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indicative of the Baptist views in times past, that you had disproved or demonstrated them to be spurious or unauthentic avowals of Regular Baptist theories on the great point so long at issue between the modern Regular Baptists and your much slandered and calumniated corrospondent. Now as you made no such an attempt; but, on the contrary, admit my affirmations and quotations; and, indeed, now for the first time allude to the most important of them without a direct or formal denial, I am sorry that you should have slurred them over so silently; I think it would have done you still more honor candidly to have admitied their unanswerable relevance, and thus more manfully, and still more Christian-like, to have shown your reasons for pretermitting the only issue which lay between us at your commencement. But you choose to close upon the old position, which, from the 1st of March, 1824, till now, has been my rallying point. If you will again turn over to the 8th number of the Christian Baptist, vol. i., on Experimental Religion, you will see the theory I opposed in the following words, to wit:—“An invisible indescribable energy exerted - upon the minds of men in order to make them Christians;, and that, too, independent of, and prior to, the word believed.” The ground then assumed by me was: “Now the influence of the Holy Spirit is only felt in and by the word believed.” So stood the matier some twenty years ago: and now how does it stand with Elder Peck and those whom he represents? He says, “The scriptures teach the gracious agency of the Holy Spirit in the conversion of sinners in every age.” So do I. But with the following explanation: I say, "through the truth;and Elder Peck it was expected wouid say with his old brethren, sonetimes through the truth, but for the most part - without it.But this you have declined to say; and so the matter ends. See the conclusion of my No. iv., page 259, current volume, and read your reply with a special reference to it.

And now, brother Peck, since we so happily agree, and since after a twenty years' war, the dogma of metaphysically abstract regeneration without the word heard, understood, believed, as then held and taught all over the Baptist and Pedobaptist world, with scarcely a solitary exception, is now repudiated by very many Baptists and Pedobaptists fairly represented by you, if not by their direct suffrage and election, nevertheless by their fairly implied acquiescence in your representations, I would most respectfully and benevolently importune your kind assistance in restoring a more Christian-like feeling and treatment on the part of our good Baptist brethren; and if in other matters they cannot yet go cordially with us, if they will kindly fozbear a little while, I would humbly hope, through a little more candor and Christian sympathy, the sincerely pious of your communion may be brought to a more intimate communion and co-operation with us; and that finally the whole family of immersed believers will form one grand front in vindication of apostolic and original Christianity against all the errors and heresies that now oppose the onward march of the carise for which our Master lived and died.

I have no doubt but that some of our brethren in the reformation, through the violence of opposition, being yet imperfectly inducted into Christian science, may have so expressed themselves as if in the conversion of sinners it was all Word and no Spirit; nay, indeed, that the Word and the Splrit are identical. I have on various occasions had te repudiate such an idea.

I believe and teach now as I did thirty years ago, that the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit, are three divine names indicative of perfect eqality in all that is represented by the term God in its highest, holiest, and supreme import; and that this same divine nature is severally and personally ascribed to each of them by all in heaven and by all the intelligent on earth in all the great works of creation, providence, and redemption.

Without this distinction in the divine nature, without the mystery of divinity exhibited in the personal relations of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the mystery of redemption had been impossible in conception, design, and execution. God the Father so loved the world as to give his only begotten Son for its ransom. "The Son so loved the world as to give himself up to the death for us all;" and the Spirit has so loved us as to make his abode in our hearts as the children of God; and thus the whole "godhead" is fully revealed, admired, adored in the mystery of man's redemption.

These views in all the mutations of partyism from the twelve Apostles till now, sometimes indeed greatly obscured by the jargon of a corrupt speech, and mystified by an empty and vain philosophy, have nevertheless been acknowledged, confessed, and cherished by saints and martyrs, and by the Hebrew, Greek, and Roman hierarchies of every age till now. The most learned, pious, and morally excel. lent of all the Christian times, have delighted in them, pondered them, preached them, chanted them, sung them, died for them.Various contradictory isms in different ages have opposed and resisted them to the extreme; but they have in all their ancient modifications faded, died, and departed. The present forms are sickening, dying, and passing away into Perfectionism, Rationalism, Transcendentalisma

With regard to the operation of the Spirit through the Word on sinners and on saints, while we strongly affirm the fact of his sanctify

ing, reviving, cheering, and saving efficacy through the word of Prophets and Apostles, we ought to teach no new terms, phrases, or dogmata-preach good news to sinners, and teach holiness to the converted— teach the Christians to pray for the Spirit in all its holy influences, and to lift up their voices 10 the Lord for all his promised aids. Then the love of God will be poured out into their souls by his Holy Spirit that dwelleth in them, and they will learn to love his children and 10 rejoice in hope of the coming glory. To learn that such are your views, designs, and practice, will greatly add to the esteem I entertain for you, and will much encourage me in pleading for the sincere and perfect union of our Father's dear children in order to the conversion of the world. Sincerely and affectionately yours,



The Prize Essay on Missions, by Dr. Harris, author of Mammon, has already been announced as in a course of publication in this city. We give our readers a brief extract:

“What reason has the church, as a church, yet given the world that she herself believes the gospel? Here and there an individual member acts out his principles, and the world admits his sincerity; and, however it may dislike his Holiness, is almost as ready to admire his inconsistency and exemplariness, as the church itself. But wbat reason has the church generally given the world to believe it sincere? For fifteen hundred years the wealth of the world was passing through its hands; did it employ that mighty talent for the world's conversion? The world itself was at iis feet; did it do much better than trample on ii? Again, the world, in a nobler sense, is at our feet; asking us, if not in anguish of soul, at least, with marks of visible concern, what it must do to be saved? Providence is urging us to answer the question; Christ is saying, 'Go, and proclaim the cross to every creature;' and we ourselves, professing ro believe that we hold in our hands the means of surcess-prosessing to exult that the gospel is the power of God unio salyation-can yet hardly bring ourselves 10 tell one in a thousand, that there is any salvation, and, professing to believe that Christ has an absolute claim on all we have can hardly bring ourselves to surrender sufficient to tell one in a thousand. Oh! if our Lord had forbade self-denial--if he were now to repeal ihe law of self-consecration, and to enact a law of self-indulgence-would not the great majoriiy of his people be found in a stale of perfect obedi. ence? If living to themselves would convert the world, how long since would the world have been saved!”

