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by enabling the inhabitants to receive many bends may be taken out of the their London letters several hours road. sooner.

The road from York towards Lon.. Any anxiety shown by those inte- don may be much shortened, by improrested in the eastern road to prevent ving or new-making the road through the improvement of the Wooler road, the level country to Doncaster, to Bawis in fact a testimony in favour of its try, or to Retford. merit; were that not considerable, no From Newark to Grantham the road anxiety need be shewn to prevent its may be shortened, and Gunnerby-hill execution.

avoided, by taking the road straight from Long Bennington, or Foston, to

the west of Gunnerby. When arrangements are made for From Grantham to Witbam Cominsuring the arrival of the London mon the inequalities of the road may mail in Edinburgh at one o'clock on be much reduced ; and the same may the second day, it will be proper, as be said of the rest of the road all the those interested in the Holyhead roads way to London. have done, to consider by what means When the proper time shall arrive, the time can be still farther dimi- application should be made to the nished.

Lords of the Treasury, to have the It is well known to every person in road from Morpeth to York, and from the habit of travelling between Edin- York to London, properly surveyed. burgh and London, that great im- It will be found that York is not out provements can be made on the road of the right line, though it is not in south of Morpeth.—On the south side the present most direct line. of Newcastle, the great hill at Gates- Were a proper survey made, imhead may, by going up the valley to provements not now thought of would the westward, be almost entirely avoid- be pointed out, which the local trusts ed.

would adopt and execute. Between Chester-le-Street and Rushyford the road may be both shortened and much levelled.

Between Darlington and Northaller- On the plan which has been sugton the road may be much shortened, gested many improvements will occur, by making a bridge over the Tees, and if gentlemen, to whom it must be an a straight road from Darlington to object of interest, will make it the subEnter Common.

ject of their attentive consideration. Between Northallerton and York

“ there must always be a great deal of communication upon it by coaches, chaises, and other carriages, totally independent of mere travellers from London to Edinburgh ;" and " that the chief part of the income of these trusts is derived from their own internal communication by carts and otherwise, which could not by possibility be affected by this plan."


LONDON. The concluding volume of Dr Clarke's Thoughts on the Anglican and Anglo. Travels through Denmark, Sweden, Lap- American Churches, by John Bristed, is land, Finland, Norway, and Russia, with now in the press. a description of the City of St Petersburgh, Truth against Falsehood, or Facts opduring the tyranny of the Emperor Paul, posed to Fiction, in a series of Letters, ad. handsomely printed in 4to, with numerous dressed to Douglas, author of No Fiction, Engravings of Views, Maps, &c. is in the by Lefevre. press.

Preparing for publication, Sketches of An Introduction to the Critical Study Field Sports, as followed by the Natives of and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. By India, with Observations on the Animals, Thomas Hartwell Horne, M.A. of St John's &c. by Dr Johnson. College, Cambridge; Curate of the United Some Remarks on Southey's Life of Parishes of Christ Church, Newgate Street, Wesley, will appear in the course of the and St Leonard, Foster Lane. Third edi- present month. tion, revised, corrected, and enlarged, in Popular Stories, translated from the four large volumes, 8vo. illustrated with Kinderand Haurs-Marchen, collected from Maps, and numerous Fac-Similes of Bib- oral tradition in different parts of Germalical MSS.

ny, by Messrs Grimm, 12mo. with enAt the same time will be published, with gravings. a new plate, A small Supplement to the We understand, that some curious MeSecond Edition, (of which a limited num- moirs of the French Court will shortly ap, ber only will be printed,) so arranged as to pear, from the pen of the late Madame de be inserted in the respective Volumes with. Campan, first Lady of the Bedchamber to out injury to the Binding.

the late Queen Marie Antoinette, and Di. Two Charges delivered to the Clergy in rectress of the Establishment of Econen, the diocese of Calcutta, in 1819 and 1821. under Napoleon.

By T. F. Middleton, D.D, F.R.S. Bishop A Series of Portraits of the Kings and of Calcutta.

