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JUNE 1, 1869.

ume is very good. But such a work cannot and zine. As no one of the weekly issues of the Jourwill not be completed in three volumes. Therefore, nal came to hand, the first opportunity for an exwe are dissatisfied with the additional announce- amination of the new enterprise is afforded by the ment that Mr. Godwin has a purpose of writing on two monthly parts now before us. No one can Political Science, which he intends shall be the take even a casual glance at them without being crowning work of his life." If Lord Macaulay had at once impressed in the most favorable manner. manfully resisted the liberal pecuniary offers to the plan, in comparison with that of other publiwrite several biographies of illustrious political cations of the same general class, is in a marked and literary men for the last edition of the “ Ency. degree distinctive. The Journal is in fact, as well clopædia Britannica,” he would probably have been as by its title, devoted to Science, Literature, and able to write an additional volume or two of his Art, and it therefore occupies no space with ordibrilliant, if one-sided History of England; perhaps nary news or partisan advocacy, either political or to bring it down to the accession of the House of sectarian. The pictorial illustrations, both on Hanover. When an author has part of a work steel and on wood, are numerous, even more being before the public, he is morally bound to complete performed in this respect than is promised, for that before he turns to another subject.

each of the numbers before us contains a tasteful M. W. Dodd, New York, will shortly publish, Art-Supplement. The execution of these engravamong other valuable works, a volume which will, ings is spirited and artistic, and those accompany. there is scarcely any doubt, be received with con- ing the text of " New York Ilustrated'' are espesiderable favor-namely, “Lamps, Pitchers, and cially attractive. The contents of the Journal are Trumpets.” It is to be composed of lectures on diversified ; they cover a wide range of subjects, the vocation of the preacher, and illustrated by an- and are written with marked ability. The more ecdotes-biographical, historical, and elucidatory- lengthy articles, as well as the numerous brief paraof every order of pulpit eloquence from the great graphs, are fully up to the most recent phases of preachers of all ages. As the subject is one of the subjects to which the Journal is devoted, and general interest, and as the style is said to be very it is easy to see that the proprietors have brought animated, the work will be likely to constitute a

to bear on their new enterprise all the diversified repertory of anecdote and humorous story, from resources, and the full energies of their great pubwhich instruction and harmless amusement can be lishing house. As a sample of this, we may men. drawn at pleasure.

tion that Victor Hugo's new story, “ The Man Who The same publisher will shortly issue " Uncle Laughs," has been secured for the Journal at an exJohn's Flower Gatherers: a Companion for the Woods pense of 300,000 francs. The subscription price, and Fields," with nine beautiful illustrations; and four dollars a year, when the amount of matter

Philip Brantley's Life Work, and How he found furnished is considered, must be regarded as quite It," also illustrated-two works which are likely

moderate. The two numbers before us contain toto afford both entertainment and instruction to our gether 288 pages, exclusive of supplements, and juvenile friends.

they are retailed at fifty cepts each. We believe D. VAN Nostrand, New York, announces a highly periodical as this, and in the hands of such pub

there is ample field in this country for just such a valuable list of works on applied science. Among, lishers as Appleton & Co., it cannot fail not only these is a new edition of "Weisbach's Mechanics," Part I., translated from the fourth enlarged and to be an eminent success, but to be a powerful improved German edition, by Eckley B. Coxe, A.M.,

instrumentality in developing a pure, sound, and Mining Engineer. It will form a volume of eleven

tasteful sentiment among our people. hundred pages, with nearly one thousand wood-cut J. B. LIPPINCOTT & Co. have in course of preparaillustrations. A new edition of this work has been tion two new works by two popular authors, nameurgently needed ; and the mere announcement of ly : “ The Countess Gisela,” hy E. Marlitt, author its appearance will be grateful news to many per- of “Gold Elsie," etc., translated by Mrs. A. L. sons who are interested in mechanics and engi- Wister; and a new story by Ouida, author of neering.


