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of the poor in the circles of refined ele- graciously.owned and blessed during this gance, and the cabins of servitude—among year of jubilee, many of your reports spemen of letters, and savages of the forest, cially conmemorate the influence of temthere has been one pervading influence, perance societies. It is now a well estaone indiscriminate transformation of cha blished fact, that the common

Use of racter. They do all speak in our own strong drink, however moderate, has been language the wonderful works of God. a fatal, soul-destroying barrier against the

It is a very interesting and gratifying influence of the gospel. Consequently, circumstance, that the same reports,

wherever total abstinence is practised, a which announce these revivals, so wholly powerful instrument of resisting the Holy unexampled in number and extent, gene- Spirit is removed, and a new avenue of rally contain direct testimony as to the access to the hearts of men opened to the means which have been blessed to their power of truth. Thus, in numerous inproduction and promotion. From these stances, and in various places, during the authentic sources, the Assembly has col- past year, the temperance reformation lected some valuable information upon a has been a harbinger, preparing the way subject 80 vitally important, as to com of the Lord; and the banishment of that mend it to the special attention of all the liquid poison, which kills both soul and churches. In examining the narratives, body, has made way for the immediate enwhich the most highly favoured Presbyte. trance of the Spirit and the word, the glories have given, of the gracious operations rious train of the Redeemer. of the Spirit of God within their bounds, Signally efficacious also in promoting there is the clearest evidence, that the this glorious work of grace, have been blessings bestowed, have been in propor- those institutions which afford religious tion to the appropriate means employed. instruction to the young-which convey A spirit of fervent prayer, deep humilia the messages of salvation to children, betion, and active effort in the churches, fore they are steeled against them by and a course of devoted, persevering, and pride and prejudice-which apply the judicious labours on the part of the minis- balm to their diseased hearts before the try, uniformly preceded the displays of malady becomes inveterate, and which pardoning mercy.

present the overtures of a Saviour's love And in these spiritual harvests the to those who are on the threshold of life, amount of good actually accomplished, and not yet fully enlisted under the banhas appeared to depend upon the dili ners of Satan. The discovery seems to gence and fidelity with which the field has have been reserved to bless this age of the been cultivated ; insomuch that in several world, that the fairest and most promising cases, the reports distinctly state, that field of religious effort, is afforded by earthe work of grace extended to every place ly childhood—that it is not wise to wait where an active and faithful ministry was until the enemy is entrenched and fortienjoyed. The heart-searching appeal, fied, before the attempt is made to dislodge which this statement addresses to all our him—and that there is a method of preachmembers and ministers, needs no argu- ing the gospel, most effectually, to a ment to enforce it.

whole generation of children. Surday Upon another subject of deep interest, schools and Bible classes accomplish this there is a general unbroken testimony most benevolent object. And the history from all parts of the church, which have of the Holy Spirit's operations during the been blessed with a refreshing from the past year, în blessing so many hundreds of presence of the Lord. We refer to the our churches, and calling so many thourich and precious blessings which have at sands of sinners to repentance, affords a tended the numerous protracted meetings full and cheering testimony upon this subwhich have been held throughout our ject. Sunday schools have proved the borders. Whatever honest difference of nurseries of revivals; their teachers have opinion there may have been, as to the been found efficient, devoted labourers in utility of such convocations, whatever gathering souls to Christ, and their pupils fears may have been cherished as to their have come in lovely bands at the gospel tendency, the question now seems de- call, clustered round the cross, given up cided, that the Lord has signally owned their young hearts to God, and sung

ho. and abundantly blessed them, and that the sannah to the Son of David : blessed is he seal of divine approbation is visibly and that cometh in the name of the Lord. indelibly fixed upon them. From all por We notice only one thing more in the tions of the church we hear the language reports of revivals, and that is the mighty of praise, for the great things God has power with which the simple truths of done by means of protracted meetings, the gospel have been attended. We have and of the glorious displays of converting been too prone to believe, that the chamgrace which have rendered them eminent- pions of infidelity were only to be encounly seasons of mercy.

tered by subtle and skilful argumentation Among the means which the Lord has that the pride of unsanctified intellect

was only to be humbled by triumphant let the only strife be who shall be most reasoning; and that the fortresses of high- humble, devoted, and self-denying. minded.impenitence were only to be suc The past year has been distinguished, cessfully assailed, by the combined forces by the flourishing condition and evident of learning and eloquence. But the expe- progress of our benevolent institutions. rience of the past year has made us wiser. That noble enterprise, which is conveying We have had a practical comment upon the waters of life to every family in the that inspired declaration—not by might land, continues to be prosecuted with unnor power, but my Spirit, saith the Lord. diminished zeal and encouraging success.

