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that very riotous and highly illegal proceed the greater part of the house, threw its con ings, of the most disgusting and revolting tents into the street, and committed them nature, had occurred in a particular district to the flames. All that appeared in evi. of the county, and he trusted that due pains dence was, that a gross assault had been would be taken to investigate the circum. committed on the occasion in question ; but, stances alluded to, and bring the guilty per- from the darkness of the night and consesons to condign punishment. His Lord- quent confusion, the identification of some ship remarked, that it too frequently hap- of the pannels was somewhat contradictory. pened, that unfortunate women were brought -M*Kay, Smollet, and Burr, bore good forward under charges of child.murder and characters, and all present regretted that concealment of pregnancy. He understood they should have been concerned in such > that these offences prevailed most in those disgraceful business.—The verdict to be redistricts of the county where ecclesiastical turned on Wednesday. discipline was more than usually rigorous, Sept. 30.-James Irving, from Banff, acand he begged leave to suggest, that it would cused of horse-stealing. The Jury found be more eligible for the elergy to correct the libel proven, but on account of former vices and immoralities rather by private ad- good character, recommended him to mercy. monition than by public censure. He trust. Wednesday. The Court again met this ed that a respectable Magistrate then in his day, when the jury, which had sat on the eye (the Sheriff-depute of Ross and Cro trial of John Douglas, Donald M.Kay, Ar. marty), would exert the influence of which thur Smollet, and Alexander Burr, returnhe knew him to be possessed, to induce the ed a verdict, all in one voice finding John clergy in the district over which he presid- Douglas guilty of mobbing, and an active ed, to consider this suggestion, and he trustabettor and art and part in assisting the ed that the gentleman's exertions would be mob, on the night libelled ; Donald M.Kay found productive of the most salutary effect. guilty of mobbing, and art and part in asAberdeen, Sept. 26.

sisting the mob, on the occasion libelled,

but found the assault alleged to have been The Court was opened by Lords Justice committed by him on the person of MargaClerk and Succoth.

ret Hall or Dick, not proven ; found Arthur Alexander Tarland Coutts, was charged Smollet guilty of mobbing, and art and part with assault and robbery on W. M'Donald, in assisting the mob, on the night libelled ; Sliach, Coul. The origin of this attack and found the pannel Alexander Burr not was said to be a law-suit, and that after the guilty of any of the charges contained in first meeting in a public house, Coutts en- the indictment. deavoured to take by force what was refu. The Judges, after a suitable address to sed in law. The substance of the evidence the pannels, sentenced Douglas, to transwas, that an assault had been committed of portation beyond seas for the space of seven a serious kind, and in the affray M‘Donald years, and M.Kay and Smollet, to confinehad lost £. 8 or £. 10. The medical evi- ment and hard labour in Bridewell for the dence did not altogether coincide as to the space of twelve calendar months Burr endangering of his life. The jury found was dismissed from the bar. the assault was committed, but not to the James Esson, from Logie, Coldstone, danger of life, and the charge of robbery charged with parricide, having attacked

and killed his mother, being proved an idiot, Elizabeth Grant, on her own confession, the Court ordained him to be confined to was found guilty of being habit and repute the lunatic hospital for life. a thief. The libel was restricted to an ar- George Simpson, for stealing cast metal, bitrary punishment.

&c. from Messrs George Simpson and Co. Tuesday.---John Douglas, Donald M.Kay, was outiawed, having failed to appear. Arthur Smollet, and Alex. Burr, young lads, Alex. Harper, ironmonger, same place, accused of the crime of rioting, mobbing, was charged as reset of the stolen goods. and assaulting the dwelling-house of Mar. On hearing the examination of two witnes. garet Hall, or Dick, situated in the Justice ses, the Depute Advocate expressed himself Port of Aberdeen, upon Monday the 5th of convinced of his innocence, and regretted June last, on occasion of the anniversary of that the misinformation given him had 0€. his Majesty's birth. The pannels, and other casioned such trouble to Harper; he aban. disorderiy persons, to the number of nearly doned the prosecution. 500, had assembled, and having proceeded In addressing the jury, the Lord Justice to Margaret Dick's house, of bad fame, Clerk concurred fully in the Depute Ade where, on being refused admittance, they vocate's opinion, and charged them to rehandled her and several others very rough- turn a verdict of Not Guilty, which they in. ly, forced up the door, completely gutied stantly did. His Lordship, at the saine

not proven.

