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Period, 329
N.S. vol.2


Samuel N. Dickinson, Printer,

52, Washington Street.


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This volume is chiefly a compilation, but the materials selected have been so much altered, abridged, and interwoven with each other, as well as with original matter, that it was inconvenient to assign the particular parts to their respective authors. The writings of Hewlett, Grove, Earle, Bp. Willson, Zollikoffer, Bp. Ken, Dr. Johnson, and the author of a New Manual of Devotion,' are the principal sources from which the work is derived. In the preparation of it, there has been primary reference to communicants, but it is, by no means, exclusively designed for them. It may furnish matter for devout meditation and prayer to all christians.

The variety in the style, (the language of the different writers having been as much as possible retained) will not, it is hoped, render it less interesting, and may make it more suitable for general use. The short time in which it was necessary to prepare this volume, and the pressure of other avocations, have rendered it more imperfect than it might otherwise have been, and than it may yet be, if another edition should be required.

A work of this nature was much needed. Whether this will in any measure supply that need is yet to be determined. It is humbly commended to the blessing of Almighty God, for whose glory, in the promotion of true holiness, it was prepared, and to whom alone it belongs to give success,

C, L,

November, 1832.

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