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American Sabbath School Union.--This Society held its second anniversary in Philadelphia, on the 23d ult. The following statistical veiw of the present operations of the Society is collected from the Philadelhian. States.

Schools. Teachers. Scholars. Maine, about


6000 New-Hampshire,


8000 Vermont,


5723 Massachusetts,


6078 Rhode Island,


1700 Connecticut,


7083 New-York,


22811 New-Jersey,


13710 Pennsylvania,


36399 Maryland,


3158 Delaware,


1641 Virginia,


4588 North-Carolina,


2648 South-Carolina,



1980 Alabama,


352 Mississippi,


172 Louisiana,

50 Tennessee,




Indiana, no returns.
Missouri and Illinois,


3697 Michigan,


280 District of Columbia,


2452 Total,


134368 The number of Sabbath scholars throughout the world, exclusive of the United States, was estimated at 857,905, at the last anniversary. Great Britain and Ireland, since, report an addition of 25,722. The grand total of Sabbath scholars in the world, is 1,080,000.

United Domestic Missionary Society. It is already known that this Society discourages the system of itinerating in missionary labours, conceiving that the most good can be accomplished by assisting poor and infant congregations in the support of stated ministers, and missionaries, who should have in their care two, three, or four congregations. On these principles, then, the society has extended aid during the last year to one hundred and fortyeight churches and congregations : and these have been supplied in whole or in part by one hundred and twenty-seven missionaries. They have thus made provision for the entire support of 27 years and 9 months of missionary labour; and have secured to the congregations aided, equal to 115 years and 11 months of parochial or ministerial service.

Of the society's missionaries, 100 have been employed in the state of New-York, 1 in Vermont, 1 in New-Jersey, 7 in Pennsylvania, 7 in Ohio, 1 in Michigan, 4 in Indiana, 3 in Missouri, 1 in Illinois, 1 in East Florida, and 1 in Lower Canada.

The society have paid since the last anniversary, for the support of these


The Rev. Mr. Wisner, of Boston, then moved a resolution to change the name of the society to that of the AMERICAN HOME MISSIONARI SOCI. ETY, and to adopt the constitution prepared by the convention of delegates; which was unanimously adopted.

West Indies.—Societies have been formed in several of the West India islands for the religious instruction and education of the blacks, with the countenance of the civil and ecclesiastical authority. In the Island of Nevis Sunday schools have been established, in which upwards of 700 slaves are receiving instruction. Mr. Blyth, a member of the United Associate Synod in Scotland, and who studied under the Rev. George Paxton, is labouring with great diligence and success among the slave population in Jamaica.

Literary and Scientific Notices.

Henry's Commentary. It will be seen by the advertisement on our corer, that Messrs. Towar & Hogan, Philadelphia, propose to publish, by subscription, an American edition of this valuable work. This, we think, will prove an acceptable service to the religious public: valuable as this work is acknowledged to be, but few copies are to be met with in the country; and the high price of imported copies, (fully double that at which it is now offered,) effectually prevent its general circulation. We therefore hope the publishers will meet with sufficient encouragement to warrant their proceeding with the propsed undertaking. The following testimonies are a few, among many, which might be cited, to shew the estimation in which it is held, by men of the soundest judgment, and unquestionable piety.

Dr. Doddridge says" Henry is perhaps the only commentator so large, that deserves to be entirely and attentively read through. The remarkable passages I think should be remarked. There is much to be learned from this in a speculative, and still more in a practical way."

Dr. Edward Williams says" It is an incomparable work, and too well Known to need a discriminating character."

Rev. Thomas Hartuell Horne, in his valuable Introduction to the Study of the Scriptures, says, that its high and generally known value is so just and extensive, that it needs no recommendation.

The Rev. Adam Clarke, the Commentator, says—" The Rev. Matthew Henry, a very eminent dissenting minister, is the author of a very extensive commentary on the Old and New Testaments, and one of the most popular works of the kind ever published. It is always orthodox, generally judicious, and truly pious and practical.”

