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grip vb. to confine, to cage (as bird or animal), to put into paddock (as sheep etc.), to stall (as horse); — grip to vb. to place into confinement (animal). grim vb. to crunch; grim-lă tsuk vb. to crunch with teeth; grim-la tsuk grik s. the noise of crunching M.

grun vb. to be grooved; a-gruń 8. a groove or long concave mark.

gruk, guk, gok vb. to be dusty.
gruk see på-gruk-bŭ.

gruk: pa-gruk, po-gruk, a-gruk dry bamboo.

gruń also krun a cupshaped concavity; to be hollow as bone, tree etc.; a-grun adj. hollow.

grun: mik grun tears.

grun vb. to watch, to protect as hen her chickens, hik hu-do a-kup grun, cat a mouse, dog a bone; to guard, to shield. -grun-bo a guardian, a protector, ka-ju grun-bo a watch dog.

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td-gron or tun-gron . a ladder; groń fók s. the spoke or step in ladder; må-ró krók ši-ba tůn-groń fók-ka hrón-re zón when a man rises in grade he is like a man mounting a ladder.

gron expletive to vyen probl. in extension of the meaning of above word as means of access.

groń strong, powerful (voice) nyum groń. *groń mun or gr.-m. på-no s. the demon of death, fr. T. 'gron(-ba) hon. to die.

grop vb. 1. to cover with hands, as face to cover with hand, as when catching fly etc.; to pounce upon as cat on mouse with paws.

2. to hide, to shelter, to shroud, grop lón vb. to take under protection, to shelter.

grop tsam 1. to seize upon, to pounce upon; 2. to shelter, to protect, to hide.

grom vb. to be split, to be cracked as glass, vessel etc.; po pa-tek grom-nón the bamboo-vessel is cracked. grom grom

a-grun 8. protection, a-grun mat vb. to munching or crunching noise of m.; bik protect.

grek see krek vb. to be dried up. gret 1. vb. to be hooked or crooked (thorns); 2. s. the sharp crooked thorns of cane rù-să jú-gret; a-lūt-ka jŭ-gret-să huk-ma-o they will be hooked from the middle (or interior) by a sharp crook P.; see på-gret-bů.

gren: tuù-yren s. a hoof.

grem vb. to crack as nut see grim, grom. grem-lā tsuk vb. to crack nut with teeth.

a-grem and gryam (sve grip) s. a cage for beasts.

gro vb. (old L.) to be stiff (as from cold); a-grot adj. hard, said of yams.

grok, a-grok adj. very aged (man or animal).

gron vb. to place in a resting position as ladder; to make a 1. or support of any kind, to form a scaffold; kun gron (-lun hrón) to place a tree in a reclining position against anything (as house) (and to mount on the top). un gron-lun plă to form a bridge of stepping-stones or by any support so as to reach opposite side.

pe fa-ba grom grom la vb. e. c. the cow when eating makes a munching sound.

grol i. q. krol vb. to get foot into hole when walking.

grók: på-grók-lå adv. slightly apart.

grón and gran vb. to cry out or to make noise simultaneously; fo grón-bam the birds are singing together. - grónna grón hryóp to cry all at once; gróñ-ñā grón-nă simultaneous noise.

grón, på-grón or puk-grón s. length from tips of fingers to tips of fingers when both arms are stretched out; see tungrón-bŭ.

grót i. q. grot, gro to be hard, stony.

grón vb. to hope, to trust, to be desirous of; un-no-re zăn grón to hope with extreme desire.

a-grón s. hope, expectation; a-grón blin-nón to be disappointed; a-grón pato un-nón to be disappointed; a-grớn mók-nón to lose hope; a-grón zák or tāp to have hope realized.

grón-mu adj. plausible; grón-mũ-să rin plausible language.grón-bo adj. hope





ful, expectant; grón den hopeful; grón gryuk-li mat vb. to render naked or met hopeless. bare.

grón mă-nyin-ne there is no hope, to be hopeless; grón mă-nyin-nŭm-bo hopeless. — grón lyan ground for hope. grún byi vb. to give hope.

grón (a distance); grón tet nón to go some distance or gone for a short period. -grón dok-la for a considerable time.