time, passed a severe censure on the official ses were insured. A proof having been led, gentleman, whose improper interference and the evidence was summed up on the part erroneons information had been the cause of the prosecution by Mr M.Cormick, and of this prosecution; and added, that, should on the part of the pannel by Mr A. Murany similar proceedings agaia occur in the ray; and the jury, after being addressed by same quarter, the disapprobation of the Lord Succoth, without retiring from the Court would be more strongly marked. box, returned a verdict, finding the libel

Alexander Couts was ordained to hard not proven. The prisoner was accordinglabour in Bridewell for 12 months, and to ly, after a suitable admonition, dismissed find caution to keep the peace for 2 years, from the bar. under a penalty of 300 merks.

A number of appeals were then heard, James Tulloch, travelling shoemaker, which finished the business of the circuit was found, on his own confession, guilty of here. breaking into the shop of Mr M'Combie, Croft-head, Cabrach, and abstracting goods ;

GRAND MASONIC PROCESSION. he was sentenced to 14 years transportation beyond seas. A similar sentence of banish- On Tuesday the 19th of Sept. the day ment for seven years was pronounced on appointed for laying the foundation stones Elizabeth Grant, who was tried on the pre- of the Regent's Bridge and New Jail, the ceding day, the libel in her case having been inhabitants of this place were gratified with also restricted.

the most brilliant procession which ever a. Perth, Sept. 30.

dorned the annals of masonry.

Before ten o'clock, the military had be. The Circuit Court of Justiciary was open- gun to arrange themselves; and by eleven, ed here this day by the Right Honourable the whole streets through which the proLords Justice Clerk and Succoth.

cession was to move, were lined in the most After the usual solemnities, the Court perfect order. proceeded to business; and the first case The music of the different lodges was that occupied their attention was that of 'now at intervals heard, swelling upon the

Mary Sullivan, alias Robertson, accused ear, as the brethren, moving off from their of petty theft, but on account of the absence different lodge-rooms to the appointed place of a principal witness, the trial could not of meeting in the Parliament Square, occaproceed, and the diet against her was de- sionally broke in upon the long suspense of serted pro loco et icmpore.

the impatient and expectant multitudes ; The court then proceeded to the trial of the appearance of a dull uniformity was reThomas Methven, or Wallace, or Watson, moved, and effect given to the whole, by John Dingwali, and Janet Dingwall, or Ford, the different decorations assumed by the charged with theft, robbery, and reset of lodges in allusion to their several titles ; theft. On account of an omission which and sometimes, too, a smile was produced rendered the indictment irrelevant, the diet on the countenances of the spectators, by was deserted pro loco el tempore, and the peculiarities in the costume of the tylers pannels were re-committed ; but John and by whom the various lodges were preceded. Janet Dingwall being charged only with the Among the latter, none seemed to draw reset, were admitted to bail, on security of more attention than a gigantic figure mount. 600 merks Scots.

ed on horseback, and decked out in all the John Ower, alias Robertson, accused of majesty of “ nodding plumes, and mail roforgery, was then brought to the bar. Hav- mantic,” who, like the ghost in Hamlet, ing heard the indictment read, the pannel marshalled the way to the lodge Roman pleaded Guilty, and the libel being accord. Eagle. ingly restricted to an arbitrary punishment, At twelve o'clock, the Grand Lodge have he was sentenced to seven years transpor. ing in due form been opened in the High tation.