,'' “ Strathmore," etc. REVUE DE DROIT INTERNATIONAL ET DE LÉGISLATION Beatrice," a charming poem by the Hon Roden COMPARÉE.- We have received from Westermann Noel, which was received with much favor by the & Co., New York, the first number of a new qnar- English reviewers, has been republished in this terly, which has just made its appearance at Paris, country by the same firm, in a neat 16mo, volume. the general scope of which is indicated by the The Catholic Publication Society, New York, of title. It is edited by Professor T. M. C. Asser, of which Mr. Lawrence Kehoe is general agent, has its Amsterdam; G. Rolin-Jaeqnemyns, advocate, of books got up in a very tasteful manner. The illusGands; and J. Westlake, Esq., of London. The trations of even the smallest work are admirably names of about one hundred contributors on the executed. We may particularly notice the last Continent and in England, and of a few in the two volumes: Lady Herbert's “ Impressions of United States, are announced. Those named from Spain," with its really superb architectural views this country are W. B. Lawrence, Professor Lieber, and landscapes ; and "Glimpses of Pleasant Homes," and Mr. Matile. The present number of the “Revue” | a delightful juvenile story book, with numerous contains ten articles, the authors of which are : domnestic scenes. A great deal is expected from a Jaequemyns, Jozon, Wirth, Holtzendorff, Asser, work in the press, “Roma Sotterranea, treating Westlake, and Fodéré. Mr. Westlake's paper is of the Roman Catacombs, to be illustrated by woodthe first of a series, in which he proposes to dis- cuts, chromo-lithographıs, etc., printed in Rome, cuss naturalization and expatriation, or change of under the special superintendence of De Rossi. It nationality. Holtzendorff's is an examination of the will be a splendid book, and one whiol Christians recent publications on penitentiary discipline. The of all denominations will gladly have on their “Revue" will form an annual volume of from 512 to parlor tables and on their library shelves. 540 pages, the subscription price being five dollars THE RIVERSIDE MAGAZINE FOR Young PEOPLE FOR in gold.

1869. - The “ Riverside" has found for itself so APPLETON'S JOURNAL OF LITERATURE, Science, and steadfast and enthusiastic a circle of readers, that Art.-We have received from the publishers the the publishers, in making the customary announcefirst and second monthly parts of this new maga- ment of a new volume, state that they feel it unne

JUNE 1, 1869.

cessary to dwell largely upon what has been done ; rare. Bound in full levant morocco, gilt edges, by the spirit and form of the magazine will remain the Bedford. same, but new life will be infused, and they look Fourth edition. Capitally bound in sprinkled forward with pleasure to the numbers for the year calf, super extra, old style, by W. Pratt. 1869, for they are sure that the plans which they The whole series are offered for $3500. bare laid will render the third volume a greater A. D. F. RANDOLPH & Co., of New York, have success than the two preceding ones even ; and imported an edition of a recent London book, enthe * Riverside" means to make good the saying titled “The Golden Chain of Praise, Hymns by that it can only be compared with itself. Hans Thomas H. Gill, author of 'The Papal Drama,'" etc. Christian Andersen has consented to become a The hymns are original, and the work is considered regalar contributor; Mrs. Helen C. Weeks has a valuable contribution to English hymnology. given the result of actual experience among the (jibway Indians, in a serial called “White and to Alfred L. Sewell & Co., of Chicago, publishers of

GRACE Greenwood has sold her “Little Pilgrim" Pied.” The “Stories from Shakspeare,” which, that admirable juvenile, “ The Little Corporal.” have been a characteristic of the “ Riverside," will be followed by a selection of stories, by the The Rev. Mr. Alger's work, not yet completed, same writer, from Chaucer and Spenser. Invention is said to be “ The History the Devil.” Daniel and Art will occupy a prominent place, and experts De Foe used that title a long time ago. will describe the process of manufacture. Adventure and Travel will be presented in some very an

