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justice to the work and credit to themselves; and the proprietor and publisher have merited all praise for the style in which they have isso · ed it from the press. We advise all who can afford it, to buy it. It will do them good, if in no other way, by leading them carefully to read and compare the new with the old version, and the truth which both contain will be thus more firmly riveled on the mind.

It is published by J. B. Lippincott, corner of Fourth and Race streets, and it is sold at prices varying from $3 to $10, according to the style of execution. The price is moderate for the quality of the work.


A BAPTIST NEW VERSION. AMONG the good omens of an influx of light, is the attempt of the Baptists to give a true version of the Bible to the heathen abroad, and to improve the common version at home. A part of the denomination are in favor of the American people having a true version; but they all agree in giving one to the Asiatic population. It is, indeed, a species of logical benevolence which I pretend not to understand, that gives reasons numerous, clear, and strong, why American readers should not have, and Asiatic readers should have, a true Bible!

Of course I cannot but feel gratified that one of my great sins in attempting to circulate a new and true version of certain controverted points, is now becoming the great sin of a respectable portion of the Baptist community; and consequently my heterodoxy will fast pass away as the Baptists succeed in prepossessing the commnnity in favor of a new, correct, and more intelligible version of the good book. I will not now remind them of all the reproaches wherewith they reproached me some twenty years ago when I undertook this work. I hope that all the denominations will unite in this effort, let Paidobaptists say what they may. They will approve them at last.

A. C.

BIBLE SOCIETY. I am, I believe, a member and a director for life of both the Ameri. can Bible Societies, I having paid into their treasuries the sum of 200 dollars each. I do not think that they have done all that is right to me; but still I believe they are engaged in a great and good work, and I assist them both. I would, indeed, most pressingly recommend it to the pious and benevolent consideration of all our brethren to contribute freely and liberally to the Baptist American and Foreign Bible Society. Help them to send a true and intelligible Bible to all the world that needs it at home and abroad. This charter of life and

immortality, of heaven and eternity to man, ought to be translated and sent to every Indian, Pagan, Barbarian, Turk, Jew, Atheist, and Sceptic under heaven. We have no society to do any thing for use to receive or forward our donations. Do then, brethren, remember that our more intelligent, pious, and benevolent Baptist brethren are engaged in this good work, and let us help them forward in the Lord's cause and in that of our common humanity. Blessing others, you shall be blessed; and watering them, you shall be watered in turn.

A. C.


We believe it due to the friends and patrons of Bethany College that the whole financial affairs of the Institution should be occasionially published for their satisfaction. Those who contribute to the erection and support of any institution have a right to be informed of the use and application of their liberality. We should have sooner made such a report; but, really, we have been somewhat ashamed to make a public display of how little has yet been done for the noble objects (as all admit) for which the liberality of the Christian brother hood and benevolent public has been solicited. I know the times the hard times are a standing apology for all such failures and disaspointments. Some, I presume, will not like to see their contributions published; but, in justice to ourselves, the College and the community, it becomes our duty to do so. But it ought to be stated that a number have said that their contributions were but a mere token of good will, and that they intended farther aid. Should there be any error or omis. sion in the Report, as ordered to be printed, we will have it corrected immediately on information thereof.




Amt. sub. ‘William Dabney, city of Richmond, Virginia,

$500 00 T. D. Quarles,

50 00 Philip B. Pendleton, deceased, Stevensville, Virginia, 1000 00 Reuben L. Coleman, Charlottesville, Virginia,

100 00 Lucian Minor,

5 00 Mrs. Ann Ferneyhow, Fredericksburg, Virginia,

5 00 Christopher D. Tompkins, Mtihews Couri-House, Va. 100 00 E.M. Ware, Essex County, Virginia,

50 00 John Richards, Walkerton, King & Queen county, Va. 100 33 33 John Tyler, Scottsville,

