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Poetry of the Year. A Series of Illustrations from the Drawings of Birker FOSTER,

HARRISON WEIR, BARKER, LEJEUNE, E. V. B., DUNCAN, LEE, Cox, &c., &c., beautifully executed in Chromo-Lithography, and Mounted. 4to, handsomely bound in cloth and gold, price 16s., or handsomely bound in morocco, price £i 5s.

(Just published. Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith. With a Memoir by WILLIAM SPALDING,

A.M., Professor of Logic and Rhetoric in the University of St. Andrews. Illustrated with Steel Engravings from Drawings by DAVID ROBERTS, R.A., Sir THOMAS STODDART, R.A., C. STANFIELD, and C. LESLIE, R.A. In small 4to, handsomely bound in cloth and gold,

price 7s. 6d., or handsomely bound in walnut or morocco, price 155. Off Land's End. Homeward Bound; or, Christmas Eve on Board the “ Oberon."

Being a Collection of Stories, grave and gay, pathetic and humorous, related by the Cabin Passengers. Suitable for all readers, old and young. Illustrated by John PROCTOR. Imperial cómo, elegantly bound and gilt, with gilt edges. Reduced to 3s. 6d.

New VOLUME.-GRIFFIN'S 55. 8vo SERIES. Masterpieces of Fiction : comprising Knickerbocker's History of New York, by

WASHINGTON IRVING; The Linwoods, by Miss SEDGWICK; Elizabeth, or the Exiles of Siberia; Paul and Virginia ; The Indian Cottage; and JOHNSON'S Rasselas. Fine Portrait and Wood.

cuts. Medium 8vo, handsomely bound, price 5s. ; with gilt sides and edges, price 6s. (Just published, Griffin's Emerald Gems. Embellished by First-class Steel Engravings and

numerous Woodcuts. Beautifully bound in imitation malachite, and elegantly gilt, price ios. 6d. each; in morocco at 8s.; or in cloth, elegant, with gilt edges, 3s. 6d.







Ios. 6d., 5s.

Others in Preparation.
Art of Illuminating, as practised in Europe from the Earliest Times. Beautifully

printed in colours and gold. By M. DIGBY WYATT and W. R. TYMMS. Small folio, cloth, richly gilt, published at £3 Ios. The last few copies of this splendid work offered to the Trade

at a great reduction. Memorial of the Marriage of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, and H.R.H.

PRINCESS ALEXANDRA OF DENMARK. W. H. Russell, LL.D., late Special Cor. respondent of the “ Times,” illustrated by a series of Forty-two Splendid Chromo-Lithographs, from Water-colour Drawings, by Robert DUDLEY, including Three Views of the Voyage to England, by O. W. BRIERLY. Atlas folio, richly bound in cloth and gold, £5 55. A femv

copies on Large Paper, Published at £10 1os., Offered to the Trade at a great reduction. Southgate's (Henry) Many Thoughts of Many Minds. Sixteenth Thousand,

thoroughly revised, and beautifully printed on Toned Paper. Svo, cloth elegant, gilt edges, price

125. 6d. ; or morocco antique, ki is. Shakspearean Creations. By E. GOODWIN LEWIS. Illustrated with Photographs

from the celebrated Paintings exhibited at Stratford-on-Avon, "Shakspeare Tercentenary. Exquisitely illuminated borders, by SAMUEL STANESBY. Second Edition. Small 4to, elegantly

bound and gilt, price 155., or bound in morocco extra, £ 1 Is. Treasury of Thought, from Shakspeare. The Choice Sayings of his Principal

Characters, Analytically and Alphabetically arranged. Crown 8vo, handsomely bound in cloth gilt, price 5s. ; or morocco, ios, 6d.

Messrs. CHARLES GRIFFIN & Co. beg to inform the Trade they have again made a large purchase of MR. BEETON's Popular Publications, at CONSIDERABLY REDUCED PRICES, « List of which, and of several very handsome Illustrated Works, suitable for the approaching s'ason will be sent on application.