gróp expresses an indef. quantity of matter, space or time neither much nor little, considerable; nam gróp P.; gróp fa he has eaten a considerable quantity; grop ya he knows a good deal; gróp ma-ya-ne he knows but little. gróp tet for a considerable time or distance. grop yet about half. — gróp mă-rům a considerable distance. — gróp a-tól tolerably near.

gryuh vb. to lean forwards, gr.-lun lom (nan) to walk (sit) leaning f.

gryun, tuk-ček gryun bam to sit uneasely.

gryup vb. to make wall or fence of branches or bushwood.

gryul i. q. gyul, på-gryul-bo oval.

gryen, gren, grần vb. to fill up, to stuff into, tin-gryón gryen to stuff basket full. -pa-gryen i.q. po-gryen a largo bamboo used for waterholders.

gryo, gryo-m "bent down" "lying forwards". ku-gryo-bo adj. bent down, weak, infirm as old man; kŭm-gryom-bo id. kum-gryom-là in crouched position. ta-gryom, tik-gryom lying forwards in oppos. to tuk-tyól backwards. ta-gryom kón da vb. to lie on one's face, with

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gryá vb. to be thin; gryú-la, ka-gryá-la face downwards. ta-gryom gap-på tilthin, skinny, emaciated. non vb. to fall flat on face. tu-gryom šul-là bróm vb. to fall and rub face against ground.

gryán: gryán gryan weak, staggering. gryát-tă gryút-tů or gryāt-tů gryat-tă advly. trailing along, a long trail; gryúttå gryȧt-tá hrya vb. to trail along ground. gryát-tă i. q. gryót-tă.

gryán vb. to have longing as for meat. gryáp - på gryáp - på advly. reeling, staggering.

gryăm vb. to press down. gryan see gryen.

gryan: kun-gryan-la advly. slender as body.

gryap vb. to be thick as jungle, to be thorny, applied to the yellow raspberry kā-zum gryap.

gryam see gram.

gryam vb. to obstruct, to block up a road: gryam to vb. to place obstacles; lóm gryam to block up road.

gryam, a-gryam, a-grem and tŭñ-gryam 8. a basket for fowls or beasts, hik gryam a birdcage.

gryuk vb. to be naked, to be bare as ground; ma-ró gryuk bam the person is naked.

tú-gryuk, tún-gryuk, ká-gryuk adj. naked (as person) G. J., bare (as country); tu

gryom vb. t. to pile up branches of trees or jungle, to barricade; s. a pile, a barrier of do.

gryop-pă see gryȧp-på.

gryó see kól-pót gryó.

gryón said of the branches of trees, after the tree has been cut down and branches not cut of; kun gryón nyi-da vb. to spread out, to creep as branches of trees etc., when in a recumbent position, or earth-creepers to branch out (shoots of a bulbous root); applied to the shoots from the roots of ginger, also the root itself: hiù-gryón.

gryón gryón applied to a side-long gait, straddling sort of pace; gryón gryón lóm vb. to walk in a straddling manner as crabs. gryón tum vb. to spread as creeper on ground.

kun-gryón s. the spread out bones, skeleton. kun-gryón dok čím to be as thin as a skeleton.

tun-gryóй s. 1. a spec. of spider Laterbricola-tribe i.q. mun-tun-gryón that does not spin any web. 2. a large basket




widely saddled, carried on back; t.-g. dp as when struggling to get out. hik vb. to line t.-g. as with leaves.

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gryot-là gryót-từ hoarse, harsh, grating (as voice); gryót-tå gryót-tà li vb. to speak in a grating sound.

gryón-nă or gryón-lă adv. harsh, guttural as voice; gryón-nă gryón-nů lóm said of the rattling sound made by tå-gri-bu while moving; a-nyum gryón-nă gryón-na li vb. to speak hoarsely as from cold.

gryóp vb. to make walls of house; cfr. gryóm. an-tó-så gryóp to make walls with boards, dum-sa gryóp id. of cloth, lan-sa gryóp id. of stone.

tun-gryóp s. the wall of house.

gryóm vb. 1. to bind round as string round handle of ban; to encircle, entwine, to be surrounded by; gryóm-lùn tùm vb. to creep round as creeper round tree. pum-byon gryóm tuk di the clouds rise and overcast the horizon; 2. to be harrassed, dunned (by creditor).