Queens of Britain, to be engraved in the A New Translation of Aristotle's Rhe. chalk manner, by Mr R. Cooper, from autoric, with an Introduction, explaining its thentic originals, is about to be printed in relation to his exact Philosophy, and vin. Numbers, containing four Portraits each. dicating that Philosophy by proofs, that all Mrs Davis, author of Helps to Devotion, departures from it have been deviations in and of Fables and Moral Tales in Verse, to error. By John Gillies, LL.D. Histo. has in the press a work entitled Christian riographer to his Majesty for Scotland. In Duties. one volume, 8vo.

A considerable portion of the treatise of A Supplement to the 23d edition of Dr Cicero, De Republica, discovered by An. Burn's Justice of the Peace and Parish gelo Mai, keeper of the Vatican Library, Officer. Containing the decided Cases to in a Codex Rescriptus, will shortly appear, the end of the last Terin, and the Statutes in 8vo. to the end of the last Session of Parliament: Palæoromaica, or Historical and Philo. together with a variety of new Precedents logical Disquisitions, are preparing for puband MS. Cases. By George Chetwynd, lication. Esq. M. P. Barrister at Law, and Chair- A Complete Illustration of the Index man of the Staffordshire Quarter Sessions. Testæologicus, or Catalogue of Shells,

The Pleasures of Memory, 21st edition, British and Foreign, by William Ward, Human Life, and the Voyage of Colum. F. R. S. and L. S. is announced by subbus, with its last additions, elegantly print. scription. ed in a Pocket Volume, with Wood Cuts. Count Las Casas has announced his in. By Samuel Rogers, Esq.

tention of publishing a work in eight voOn the 1st of December will be publish- lumes, 8vo. under the title of Memoriel de ed, in 8vo., The Loves of the Angels, a St Helene, in which he professes to record Poem, by Thomas Moore, Esq.

every thing that Napoleon said and did Mr Beckford, author of Vathek, has a during the eighteen months that Las Casas volume of Letiers nearly ready for publica- was with him. tion.

It is stated, that the Travels of the late In the press, a reprint of Sir Robert Count Camello Borgin, in the North of Naunton's Fragmenta Regalia, or Obser. Africa, particularly Tunis, have been sent vations on the Court of Queen Elizabeth, to press by his widow. her Times, and Favourites, in 8vo.

Buonaparte's own Narrative of his Cam. The Rev. John Birt of Manchester is paigns is about to make its appearance, preparing for publication, Five Lectures on under the revision of Montholon. the Pretensions and Abuscs of the Church The Rev. E. Berdon's Hulscan Lec. of Rome.

tures, for 1822, are about to appear. They consist of a series of Discourses on Scrip- of Time the Greatest Wisdom; to which ture Difficulties, &c.

is added, the Felicity of True Religion, or A work is in forwardness, in several the Warning Voice of Providence to Man, languages, with the following title,–His- with Specimens of Sacred Poetry, from toire des Superstitions. L'Histoire Gene. Henry Kirke White, Robinson, Doce ral des Superstitions et des Cultes, avec des dridge, Cowper, Logan, and Watts. See Notes sur le Caractere des Pretres de toutes cond edition, considerably enlarged and les Religions. Par une Societe des Philo. corrected, with an elegani frontispeice.sophes.

Price ls. The Knight-Errant, a new monthly An Essay on the Resurrection of Christ. publication, will appear on the 1st of Ja. By the Rev. James Dare Walworth, Lonnuary

don. Second Edition. Travels in the Northern States of Ame. In the press, and shortly will be pubrica, by Timothy Dwight, LL. D. will lished, in one volume, 8vo. Outlines of appear in the course of ihe month.

Character. Specimens, selected and translated from In the press, Granger's Biographical the Lyric Poetry of the German Minne. History of England, from Egbert the Great singers, or Troubadours of the 12th, 13th, to the Revolution. Consisting of Charac. and 14h centuries, with an Introductory ters disposed in different Classes, and adaptDissertation, and engravings, taken from ed to a methodical Catalogue of engraved illuminations of ancient MSS.