50 00 R. M. Kent, Louisa county, Virginia,

10 00 50 Frank M Gavock, Nashville, Tennessee,




Amt, sub Paid. W. Ragland, Louisa county, Virginia,

1000 A. Friend,

10 00 Waller Holliday,

50 16 33 T. H. Fowlks, Nottoway, Virginia,

100 00 Chester Bullard, Christiansville, Virginia,

20 00 Mary Shepperd, Fluvanna county, Virginia,

00 W. D. Hunter, Louisa Court-House, Virginia,

9 00 Thomas M. Henley, Walkerton, King & Queen co., Va., 500 100 00 Jonas Crumbacker, Wheeling, Virginia,

12 00 A. A. Armstrong & Co.,

41 25 John C. Campbell, Esq. Wellsburg, Va.

400 00 Richard Starr,

250 100 00 Tarr & Curran,

500 166 66 Dr. Samuel Grafton,

100 68 43 John C. Perry,

35 00 Adam Kuhn,

30 00 Samuel Nuckols, Versailles, Kentucky,

100 66 66 W. L. Graddy,

100 50 00 J. B. Jesse, Versailles, Woodford county, Kentucky,

100 50 00 Charles Norwood,

10 00 Mrs. Patterson,

10 00 Thomas Parker,

3 00 H. Bowman,

1 00 Asa R. Runyan, May's Lick, Mason county, Kentucky, 300 200 00 John Richardson,

300 200 00 Cornelius Drake,

100 50 00 Thomas Y. . Johnson,

5 00 Mrs. Reid, Maysville, Kentucky,

20 00 Mrs. Mary Philips, "

10 00 Dr. Shackleford,

5 00 Thomas Daulton,

5 00 Mariin Slaughter, Georgetown, Kentucky,

500 100 00 Margaret Slaughter,

50 00 William Dickinson, Elkton, Todd county, Kentucky, 70 50 00 George T. Edwards, Russelville, Logan county, Kentucky, 50 00 M. Rngers, Danville, Kentucky,

16 00 Eider John Rogers, Carlisle, Kentucky,

7 00 Samuel Stone, Richmond, Kentucky,

100 50 00 Robert Miller,

10 00 Jarrot Phelps,

5 00 Eliza Calmes, Colbyville, Clark county, Kentucky,

50 00 W. W. Webb,

50 00 T, B. Parish,

10 00 Miss Rebecca Williams, Frankfort, Kentucky,

50 00 Hugh Lane, Montgomery county, Kentucky,

10 00 W. C. Myrtle, Kopkinsville, Kentucky,

50 10 00 W. A. Morrison,

50 10 00 J Wasson, Leesburg, Kentucky,

100 20 00 Haden Edwards, Nelson county, Kentucky,

200 00

150 00 Orville Ewing, Nashville, Tennessee, VOL. VI —N. S.





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J. Woods, Nashville, Tennessee,
John Black,
James Walker,
Edwin W. Ewing,
Andrew Ewing,
W. G. Harding,
J. P. Sledge,
Simon Bradford
J. F. Williams,
Ellen M. Robertson, 66
W. J. Turbeville,
J. N. Todd,
John Harding,
W. A. Eichbaum,
Dr. C. Meriwether, Minor's Nursery, Tennessee,
T. W. Arkinson, Clarksville, Tennessee,
Charles Sumner, Akron, Summit county, Ohio,
Joseph Ray, Cincinnati, Ohio,
James Challen,
John Kirk, Youngstown, Ohio,
Henry and J. Langly, Washington, Pennsylvania,
A friend,
Charles H. Bland, Monticello, Missouri,
Jacob Creath, Jun., Palmyra, Missouri,
Alexander Campbell, Bethany, Virginia,
William Westerfield, Cincinnati, Ohio,
Robert Dawson, New Philadelphia, Ohio,
Cyrus Cropper,
J. C. Ashton, New Albany, Indiana,
William Harris, Nashville, Tennessee,
B. Weller, Nashville, Tennessee,
Joseph W. Clay, Nashville, Tennesser,
Samuel Carpenter, Bardstown, Kentucky,
John S, Willett, Bardstown, Kentucky,
W. Z. Thompson, Lexington, Kentucky,
Philip S. Fall, Lexington, Kentucky,
John Curd, Woodford county, Kentucky,
A. 0. Redd, Woodford county, Kentucky,
A. Price, Woodford county, Kentucky,
Mary Red 1, Woodford county, Kentucky,
James W. Redd, Woodford county, Kentucky,
Lucy H. Dupuy, Woodford county, Kentucky,
William Lister, Woodford county, Kentucky,
Dr. W. H. Richardson, Lexington, Kentucky,
Edward Allen, Lexington, Kentucky,
S. G. Jackson, Lexington. Kentucky,
Henry Bell, Lexington, Kentucky,
William Van Pelt, Lexington, Kentucky,
B. W. Todd, Lexington, Kentucky,
L. A. Sandige, May's Lick, Kentucky,