While the high places of Satan's king. Several whole states, and large portions of dom have been invaded by the power of other states, are reported as fully supplied the gospel, while many of the conquests with the word of life; and the friends of of redeeming mercy have beer achieved this blessed cause are pressing forward, toamong those who were considered beyond wards the accomplishment of their great the reach of any gracious influence, while purpose, to put a Bible in every human a mighty host of men, high-minded, ta habitation where it will be received. lented men, have laid their honours down The American Tract Society is successat the Saviour's feet; these wonderful fully engaged in extending its operations, events are not to be ascribed to any new and the Divine blessing evidently rests energy of human means. No prophet has upon them. Its numerous branches and arisen, clothed with miraculous powers, to agencies are fountains of spiritual health overwhelm opposers with resistless demon- and life, opened in every portion of the stration; no new messages from heaven land. They send their precious messages have furnished with mightier weapons the of grace, to persons and places inaccessi. soldiers of the cross. On the contrary, ble to the living heralds of salvation; and the word has been preached with greater thus extensively employ an instrumentaplainness and simplicity than ever. And lity, which the Holy Spirit often uses in ihe solemn inculcation of the doctrines of rousing slumbering consciences, and subthe cross, and earnest, urgent appeals to duing rebellious hearts. The monthly the understandings and consciences of distribution, wherever it has been enjoyed, men, have been the means, rendered

has proved a powerful auxiliary in diffusmighty through God, to the pulling down ing the influence of vital godliness, and of strong holds, and subduing proud hearts has been attended with decided tokens of to the obedience of faith.

Divine approbation. Who can estimate the precious influ. The system of Sunday school and Bible ence which must be exerted by these 700 class instruction has been more extensiverenovated churches, upon the whole popu. ly adopted, and followed with richer blesslation of our country—upon present and ings to the church, than in any former future generations? What energy of mo year. In most of the congregations in ral power is thus imparted to the cause of our connexion, these nurseries of early truth? How many fountains of salvation piety are established, and have been geare thus opened to gladden the dry and nerally honoured by the special smiles of thirsty land ? The fruits of this astonishing the Great Head of the church. In almost work of grace are valuable to the church every report which brings the glad tidings and the world, beyond all human compu. of the visitations of the Holy Spirit, tation. In numerous communities, the there is a cordial testimony to the effi. predominating influence is now conse cient aid of this instrumentality: Indeed crated to the cause of God. How many it would seem, in very many instances, mothers have been prepared by grace, to that the prosperity of Zion, and the ingatrain up their children for the kingdom of thering of souls to Christ, have been proheaven? And what a noble army of portionate to the wise and faithful labours young men has renounced the honours of which have been employed in this departthe world, and devoted themselves to the ment of Christian exertion. cause of the Redeemer ? Never, until the The American Sunday School Union, destinies of eternity are unfolded, can be is still extending the sphere of its vast known the full amount of blessings be- operations, and prosecuting the noble destowed in these dispensations of mercy. sign of planting these seminaries of ChrisVerily the Lord haih done great things tian instruction coextensively with our for us, let us be glad and rejoice in his sal. country's population. Superior to all secvation.

tarian distinction, that excellent society Every minister and member in our com pursues the single grand object, of givmunion, should be encouraged and ani. ing the knowledgo of the Bible to the mated, by such rich experience of Divine children of our land; and the wide extend goodness, to niore entire devotedness, and ed fields of its labours, on either side of untiring diligence in the Master's cause. the Alleghany, are becoming fruitful as The most affecting motives are presented, the garden of the Lord. Such a plan of to lay aside all distinctions of party, and benevolence, sustained by seventy thou