A new edition of Poe's poems, beautifully printed imated papers. Ample provision has been made of on toned paper, with portrait and illustrated front

ispiece to the Raven, by John Tenniel (cartoonist that light and graceful literature, prose and poetry, in “ Punch"), is in preparation by W. J. Widdlefor which the “Riverside" has become famous. The Bible will be illustrated in a manner to keep

ton, New York. the young to a right understanding and appre- Handy-Volume Series will be “ A Day by the Fire,

Among the forthcoming works in Roberts Brothers' ciation of its pages. The American Sunday School Union has recently

and other papers hitherto uncollected, by Leigh published " An Alphabetical Index to the New Testa? Hunt: “Poems of Rural Life,” in Common English, ment.” It is adapted to any edition, the references and illustrated title. We believe, but are not cer

by William Barnes, with twelve superb illustrations being to chapter and verse. What the author says in his preface will be heartily concurred in by tain, that two amusing works by Mr. C. F. Burseholars; and though the present index embraces nand, author of " Happy Thoughts,” will also aponly seventy-five pages, it is poor commendation to pear in this excellent series. say that, for its convenience, it is invaluable to any MR. J. R. SYPHER, of Philadelphia, author of the Bible student who does not possess a copy of “School History of Pennsylvania,” is writing a Cruden.

similar work on New Jersey for J. B. Lippincott & Tax“ Nassau Literary Magazine," wbich is issued

Co. quarterly by a corps of editors chosen annually MR. EPES SARGENT's “Planchette," which first from the Senior Class of Princeton College, has now appeared in Roberts Brothers' Handy-Volume Libeen published twenty-five years, and with the brary, has been republished in London. number for June enters upon another volume. It

Miss Alcott, whose “Little Women,” two very is in a flourishing condition.

delightful volumes, is having a great sale, is writing The first number of the new monthly medical a novel of “ New England Life and Manners," which journal, to be styled the “Journal of the Gyneco- Roberts Brothers, Boston, will also publish. logical Society of Boston," will be issued on the

JEAN INGELow's new book, “Mopsa, the Fairy,” first day of July next. As its title implies, it will which Roberts Brothers, of Boston, have in the press, be deroted to the diseases of women. That it de- is in prose, but is studded with charming lyrics serves success may be inferred from the professional and snatches of song. reputation of its editors.

The“ Life of John James Audubon," the naturalWe have received Part VII. of the valuable work, ist, published by G. P. Putnam & Son, New York, " A Guide to the Study of Insects, and a Treatise was written by his widow, sent over to London with on those Injurious and Beneficial to Crops,” by A. five volumes of Audubon's diaries, &c., worked up S. Packard, Jr., M. D. It is scarcely necessary to into a taking volume for the English market by state that, for scientific knowledge, for skill in de Robert Buchanan, the poet, and is now brought here scription of the habits of insects, and for artistic with revision and additions. Other volumes, conillastrations, this work is creditable to onr country. taining the Diary, will probably follow. It is from the press of the Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts.

ROBERT Dale Owen is writing " Debatable Land

between this World and the Next." A GENTLEMAN in New York has in hand for sale a series of the folio editions of Shakspeare's Plays, York Tribune,” is now in Europe, his second visit

MR. George Ripley, literary editor of the “ New as follows:First edition. This is a perfect copy, as far as

within a couple of years. regards the text, the two last leaves in most won

Peterson's “Counterfeit Detector and Bank Note derful fac-simile by Harris. Bound in full crim- List" for June 1st has, as usual, been promptly reson morocco by Bedford.

ceived, its pages filled with the information of which Second edition. Very fine large clean copy. it makes a specialty. This publication is indisBound in fall Russia, gilt edges, by Clarke.

pensable to every man in business. Third edition. This is a copy of the second issue TRUBNER & Co. have begun the publication, in of the third edition, having the seven spurious eight volumes, of the Rig Veda-Sanhita (the Sacred plays added, their names printed on the title-page. Hymns of Brahmans), translated and explained Bound in red rorocco, gilt edges, extra, by w. by Max Müller, Professor of Comparative Philology Pratt

in the University of Oxford. The first volume, Third edition. This is a copy of the first issue of which has just appeared in London, contains the third edition, published before the seven spu- "Hymns to the Maruts, or the Storm-Gods," and rious plays were added. In this state it is very consists of 356 pages octavo.

