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1. The reasons annexed to the third commandment, in these words, [The Lord thy God], and For the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taket h his name in vain)], are, because he is the Lord and our God, therefore his name is not to be profaned, or any way abused by us t; especially because he will be so far from acquitting and sparing the transgressors of this commandment, as that he will not suffer them to escape his righteous judgment v, albeit many such escape the censures and punishments of men w

Q.115 . should not obey the truth, before written in this book, that thou whose eyes Jesus Christ bath been mayst fear this glorious and fearful evidently set forth, crucified among name, THE LORD THY GOD; you? v. 3: Are


so foolish ! ha- v. 59. Then the Lord will make ving begun in the Spirit, are ye now thy plagues wonderful, and the made perfect by the Aesh ? Heb. vi. plagues of thy seed, even greaç, 6. If they shall fall away, to renew plagues, and of long continuance, them again unto repentance: seeing and fore ficknesses, and of long conthey crucify to themselves the son tiruance. Zech. v. 2. And he faid of God afresht, and put him to an unto me, What seest thou ? and I

answered, I see a flying roll, the 114. Exod. xx. 7.

length thereof is twenty cubits, and 7 Lev. xix. 12. And ye shall not the breadth thereof ten cubits. v. 3. fwear by my rame falsely, neither Then said he unto me, This is the fhalt thou profane the name of thy curse that goeth forth over the face God: I am the Lord.

of the whole earth: for every one v Ezek. xxxvi. 21. But I had that stealeth, shall be cut off as on pity for mine holy name, which the this side, according to it and every house of Israel had profaned a- one that sweareth, shall be cut off mong the heathen, whither they as on that side, according to it. v. 4.

v. 22. Therefore fay unto I will bring it forth, faith the Lord the house of Israel, Thus faith the of hosts, and it shall enter into the Lord God, I do not this for your house of the thief, and into the fakes, ( house of Israel, but for house of him that sweareth falsely mine holy name's sake, which ye by my name. have profaned among the heathen, w i Sam. ii. 12. Now the fons whither

ye v. 23. And I will of Eli were fons of Belial, they sanctify my great name, which was knew not the Lord. v. 17. Whereprofaned among the heathen, which fore the sin of the young men was ye have profined in the midft of very great before the Lord : for men them, and the heathen thall know abhorred „the offering of the Lord. that I am the Lord, faith the Lord V. 22. Now Eli was very old, and God, when I shall be fanctified in heard all that his fons did unto all you, before their


Deut. xxviii. Isreal, and how they lay with the 58. If thou wilt not observe to do women that assembled at the door all the words of this law that are of the tabernacle of the congrega

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Q. 115. Which is the fourth commandment ?

Å. The fourth coinmandment is, Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work : But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy man-fervant, nor thy maid-fervant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates. For in fix days: the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath-day, and hallowed it %. Q. 116. What is required in the fourth commandment?

The fourth commandment requireth of all men the fanctifying or keeping holy to God fuch set times as he hath appointed in his word, expressly one whole day in seven ; which was the seventh from the beginning of the world to the resurrection of Christ, and the first day of the week ever since, and so to continue to the end of the world; which is the Christian Sabbath

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tion. V. 24. Nay, my fons: for it' his work which he had made : and is no good report that I hear; ye he rested on the seventh day fronu make the Lord's people to tranfgress.' all his work which he had made. Compared with 1 Sam. iii. 13. For v. 3. And God blessed the seventh I have told him, that I will judge day, and fanctified it: because that his house for ever, for the iniquity in it he had rested from all his work, which he knowegh: because his sons which God created and made." made themselves vile, and he re- i Cor. xvi. I. Now concerning the Arained them not.

collection for the saints; as I have 115.' * Exod. xx. 8, 9, 10, 11, given order to the churches of Gala-,

116. y Deut. v. 12: Keep the tia, even so do ye. v. 2. Upon they Sabbath-day to fanctify it, as the first day of the week, let every one Lord thy God hath commanded of you lay by him in store, as God thee. v. 13. Six days shalt thou la- hath prospered him, that there be bour, and do all thy work: v. 14. no gatherings when I come. Acts But the seventh day is the Sabbath


the first day of the of the Lord thy God: in it thou week, when the disciples came to-, Malt not do any' work, thou, nor gether to break bread, Paul preach, thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy ed unto them, ready to depart on the man-fervant, nor thy maid servant, morrow, and continued his speech nor thine ox, nor thine ass, nor until midnight.