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sand teachers who are engaged in leading and extended influence of Christian Mis. nearly six hundred thousand young im- sions. The host of the Lord, enlisted unmortals, to the saving knowledge of the der these banners, has received a great in. Redeemer, cannot be contemplated by crease in strength and numbers. Every Christians without emotions of wonder and revival forms a centre of missionary influgratitude. Surely it is the Lord's doing, ence, and every renewed heart glows with and it is marvellous in our eyes.

ardent desire for the spread of the gospel. The cause of temperance continues to To this precious cause, much of talents, extend and multiply its triumphs, notwith influence and property has been recently standing the machinations of Satan, and consecrated. Churches which have been the madness of the multitudes, who are blessed by the effusions of the Spirit, are striving to demolish the only barrier usually liberal in furnishing the means of which can secure them from destruction. sending the treasures of salvation to the The testimony of our churches, as to the destitute and the perishing. Your reports signal success which has crowned the ef- furnish examples of this sort worthy of forts of the friends of this cause, the as particular notice. Two of the churches, tonishing effect which has thus been pro which have lately enjoyed a season of re. duced upon public sentiment, and upon vival, have contributed, one six thousand the habits and customs of the higher class- dollars, and the other four thousand, ex. and especially as to the unquestionable clusively to the missionary cause.

The connexion between total abstinence from subject of foreign missions excites a much ardent spirits and the success of the gos- deeper interest than formerly. Students pel, is of the most decided and gratifying in theology are directing their views anxcharacter. The formation of a tempe- iously towards this field of labour; and a rance association in each congregation, number of young men of high promise, has taken place extensively, with the hap- have recently devoted themselves to carry piest results. While, therefore, in view the gospel to distant heathen lands. of these things, the friends of temperance The American Board of Commissioners are called upon to thank God and take for Foreign Missions, continues to enjoy courage, let them remember that much, the favour of the Great Head of the very much, remains to be done. Let them Church, in the increasing success and exnot remit their vigilance and activity, for tent of their vast operations. It must aftheir foes never slumber. All the pow ford a lively joy to every pious heart to ers and resources of the kingdom of dark- reflect, that every quarter of the globe reness are vigorously employed in opposi- ceives spiritual blessings through this noble tion. Much indeed has been done in institution of our own land, which is constaying this plague among the more intel nected with our own church, and which ligent and elevated orders of society: but seems destined to exert a very important all the energies of Christian benevolence influence in producing the final triumph of are demanded, to stem the torrent which the cross, and in causing the kingdoms of is spreading misery, and guilt, and ruin, this world to become the kingdoms of our through the dwellings of labour and po Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. verty. A great work is still to be effected The.Assembly would hail with pleasure, in the church. The sons of Levi must be the appearance of a deeper interest in the purified. The accursed thing must be re subject of Foreign Missions, recently mamoved from the camp of the Lord. While nifested in the churches of the West, by professing Christians continue to exhibit the establishment of a Western Foreign the baleful example of tasting the drunk. Missionary Society. We would that all ard's poison, or, by a sacrilegious traffick, our churches might have a strong sense of to make it their employment to degrade their obligation to send the gospel "to and destroy their fellow-men, those who every creature," and afford fairer evidence love the Lord must not keep silence, but of the sincerity of their daily prayer, “thy must lift their warning voice, and use all kingdom come.” lawful efforts to remove this withering The Assembly's Board of Missions rereproach from the house of God. Let all ports a gratifying amount of labour and our congregations become efficient tem success. The whole number of missiona. perance associations, let all our ministers ries employed during the past year, is 256. and elders be united, consistent, and per The ministerial labour performed, is equal severing in this cause, and we may derive to 154 years. The congregations and sta. from experience a full persuasion, that the tions supplied, are about 200. The misravages of the direful foe will be arrested; sionaries employed by that Board, have re. that the rising race will be rescued from ported about 600 Sabbath schools, and 300 his deadly grasp, and thus a most formida catechetical and Bible classes. All the be. ble obstacle to the success of the gospel, nevolent institutions of the day are attend. will at last be removed.

ed to by the missionaries. The number The records of the past year afford of temperance societies, either formed or cheering evidence of the steady progress promoted by them, is estimated at 350, Ch. Adv.Vol. X.