JUNE 1, 1869.

John Neal, of Boston, who was a contributor to Most of the London daily journals have imi“Blackwood's Magazine" as far back as 1824, will tated “The Times” in giving a table of contents. have his “ Wandering Recollections of a Somewhat Many of the weekly papers have done this for Busy Life” published by Roberts Brothers.

years. R. H. STODDARD, the poet, is editing an illustrated MR. FREDERICK Hudson, for many years managing annual for 1869–70, to be published by George A. editor of the “New York Herald,” is said to be Leavitt, New York.

writing a book upon Journalism, in which his exOf the Tauchnitz edition of the New Testament, perience has been extensive. from the three best manuscripts, 25,000 copies have

The Poems of the late Earl of Carlisle, known in already been sold. This forms volume 1000 of the the United States as Lord Morpeth, have been colTauchnitz republication of works in the English lected by his sister, and published in one volume. language.

They are of the class called “ occasional," and GARIBALDI is stated to have employed his leisure were composed between 1821 and 1863, and may be at Caprera in writing a povel, which will be called welcome to the noble author's relatives and “ Celia ; or, Roma Militante."

friends, their character, as we are told by a comPrince NAPOLEON (Jerome), who is second in the petent critic, being that they “have light without line of succession to the imperial crown of France, is fire, and form without color. reported to have lately finished a work upon what " How to CHOOSE A WIFE AND MANAGE HER" has the Bonaparte family have done since the death of been suggested as a title of a book which might be the great Napoleon. Its character may be guessed written by an English lady who has produced from “ Monarchical Democracy,” its intended title. several works on choosing and furnishing a house,

The writings of Mr. John Ruskin, the art-critic, and on living in it at a very small expense. have been collectively put into twenty octavo volumes by bis London publishers. It would have to be begun as a serial in the June number of “St.

MRS. OLIPHANT's new story,“ The Three Brothers,' paid them well if this voluminous and variable Paul's” (London), will be illustrated by P. A. author had accepted a thousand pounds to abridge

Fraser. the twenty volumes into five. So presented, they would have a fair chance of becoming standard,

* RED as a Rose is She” is the new serial, by the because popular. As it is, the coming time, unable author of “Cometh Up as a Flower," begun in the to take them as they are, voluminous as well as May pumber of “ Temple Bar.” luminous, may drop them on the way.

MR. WILLIAM JORDAN, for over forty years editor It is said that Victor Hugo has received 200,000 of the “ London Literary Gazette," and now in francs (equal to $40,000 in gold) for his novel, his eighty-seventh year, is preparing the unpub"L'Homme qui Rit.” Having read it, in the gener- lished writings of Samuel Lover, author of " Rory ally correct translation in " Appleton's Journal," and O'More,” for the press, with a biographical introducalso in the original French, we cannot avoid 'arriv- tion. Lover left a number of songs, and at least ing at the conclusion that no publisher will ever

one poem of some length. again run the risk of paying too largely for any A SECOND-HAND bookseller in Dublin has printed work by that great, but unequal author.

a catalogue containing the names of twelve hunOuida,” whose story, Under Two Flags,” has dred readable volumes by Irish authors. been dramatized for one of the London theatres, THE “ London Bookseller,"' discussing the copydeclares that this has been done without her consent, right question, says: “An English author has no and that she has not sanctioned "such a piracy” rights whatever in the United States.” But, of the in any way.