British Heads; intended as an Essay toBlossoms, by Robert Millhouse, with wards reducing our Biography to System, prefatory remarks on his genius and situa- and a help to the knowledge of Portraits. tion. By the Rev. Luke Bocker, LL. D. Interspersed with a variety of Anecdotes,

The History and Antiquities of Canter. and Memoirs of a great number of Persons, bury Cathedral, by Mr Britton, illustrated not to be founå in any other Biographical by sixteen engravings by J. Le Keux, will Work. With a Preface, shewing the uti. be ready in a few wecks.

lity of a Collection of Engraved Portraits, Mr J. P. Neale is about commencing a to answer the various purposes of Medals. work illustrative of all the varieties of Ec- The Fifth Edition, in six volumes, 8vo. clesiastical Architecture.

With the addition of nearly 400 New Lives, Nir W.Davis is preparing fresh materials communicated, expressly for this Work, to for a Second Journey Round the Library the late Mr William Richardson, by Hoof a Bibliomaniac, upon a similar plan race Walpole, Larl of Orford ; David Dal. to the first; and as there doubtless exists rymple, Lord Hailes; Sir William Musmuch really useful and curious informa- grave, Bart. ; James Bindley, Esq. and tion disperseu amongst, and in the power several other celebrated Collectors and An. of Litcrary Men and Bibliophilists to com- tiquaries. A few copies will be printed in municate, he would feel greatly obliged by royal 8vo. and a few in folio, to accomthe contributions of any such,—and should modate those who may be inclined to il. this opportunity be the means of concen- lustrate the Work; and, as the impression trating a small portion of such dispersed is limited to a very small number, early and original information, W. D. doubts application is recommended. not, that his Second Journey will prove A new satirical novel is announced, engreatly superior to the First, both in inte. titled Dublin, by the author of London, or rest and variety.-15, Southampton Row, a Month at Stevens's. Russell Square.

Lord John Russell has in the press & The Nicmoirs of an English Countess, tragedy entitled Don Carlos. written by herself, in 3 vols. will soon ap. A novel, entitled Isabella, will appear in pear.

the course of the present month, by the The Precious Gift, or the Improvement author of Rhoda, Plain Sense, &c.

EDINBURGH. In the press, and speedily will be pub- A Translation of Dr Gregory's Con. lished, THE ORLANDO INAMORATO, spectus Medicinæ Theoreticæ is in the abridged from Berri, and interspersed with prees, and will be ready for publication Specimens of Translated Verse. By Wil. some time in December. liam Stewart Rose, Esq. Elegantly print. ed in one volume, post 8vo.



familiar explanations of the terms employ-
The London Catalogue of Books, with ed on subjects relating to the Intellectual
their prices, sizes, and publishers; con- Powers. By Isaac Taylor, jun. 12mo.
taining the Books published in London, Price 4s. 6d.
from the year 1800 to 1822, 8vo. 9s. Le Livre des Enfans, ou Syllabaire Fran.

Thorpe's Catalogue of Books, Part II., cois. To which have been added, Short for 1822. 3s.

Definitions of the things on which Children Ogle, Duncan, and Co.'s Catalogue of ought to have some Notions, with the Rare Books, on the History, Antiquities, Translation of the most difficult English and Literature of Scotland and Ireland, Words; the whole being an Introduction 8vo.

to the Recueil. Seventh edition. 2s. BIOGRAPHY.

French and Italian Pronunciation; on A Memoir of the Life and Character of a Plan, whereby any Person, who has but Walter Venning, Esq. By Richard Knill. little knowledge of either of those Lan8vo. 78. éd.

guages, may be enabled, in one month, Memoirs of the late Mrs Catharine Cappe. without the assistance of a Teacher, to By Herself. 8vo. 12s.

speak as correctly and fluently as a Native. The Life of Mrs Bennis. By her Hus. Written by the celebrated Wilcke. 8vo. band. 12mo. 58.