A Warning against Unitarian and Hopkinsian Errors, has been published by a commitee of the Associate Synod. This, we consider a valuable production, as it contains a brief statement and refutation of the most distinguished heresies of the Hopkinsian school. We are aware that some Hopkinsians do not embrace all the sentiments stated in the “ Warning," but is as certain that others do.

Respiration. The two processes of inspiration and expiration generally alternate with each other, while the body is at rest, about 20 times in a minute. If, therefore, we adopt, from Dr. Menzies' experiments, forty cubis inches as tbe average bulk of air inhaled and exhaled, it will follow, that a full-grown

MINUTES Of the Associate Synod of North America, at their Meeting in Philadelphia 24th May, 1826, and continued by adjournment, being their Twenty-fifth Annual Meeting.

PHILADELPHIA, May 24, 1826. The Associate Synod of North America met, and was constituted with prayer by Mr. ANDREW STARK, moderator.


From the Presbytery of Philadelphia. Ministers-Francis Pringle, Thomas B. Clarkson,* Alexander Gordon.* Elders-John McAllister, William Morris.

From the Presbytery of Cambridge. Ministers--Alexander Bullions,* Peter Campbell, Andrew Stark, James Martin, James Irvine, James White, Thomas Beveridge, Thomas Ferrier,* James Millar.* Elders-Peter Fenton, Chauncey Webster, William McGeoch.*

From the Presbytery of Chartiers. Ministers--James Ramsay, D. D. William Wilson,* Alexander Wilson,* Thomas Hanna.

From the Presbytery of Ohio. Minister--Alexander Murray.*

From the Presbytery of Allegheny.

From the Presbytery of Miami.
Ministers Andrew Isaac, James Adams, David Carson.

From the Presbytery of the Carolinas.
Minister-Andrew Heron.

Excuses were offered for the absence of Messrs. John Wallace and Thomas Ketcher, and sustained.

The minutes of last meeting were read. A report of the proceedings of the committee for publishing the “Warning," was presented and read. After some remarks on the report, a committee was appointed to examine the Warning, as to paper, printing, &c. and report how it should be disposed of.Messrs. Heron, Beveridge, Carson and Webster, the committee.

Resolved, That a committee be appointed to superintend the printing of the minutes, with instructions to have them published in the Junę No. of the Religious Monitor.

Resolved further, That the committee shall publish the whole of the minutes, except such parts as Synod shall order not to be printed. Messrs. Heron, Martin and Webster, the committee.

Mr. Pringle offered, in writing, the resignation of his office as clerk to the Synod, which was laid on the table. Those marked thus * were not present when Synod was constituted.

Adjourned till 9 o'clock to-morrow morning, and closed with prayer.

Thursday, May 25. Synod met and was opened with prayer by the moderator.-Messrs. James Millar, Wm. Wilson, Alex. Wilson, Alex. Murray, Thos. Ferrier, Alex. Bullions, Alex. Gordon, ministers; and Wm. McGeoch, elder, appeared and took their seats.

Last evening the moderator preached from 2 Cor. iv. 5_"We preach, not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake.”

Read the minutes of last sitting.
James Ramsay, D.D. was chosen moderator.

Inquiry was made respecting the observance of the Synodical Fast; and it was found to have been generally observed. Messrs. Martin and Irvine signified that on account of not having received the act for the fast, they had neglected it. This excuse was not sustained.

Messrs. Murray and Hanna were appointed a committee to examine the records of the Presbytery of Philadelphia.

A complaint was entered, that the order for forwarding copies of the Book of Discipline to Philadelphia, had not been obeyed; when the moderator observed, that after waiting for some time an opportunity, he had several weeks since sent on a quantity of said books, which might soon be expected in Philadelphia. This explanation was deemed satisfactory.