Matth. v. 17. any of thy cattle, nor the stranger Think not that I am come to dethat is within thy gates ; that thy stroy the law or the prophets : I man servant, and thy maid-servant, am not come to destroy, but to ful. may relt as well as thou. Gen. ii. 2. fil. v. 18. For verily I say unto And on the seventh day God ended you, Till heaven and earth pass,

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and in the New Testament called the Lord's day 7.

Q. 117. How is the Sabbath or the Lord's day to be fanctified?

A. The Sabbath or Lord's day is to be fanctified by an holy resting all the day a, not only from such works as are at all times sinful, but even from such worldly em. ployments and recreations as are on other days lawful b

and one jot or one title shall in nowise the seventh day which is the Sab, pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. bath, in it there shall be none. 1. 27 1S. lvi. 2. Blessed is the man thật And it came to pass, that there doth this, and the son of man that went out some of the people on the layeth hold on it: that keepeth the seventh day for 'to gather, and they Sabbath from polluting it, and keep- found none. v. 28. Add the Lord eth his hand from doing any evil. said unto Mofes, How long refuse

4. For thus faith the Lord unto ye to keep my commandmenış and the eunuchs that keep my Sabbaths, my laws? Neh. xiii, 15. In those and choose the things that please me, days saw I in Judah fome treading and take hold of my covenant. v.6. wine-preffes on the Sabbath, and Also the fons of the ftranger, that bringing in fheaves, and Jading afjoin themselves to the Lord, to serve ses; as also wine, grapes, and figs. him, and to love the name of the and all manner of burdens, which Lord, to be his servants, every one they brought into Jerusalem on the that keepeth the Sabbath from pol- Sabbath-day: and I testified against luting it, and taketh hold of my them in the day wherein they sold covenant: v.7. Even them will I victuals. v. 16. I here dwelt men bring to my holy mountain, and of Tyre also therein, which brought make them joyful in my house of fish, and all manner of ware, and prayer: their burnt-offerings and fold on the Sabbath, unto the chiltheir facrifices shall be accepted upon dren of Judah, and in Jerusalem, mine altar; for mine house shall be v. 17. Then I contended with the called an house of prayer for all peo- nobles of Judah, and said unto them, ple.

What evil thing is this thạt ye do, z Rev. i. 10. I was in the Spirit and profane the Sabbath-day? v. 18. on the Lord's day, and heard be- Did not your fathers thus, and did hind me a great voice, as of a trum- not our God bring all this evil upon pet.

us, and upon this city? yet ye bring 117. a Exod. xx. 8. Remember more wrath upon Israel, by profathe Sabbath-day, to keep it holy:- ning the Sabbath. v. 19. And it v. 10. But the seventh day is the came to pass, that when the gates Sabbath of the Lord thy God: in of Jerusalem began to be dark be. it thou shalt oot do any work, thou, fore the Sabbath, I commanded that nor thy son, doc,


should be fhut, and char. 6 Éxod. xvi. 25. And Moses ged that they should not be opened faid, Eat that to-day; for to day till after the Sabbath : and some of is a Sabbath unto the Lord: to-day my servants fer J at the gates, that ye

shall not find it in the field. v. 26. there should no burden be brought Six days ye shall gather it; but on in on the Sabbath-day. V. 20. So


and making it our delight to spend the whole time (except so much of it as is to be taken up in works of necessity and mercy c) in the public and private exercises of God's worship d: and, to that end, we are to prepare our hearts, and with such foresight, diligence, and moderation, to dispose, and seasonably to dispatch our wordly business, that we may be the more free and fit for the duties of that day e.

Q. 118.

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the merchants, and sellers of all own ways, nor finding thine. owa kind of ware, lodged without Jeru. pleasure, nor speaking thine own Salem once or twice. v. 21. Then words. Luke iv. 16. And he came I testified against them, and said to Nazareth, where he had been upto them, Why lodge ye about the brought up : and, as his custom wall? if ye do so again, I will lay was, he went into the synagogue on hands on you. From that time the Sabbath-day, and stood up for forth came they no more on the to read. Acts XX. 7. And upon

the Sabbath. V. 22. And I commanded first day of the week, when the disthe Levites, that they should cleanse ciples came together to break bread, themselves, and that they should Paul preached unto them, ready to come and keep the gates, to sancti- depart on the morrow. i Cor. xvi. fy the Sabbath-day. Remember me, 1. Now concerning the collection O my God, concerning this also, for the saints, as I have given ora and spare me according to the great ders to the churches of Galatia, dess of thy mercy. Jer. xvii. 21. even so do ye.

