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Listen to him, hear what he has to say.--She said many Ecouter

things which I had not the patience to listen to.-Are you

looking for your brother? Yes, I am looking for him.


The book you are looking for * is on the table in my study.

-Can you wonder at his extravagance, if you consider how

s'étonner de


foolishly his mother indulged him? What I wonder at


most is his impudence.-I suppose you did not expect s'attendre à

such a letter from a man who owes you his fortune. I

confess I did not expect it.—He will hear of something apprendre

to-morrow which he does not expect. If I accept, will you

blame me for it? No; the only thing for which I blame blamer de

you is to have made such a mystery of it. I like to


account to myself for every thing which I see.-These are se rendre compte de

things at which you should not grieve, since they can so

s'affliger de

easily be remedied.—Can you hear of such misery without

[blocks in formation]


There are a great many verbs in French which are used reflectively. As they occur very frequently in every day's

* Which is here understood (74-3).

conversation, it has been thought that a list of them
might be useful to the learner: accordingly it is here sub-

S'adresser à, to apply.

S'instruire, to improve.

Il s'agit de, the thing to be S'intéresser à, to take an inte-

[blocks in formation]

S'arrêter, to stop.
S'asseoir, to sit down.
S'attendre à, to expect.
Se baigner, to bathe.

Se charger de, to take upon
one's self, to undertake.
Se conduire, to behave.
Se contenter de, to be content

Se coucher, to go to bed.
Se défaire de, to get rid of.
Se dépécher de, to make haste.
Se divertir, to play, to amuse
one's self.

Se douter de, to suspect.
S'échapper de, to escape.
S'eloigner, to depart, to go far.
S'empêcher de, to help.
S'endormir, to go to sleep.
S'enrichir, to get rich.
S'entretenir de, to converse.
S'étonner de, to wonder at.
S'éveiller, to awake.

Se fácher de, to get angry, to
take offence.

Se fier, to trust.
S'habiller, to dress.

[blocks in formation]


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