a-gryóm s. ligature: a binding of cane, as that which keeps the ban in sheath. gryóm i. q. så-gryóm s. a field prepared for cultivation, before the felled trees are burnt, nyót gryóm, nyót så-grym.

glă vb. to make appearance, to appear as sun, crops etc. — glă glă plă to constantly be coming in sight, see gli, glo. glán redupl. kún - glán - là plain, unadorned as person, bare without leaves

as tree.

glát: glát-lă adv. suddenly, quickly.. glám-lă adv. heavy, a-mik glám-lă mat vb. eyes to grow heavy as when sleeping; yok glám-lå mat vb. to do work heavily, slowly.

gla vb. to move 80 as to suddenly make appearance and be again lost to sight; hik tuk-tok gla-lă plă a hen to move its head and show its neck up and down thro' the hole in head of basket

un-ka glo-lún gla gla mat a hen having fallen in the water to struggle appearing above and disappearing below. - a-li gla gla mat vb. to put out tongue and draw it back again backwards and forwards. See also glå.

glam-lă adv. suddenly, instantaneously, said of death only; glam-lä mak vb. to die suddenly, said of man, beast, fire, plants. -glum-glam adv. suddenly. glümglam mak vb. to die suddenly (animal life, fire, plants), glüm-glām sót vb. to kill outright.

glan vb. 1. to become hard (vegetables), 2. applied also to speach rin li yan mănyăn-nå bam ri glan gum it is very hard, that tho' I speak, he will not listen.

glat: cfr. gla. glat glat lớm vb. to walk with breast thrown out; glat glat-să măró a man above his work.

glan vb. to be steep as ascent. glam: dům glam a single dress.

gli vb. to be pure, holy; gli-lā adv. distinctly, evidently, gli-la ši vb. to see ší distinctly; gli-lă hryóp vb. to cry aloud.

să-gli-là adv. evidently etc., widely, vyen sa-gli-la ók to vb. to open door widely.

tun-gli s. purity, righteousness, holiness; tun-gli tũñ-téóñ s. id., tùñ-gli túñ-tsón mat vb. to be righteous etc.; tun-gli tún-tión rům lón-bo one who walks in the way of God; -tun-gli or nŭn-gli rik 8. name of a of a plant. tún-gli hin s. a spec. of wild ginger.

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mun glet a thorough proficient Mun, a perfect M., a high-priest; glet-lå, glyet-lå, på-glet-lå, pur-glet-la adv. thoroughly, clearly, completely; čo glyet-la yă to know the book thoroughly; rin glyet-la ya to know the language thoroughly.

glet incorr. f. glyet see under glo. a-glen adj. straight, direct; simple (as matter); a-glen non vb. to go straight or without stopping; lóm a-glen a straight road; li kun a-glen a house made alone. of wood.

glo vb. to fall, as man unintentionally or thing to fall W. 60. ka-čer món fatka glo-lùń mă-mak-nă găñ ... except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die J. 12, 24.

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adv. bald as head, bare, destitute of trees as country.

glót vb. to be stiff, fixed; hence also to light, to fix a light, a candle; fixed light see mi glót; să-hór glót a fixed star.

to be fixed, stiff as limb, to be rigid; mi-krap glot to be sound, dead-asleep.

glyǎn vb. to be upset, turned over, to be uplifted and overthrown; glyan nyon to throw off as from basket lying on ground or from mat etc.

glyát vb. to let fall, to suspend, to let hang down; kyak glyát to let k. down precipice.

glyám vb. to be quiet, to be at rest; glyám mat nan vb. to sit quiet.

glyak upwards; turned upwards; glyak nák vb. to look up; glyak to vb. to place up. ban kin glyak cuneid on top (knife).

glyań, a-glyań s. the back-bone or line along the back; the principal fibres of leaf; a long cane; rail of bridge; a spur of mountain; line of ancestors; course of river, of time; adj. current.

glyo sec glo.

glyók vb. to lie with face upwards; glyók da-nyi opposed to gyam da-nyi; má-ró glyck da-nyi; kyo glyók da-nyi. glyók han vb. to sit with head looking upwards.

glyón bent backwards; ban glyón.
glyót soo glo.