American author: “ By a fluke he has secured The copyright of “Once a Week,” the literary rights which he never dreamed of, and by means of publication established by Bradbury & Evans, Lon- our Copyright Law may obtain privileges denied don, on the cessation of Dickens' “Household him by his own. His plan is simply this : baving Words," and the commencing of “All the Year prepared two copies of his MS., he places one in the Round,” is to be sold by auction on June 15th. It hands of his Boston or New York publisher, with is edited at present by Mr. E. S. Dallas, who is hus- directions to publish on a certain day; the other band of Miss Glyn, formerly an actress, but now a he forwards to a London house, with directions to teacher of reading and elocution, as she adver- publish at the same time. Just before the day of tises, "to Statesmen, Clergymen, and Barristers, as publication, which is possibly at that time of the well as to Ladies." With the copyright will pass year when Saratoga is an abode more agreeable the right to continue “Once a week,” which has a than the Fifth Avenue, he proceeds to the Canadian respectable circulation. Fifteen hundred first class side of the Falls. Here he spends a few hours, and copyright wood-cuts, engraved by Swain, from draw- then returns, without encountering more inconings by the leading artists and best known book- venience than saving bis hotel expenses by buying designers in England, which have been published a suit of clothes, on which he pays duty on his rein “Once a week,” will also be sold. The recent turn. Thereupon he finds that by so simple a prodeath of Mr. Bradbury, of the firm of Bradbury & cess he has obtained copyright in the United States, Evans, is assigned as the principal reason for this in the dominion of Canada, in Australia, India, property thus changing bands.

France, Germany, and Great Britain! We can A PICTURE, representing Damascus, which F. E. imagine the lively twinkle of his eye as he crosses Church, the American artist, has painted for an the Suspension Bridge, to think what 'cute people English collector, is now on free exhibition in Lon- the Britishers are to have secured all these prividon.

leges for him.” It having been declared that in the political novel, Dr. W. H. Russell, who was not present at Bull “Phineas Finn," the character of Mr. Turnbull, a Run, accompanied the Prince and Princess of Wales very downright and impracticable as well as clever in their recent tour in the North of Europe, Egypt, publicist, was meant for Mr. Bright, now a cabinet Jerusalem, Turkey, Greece, and the Crimea, and his minister, a letter from Mr. Anthony Trollope has ap- parrative is to be published, with numerous illuspeared denying that Mr. Bright was the original. i trations, by Messrs. Routledge & Co., London.


JUNE 1, 1869.


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The Count de Paris, eldest grandson of and heir

PERIODICALS. to the late Louis Philippe, Citizen-King of France, Harper's Magazine. June. bas been fortunate in having his book on The

The Aurora Borealis.-Too Late.- Winter on the Trades' Unions of England” ably translated by N. Plains.- Military Pyrotechnics of Former Days.J. Senior, and edited by Thomas Hughes, M.P., Said Pacha of Egypt.—Deliverance Armstrong.– author of " Tom Brown's School-Days.” A work on A Cornish Carnival.- A Brave Lady:-My Enemy's the “* Military Institutions of France," by the Duc Daughter (J. McCarthy).—Leo and Luther.--The d'Aumale, one of Louis Philippe's sons, has been Tragedies of a Feathered Family.—Lucy's Choice.translated and annotated, with the author's consent, Diana Pollville's Prisoner.-British Wild Flowers. by Captain Ashe, and, like the other, is published --Pawnbrokers and Loan Offices.—The Primer of by Chapman & Hall, London.

the World.-William Bradford's Love Life.-EdiMr. William Morris, author of “The Earthly tor's Easy Chair.- Editor's Book Table.—Monthly Paradise,” is joint-translator, with E. Magnusson, Record of Current Events. - Editor's Drawer. New of " Grettis Saga: the Story of Grettis, the Strong,'' York: Harper & Brother. from the Icelandic, just published in London.