Church aisle by the right worshipful Wil. John Tod and John Butchard were out. liam Inglis, Esq. substitute grand master, lawed for not appearing. Tod was accused (the most worshipful and Right Honourof forcibly rescuing a deserter; and But- able James Earl of Fife, &c. acting grand chard of theft.

master under his Royal Highness the Prince

of Wales, accompanied by the right worMonday October 2.

shipful and Right Honourable Earl of Dal. Robert Martin, flax-dresser in Arbroath, housie, a past grand master, having after. was brought to the bar, accused of having wards entered the lodge,) a communication wilfully set fire to his own heckling-house was received from the Right Honour:", and warehouse, for the purpose of defraud. the Lord Provost, that the Magistrat ing the underwriters by whom the premi. Council, with the Parliamentary

sioners, were assembled at the City Cham- To the officers commanding the military bers, and ready to proceed. Shortly after. who lined the streets, not only the bodies wards, these bodies, preceded by the city forming the procession, but the public in constables, and the hand of the 6th regi. general, are highly indebted. It would be ment of dragoon guards (mounted), tuok impossible to say enough of the order and their station in the High Street, where they precision of deportment which was preser. were immediately joined by the brethren, ved, mainly through their arrangements. and the procession proceeded from the Par Notwithstanding the unfavourable state of liament Square, down the High Street, the weather, on no occasion, perhaps, was North Bridge, Register Place, Leith Street, there ever seen so immense a crowd of spec1o the Low Calton, the place where the tators. Every window was filled ; every Regent's Bridge is to stand, when the foun- corner from which a view of the procession, dation stone was laid by the Grand Master, as it moved along, could even partially be with the usual ceremonies used on such oc. commanded, was crowded to excess. The casions. After which, the Grand Master streets, the Bridge, and front of the Regis. addressed the Magistrates and Brethren in ter Office, formed one continued throng; a short speech, to which the Lord Provost and the Caltonhill, covered to the very sum. made an eloquent reply, which was loudly mit, harmonised with the whole, and finishapplauded. When silence was restored, the ed off the scene with admirable effect. brethren again formed themselves in their There was, in short, nothing to regret; proper order, and the procession moved off and it is pleasing to learn, that, notwithto lay the foundation of the new jail on the standing the great concourse of spectators, Caltonhill. Arrived at the proposed site of not the slightest accident occurred. the new jail, the Lord Provost, Magistrates, The number of Masons in the procession Commissioners, and the Grand Master, &c. was upwards of 2000. took their different stations on the platforms prepared for them, when the foundation stone of the building was laid with similar

FLOODS IN SCOTLAND. ceremonies as those used at the Regent's Bridge. On this occasion the Grand Mas- We have received particulars of the rac ter, the Lord Provost, and Sir William vages occasioned by the desolating floods in Rae, Sheriff of the county, severally ad- the south of Scotland, and we are concern. dressed the gentlemen present. The pro- ed to learn, that the deplorable accounts cession then returned, the junior lodge, come short of the dreadful truth : many which had been the last, being now the who had removed their crops above the first, the Magistrates and Commissioners 'highest flood-mark, found it soon after abeing placed in the centre, and the grand float. In the town of Dumfries, the water office-bearers, preceded by the attendant was in considerable depth in the houses for proxies, closing the whole.

above six hours, and in the sunk cellars When the junior lodge arrived opposite much damage was done. In the neigti. the Royal Exchange, it stopped, and the bourhood of Sanquhar, part of the wooden. procession opened to the right and left, bridge, the damheads for draining Mr Ba. within the military; while the Lord Pro- ker's coal-work, that for driving the wheel vost, Magistrates, and Parliamentary Com. of the forge at Crawbridge, also that for missioners, followed by the Grand Master, driving the card machinery at Holm-house, office-bearers, and attendants, passed up are swept away. Hay-ricks were carried the centre, the brethren being uncovered. down the current as they stood on the fields, After the Magistrates had returned to the and one being arrested in its progress, waz City Chambers, the Grand Master and bre- left in its original shape. On the river Aathren proceeded to the Parliament Square, nan, the destruction was equally greate in their first order, the junior lodge, which bout 2000 stooks being carried off from two had been the last to leave, being now also farms. At New Galloway, on the 15th ult. the last to enter the square.

the weather was close and sultry, but in the The masters of lodges and their wardens evening, a most tremendous storm came left their lodges, and with the proxies and on ;-the lightning was fierce and jagged their wardens, joined the grand lodge in the balls of fire were seen to fall from the Church Aisle, when, after a short address clouds at one time a hissing sound was from the Substitute Grand Master, the heard, similar to the discharge of a rocket, lodge was closed.