Religious Herald.


The following extracts are taken from a pamphlet printed in New York, A. D. 1842, entitled MORMONISM Exposed:

“This work is made up principally of quotations from the Mormon writings, some of which they are striving to keep from the public eye. It contains also copious extracts from a document published by order of the Uniied States' Senate, showing the treasonable tendency of Mormonism; the whole arranged under appropriate heads, and giving a clear exhibition of the faith and conduct of that arch imposior, Joseph Smith, Jr., and those concerned with him in spreading that wicked system.


Do not imagine that Mormonism is a subject too worthless for your a:tention.

If any other religious sect should be convicten from their own writings of TREASONABLE designs against the government of this narion, would you deern it unworthy of your notice? If the Methodists, or Bapuisis, or Presbyterians, or Episcopalians should be convicted of forming "secret societies," and binding their members, under the awful penaliy of Death, to subvert the institutions of this country, would you not do all in your power to make such iniquitous proceedings known?

It is now some eleven years since this singular delusion first began to attract attention in this country. During all this while we have been persuading ourselves that the imposture was too glaring to do any serious mischief. We have trusted to the good sense of the peo. ple, as presenting a sufficient barrier against the spread of notions so silly and so uiterly opposed to reason, to scripture, and well known maiters of fact And what has been the result? While we have been sleeping the enemy has scaliered his tares among us, and thousands have been duped by this insidious foe. And not only so, but these emissaries have visited Europe, and from the ignorant muliitudes of that country hundreds have already been induced to emigrate to our shores for the purpose of swelling the ranks of Joseph Smith, who glories in comparing himself to Mahomei, and who has over and over again avowed his design of spreading his religion by the sword!

And who has not heard of the use this Smith and his deluded fol. lowers have already made of the sword in the state of Missouri? A pamphlet has been printed the present yrår, ny order of the United States' Senate, showing the bloody character of Mormonism, and proving by the testimonies of Mormons themselves, that it is a system of ignorance, blasphemy, falsehood, theft, and MURDER.

From a number of years' acquaintance with this imposition, the writer is fully convinced that but very few persons have ever embraced what is called Mormonism, with a knowledge of iis true character. Their book of Doctrines and Covenants' is usually kept out of sight; and, indeed, it is kept from the knowledge of all the Mormons themselves, except the leaders! We know of numbers who have joined them, who never heard of such a book till they had embraced that delusion. For years we have attempted to beg or buy one of these

books in vain. However, we have obtaiued the reading of a copy Jong enough to extract a sufficient portion of its contents to show the nature of this wicked system.

As these pages will probably fall into the hands of many who would be glad of information on these subjects, and as it may promote the object we have in view, we shall first give an account of the origin of Mormonism. Secondly, ils distinguishing doctrines, and show that Mormonism is, in itself, treason against the government of God and man.

But, before we proceed, it may be proper to name the authorities on which we base these charges against Morinonism and its authors.They are the following:

1. The Book of Morinon; by Joseph Smith, Jr., author and proprietor. Palmyra: printed by E. B. Grandin, for the author, 1836.'

2. •Doctrines and Covenants of the Church of the Latter Day Saints; carefully selec:ed and compiled from the Revelations of God, by Joseph Smith, Jr., Oliver Cowdery, Sidney' Rigdon, Fred. G. Williams, (Presiding Elders of said Church,) Proprietors. Kirtland, Ohio: printed by Williams & Co., 1835.'

3. «A Voice of Warning to all People, containing a declaration of the faith and doctrine of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, commonly called Mormons. By P. P. Pratt. Minister of the Gospel. New York: printed by W. Sandford, 1837.'

The above are books written or published by Mormons themselves. 4. •Document (189) showing the testimony given before the Judge of the Fifth Judicial Circuit of the State of Missouri, on the trial of Joseph Smiih, Jr., and others, for high treason, and other crimes against that Strate. Printed by order of the Uniied States' Senate, Washington, D.C., 1841.'

5. "Mormonism Unveiled, by E. D. Howe: published at Paines: ville, Ohio, in 1834.'

We need not mention our common English Bible in this list, not because we do not appeal to its authority, but because we do not design to enter upon the theological bearings of this subject. How utierly opposed Mormonism is, in some of its claims, to the gospel of Jesus Christ, will be readily seen when these preposterous claims are once viewed in the light of reason and the testimony of God's word,

New York, July 1, 1841.


Origin of Mormonism Mormonisin owes its origin to one Joseph Smith, Jun., and Martin Harris, and perhaps one or two more ignorant but designing persons, then resident in the western part of the state of New York.

In the work entitled “Mormonism Unveiled,' we find the testimo nies of not less than eighty different persons, all residents of Wayne and Ontario counties, N. Y., which prove, beyond the possibility of doubt, that neither Joseph Smith, Jun., nor either of his witnesses are to be believed; and that Mormonism, from beginning to end, is a bone delusion, which does not leave its originators even the credit of honesty or good intentions in its propagation. These witnesses are disinterested respectable citizens, many of whom have made solemn oath tu

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