Atlantic Monthly. June. A new book of travels, by Captain Richard H.

Malbone : an Oldport Romance: concluded (T. W. Burton, has just appeared : “ Explorations of the Higginson).–Norembega (J. G. Whittier): --The Highlands of the Brazil; with a full Account of the Hamlets of the Stage.-Earthquakes (N. S. Shaler). Gold and Diamond Mines; also, Canoeing down - The Foe in the Household : Part IV.-By the Fifteen Hundred Miles of the great River São Fran- Roadside (Celia Thaxter).—Birds' Nests (J. Burcisco, from Sabarà to the Sea."

roughs).- Buddhism; or the Protestantism of the * A County Family” is the title of a new original East (J. F. Clarke).- A Carpet-Bagger in Penusylserial tale just commenced in“ Chambers' Journal.” vania (J. T. Trowbridge).-China in our Kitchen Without having concluded his biography of (C. C. Coffin). –The Pacific Railroad Open: No. III. Julius Cæsar, the Emperor Napoleon, it is said, is (S. Bowles).- Reviews and Literary Notices. Buswriting a "Life of Charlemagne."

ton: Fields, Osgood & Co. 1. C. Hortex, of London, has published a popu- Putnam's Magazine. June. lar edition of Mr. John Bright's “Speeches on Ferdinand de Lesseps and the Suez Canal (E. de Public Affairs of the last Twenty Years''-three Leon).— Upon the Beach (S. W. Duffield).—A kopdred and seventy pages for thirty-two cents. Stranded Ship: concluded (L. C. Davis).-Suinwer At present, Mr. Bright is the most popular orator Pictures (C. P. Cranch).-My Brass Valise (F. R. in England.

Stockton).- The Euroclydon (F. Copcutt).-SumDover, the Dublin publisher, is bringing out six- mer Snow (A. A. Adee).-A Sibylline Trio (Mary penny editions of Thomas Davis's National Bal- | B. Kinney).–To-Day; a Romance : continued (R. lads, songs, and Poems, and kindred popular works, B. Kimball).- Four American Birds (C. A. Munand the sale is said to be very great.

ger). –The Scarlet Hibiscus (J. M. Mackie).-Some 4. Ew volume, by Bishop Colenso, of criticism Things in London and Paris, 1836–69 (G. P. Put

nam).- Monthly Chronicle.--Fine Arts.--Literaon the Pentateuch, is on the eve of publication.

ture, Science, and Art Abroad.-Literature at Home.

New York: G. appears that there is unremunerative compe- - Table Talk.- New Publications. tition among publishers in Dublin, as well as in P. Putnam & Son. Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. Some time Galaxy. June. ago, Mr. John Mitchel took up an incomplete Irish Put Yourself in his Place (C. Reade).-George History, and wrote a continuation of it from the Eliot and George Lewes (J. McCarthy).—The Throne Treaty of Limerick, in 1691, down to 1851. It was of Louis Philippe (J. S. C. Abbott). — The Duchesne published by D. & J. Sadlier, New York, and was Estate (J. W. De Forest).- To J. R. L. on his 50th republished in two volumes, large crown 8vo. (pp. Birthday (C. P. Cranch).-Animal Food : its Pre1052, strongly bound, by Mr. James Duffy, of Dub-paration for the Table (J. C. Draper, M. D.).—Susan lin. He thus tells what followed : “Some time Fielding (Mrs. Edwards).—New York Journalists : siuce 1 announced a new edition of ‘Mitchel's His- E. L. Godkin (E. Benson).-General Jomini (G. tory of Ireland,' printed in large type, on superfine B. M.).—To be Being, or not to be Being; That is paper, to be issued in twenty-four numbers, forty the Question (R. G. White).—Galaxy Miscellany. pages, at threepence each. The announcement of - Driftwood.-Literature and Art.-Nebulæ. New my edition has tempted a Glasgow publishing York: Sheldon & Co. house to advertise an edition of Mitchel's History The Overland Monthly. June. for the Irish People. I have, therefore, reduced A Southern Overland Glimpse.- Medical Art in the price of the work, and will issue it in sixteen the Chinese Quarter. Utopia.—Aunt Margery's pombers, sixty-four pages, for threepence, or four Mishaps.—The Story of One who was Hanged. pants, each two hundred and fifty-six pages, at one Incapables. — Muscular Christianity. - The Gold shilling each." That is, the two volumes, bound Coast of California and Oregon.-Some Account of in cloth, for fire shillings!