London : CHARLES GRIFFIN & Co., Stationers' Hall Court.



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35. 6d.

Home Sundays; or, Help from the Sanctuary for Invalids

and others. By the Rev. GEORGE EVERARD, M.A. Uniform with “ Day by Dar." Cloth extra, 3s. ; bevelled, gilt edges, 3s. 6d.

[On the uth. Living Jewels; or, Sketches of Christian Character, Sug

gested by Precious Stones, with Biographical Examples. By A. L. O. E. With Illustrations. Small post 8vo, 25. 6d.

[In November The Word was Made Flesh. Short Family Readings on the Gospel for each Sunday of the Christian Year. “In Cruce Victoria.” Crown 8vo, 5s.

[On the uth. Coming Events and Present Duties. Sermons on Pro

phetical Subjects. By the Rev. J. RYLE, B.A. Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. Christian Experience ; or, Words of Loving Counsel and

Sympathy. Extracted from the Unpublished Writings of the late Mrs. Mary Wins' =.
Edited by her Son, the Rev. OCTAVIUS WINSLOW, D.D.

[In Decer Truths for the Times. CONTENTS.-" Christian Holiness and its Counterfeits," by the Rev. JAMES BARDSLEY, M.A.--" Organ

ized Union of Protestant Churchmen : is it Desirable ?" by the Rev. C. F. CHILDE, M.A.--"The Right
Use of the Law," by the Rev. JOHN RICHARDSON, M.A.-“ Ritualism : its Origin, Tendency, and
Antidotes," by the Rev. Joseph BARDSLEY, M.A.-" Christian Unity and its Counterfeits," by the Rev.
SAMUEL GARRATT, M.A.-"Evangelical Religion, what it is and what it is not," by the Rev. J. C.
RYLE, B.A. Crown 8vo, 2s.

[In November. Sacred Odes. Original and Translated, on Divers Subjects, Second Series. By EDWARD MASSIE, M.A., Wadham College, Oxford. Fcap. 8vo,

[On the nith. Nature and Art; or, Reminiscences of the International

Exhibition. A Poem, with occasional Verses and Elegiac Stanzas, by RICHARD

TONSON EVANSON, M.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London. The Pilgrim with the Ancient Book, and other Sacred

Poems, Paraphrases, &c. By MONCTON N. COOMBES, Esq. Post 8vo. [In November. Prayers and Thanksgivings. From JEREMY TAYLOR's

“Rules of Holy Living." Collected and Arranged under Appropriate Heads. By a

BARRISTER. 18mo, is., limp cloth. The Christian Ministry Not Sacerdotal but Evangelistic.

The Charge Delivered in September, 1867, at his Third Episcopal Visitation. By the

Hon. and Right Rev. SAMUEL WALDEGRAVE, D.D., Lord Bishop of Carlisle. 8vo, 2s. The Christian Life : Viewed under Some of its More Prac

tical Aspects. By the Rev. EMELIUS BAYLEY, B.D., Rector of St. John's, Paddington ; late Rector of St. George's, Bloomsbury, and Rural Dean. Fcap. 8vo, 3s. Cloth extra,

gilt edges, 3s. 6d. Expository Thoughts upon the Gospels. By the Rev. J.

C. Ryle, B.A., Vicar of Stradbroke, Suffolk. St. John, Parts 51 and 52. Post 8vo, 6d. each.

[In December. Suggestive Readings on the Gospels with my Sunday,

School Teachers. With Copious Notes and References. St. Luke. By a CLERGY,
MAN'S WIFE. With Introductory Letter by the Rev. J. STEVENSON, D.D., Vicar of

Patrixbourne, Kenti Post Svo, cloth limp, 2s. Not Your Own;" or, Counsels to Young Christians. By

the Rev. GEORGE EVERARD, M.A., Vicar of Framsden, Suffolk. Second Edition, 18mo,
cloth limp, 15. ; extra cloth boards, is. 6d.
London : WM. HUNT & COMPANY, 23, Holles Street, Cavendish Square, W.