and the rain fell in torrents. Some corn The procession throughout was conduct- was burnt, and two persons were stunned ed with a propriety and regularity that left and thrown down by the lightning, but renothing to be desired. Every thing was ceived no other injury. From that period, arranged with the most perfect decorum. the weather was stormy until the evening


of Monday the 26th ult. when a dreadful Mess. Alex. Henderson tempest of wind and rain arose, which con Thomas Miller, tinued till Tuesday. Vast quantities of James Lindsay,

xtraordinary corn, trees, &c. were swept away by the David White,

Council Dea. inundation, and four persons being sur. James Smith, rounded by the water, were saved by the Thomas Drysdale, exertions of Mr Gordon, younger of Ken

Robert Mitchell, more, and some others. The bridges of Robert Pridie, Ken and Allangibbon have been materially

Alex. Henderson, Esq. Admiral of Leith. injured.The Fleet also carried off much corn and hay.--The Urr broke down its Mess. Wm. Thorburn, sen. Esq.

Resident embankments, which was accompanied with Wm. Thos. Craigie, Esq.

Bailies. the natural effects of such a disaster,The Patrick Lindsay, Esq. Tweed, which rises in the borders of Dum Thomas Scott, Esq. Baron Bailie of Canonfriesshire, was remarkably swollen, and co

gate and Calton. vered part of the road to Edinburgh. The

Mess. Alex. Berwick, Esq. | Resident bridge at Drummelzier was carried away,

Win. Wallace, Esq. s Bailies. which occasions great inconvenience, there

James Lorimer, Esq. Treasurer. being no other bridge over the Tweed for upwards of 20 miles. The recent violent Walter Brown, Esq. Baron Bailie of Wester rains had the effect of causing a great over

and Easter Portsburgh. flow in the North and South Esks, and we John Miller, Esq. Resident Bailie of Easter are sorry to learn that the victual on the

Portsburgh. haughs suffered considerably. The devas

Andrew Scott, Esq. Resident Bailie of Westations, we are sorry to learn, have not

ter Portsburgh. been confined to the south of Scotland ; the river Dee, in Aberdeenshire, has deluged

William Sibbald, Esq. Captain of Orange

Colours. the surrounding country ; in Braemar, two farmers had the greater part of their crops carried away by that river having overflow

DEAN OF GUILD COURT. ed its banks.

Robert Johnston, Esq. Dean of Guild.

John Walker, Esq, Old Dean of Guild. MAGISTRATES OF EDINBURGH.


Messrs David Bridges, sen. merchant.

William Child, merchant.
Kincaid Mackenzie, Esq.

David Whyte, wright. John Young Esq.


John Inglis, mason.
Alexander Smellie, Esq.

James Smith, mason.
John Manderston, Esq.
Robert Johnston, Esq. Dean of Guild.
John Waugh, Esq. Treasurer.

Sir John Marjoribanks, Bart. M. P. Old WY. RAMSAY, Esq. Banker, MASTER.

Assistants.--Messrs Sir John Hay, Bart. Robert Smith, Esq.

George Brunton, David Bryce, John SinAlex. Henderson, Esq.

Old Bailies.

clair, William Thorburn, William Ritchie, Thomas Scott, Esq.

William Patison, R. Plenderleath, A. New. Walter Brown, Esq.

ton, T. Blackwood, D. Kinnear, Thomas John Walker, Esq. Old Dean of Guild. Dallas. Archibald M‘Kinlay Esq. Old Treasurer Mr William Phin, Treasurer.

and College Treasurer. Mess. Wm. Sibbald,

Merchant Wednesday 13th of September, being the Patrick Mackay,

Councillors. last day of meeting of the Town Council John Anderson,

for public business, previous to the new James Denholm, Trades elections, Bailie Waugh took the opportu. James Law.


nity of stating, in an address to Sir John J. James, Convener,

Marjoribanks, the Lord Provost, now about Wm. Newbigging,

to retire from office, the high sense which

William Scott,

the Council entertained of the ability with

Council Dea.
William Ross,

which he had conducted the public business,

cons. James Burns,

and of the great respectability and splen. David Pollock, door with which he had supported the dig.