a Great Western Poet.-A Political Outlook.Mr. William Longman, author of the recent “ His- Easter Island.—California Culinary Experiences.tory of Edward III.,” is a member of the great pub- The Locust.—In the Backwoods of Mexico.-Relishing house of Longman & Co., Paternoster Row, pose.--Miggles. — Etc. - Current Literature. San London. To this craft also belong the author-pub- Francisco: A Roman & Co. lisbers Elmond Cave, founder of the “Gentleman's Hours at Home. June. Magazine ;" Dodsley, Richardson, Bohn, Charles Books and Reading: No. VI. (Prof. N. Porter). Knight; John H. Parker, of architectural repute ; Prussia (Prof. E. P. Evans).- A Vision of Rest (A. Mr. Blades, privter and biographer of Caxton; D. F. Randolph).—Motherless Girls: concluded Joun Gough Nichols, editor; Albert Cohn, the (Miss Anne Manning).—The Lake and River of Shakspearian scholar ; William Spotteswoode, the Palestine.-G. A. Burger. -Parted (Mary E. AtkinQueen's printer and man of science; and, among son). —Model_Lodging-Houses (C. L. Brace): – others, James T. Fields, of Boston, poet as well as Christopher Kroy:

continued. Castle-Building publisher.

(Mrs. M. B. Dodge). -University Education (J. A.

JUNE 1, 1869.

Froude).—A Glimpse (Mrs. Ellen F. Lattimore). — Goulburn on Ritualism.-Harpers and Ritualism. Sunny bank Papers: No.II.--Poultry and their Perils — The Calendar: continued.-Dr. Pusey and the Re(Mrs. Terhune).—Leisure Moments.— Books and cent Decision.—Month.-Notes, Queries, and CorreAuthors Abroad.-Literature of the Day. N. Y.: spondence.-The Spirit of the Press. Our Reply C. Scribner & Co.

to the American Churchman.-Catholic Truth and Phrenological Journal. May.

Roman Error.-Catholic Tracts.-Churches where W. E. Gladstone.—Inequality of Minds.-Ame- the Holy Eucharist is Celebrated Weekly. N. Y.: rican Wit.-Phrenology and Religion : continued. St. Clement Press. Culture of the Perceptives. — J. E. Emerson.- Catholic World. June. Utterly Impossible !—The Lamia (G. S. Burleigh).

Spiritism and Spirits.-Daybreak.—Good Old Sax-Caroline L. Herschel.-Velocipedes.—The Plav- on.—Waiting.--The Supernatural.—Two Months in chette Mystery: No. II.- President Grant and his Spain during the Last Revolution. The ApproachCabinet.-Criminals: their Treatment and Refor- ing Council of the Vatican.—St. Mary's.-A May mation.—The Earth Cure.— Tobacco in the Pulpit. Carol.–St. Peter, First Bishop of Rome. - A Ruined -Old German Artists New York: S. R. Wells.

Life.—The Philosophy of Immigration.–Vigil.Church Monthly. April.

