaven. to whom he was most justly endeared. He is suc- 19. John Heugh, Esq. of Gartcowe. ceeded in his title and estates by his only son, 21. The Lady of the Right Honourable Lord Licutenant-Colonel, now Sir Evan John Macgre- Norbury, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, gor Murray, C.B.

Ireland, the Lady Baroness Norwood. 30. At Edinburgh, James Crosbie, Esq. late - At Bothkennar Manse, Miss Muat, of Lasmerchant in Dumfries.

swade Hill. - At Stirling, Jane, daughter of the late Fran- 22. At Allanton, near Dumfries, Mrs Whigham, cis Young, "Esq. Collector of Excise.

relict of Robert Whigham, Esq. of Hallidayhill. 30. At Park Place, Teddington, Susan, the wife

23. Miss Elizabeth Mercer, aged 73, daughter of of Col. Sir Robert Arbuthnot, K. C.B. Coldstream

the deceased James Mercer, Esq. late merchant in Guards,

Edinburgh. - At Leith, Moubray, 1th son of Richd. Scou- - At Kent-house, Augusta Carr, Countess of gall.

Glasgow. Her Ladyship was the daughter of 30. At Southfod, Alexander, second son of the

James Earl of Erroll. late John Stenhouse, Esq. younger of Southfod.

25. At Vauxhall, Lady Viscountess Falkland, - At Park Place, Teddington, Susan, the wife

widow of the late Lord Falkland, and mother of of Colonel Sir Robert Arbuthnot, K. C. B. Cold- the present Viscount. stream Guards.

- At Duke Street, Leith, Mr David Black, - At Belfast, Ann, Countess of Annesley.

eldest son of Mr James Black, inerchant there. July 1. At Eyemouth, Mrs Renton, widow of - At Edinburgh, Morris West, Esq. late SeMr James Renton, wine-merchant in Berwick. cretary to the Board of Customs in Scotland. - At his father's house, in Dalkeith, Mr David

26. At Dirleton, aged 15, Agnes, eldest daughMatheson, jun. candlemaker there.

ter of Mr James Henderson, schoolmaster of that 2. At Raeburn Place, James Davidson, Esq. parish., late surgeon 2d Battalion Royal Scots.

28. At the house of her aunt, Mrs Lockhart, 3. At Denbrae, Helen Dalmahoy, eldest daugh.. London, Miss Margaret M.Leod, third daughter ter of Alexander Forbes, Esq. of Westfield.

of Donald M.Leod, of Geanics, Esq. - At Auchmannoch, Mrs Burella Hunter, wife 23. At Lochlomond, Mr Charles Shaw Duthie, of Arthur Campbell, Esq. of Auchmannoch. second son of the deceased James Duthie, Esq. 4. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Saxby, wife of

31. At Coates Crescent, Archibald, only son of Mr Thomas Stephen, general agent.

David Cockburn, Esq. 5. At 18, Neilson street, Miss Margaret Ramsay.

Lately, At Vienna,

aged 60 years, Baron Puffen- At his house, No. 7, Leith Street, Mr John

dorf, the celebrated statesman. Morrison, perfumer.

At his house in the Jardin des Plantes, Paris, At his house in Pathhead, by Kirkaldy, after

the Abbe Ilanz, the celebrated mineralogist. a long illness, Mr John Anderson, manufacturer.

Printed by James Ballantyne and Company, Edinburgh.

[blocks in formation]

Tae people of Scotland, we well re- have been, in some measure, melanmember, for the feeling was univer- choly and mournful. He went to be sal, envied Ireland, when, a year ago, hold a people distinguished by the the King was hailed with such enthu- wild generosity, and even by the wild siastic acclamation to her shores. With grandeur of their character ;-but a that envy was mingled, perhaps, some people whose history had long been slight shade of an offended pride ; but one of violence and distraction, and there was nothing little or paltry in whose loyalty, fervent and true, and the whole feeling; on the contrary, it yet mingled in their hearts with many was generous and just, and such as be- bitter and rankling animosities. There came the spirit of a bold, free, and an- had been deadly hate, even for concient nation. It seemed to us, at first, science' sake, between thousands of as if our King had sailed away from those hearts which then felt suddenly us in forgetfulness or disparagement and strangely united in one passion of of our claims; and we thought within devoted attachment to their King. ourselves, why does he not come to his Wounds that had long been bleeding own palace at Holyrood, and shew were then for a while staunched, or himself on his throne there, in the they bled inwardly, while, in the reckRoyal Halls of his Ancestors ? But our lessness of loyal rapture, Erin clasped good sense, for which it is said we are to her green bosom the Monarch of as a nation remarkable, soon corrected the Isles. There was something disthis impression ; and we all felt that turbed in the physiognomy of the the time would come, and that soon, people, as there was, and long had when we should have occasion to envý been, and long will be, something disno nation on earth, and when King turbed in their souls. To many, their and people would see and be satisfied enthusiasm seemed exaggerated, outwith each other. That time has come rageous, and unnatural. But their -it is past—and the event, while it King knew better; and the fine has gloriously fulfilled all the hopes of feeling, which, by his whole demeanhis subjects, has not, we are proud to our day after day among them, he know, altogether disappointed the shewed that he possessed of their chaexpectations of our King.