2 M

containing 15,000 members. In nearly $1,312. The young men under patronage 50 of the congregations, supplied by the have earned, by their industry, the gross Board,"times of refreshing from the pre sum of $15,568. Fifty-six, in 7 theologisence of the Lordhave been experienced; cal seminaries, have earned on an average and more than 1000 have been added to $58 each. About 60 of the beneficiaries them. The additions to all the churches will this year complete their course of sustained by the Board, is estimated at study, and receive license to preach the 2000.

gospel; 10 of whom are expecting to deThe American Home Missionary So vote themselves to foreign missions. And ciety has conducted its operations with in it is expected that the coming year will creasing efficiency and success. Its mis witness a great enlargement of the opesionaries, during the last year, have been rations of this institution. 509, who have been employed in 745 eon This good work has received a new imgregations and missionary districts, in the pulse, during the past year, resulting United States and Upper Canada; and from the many precious revivals which 177 of this number have had their fields have been enjoyed. The direct effect of of labour, west of the Alleghany moun. these has been, not only to excite zeal tains. These missionaries have reported and liberality in the cause of raising up 361 years of ministerial labour performed. faithful ministers, but also to furnish Sabbath schools, Bible classes, temperance young men from among the subjects of societies, and other benevolent efforts renewing grace, prepared to devote them. sustained and blessed in the congregations selves to the labours of the ministry. In aided; 187 special revivals of religion, one Presbytery, there are eighty young 9,257 hopeful conversions, of whom 6,033 men of this description, who have already have been added to the churches on pro commenced a course of preparation for the fession of their faith, and 1,356 by letter, sacred office. From the whole church, making in all, 7,389 reported as added to therefore, there will come a great compathe churches under their ministry during ny of the sons of the prophets, willing to the last year; and the labours of the mis- become labourers in the vineyard of the sionaries, in every respect, have been more Lord. Many of these must be supported signally blessed, than in any previous by the charities of the pious, during their year.

preparatory studies. And every man of The Board of Education of the General wealth in our connexion, who has felt the Assembly has, during the last year, power of a Saviour's love, would do well through the Divine blessing, been pros to support one student through his course pered to an unusual degree; and its pros of education. And it is anxiously hoped, pects of extensive usefulness, in training that young men thus assisted, will comthe sons of the church for the work of the plete a thorough course of study, and not ministry, are of the most auspicious kind. hasten into the ministry with a meagre, This is a cause so important in its cha- scanty preparation, and that, when their racter, and so very urgent in its claims studies are completed, they will not linger upon the patronage and prayers of all round the great cities, but will feel sacredGod's people, that we feel called on to re ly bound, to go far away among the desticommend it to their special attention and tute, to make full proof of their ministry, regard. It has pleased God to suspend and thus save the church from reproach, the conversion of the world, upon the and their patrons from distressing fears, preaching of the gospel. The raising up, that they have laboured in vain and spent therefore, of a sufficient number of holy, their money for that which is not bread. faithful, and devoted men, to supply the In connexion with this subject, it is a wants of our country, and of the world, privilege to be able to state, that several lies at the very foundation of Christian colleges have shared in the revivals which missions.

have blessed so many of our churches; The Board have under their care at and that a goodly number of the students this time, 267 youth, in various stages of are thus prepared by grace to devote preparation for the work of the minitsry, themselves to the Lord. The Theological in fifteen states of our nation; and have Seminaries, under the care of the Assemmade arrangements for carrying forward bly, are in a prosperous flourishing state. their agency, during the coming year, in A missionary spirit prevails extensively, in every part of the Presbyterian Church. those schools of the prophets, and the

