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to spring up as dog; to nurse; ahlan . the nursing and dangling of a baby ȧyen-nă a-hlan.

hlan 2.: dom sa-hlan (see dom) pseudoleprosy.

*hlap 1. T. slob (-pa) vb. t. to learn M.; ma-hlap-ne ya vb. to know without learning, hlap-byi vb. to teach, hlap-byibo 8. a teacher, hlap-byin-lŭ s. doctrine; hlap jón mat vb. to study; hlap-bo 8. a learner; hlap lyan s. a school.

hlap 2, a-hlap adj. new, fresh (as a new servant, a new language etc.)

hlap 3., hlap-pă hlap-på smooth and thin as pă-li or paper etc., hlap-på hlap-på mat vb. to flap as wings, pun-ku hlap-på hlap-på mat vb. to flap wings.

hlam 1. vb. t. to stretch out, to extend, as hand, a-ki hum; du hlam vb. to dig deep, to investigate; to strive perseveringly see buk rúm (259). — a-hlam expletive to a-flek s. a defeat.

(hlam 2.,) a-hlam s. good strong cloth dum a-hlam.

(hlam 3.) tǎ-hlam 8. a plank-bridge or strong flat bridge of stone etc. (not of cane); t.-h.-ka cám vb. to cross over on bridge.

(hlam 4.) tă-hlam s. an anvil, tå-hlamka fok vb. to beat on anvil.

hlũ vb. u. to have shot up and become thin and weak (as corn); to protrude, to issue out, to eject, dyit hlu to have involuntary stool; to be loose, as earth which gives way, when treading on it; to be tender, as new-born animal; be weary and sleepy hlu da.




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hlet or hlyet (see glot, glo) 1 vb. to slip, to be slippery; -a-hlet 8. a slipping, slippery. redupl. fla-hlet adj. said of sa-hlót pót being very slippery. — nunhlet adj. slippery, nun-hlet nón to slip. kå-hlet-no 8. a spec. fish. tå-hlyet dor or tur-hlet dor a spec. of boletus (edible). hlet 2. (fr. 1.) hlet-bŭ s. the water-leech; spec. of house-leech.

*hlet T. Ihad 3. s dross, alloy, sediment, hlet nyim-bo adj. adulterated; lún hlet s. dross, alloy.

hlep 1., a-hlep adj near; lower in grade, rank, years; the next, the second, egos; kun-ka hlep din vb. to stand behind a tree; lóm hlep-lun di vb. to follow behind;

ka-hlep-bo 8. an assistant, a servant; a-hlep-bo or num-hlep-bo s. the one following, as after the first or second; ayen hlep-bo s. a younger brother numhlep-bo; nóm hlep-bo a y. sister. Cfr. dyep.

hlep 2., hlep-på hlep drawn in or back as stomach, ta-bák hlep-på hlep; nyen hleppă hlep-pă said when an animal stops giving milk.

hlem i. q. hlyóm, hlyum q. v.

*hlo 1. s. T. lho 1. the south, L. lum; klo kon southern quarter; 2. Bhoțiya i. e. Sikhim-Bhotiya, hlo-bo . half-Lepcha half-Bhotiya.

hlo 2. s. a high mountain, upon which snow falls, Hooker 2, 81; un-nùn súkdům lyan plān-ka nyak-ká čet nyi-lă tilun hlo să-re tă-lyan så-gram-ka nyim-bo

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a-lu gŭn-nd-påñ nup fat the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered G.; hlo kúp 8. a mountain upon which very little snow falls; hlo gyóp s. a valley; hlo bắn s. the base of mountain; hlo blu s. the ridge; hlo blyón 8. the side of mountain; klo mun s. the evil spirit of the mountains, one of the names applied to mi gát mun i. q. ču mun bi mun; hlo yuk s. the peak of mountain; hảo zăn phủ da gửi if it be heaped as high as mountains; hlo ka-ti kä-ku fapa great distance; hlokyon mountains and valleys; hlo yók vb. to cross mountains.

hlo 3. vb. to proceed or issue with power, force, bỏù hlo vb. to rule with power, hó hu bón hlo-so thou shalt rule over him G.; má-zň hlo a great person. hlo 4. vb. n. to have warning in sleep as of death of any one, a-bo mak-šum-bo a-kup-ka hlo nón when the father died, the son received warning.

hlok 1; 1. vb. t. to square timber; 2. vb. n. to rebound, to rise up after pressure, to be elastic.