nity of the clair, during the period for attachment to the memory of his late gallant which he had acld the office of chief Ma- companions in arms, Colonel Cameron of gistrate of this city; as they considered it the 92d, or Gordon Highlanders, Lieutenant to be matter of congratulation to the com- Colonel Sir Robert Macara, and the other

munity, when a person, combining so officers of the 42d regiment, who fell on • many important qualifications, in point the memorable day of Waterloo.

of rank in society, personal character, ta- On the 6th curt, the fourdation stone of lents for business, and public spirit, was at a monument, in honour of the victory of the head of the affairs of the metropolis of Waterloo, was laid at Newahbey, Dumfries. Scotland. He farther alluded to the mag. shire, by William Miller, Esq. Provincial nificent improvements and public works at Grand Master Mason for Dumfries-shire. A present going on ; in particular, the Regent's very numerous attendance of the brethren Bridge and Caltonhill road, and to the par. were present. liamentary grant for finishing the College, now in operation, all obtained through the Lord Provost's personal exertions; and Two new Professorships have been creatconcluded with moving, in which he was ed by the Crown in Glasgow University.seconded by Convener Denholın, “ That Mr John Burns is appointed Professor of Sir John Marjoribanks, the Lord Prorost, Surgery; and Mr James Towers Profes. be requested to sit for his picture, to be sor of Midwifery. painted at full length, in his robes of office, On Wednesday, the 6th inst. the Assoand placed in the Council Hall, as a lasting ciate Burgher Synod, which was held at memorial of the gratitude and esteem of Edinburgh, determined that Mr Brash, a the Council, with an inscription expressive preacher, who had two calls, one from the of their sentiments, and containing a refer- Associate Congregation of Ecclefechan, and ence to the public works projected, begun, another from that of Campbell Street, Glas. or finished, under his auspices, when in of. gow, should be colleague and successor to fice. This motion was cordially and una

the Rev. William Kidston, Glasgow. nimously agreed to, and Sir John Marjori- On the same day, Mr Andrew Scott, banks, by whom any proposition of the kind preacher, who had a call from the Associate was totally unexpected, in a reply distin. Congregation of Cambusnethan, and another guished by its appropriateness and feeling, from that of Lilliesleaf, was determined to consented to the request of the Council. be ordained pastor of the Associate Congre

gation of Cainbusnethan. On the 23d of September Mr Sadler as. cended in a balloon, from Newcastle, at three o'clock on Saturday afternoon, in the

APPOINTMENTS. view of an immense concourse of people.

[From the London Gazette.] After a flight of about seventeen minutes, he descended safely at a place between Ears- Whilchall, June 22. The Prince Regent don and Hartley ; a distance of about ten appointed Major-General Sir James Kempt, miles froin Newcastle.

Knight Commander of the Most Honour. At the Michaelmas Head - Court for able Military Order of the Bath, to be a Perthshire, his Grace the Duke of Athol, Knight Grand Cross of the said Order, vice Lord Lieutenant of the county, proposed, Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Picton, dethat the noblemen and gentlemen of the ceased. And also appointed the following county should second the wishes of the officers to be Knights Commanders of the citizens of Perth, who proposed to erect a said order, viz. Major General George Cooke, monument to the memory of the late Pro. vice Major General Sir Roirert Rollo Gilles. vost Marshal of that city.—This was unani- pie, deceased; Major General Peregrine mously agreed to, and his Grace subscrib- Maitland, vice Major General Sir William ed fifty guineas. The subscription paper Ponsonby, deceased; and Major General was afterwards handed round, and subscrib- Frederick Adam, vice Major General Sir ed by the Earl of Mansfield, Lord Lyne. James Kempt. doch, Sir Patrick Murray, Mr Drummond, Sept. 9. The following Foreign Generals &c. &c.

were appointed Honorary Knights Grand The remains of Robert Burns, the celebra- Crosses of the Order of the Bathited Scots Bard, have been removed to the Field - Marshal his Highness Prince vault of the mausoleum now erecting to his Schwartzenberg, memory in St Michael's church-yard of Field-Marshal his Highness Prince BluDumfrice.

cher, The Marquis of Huntly has, we understand, Field-Marsha! Count Barclay die Tolly, erected at Moyhall, a tribute of respect and Field-Marshal his Highness Prince Wrede,


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