The American Education Society, in number is increasing, of those who are connexion with the Presbyterian Educa- preparing to be messengers of salvation tion Society, which is a co-ordinate body, to pagan nations. Thus from these foun has now under its patronage 673 beneficia- tains, there issue annual streams, which ries, having received 226 during the year. not only gladden the city of God, but also It has expended the last year, $41,362 56. refresh the barren wastes, and cause the From former beneficiaries there has been desert to rejoice and blossom as the rose. refunded during the year, the sum of It affords much satisfaction to the Assem

bly to be informed that the seminary esta special effusions of the Holy Spirit, and blished by the synod of South Carolina more than six thousand souls have proand Georgia, located in Columbia, is now fessedly passed from death to life. Proin successful operation, having iwo pro tracted meetings have been generally fessors and sixteen students; and promises adopted and greatly blessed, and the temmuch good to that section of the church, perance reformation has afforded efficient where, from peculiar circumstances, such aid, in promoting the work of God. an institution is so vitally important.

From the General Convention of VerThe American Seamen's Friend Socie. mont, the General Association of New ty, is actively engaged in promoting the Hampshire, the General Conference of spiritual welfare of those who go down to Maine, and the Evangelical Consociation the sea in ships, and do business in the of Rhode Island, we receive reports, that great waters. The blessed effects of such the state of religion generally is decidedly benevolent labours are manifest in all our and increasingly favourable. Many of the sea ports, and in almost every vessel that churches in connexion with those bodies sails from our shores. In every city, sail. - respectively, have enjoyed refreshings ors now feel that they have a church, and from the presence of the Lord. Benevoa minister of their own, and that there are lent institutions are generally prosperous ; some who care for their souls. The mea

temperance is spreading its triumphs; the sures which have recently been adopted, standard of morals is rendered more pure to send missionaries to seamen in foreign and elevated; and literary institutions are ports, promise to exert an auspicious in becoming more and more the nurseries fluence upon the religious state of the of piety, and efficient auxiliaries in buildworld.

ing up Zion. The American Colonization Society Thus these ecclesiastical bodies unite pursues its noble enterprise with increas with the Assembly, in a grateful acknowing success. To collect the children of a ledgment of the unequalled blessings degraded wretched race, as the free peo which the Head of the Church has graple of colour certainly are, and to trans ciously bestowed upon this highly favourport and plant them as a Christian people ed nation. He hath not dealt so with any on the shores of Africa, is surely a design people. Bless the Lord, O our souls, and of such unmingled mercy, that every good all ihat is within us, bless his holy name. man must hope and pray for its accom But while we remember the days of the plishment

right hand of the Most High, it becomes From the General Association of Con us to be duly affected by the bereavements necticut, we learn with no ordinary emo. with which our churches have been vi. tions of pleasure, that so powerful and sited, in the removal by death of many of extensive have been the revivals in that our beloved brethren. While we affec. State, during the past year, that almost tionately cherish their memory, let us be all the churches have enjoyed these rich admonished by their departure that the blessings. Those gathered into the visible time is short. Let us therefore work fold of Christ in this great harvest, are while it is day, the night cometh when vastly more numerous and more valuable no man can work. as to character and influence, than in any Finally, in view of all these interesting former year. The happy effects of this events, and all the encouragements, danmighty work of grace are not confined to gers, and responsibilities, resulting from its immediate subjects, but are gloriously the present state and prospects of the manifest in the elevation of Christian Presbyterian Church, the General Assem. character, in the moral state of the com bly would affectionately say to all the mimunity at large, and in the flourishing nisters, elders, and members in our concondition of all benevolent institutions. nexion : Yale College has been greatly favoured of Therefore, beloved brethren, be


steadthe Lord, and one hundred and ninety of fast, unmoveable, always abounding in the its students are now the professed follow work of the Lord; forasmuch as ye know ers of the Lamb.

that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. From the General Association of Mas By order of the General Assembly, sachusetts, we rejoice to hear similar glad

Ezra Stills Ely, Stated Clerk. tidings. More than two hundred churches May 31st, 1832. in connexion with that body, have enjoyed

View of Publick affairs.

EUROPE. The latest advices from Europe, are to the 15th of May-from France, to the 12th.

BRITAIN. A section of the Reform Bill, deemed by the ministry to be essential to its character, was rejected in the House of Lords, dn the 12th of May, by a majority

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