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Q. 3. Give a general account of the dedication of the treasures ? 2 Chron v.

Q. 4. How long was the temple in building ? compare Chap. 6.-verse 1. with verse 38.

Q. 5. Where was it situated ?
A. On Mount Moriah in Jerusalem ?
Q. 6. How many men were employed upon it?
A. 163,000.

Q. 7. Was it one of the most costly and splendid edifices ever built?

A. It was.
Q. 8. How long did it stand ?

A. It stood about 421 years until destroyed by the Chaldeans. After the captivity-or 515 years before Christ, the Jews under Nehemiah finished rebuilding it. Being greatly decayed it was again repaired from the foundation by Herod 17 years before Christ, - and finally destroyed in the year 70-after Christ by Titus,

Q. 9. (Chap 8.) Relate the ceremony of the dedi. cation of the Temple ? Q. 10. What did Solomon


? Q 11. Repeat his prayer? Q. 12. And his benediction ? Q. 13. What testimony did God give ? 2 Chron vii.

Q. 14. (Chap 9.) What did the Lord'say to Solomon when he appeared to him the second time?

Q. 15. What house did Solomon build for himself and where was it and how long in building-Chap 7.verse 1.

Q. 16, (Chap:9) What Cities did he build ? See also 2 Chron 8.2 to 7.

Q. 17. What else did he do at this this time?



Q. 1. (Chap 10.) What is related of the queeu of Sheba ? Repeai Math. 12. 42, and Luke 11.31.

Abram had a adant called Sheba and this

quence ?

queen governed a country probably called after him, in the south part of Arabia near the Indian ocean.

Q. 2. What was the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year ? (For Jewish weights and measures see Inter Section.) Q. 3. Describe his throne ?

4. What is said of his chariots and horsemen ?

5. Of his riches ? Q. 6. And wisdom ?, Q. 7. What was the number of bis wives ? Ch. 11. Q. 8. What effect had they upon him?

9. What did the Lord say to him in conseQ. 10. What adversaries did the Lord stir up agaiost him ?

Q. 11. What did Ahijah the prophet say to Jero. boam ?

Q. 12. Why did Jero boain flee?
Q. 13. How long did Solomon reign ?
Q. 14. Was he an inspired writer.

A. Yes. It is supposed that a large part of Pro. verbs—the book of Ecclesiastes and the song of Solomon were written by him.

Q. 15. (Chap 12.) Who succeeded Solomon ?
Q. 16.

What did Jeroboam do when he heard of Solomon's death?

Q. 17 Whose counsil did Rehoboam follow and what was his reply to the people?

Q. 18. Was Israel at this time divided into two separate kingdoms ?

A. It was the tribe of Judah and Benjamin adhered to Relroboam and constituted the kingdom of Judah of which Jerusalem was the capital. The other ten tribes adhered to Jeroboam and formed the kingdom of Israel of which Shechem and after the reign of Omri, Samaria, was the capital. These two kingdoms remained distinct uniil both ended in the captivity. The king. dom Israel lasted 254 years after the separation and that of Judah 388.

Q. 19. What did the Lord by Shemaiah say to Rehoboam when he was about to go up against Jeroboam ?

Q. 20. What did Jeroboam do to prevent the people from going to Jerusalem to sacrifice and why?

Q. 21. (Chap 13.) What occurred when Jeroboam was by the altar burning incense.

Q. 22. What did the king ask when his hand was restored ?

Q. 23. What became of this man of God after he left the king and why?

Q. 24. What sin did the king Jeroboam commit? Q. 25. (Chap 14.) Relate what was done when Abijah Jeraloa'ms son was sick ?

Q. 26. And the words of the prophet?

Q. 27. How long did Jeroboam reign over Israel and who succeeded him?

Q. 28. How long did Rehoboam reign in Jerusalemi
Q. 29.. What was the conduct of the people ?
Q. 30. What took place in the 5th year of his reign?

Q. 31. Was there à perpetual war between thesə two kings?

Q. 32. Who succeeded Rehoboam ?

A. This was about 57 years after the death of Da. vid.

Q. 33. What prophet prophesied during the latter part of Jeroboam's reign?

A. Hosea for about 80 years.



Q. 1. (Chap. 15.) What distinguished poets flour ished about this time? A. Homer and Hesiod.

Q. 2. What was the character of Nadab the son and successor of Jeroboam ? He began to reign about 959 years before Christ and in the year of the world 3045.

Q. 3. Who slew and succeeded him and what was his character

Q. 4. What took place between him and Asa king of Judah ?

Q. 5. What prophecy did Jehu utter against him? Chap. xvi.

Q6. Who was his successor and how long did he reign ?

Q. 7. Who slew and succeeded him ?

Q. 8. What did he do and how was he destroyed after 7 days?

Q. 9. What was the character of Omri and how long did be reign? His reign began about 932 before Christ.

Q. 10. What did he buy?

Q.11. Did this place become the capital of the kingdom of Israel

A. It did. Samaria was about 40 miles nearly north of Jerusalem, and 52 north west of Jericho, and near Mt. Gerazim and Ebal. Deut. xi. 29, 30.

Q. 12. Who succeed him and how long was his reign?

Q. 13. What was his character and what idolatry did he introduce ?

Q. 14. What prophet lived in Israel at this time anal what is related of him?

Q. 15 What miracle was wrough at his desire ?-Repeat Luke iv. 25.

Q. 10. (Chap. 18.) Who was Obadiah and what was character:

v. 17. What took place between him and Elijah?

Q. 18. What conversation passed between Elijah and Ahab ?

Q. 19 What took place when all the prophets of Baal were assembled ?

Q. 20. Relate what occurred when Elijah prayed? Repeat James v. 17.

Q. 21. Why did Elijah flee and what occurred in the wilderness ?

Q. 22. What did the Lord say to him there?
Q. 23. Where did he find Elisha?

Q. 24. (Chap. 20.) What is related of Ben-hadad and what passed between him and Ahab ? This was Ben-hadad ad son of the one in 2 Chron. xvi. 2.

Q. 25. What did the man of God say to Ahab ?
Q. 26. Relate the events of the first battle ?

Q. 27. What did a man of God say to the king of Israel when Ben-hadad returned again!

Q. 28. What was the issue of this battle and how many Syrians were slain ?

Q. 29. What treaty did they make ?

Q. 30. Did the refusal to smite the prophet imply disobedience to God? A. It did.

Q. 31. Relate what this prophet said to Ahab, and his reply?

Q. 31. Was what is said in the 42d verse the judgment of God against Ahab for suffering Ben-hadad to escape and how did it effect him ?

Q. 32. (Chap. 21.) Mention what is told concerning Naboth:

Q. 33. Who were called the sons of Belial ?

A. Worthless wretches who cast off the yoke of the law, and became abandoned as the word signifies.

Q. 34. How was Naboth destroyed ?

Q. 35. What took place between Elijah and Abab when he was sent to him ? ,

Q. 36. (Chap. 22) What took place after three years peace with Syria ?

37. Relate what is said of the prophets ? Q. 38. What vision did Micaiah the prophet relate? Q. 39. What was done with him? Q. 40. Mention the events of this war ?

Q. 41. Who succeeded Ahab, and how long did he reign and what crimes did he commit?

His reign began about 902 years before Christ.

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