racter and condition, proves that he His Majesty's gracious visit to Ire- understands wisely and well that huland was prompted by many fine and manity to which in all his glory he of noble feelings, but feelings that must necessity does himself belong, as VOL. XII.

2 I


much as the poorest Irish peasant who ebullition of momentary feeling. No came rushing in transport from his strong passion can ever utterly pass miserable cabin to meet the smile of away, except by the power of rehis monarch. The Irish grasped out of morse. But here there was nothing the King's hand the boon of oblivion to be ashamed of-nothing of which of all hatred and heart-burning; and to repent. A storm of loyal emotion feeling themselves in bis presence re- swept over the land ; and no doubt it lieved from the burthen of their daily carried off foulness and darkness from life, they leapt and they danced and many a rebel's heart, not only lendthey sang, and the million basked as ing light and room for worthier in the dawning sunshine of a mille- feelings, but also inspiring the feelnium. To comprehend the meaning ings themselves, and giving them of that madness and delusion of joy, thoughts on which to feed and live. we must reflect on the strange source What substantial benefit has the King's from which it was stirred up, and re- Visit conferred on Ireland ? We anmember that trausport can suddenly swer, there are evils there which the and slowly spring up out of tears, King's Visit was never expected to especially if they have been tears of But if that visit opened the blood, long shed, and then, it was hearts of all the population to a genial hoped, however erroneously, about to and general joy--if they vowed then, be dried up for ever. Indeed, nothing and have since, in many instances, is more striking to a stranger in the proved that their vows were not empty Irish character, than the easy, batu- words, to moderate the violence of ral, and even graceful union of wild those party feelings, which, sprung as with solemn feeling i-of mirth, ex- they are from so deep a source, detravagant and grotesque, with the serve a better and a nobler name-if, purest and deepest pathos, and of when looking on the face of their King strange imagery brought from a dis- smiling graciously among them, they tance by a capricious fancy, with the felt repaid by the joyful burst of their homéliest furniture of the heart. In own loyalty for the blood shed to cescenes of deepest, darkest, and most ment his throne--if a strong and lifedismal distress, there is a wild glim- supporting pride in their national chamer of joy over their cabins. The last racter, with all its powerful imperfecwords of the dying man, even when tions and glorious defects, has been his soul is devoutly prostrate before cherished by the voice of the greatest God, often retain much of the feeling Monarch on earth, who was elated to and phraseology of his reckless life, declare, that he was “in part and that might needlessly shock the un- heart an Irishman"--if even such efreflecting stranger. Mirth and misery fects as these have been so produced, are twin-born in those cabins—are long the King's Visit to Ireland was an playmates there—and, if ever separated, incalculable blessing to that country. are at all times ready to resume their To what extent such effects have been union.

produced, nobody is yet entitled to give Were such a people to regulate their an opinion from what is audible or conduct, on such an occasion, by dull visible. But we know that the Royal decorum ? No. By them nothing Visit was eminently fitted to produce could be felt decorous but the free. them widely over such a people. We flowing tide of their agitated joy. All know that the people did at that time they had suffered, whether self-in- lay open their hearts to receive such flicted by their own folly, or by the influence--- we know what hearts they fatal ignorance or wilful blindness of have—and therefore we believe that their rulers—was not by tacit, but by the harvest will be rich, and yet gathundering consent, in a moment for thered in peace. Of all nations of the gotten. “What have our miseries to earth, the Irish have perhaps most do with us now—that our King is in feeling and fancy-these powers seem Ireland ? What have they to do with dative and indigenous in Ireland-and him? Nothing could have brought events of far less pith and moment him hither but love for us—ay, pride than a visit from a King, have excited in us”—and that thought was enough them lastingly for good or for evil, to make all Ireland mad, from Port- and made them traceable in lines of rush to Bantry.

light, or of blood, down the long page Nor was this altogether a bright of their nation's history,

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