hlok 2. s. a disease in cows.

hlon any article presented to a superior with a view of present in return; hlon kyop vb. to present ditto.

hlot vb. to sift? M.

hlon vb. t. to place between, as cloth between burdens, dùm hlon bù vb. to put cloth between back and burden.

hlop, hlop-på hlop-pă loose as soil.

hló, hló-t vb. n. to be thin, watery, flowing together e. c. tuk-tak hló-nón tho gruel is thin; ci hló nón the chi is weak, watery; met. to be licentious, wanton. Deriv. năm-hlót 8. lewdness, lustfulness, applied chiefly to females, prostitution; adj. loose, licentious, wanton, nùm-hlót nyim-bo or nùm-hlót mat-bo a lewd person (especially female), an adulteress, a prostitute, num-hlót má-ši-năm-bo a chaste female. ta-hló 8. frivolous playing, tahló mat vb. to play frivolously, tä-hló mat-bo s. an idler.

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hlut-tă hlyót-tă—"hlóm

ad-hlót idle, indolent...

hlut-tă hlyót-tă hodge-podge, rice and vegetables mixed, hlút-tă hlyót-tă no-lúñ 20 vb. having prepared ditto to eat. *hlók 1. T. klog(-pa) vb. to read.. *hlók 2. T. lhag vb. n. to be over, to be superfluous, to exceed; hlók-bo adj. superfluous, resting v. c. un gyom-lún kyo ta-i ku fă-no-nun a-zóm hlók-bo a-panpăn rũn-tok kå-ti nyăt-tap blyăn to they gathered them together, and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley-leaves which remained over and above unto them that had eaten J.

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a-hlik a-pan id. e. c. a-hlk a-pan-pi gyom-ma gather up the fragments that remain J.; a-hlók gün-nå et cetera; a-hlók mat especially; 8. abundance e. c. go nă ha-yu tốù-så ik a-hlók nyi-šăn-ka ti I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly; hlók-la hlók-lå adv. redundantly; to be past as time, tu-trát hlók non-ne the time is past, in L. vb. t. to transgress, to commit a fault, go hlók-kůň må-nyin-ne 】 have committed no fault; hlók čet-lun transgressions and omissions; a-li hlók lapsus linguae; hlók-lát s. an offence, transgression; to debauch hu dyep-ka da-lìn húm hlók fat he lay with her, and defiled her. G.

(hlón), pǎ-hlón 8. the ceiling of room, li på-hlon the inner roof or ceiling of house. hlón-kó see hlan-kó.

hló-t see hló.

hlón, hlón-nă hlón-nă badly executed, as work, hlón-ná hlón-ná úyok mat vb. to do work badly, slovenly.

hlóp, hlóp-pǎ hlóp-pă i. q. hlep behind? M. *hl6m 1. T. Phams. a shoe, hôm có 8. a pair of shoes, hlóm tyu T. lham-mfil 8. the sole of shoe, hlóm-dam T. lham'gram s. a latchet J., hlóm do s. foreshoe, hlóm yu the upper leather of shoe, hlóm a-kan s. an odd shoe, hlóm hrap vb. to make shoes, hlóm hrap-bo s. a shoemaker, hlóm šuk vb. to put on shoes, hlóm ak ̧ or ót vb. to pull off shoes.

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hlyak vb. t. to pull down and break off, as Indian cane when gathering branches of trees etc.

a-krik hlyak tyan to laugh, from the low jaw falling down as when pulling. down maizo etc. M. See hlyan

hlyan 1. vb. n. to be torn off, as branch etc., fór hlyun 8. a tree with only one branch on the top. See hlyak.

hlyan 2., lŭn-hlyań advly. quickly, I. hlyan klek or mut vb. to hurry, to urge on.

hlyap, a-hlyap 8. pods as of peas that are without their grain, either from insect having eaten them or from bad grewth; tük-byit a-hlyap.

hlyam 1.vb. to muster troops, fyen hlyum. hlyam 2. hlyum tyŭ vb. to shake very much as in earthquake i. q. hlyóm? hlyam 3. see dyan hlyam. hlyat see hlyȧt.

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hlyũ, på-hlyũ, mỏn på-hlyŭ mat the maize has begun to spring up. See hlyt.

(hlyut) på-hlyut-bo adj. conical, tapering, sloping, tuk tuk på-hlyut-bo a conical hat. See hlyй.