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Comp. ná-dok T. nes-bdag s. possessing truth, a true person; ná-dok-så trŭt s. a truthful evidence. *na-tok or no-tok T. nes-log 8. authentic, real, pure truth; no-fok rin true language; na-fok do the very truth; a-fok tsum the fact to be verified by meeting."no-sat T. nes-gsod i.q. mik myám at random, without regard to truth; s. flattery; dissimulation no-sát kyóp vb. to flatter, to dissimulate; no-sát kyóp-bo s. a hypocrite.

*há T. dios s. reality; substance, wealth; nú nyim-bo s. adj. possessing substance as wealthy person, thing etc. substantial; nă mă-nyin-nŭm-bo unsubstantial as person cloud, thing, without possession, poor, destitute.

hǎk: nāk-kā nāk-kā straight along; n-ki nhủ làm.


ňák 1. vb. to see, to look, to behold; go-nun húm nák-šān-ka nóů-šo I shall go to see (to visit) him; to mlem-ka nák-te to whom can we look to, on whom can wo rely. nák-kā look, behold; nák-kā a-re mat kù găn see if you can do this. it is also used in the sense of fie! tush upon! as a-re zón-så åyok-re nák-ků look on such work, fie on it; to regard, to respect, to rely on, to attend, to guard, to watch, to observe, to care for; hù do a-bo-ka mă-nak-ne he did not mind or had no regard for his father; hu-nun tük-vil zāk-kŭn-ka nák må-nyin-ne he does not care about being placed in chains; -to be vigilant, to be cautious; gyumlůň nák-kă le let us... be guardful of ... nák-lun lí vb. to speak with consideration; núk-så ro-să mă-nyin-nà nóù vb. to go along headlessly and fearlessly. to concern, to notice, to mark, to note; to examine, to try, to attempt.

nák-lun 8. seeing, beholding, trying, considering. nak-bo s. a person who looks after, as lūk nák-bo s. a shepherd; a spectator, observer, a custodian, a guard. nák lat-bo 8. a visitor, one

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who comes to see; an examiner, inspector, investigator.

2. s. attention, regard etc.

Comp. nák dyám må-yă-ne (he) does not reflect or deliberate, has no consideration. — nák-lyan view, spectacle, ground of regard; gún‐nå-så ñák-lyan the object of universal attention, regard.

ňák expletive to hryóp or emphatic as hryóp-nák-gåñ-là må-pón-ne he wept and cried (continuously) but without relief. a-nak explet. to a-hryóp a-nye.

hát vb. to chop, to hack; kui nút to cut, to chop wood; see nut, not.

*ñán-krun T. mion and druй? 8. an able pleader, powerful advocator.

*hán-še T. son-šes s. fore-knowledge; nán-še rin s. prophesy; .-š. dun to prophesy; .-. dun-bo or nyim-bo s. a prophet.

nám vb. to nod as head in token of assent or when drowsy etc.; to wave, to nod as leaf, branch.

năm vb. to bend together, to fold; năm-lå gal to bend and break.

*năr T. nar s. a stem, a trunk of tree; når fik vb. to tie an animal to trunk of tree.

nǎl vb. to draw the legs together as when lying down (animals); bik nul-lün da. nál vb. 1. to cut; 2. to screen (as fire); nál-la tsuk b. to bite off. kun bản nál dyan to cut tree down at the roots.

ta-nál 8. a fender, a screen mi tá-ñál. -ña M. corr. --a sev a, sign of voc. if the proceeding subst. ends in kan or nyin-do, e kúp-sóñ-ña o children P.

na a threatening expression, as a-domi mă-bŭk-nă găn na if I don't only lick you; go a-dom go na I'll give it to you; I'll do for you.

*ha T. miù possessing; existing being; na-wok T. mid-'og a subject, vassal, retainer, attaché, subject, tenant.

*ňa s. T. ria a drum, *na dun T. rùa rdun-ba vb. to beat d.; -čun T. rňačuù s. a little d.; *na-čen T. rúa-čen s. a great d.; *na-čuk T. ría-dbyug s. a d.-stick.


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