V. 2. Upon the first Thus faith the Lord, Take heed day of the week, let every one of to yourselves, and bear no burden you lay by him in store, as God on the Sabbath-day, nor bring it in hath prospered him, that there be by the gates of Jerusalem. v. 22. no gatherings when I come. Pfal. Neither carry forth a burden out of scñ. (title) A Psalm or Song for your house on the Sabbath-day, nei, the Sabbath-day. If. lxvi. 23. And ther do ye any work, but hallow it shall come to pafs, that from one ye the Sabbath-day, as I command, new moon to another, and from one your fathers

Sabbath to another, shall all field Ć Matth. xii. from verse 1. to 13. come to worship before me, saith the At that time Jesus went on the Saba Lord. . Ley. xxiii. 3. Six days bath-day through the corn, and his shall work be done, but the seventh disciples were an hungred, and began day is the Sabbath of rest, an holy 10. pluck the ears of corn, and to convocation; ye shall do no work

1. 2. But when the Pharisees therein: it is the Sabbath of the Gawit, dc.

· Lord in all your dwellings. d. Il. lvii. 13. If thou turn away & Exod. xx. 8. Remember the thy foot from the Sabbath, from Sabbath-day, to keep it holy. Luke doing thy pleasure op my holy day, xxii. 54. And that day was the and call che Sabbath a delight, the preparation, and the Sabbath drew holy of the Lord, honourable, and on. 5. 56. And they returned, and laalt honour him, aos doing thine prepared fpicas pod ointments;




rested part

Q. 118. Why is the charge of keeping the Sabbath more fpes cially directed to governors of families, and other superiors ?

8. The charge of keeping the Sabbath is more specially directed to governors of families, and other superiors, because they are bound not only to keep it themselves, but to see that it be oblerved by all those that are under their charge; and because they are prone,oftimes to hinder them by employments of their own f. X

Q. 119. What are the fins forbidden in the fourth commandment?

A. The finis forbidden in the fourth commandment áre, all omissions of the duties required g, all careless, negligent, and unprofitable performing of them, and being weary of them h; all profaning the day by idleness, and

doing tested the Sabbath-day, according ferte, whether the gods which your to the commandment. Exod. xvi. fathers ferved, that were on the 22. And it came to pass that on the other fide of the flood, or the gods fixth day they gathered twice as of the Amorites, in whose land ye much bread, two omers for one dwell: but as for me and my house, man: and all the rulers of the con- we will serve the Lord. Neh. xiii. gregation came and told Moses. 15, 17. (See above in b). Jer. xviis v. 25. And Mofes faid, Eat that to 20. And say unto them, Hear ye

the day; for to-day is a Sabbath unto the word of the Lord, ye kings of JuLord : to-day ye shall not find it indah, and all Judah, atid all the inthe field. v. 26. Six days ye shalk habitants of Jerusalem, that enter ia gather it; but on the seventh day by these gates. V. 21, 22. (See awhich is the Sabbath, in it there bove in b). Exod. xxiii. 12. Six ihall be none. v. 29. See, for that days thou shalt do thy work, and the Lord hath given you the Sab- on the seventh day thou shalt rest: bath, therefore he giveth you on that thine ox and thine ass may reft: the fixth day the bread of two days: and the fon of thy handmaid, and abide ye every man in his place let the stranger may be refreshed, no man go out of his place on the 119. § Ezek. xxii. 26. Her priests feventh day. Neh. xiii. 19. (See have violated my law, and have pro

faned mine holy things: they have 118. f Exod. xx. 10. But the put no difference between the holy ferenth day is the Sabbath of the and profane, neither have they shewLord thy God: in it thou shalt not ed difference between the unclean do any work, thou, nor thy fon, and the clean, and have hid their for thy daughter, thy man-sérvant, eyes from my Sabbaths, and I am nor thy maid-fervant, nor thy cattle, profaned among them. nor thy stranger that is within thy b Acts' xx. 7. And upon the first gates. Joh. xxiv. 15. And if it seem day of the week, when the disciples evil unto you to ferve the Lord, came together to break bread, Pau! choose you this day whom ye will preached unto them, ready to de

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