3s. 6d. The Life of Ali Pacha of Janina, Vizier, The Parent's Poetical Anthology, being Epirus. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

a Selection of English Poems, primarily CLASSICS.

designed to assist in forming the taste and Excerpta ex variis Romanis Poetis, qui the sentiments of Young Readers. Second in scholiis rarius leguntur ; Lucretio, Ca- edition. 5s. 6. tullo, Propertio, Tibullo, Persio, Seneca,

FINE ARTS. Lucano, V. Flacco, S. Italico, Statio, Mar- No. II. of the Original Houses of the tiale, Juvenale, Ausonio, et Claudiano. Poets and Philosophers of Great Britain. Notis illustrata, quas selegit, Johannes 8vo. 3s. Rogers Pitman. 8vo. 75.

Views of the Valley of Aosta, in PiedBiblia Hebraica Manualia, ad præstan- mont. Nos. I. II. and III. 8s. each. tiores editiones accurata :-accesserunt, I. Picturesque Views of the Environs of Analysis et explicatio var. lect. quas Ke. London. Nos. I. II. Ss. each. thibh et Kri vocant. II. Interpretatio Epi. Townsend's Half-Yearly Selection of eriseon Masorethicarum singulis libris bib- French Fashions, consisting of eight plates licis subjectarum. III. Explicatio No. of Figures. 8vo.5s. tarum marginalium textui S. hinc inde ad. Rudiments for Drawing the Horse, in a ditarum. IV. Vocabularium omnium vo- a Series of 26 Lithographic Drawings, recum Veteris Testamenti Hebraicarum et presenting, in detached parts, the characChald. denuo emendatius editum. In one ter and figure of the Horse, and the vari. volume, 8vo. price 278., or, on fine paper, ous classes and distinctions of that noble 31s. 6d.

animal, adapted for the improvement of
Demosthenis Opera Omnia, Gr. cum the young Student. Drawn by Henry
Scholiis cura Schæferi. On fine paper, £1, Alken. 15s.


Memoirs of the Mexican Revolution.
Latin Grammar Cards, adapted for a By William Davis Robinson. 2 vols. 8vo.
School, upon the Madras System. By the £1, 4s.
Rev. Harvey Marriott. 3s. 6d.

The Rudiments of Chemistry, illustrated A New Theory of the Heavenly Mo-
by Experiment, and several highly finish. tions, shewing that there are no such Prin-
ed Copperplate Engravings of Chemical ciples as those of Newton. 2 vols. 8vo. 9s.
Apparatus. By Samuel Parkes, F.L.S.

MEDICINE AND SURGERY. F.S.A. Ed. Soc. Americ. Socius, &c. The A Practical Essay on Disecses and In. 3d edition.

juries of the Bladder. By Robert Bingham. Golden Verses of the British Poets. By 8vo. 14s. M. Seaman, Master of the North-hill Aca. A Practical Treatise on Nervous, Bidemy, Colchester. In 18mo. 3s. bound, lious, and Inflammatory Affections. Svo. with an elegant frontispiece. This volume 5s. 6d. contains 124 pieces, selected from the best The two last Numbers of the Medical Authors.

Spectator. ls. 6d. cach. Elements of Thought, or First Lessons A Treatise on Dislocations, and on in the Knowledge of the Mind; including Fractures of the Joints. 4to. £1,11s. 6d.




A Treatise on the Radical Cure of Her. Whittingham's Pocket Novelists, Vol. nia or Rupture, by intentional means, and VII. containing Mrs Inchbald's “ Simple effected without any Surgical Operation, Story." 3s. Pain, or Suspension of the Patient's ordi- Macrimmon, a Highland Tale. 4 rols. Dary avocations; including Observations 12mo. £1, 4s. upon the management of Ruptures, and Osmond, a Tale. 3 vols. 12mo. £1, Is. upon the construction, uses, and adapta- The Percy Anecdotes. Part XXXV. tion of the Truss. Also, a Practical Trea- Annals of the Family of M‘Roy. By the tise on the Diseases of the Urethra, and on Author of the Scottish Orphans. 3 vols. the prevention of the Stone and Gravel; 12mo. £1, 4s. with Remarks, uniformly proving the dan- Charles Lorraine ; or the Young Sol. ger and inefficacy of the Caustic. By W. dier. By Mrs Sherwood. 18mo. Is. 6d. Dufour, Surgeon. 5s.

