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But we may still pursue this obftinate Peo- S ERM. ple with as forcible Evidence from other Prophets. Haggai and Malachi, as I distinctly shewed, both determined the appearing of the Meffiab to be during the standing of the fecond Temple *. And yet it is certain from their own Historians that the fecond Temple was utterly destroyed, within 40 Years after the Death of our Jefus. And therefore the modern Jews, to avoid the Force of this Prophecy alfo, pretend that by the latter House. mentioned by Haggai, fome future Temple, ftill to be built, is meant and implied. But this Pretence again, only convicts them of the groffeft Obstinacy. The whole Prophecy plainly speaking of this Houfe; i. e. of the House that was then in building †. 'Tis true indeed, that the Jews have attempted feveral Times to rebuild their Temple: But it is as remarkable that God has as often miraculously interpofed to prevent their doing it. An Earthquake at one Time, together with


* N. B. The fecond Temple was pulled down and rebuilt by Herod about 40 Years before the Appearing of our SaviNor was it entirely rebuilt or finished again, when our Lord appeared in it. But as the daily Sacrifice was never once intermitted during the whole Time it was in pulling down and rebuilding, the Temple was accounted the fecond or fame Temple all the while.

† See Dr. Berriman's Bryle's Lectures, Serm. 14. Vol. II. P. 35-56.



SERM. Stones flying out from the Foundation, and Globes of Fire at another Time bursting forth from the Earth, and deftroying all that were fo daring and prefumptuous, as to undertake the Work*.

I have now gone through all the Prophe-
cies mentioned under my former Head; and
have plainly fhewed that all that pointed out
the Chrift upon his first Appearance in the
World, were punctually fulfilled in our Je-
fus, in Jefus of Nazareth, the Son of Joseph:
I might now further fhew that every impor-
tant Action, Event, or Circumstance, in the
Life, or Death, in the Refurrection, or Af-

cenfion, of our Bleffed Saviour, was also fore-
told or typified and prefigured in fome or
other of the Books of the Old Testament.
And as this is too important to be wholly
paffed by; I will referve it for the Subject of
another Difcourfe.

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See Dr. Cave's Life of St. Cyril of Jerufalem. Vol. II.
P. 353-355-

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Jefus foretold by Mofes and the

Luke xxiv. 27

And beginning at Mofes and all the Prophets, be expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the Things concerning himself.



HE Season of Advent being designed'S ERM. by the Church to prepare us for a religious and folemn Commemoration of the Advent, or coming of Chrift in the Flesh; I thought it would not be an unfuitable Subject if I should collect and lay before you the ancient Prophecies that lye scattered in the Old Teftament concerning the Chrift, and fhew how exactly they were all fulfilled in the bleffed Jefus, and fo pointed out him for the long expected Redeemer whom thofe Prophecies foretold. But hitherto I have confined myself to thofe Predictions only which related to bis firft Appearance in the World, and fo were





SER M. accomplished by him as foon as he was born: Such as related to his Family and Lineage, to the Place of his Nativity, to his miracu lous Birth, and to the Time of his coming : They being the Prophecies which St. Philip must be fuppofed principally to mean in the Words I then made Choice of for my Text. But I am now willing to proceed a little further, and to fhew that every important Action, Event, or Circumftance, in the Life and Death, in the Refurrection and Afcenfion of our bleffed Lord, were particularly foretold in fome or other of the Books of the Old Testament. And for this Purpose I think the Words I have now read to you more fuitable.

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They relate to a Converfation which our Saviour held with two of his Difciples, as they were going to Emmaus, the fame Day that he arofe from the Dead; in which first reprehending their Backwardness in attending to and believing what the Prophets had foretold concerning the Sufferings of Chrift before his Entrance into Glory; he next proceeded to open their Understandings, in order to which, my Text tells us, Beginning at Mofes and all the Prophets, he expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the Things concern


ing himself. So that, he fhewed them SER M. the wonderful Correfpondence and Harmony of whatever the ancient Prophets had foretold concerning the Chrift, with those Things which they themselves had feen and could teftify, had fo very lately happened to HIMSELF. So that from these Words I may very properly take Occafion to fhew how every Thing that was foretold with Relation to the Meffiab, was exactly fulfilled in the fame Jefus, who, as I have fhewn already, fo punctually accomplished the feveral Prophecies, that foretold, and related to, his first Appearance.

I fhall not in this Difcourfe, as I did in my former, divide what I have to say into two Heads, by fhewing firft what was written by Mofes and the Prophets concerning the Meffiah, and then fecondly, how thofe Things were accomplished in Jefus; but shall only take the Paffages in the Order they were accomplished, and obferve how they were severally foretold in Mofes and the Prophets. After which I fhall conclude with fome proper Inferences from the whole.

One of the first material Paffages related of Jefus after his Birth, was the Appearance of that famous Star, which drew the WifeF 2


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