On inquiry, whether the resolution of last year for making collections for missionary purposes, had been attended to, it was found that separate collections for said purposes had not been generally made. Whereupon the following motion was made and seconded -Whereas, the order of last year for making collections for missionary purposes having been generally neglected, thereforeResolved, That a special committee be appointed to digest a general and efficient system relative to this matter. Messrs. Bullions, Hanna and Carson to be said committee.

The following committees were also appointed: On supplies, Messrs. Pringle, Murray, Irvine, Isaac, Heron and W. Wilson. On the funds, Messrs. Fenton and Webster. To prepare the draught of an act for a Fast, Messrs. Beveridge and Martin.

Resolved, That a committee be appointed to prepare the draught of a pastoral letter to be addressed to the people under the care of the Synod, and that said committee be enjoined to report as soon as possible. Messrs. Heron and Gordon the committee. The following papers were presented and read:


to the extent thereof; or that it could be fairly met by our Presbytery Against this rejection of his appeal he has also protested, and appealed to Synod. This appeal has been admitted ; and we have given him extracts of onr minutes, and hold ourselves prepared to make such defence and explanation of our proceedings as may be found necessary.

Mr. David Goodwillie was ordained in the united congregations of Poland, Liberty, and Deer Creek, on the 26th of April ; and on the same day, Mr. Matthew Snodgrass was licensed to preach gospel. The Basis of Union in Scotland has come to hand; but as it has not been put into the hands of our members generally, we are not prepared to express our minds upon the subject. The members of our Presbytery, impressed with a sense of the importance of this subject, would wish the attention of Synod to be directed to it as early as possible.

By the timely assistance we received from probationers and the settleinent of Mr. Goodwillie, our hands are strengthened, new vacancies have been organized, and as much supply is required as can be granted.

DAVID IMBRIE, Mod'r. A petition was read, from certain members of the Presbytery of Chariters, viz. John Walker, Samuel Irvine, Thos. Hanna and Daniel McLean, praying to be disannexed from said Presbytery, and to be constituted into a separate one, by the name of the Presbytery of Muskingum. Also,

A petition from certain individuals of Pike and Lincoln counties, Missouri, praying Synod to furnish them with such a dispensation of the gospel and gospel ordinances, as they have within their


Mr. James Lyle was ordained to the office of the holy ministry, and installed as pastor of the united congregations of Bethel, Little River, and Smyrna, on the 4th of May, 1825.

Mr. William M. McElwee, according to appointment of Synod, was ta. ken on trial, and on the 4th of August, 1825, licensed to preach the gospel.

The Rev. John Mushat has, on account of indisposition, suspended the exercise of his ministry since January, 1825 ; and it is not probable that the church will enjoy his public labours again. Mr. John Robertson’s death, an afflicting visitation to the church, has been most severely felt by us, as we by appointment of Synod, expected his aid. These privations, together with the frailty by age, of one of our members, and the local distance of two others from the principal body of our church in the Carolinas, have left us weak, and our vacancies but partially supplied. The field for ministerial labours, in charge of this Presbytery, has also been considerably enJarged since the last meeting of Synod, by an application from Alabama, Madison county, and by the organization of a new vacancy, in Haywood county, N. C. called Piedmont.

Finding ourselves unable to afford the necessary supply to the vacancies already organized within our bounds, we beg leave to recommend to the immediate attention of Synod the call from Alabama. We think this call opens a fair prospect of useful exertion, if early attention be given; but early attention is necessary. They have received some supply by Mr. McElwee ; but much more time than this Presbytery can afford, is necessary in order to produce any permanent effect. We trust that Synod will provide, as means shall enable and wisdom direct. A. ANDERSON, Mod'r.

REPORT OF THE PRESBYTERY OF CAMBRIDGE. Several important events have taken place within the bounds of this Presbytery during the past year. The calls forwarded to us by Synod for Mr.

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