(hlyŭm) a-hlyům or a-hlyóm much, (obsol.) see čo, čok.

hlyu vb. to spoil a child with too much tenderness, hlyu lón bam vb. to spoil, to bring up a child too indulgently.

hlyum vb. n. to be slanting;-på-hlyum cut slanted, as bamboo, pa-dam, lesser than på-hla-la q. v. pa-hlyum is opposed to på-far; på-dam på-hlyum a bamboo water-holder with mouth slantingly cut.

hlyek vb. to put new bottom to a basket, tun-gar a-hlyek a basket with a new bottom.

hlyen vb. to cough, hlyen kák vb. to have a bad cough; hlyen pát vb. to have a fit for coughing; hlyen tyun vb. to cough. - a-hlyen s. a cough or coughing, a-hlyen a-kāk.

hlyet i. q. hlyt or hlet.

hlyep i. q. hlep behind; a-hlyep s. a grade, a-hlyep a-hlyep nóñ.

hlyo hiyo dangling, loose.

hlyot 1.: hlyot hryón vb. to turn inside

out M

(hlyot 2.), să-hlyot all at once, suddenly, sa-hlyot-tà di vb. to come all at once, sa-hlyot-tà săr nón vb. to become suddenly rotten.

hlyop vb. n. to be empty, tun-gip klyʊp an empty bag, 20 pyon hlyop an empty ear of corn, hlyop hlyop li vb. to feel empty as stomach, hlyop hlyop nan vb. to lie empty.

hlyom vb. to be blistered, scalded, scorified, see mí.

(hlyók), pǎ-hlyók astride, p. h. tul vb. to ride astride.

hlyón collecting one's power, hlyón kat tsun vb. to lift up with collected strength of one or more persons, hlyón kat pi vb. to write with all one's power. a-hlyón s. a set of merry companions M. hlyót 1. see hló.

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hlyóp 2. onom. hlyóp-pǎ hlyóp-pă flapping as of wings, i. p. hlap-pà hlap-pă; hlyóppå hlyóp-på lúm vb. to fly flapping wings.

hlyóm 1. vb. to pass over, to omit, to skip over as book, work etc., to make way as thro' jungle, dúp hlyóm or muk hlyóm i. q. på-hlyóm; -på-hlyóm or punor hlyóm s. 1. a large stick, as lever, a heavy club, pa-hlyóm-să nól or hlyóm vb. to clear way thro' jungle with på-hlyóm; 2. any mechanism that will provide the means of moving or working of success, pun-dóp på-hlyóm a locomotive. Seo hlem.

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hlyóm 2. see hlyŭm.

vă the twenty-fifth letter of the socalled Lepcha-alphabet T. 4 Skt. ▼ acc. M. as the English v. See bă.

vă 2., vám vb. to protract a sound, to give a long note, to chant out; mũn ră vb. to prolong note; s a long note.

vảm s. a song, a tune; music, gó-wunsả vảm 8. a song of love, fyăn-nuй-să vám a comic song, yŭ-mük-så vám a mournful song, a lamentation; tem-bre-su vám a ceremonial song; rón-sa vám: Lápċagita (samgraha); - vám mat vb. to sing, vám mat-bo s. a songster, a musician; vám kryóm-lă mat vb. to sing in concert; xám gyen mat vb. to vie in singing; vảm a-lyen a-lyen mat vb. to sing consecutively; vám mat šu mat vb. to sing and do one thing on another; vám-dũm mat vb. to sing; vám fyen vb. to prolong note i. q. mún vă. vám-rinsa li or vám tap-lún lí i. q. vám prya vb. to celebrate in song, to sing of; vám-mún 8. a note in singing; vám lo-pún s. a musicmaster, a professor of music; rámså a-pryóm s the harmony of song, vámsa a-pryóm-ka fap vb. to introduce into


song, for the sake of sound; vám-să asut 8. the tune of song.

vă 2. vb. to mix by stirring, to stir as tea.

vă 3. vá-t vă vb. 1. n. to go round, to wander round; vật vb. t. to span round (as with hand), to grasp, to meet round (as girdle, band etc.), to circumvent, to encompass, to environ, to embrace (corporally or mentally), to accomplish M. 78. a-ki-năn vát vb, to span round with the hand; &óm-nin vút vb. to surround with money, also to accomplish with money; čet-tún vút vb. to empower; gin-nin vật vb. to engird; tă/-pol vát vb. to enrail; tsuk-po-nŭn vát vb. to circumvallate; tsóm vát vb. to circumscribe; sakcin-nun vát vb. to grasp with mind; arin-nŭn vát vb. to entangle one in argument, to heap words upon another; asớm-nin vút vb. to compress into a breath one's own ability, to state with decision one's own ability to do anything. —