The Geography of Roses.-Spanish Life and ChaRetreats. - Catholic Reform. - Easter and All-racter. --Filial Affection with the Chinese.- New Souls' Day.- Extracts from Abbé Guettée.-Baptist Publications. New York: Catholic Publication SoQuarterly and Ritualism.-—“Fresh and New."'- ciety.



of her remarks are quite shrewd. Thus, she says The Life of John James Audubon, the Naturalist. of the palace of the Duc de Montpensier, at Seville,

Edited by his widow. With an Introduction by that certain of the rooms, in their beautiful cabinets James Grant Wilson. pp. X., 443. New York : of rare chipa, sets of armor, African trappings, and G. P. Putpam & Son.

oriental costumes, reminded one“ of Sion or of ChisThis is a valuable and important contribution to wick." The volume bas been very handsomely American biography. It is substantially the same printed by the Society, and the illuminations, fifwork recently published in London, with some ad- teen in number, furnish us with representations ditions, and the omission of soine passages sup- of objects, chiefly of an architectural character, plied by the London editor, which are said to be which are not elsewhere easily accessible. objectionable. The manuscripts prepared by Mrs. Audubon were voluminous, consisting, in great

ART. part, of the naturalist's own descriptions of his Italy, Florence, and Venice. From the French of journeyings and excursions. Surely a memoir of

H. Taine, by J. Durand. pp. ix., 385. New one whose works Cuvier declared to be “the most

York: Leypoldt & Holt. splendid monuments which art has erected in honor of ornithology'' cannot fail to be generally attrac- is both as respects expression and thought. The

Most people know how acute and vigorous Taine tive. Its perusal is enough to fascinate one with present volume will delight all lovers of art.

We the wild life of the wood and plain, and none can have nothing in English comparable to it in general look on

striking portrait which adorns this characteristics except the disquisitions of Ruskin. volume withont iustinctively experiencing a feel- Taine's range of thought strikes us, however, as ing of love for the original. The work will be a wider and more catholic in its sympathies than that success, and its perusal will afford keen pleasure of Ruskin. The work is divided into six books, the to all who can enjoy artless nobility of character respective titles of which are," Perugia and Assisi," and enthusiastic devotion to a favorite pursuit.

“Florence,” “The Florentine School of Art,” “ From TRAVELS.

Florence to Venice," "Venice,” “Venetian Art." The New West ; or, California in 1867-18C8. By tiful, the æsthetio susceptibility here displayed,

The eloquence, the innate appreciation of the beauCharles Loring Brace. pp. xii., 373. New York : keep the reader in a constant and pleasurable glow. G. P. Putnam & Son.

Mr. Brace's plan has been to sketch such fea- We are glad to see that there is an index. tures of California and her process of development as most travellers have thus far veglected. Hence

INDUSTRIAL ARTS. he directs attention less to mining than to agricul- The Puinter, Gilder, and Varnisher's Companion. ture, fruit-culture, and vine-growing, and such pp. viii., 356. Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird. undeveloped branches as silk-worm growing and In the present edition of this well-known work, wine-making. His sketches of the Yosemite Val- the publisher has made numerous additions which ley will attract the attention of those who are will add materially to its utility. Among the charmed by the wonders of nature.

new additions are directions for graining papers, on Impressions of Spain. By Lady Herbert. pp. 272. colors and coloring, and a brief but comprehensive New York: The Catholic Publication Society.

statement of the principles of harmony and conWe have a very pleasant volume here. Lady trast of colors, by M. Chevreul. Herbert has a vein of sympathy for the people among whom she is journeying, and she is not on

EDUCATIONAL that account always criticizing them in a better. First Steps in German ; an Elementary Grammar than-thou spirit, rather than painting them to us and Conversational Reader, based on Diesterweg, kindly, at least, if not lovingly. Her style is Becker, and Oito. By M. Th. Pren. pp. X., 157. spirited. She exercises discrimination in her ob New York: Oakley, Mason & Co. servation, and her Catholicity brings her in contact This is rather an original work, and the examinawith the religious sentiment of the people. Some tion we have been able to give it has impressed us

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