Amt. sud. Paid

300 00 150 00 150 00 150 00 150 00

150.00 150 100 00

100 00

100 00 100 50 00 100 50 00

50 00

50 00 100 25 00

50 00

8 00 1000 100 00

59 00 100 50 00

5 00 100 00 100 00

5 00 5 00

5 00 2000 1000 00 200 100 -75 150 50 20 200 50 25 300 200 300 100 300 100 100 100

5 100


75 100 25

30 1000


10 00



Amt, sub. Daniel Tibbs, Maysville, Kentucky,

20 Joseph Frank, Maysville, Kentucky,

30 Mrs. Pickett, Maysville, Kentucky, S. W. Robertson, Maysville, Kentucky,

iro Dr. J. White, Madison county, Kentucky,

Samuel Halley, Madison county, Kentucky,
Thomas Richardson, Madison county, Kentucky, 10
Benjamin Howard, Madison county, Kentucky, 10°
Zachariah Crew, Madison county, Kentucky,

10 James Blythe, Madison county, Kentucky,

50 P. Bush, (deceased,) per Smallwood A. Elkins, Clark county, Kentucky,

50 James 'l'errill, Mount Vernon, Kentucky,

20 Juhn Herndon, Scott county, Kentucky,

20 William M.Millan, Scott county, Kentucky,

20 B. W. Finnell, Scott county, Kentucky, Thomas S. Jeffries, Scott county, Kentucky,

10 Paschal Kirtley, Harrison couniy, Kentucky,

20 James A. M•Hation, Harrison county, Kentucky, 20 William Cogswell, Harrison county, Kentucky, 5 Dr. H. Gibney, Harrison county, Kentucky,

10 William Kirtley, Harrison county, Kentucky,

5 John S. Nichols, Harrison county, Kentucky,

5 Edwin Clark, Harrison county, Kentucky,

5 B. N. Shropshire, Harrison county, Kentucky, 20 J. P. Kearns, Paris, Kentucky,

30 W. S. Bryan, Paris, Kentucky,

15 Hezekiah Martin, Millersburg, Kentucky,

10 John Collier, Millershurg, Kentucky,

12 David Hamilton, Millersburg, Kentucky,

10 James Tibbs, May's Lick, Kentucky,

100 David Jamison, May's Lick, Kentucky,

15 Richard Waugh, Brooke county, Virginia,

250 Basil Wells, Brooke county, Virginia,

John Mendel, Wellsburg, Brooke county, Virginia,
Şamuel Jacobs, Wellsburg, Brooke county, Virginia, 30
Joseph Gist, Wellsburg, Brooke county, Virginia,
Rot. Buchanan, Independence, Washington co., Pa.,
Matthew M.Keever, Washington county, Pa., 1000


51 00 150 00

30 00 10 00

Sum total,

17688 25 7923 66

It is but two years since the first brick was moulded for the eree. tion of Bethany College. During this time a College Proper, four stories, 83 by 45; a Steward's Inn, equal to 107 feet by 36, 4 stories have been completed; and one wing of a Mansion House, 73 feet by 24, two stories, will be completed about the 1st of September. Besides the College Common Hall, a Room of 80 by 42 in the clear, and two Society Class Rooms, large enough for 100 Students each, there will

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