Der. ad. 1. să-vá-lă, sŭr-vá-lă adv. 1. in strips of cloth, paper, streaks of rain, ■ỏ súr-vá-lŭ yu rain to pour down in




streaks; dum să-vá-la a strip of cloth; out, to intermit, to skip, hd-nun tük kat 2. tattered, ragged P. vál you have omitted a word; kả-súm mávál-nun do not pass over me. vál-li vál-lă adv. intermittent, at intervals, dū vál-lă rál-lå lót the fever is intermittent. a-vál adj. isolated, lyan vál an isolated place, pá-zók a-vál a wood surrounded by cultivation.

vák vb. to avoid, má-ró nák mă-gat-nă găn vák-kả if you do not wish, to see a person, avoid him; vák-lůň ta to eat what is good avoiding the parts that are bad; tyól ján-bo-sản vák-lún cóm áyát shun and avoid bad society. a-rák adj. circuitous, round about, a-vák lóm a round-about way. See van.

văn về. to be quick, tài nói vb. to speed, to haste, to go quickly, văn-lũn zuk vb. to do quickly.

váň p. ván (sve vák) vb. to put aside, to eliminate, to segregate, to put aside the bad, to exclude, a-ryum-bo-nun a-junbo vản to separate good from bad, ván dyan vb. to separate and fling away the bad, túi-lui zo vb. to eat circumspectly, putting aside, what is bad; tŭk-mo matbo-sùi củi bam kim cause the thieves to

live apart, exclude them. vyán caus. of vản to put apart, to cause to put apart. — p. vản to be free, to be disengaged, unfettered by any tie, to be inoccupied, to be at leisure; t-gi của an unmarried female, a spinster, ta-gri ván an unmarried male, (bachelor, widower) a-ka mă-ván-ne to have one's hands employed or fettered by work or otherwise; li măván-ne to have no leisure to talk.

Deriv. a-van adj. unmarried, single, a-ván mat bam-mă remain a widow G.; childless; alone (as without arms etc.); odd, single, uncomplete (said of things); a-ván zắn one who has no connexion with wife, a-ván zắn bam-nyi to live so. fun-ván adj. isolated, free, unfettered, fùn-ván-lå ñan vb. to be isolated as tree. văn: văn hà văn-nă aljly. circular, in circles, v.-na v.-nă mat vb. to make circular, v.-nă v.-nă lảm vb. to fly in circles. vát see t.

ván seo túi.

văp, túr-văp-là sve vek, tŭr-vek-lā. vám sce v 1.

văr, văr-rà see under var.

vál vb. to pass over, to omit, to leave

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· 1. va va vibrating, a-lút va va li to feel heart palpitating: to be hungry Tbr.-2. rattừ vat-td swinging (as arms), a-ki cat-tu rat-tă lóm to walk along swinging arms.

vak (see vuk) vb. t. to hollow out, to scoop out, vak-lun dot to scoop out, tafón vak to scoop out trough, mắn caklun dot to cut out flesh (as part bitten by mad dog), see tek-rak.

van 1. vb. to turn upside down, to reverse in an upright, not flatwise way, to change (as weather from fair to foul), to turn pale (as complexion) also in Tbr. to be worse), to turn sour as chi; to degenerate, to change for the worse, to be prostrated, to succumb to, ran tyunlà nói to turn head over heels; hà mlyāk mă-van-nün kat nyi he is always the same, does not alter; pur-can-bo adj. altering, changing; riù raй vb. to break one's word or alter one's language for the worse; a-lût van vb. to have heart change for the worse; can tyùn-lü ayok zuk vb. to do work effectually; can in sense of to die, kúr-dóň kúr-són nyi gửi là di-na tai-mi-o even the hale and ruddy must succumb to the diseases. P.

van 2., van-nă văñ-ñă large (as hole) in circumference. fun-van-bo adj. wide. open-mouthed (as hole). See cak.

vat 1. 1. 8. help, 2. vb. to obtain loan, vat mat vb. to help, to assist, vat ul vb.

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