Eliza; or Traits of Character in HumHistory and Method of Cure of the va- ble Life. 18mo, Is. 6d. rious species of Palsy. By John Cooke, POETRY AND THE DRAMA. M.D. F.R.S. and A.S. Fellow of the Royal Werner, a Tragedy ; Heaven and Earth, College of Physicians, &c. 8vo. 6s. a Drama. By the Right Hon. Lord By

ron. The Napoleon Anecdotes ; illustrating Clontarf, a Poem. By W. H. Drum. the Mental Energies of the late Emperor mond. of France, and the Characters and Actions The Bard, No. I. 3d. of his Contemporary Statesmen and War- The Book of Psalms in Verse. 5d. riors. 2s.6d.

A Second Letter to the Earl of Liver- A General View of the History and Obpool, in Reply to that from the Rev. H. jects of the Bank of England ; with Ex. H. Norris, on the Subject of the Bible So. tracts from the Charter, Acts of Parliaciety. By the Rev. James Scholefield, ment, and By-laws regulating that CorpoA. M. Fellow of Trinity College, Cam- ration ; accompanied by Observations upon bridge.

the most important Clauses, in a Series of An Account of the Extraordinary Pro. Letters to a Friend. By John M.Cay, late ceedings against Mr Joseph Player, of Assistant Secretary to the Bank of Irelar.d. Saffron Walden, late one of the Deacons Observations on the Appointment of the of the Abbey-lane Meeting there, contain. Right Hon. Geo. Canning to the Foreign ing a Copy of an Address from the Rev. Department, and on its Effects on the William Clayton to him, in a Letter to a State of Society in England, and on EuroFriend. By an Enemy to Priestcraft. 6d. pean Politics ; comprehending a Review of

The Original Housekeeper's Account. the Political State of Europe since the Book, for the year 1823; being an easy Congress of Vienna in 1815, and offering and complete method of keeping an exact various important suggestions for the conAccount of every Article made use of sideration of the approaching Congress at throughout the Year; on fifty-two pages, Verona. 5s. each page containing the sundry Articles

THEOLOGY. of Housekeeping, and seven columns for Scripture Testimony to the Messiah ; the expenses of every day in the week, an Inquiry, with a View to the satisfactory with room for occasional Memorandums, Determination of the Doctrine taught in &c. &c. 2s. 6d.

the Holy Scriptures concerning the Person The Merchant's, Shipowner's, and Ship- of Christ. By John Pye Smith, D.D. master's Custom and Excise Guide ; com. 3 vols. 8vo. £1, 14s. prising every species of information rela- A Volume of Sermons, dedicated, by tive to the 'Trade between the whole of the permission, to the Honourable and Right British dominions and all other parts of the Reverend the Lord Bishop of Durham. world ; accompanied by Maps drawn and by the late Rev. Thomas Le Mesurier, engraved expressly for the work; the Sta- B.D. Rector of Haughton le Skerne, in tutes brought down to the end of the Ses. the Diocese of the County of Durham, sion 3d Geo. IV.; and the Orders in Coun- Domestic Chaplain to Lord Viscount Sidcil, &c. to November 1, 1822. By Charles mouth, and formerly Fellow of New Colu Pope, Comptrolling Surveyor of the Ware. lege, Oxford. LI, 1s. houses, Bristol. £1, Is.

The Sermon, preached at Rochester, at Ude's French Cook. Seventh Edition. the Visitation of the Lord Bishop of the 14.8.

Diocese, on the 9th of October, 1822,

(which occasioned the comments of the Ballantyne's Novelist's Library; con- Chronicle and Jolin Bull Newspapers.) taining Gil Blas, The Devil on Two Sticks, By the Rev. R. H. Chapman. Is. 6d. and Vanillo Gonzales, by Le Sage ; and Sketches of Sermons, preached to Conthe Adventures of a Guinea, by Charles gregations in various parts of the United Johnstone ; to which are prefixed, Ori. Kingdom, and on the European Continent. ginal Memoirs of the Authors. L1, 88. Furnished by their respective Authors. 124.


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