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Uniform with Artemus Ward. NOTICE.-MR. SPROUTS HIS OPINIONS. Crown

Svo, toned paper, price 3s. 6d.

* Readers who found amusement in Artemus Want's droll books will have no cause to complain of this humorous production. A Costermonger who gets into Parliament and becomes one of the mostpractical" Members, rivalling Bernal Osborne in his wit and Roebuck in his satire, ought to be an amusing person.

Uniform with Mr. Swinburne's Poems.- Immediately, in fcap. 8vo, price 5s., WALT WHITMAN'S POEMS. (Leaves of Grass, Drum-taps, &c.) Selected and Edited by WILLIAM MICHAEL ROSSETTI.

For twelve years the American poct Whitman has been the object of widespread detraction and of concentrated admiration, The admiration continues to gain ground, as evidenced of late by papers in the American Round Table," in the London Review," in the Fortnightly Review" by Mr. M. D. Conway, in the " Broadway" by Mr. Robert Buchanan, and in the "Chronicle" by the editor of the selection announced above, as also by the recent publication ej, Whitman's last poem, from advance shects, in Tinsley's Magazine."

A New Edition, with large Additions, 15th Thousand, crown 8vo, cloth, 6s. 6d., SLANG DICTIONARY. With Further Particulars of Beggars' Marks.

Beggars' MARKS UPON House CORNERS.--On our doorways, and on our house corners and gate-posts, curious chalk marks may occasionally be observed, which, although meaningless to us, are full of suggestion to tramps, beggars, and pedlars. Mr. Hotten intends giving, in the new edition of his "Slang Dictionary."--the fourth--some extra illus, trations descriptive of this curious and, it is believed, ancient method of communicating the charitable or ill-natured intentions of house occupants, and he would be obliged by the receipt, at 74, Piccadilly, London, of any facts which might assist his inquiry.

"The Standard Work on Precious Stones." The New Edition, Prices brought down to the Present Time.--Post 8vo, cloth extra, full gilt, 12s. 6d., DIAMONDS AND PRECIOUS STONES; their

History, Value, and Properties, with Simple Tests for Ascertaining their Reality. By HARRY EMANUEL, F.R.G.S. With numerous Illustrations, tinted and plain. Will be acceptable to many readers."— Times. "An invaluable work for buyers and sellers."-Spectator.

See the Times Review of three columns. * This new edition will be greatly superior to the previous one. It will give the latest market value for Diamonds and Precious Stones of every size. The Best Book on Confectionery and Desserts.—New Edition, with Plates, post 8vo, cloth, 6s. 6d. GUNTER'S MODERN CONFECTIONER. An

Entirely New Edition of this Standard Work on the Preparation of Confectionery and the Arrangement of Desserts.

New and Enlarged Edition, crown 8vo, boards, 2s. 6d. (A Sequel to the "Sham Squire"), IRELAND BEFORE THE UNION. With REVELATIONS FROM THE UNPUBLISHED DIARY OF LORD CLONMELL. By W. J. FITZPATRICK, J.P.

Popular Memoir of Faraday.-This day, crown 8vo, toned paper, Portrait, price 6d., MICHAEL FARADAY. PHILOSOPHER AND CHRISTIAN. By the Rev. SAMUEL MARTIN, of Westminster.

An admirable resuiné-designed for popular reading of this great man's life.

Four very popular Works will be issued during the month.
The New Riddle Book.–New Edition of "An awfully Jolly Book for Parties.";

On toned paper, cloth, gilt, 7s. 6d. ; cloth gilt, with Illustration in Colours by G. Doré, 8s. 6d., PUNIANA; or, Thoughts Wise and Otherwise. Best Book of

Riddles and Puns ever formed, With nearly 100 exquisitely fanciful drawings. Contains nearly 3,000 of the best Riddles and 10,000 most outrageous Puns, and it is believed will prove to be one of the most popular books ever issued.

Why did Du Chaillu get so angry when he was chaffed about the Gorilla ? Why? we ask.
Why is a chrysalis like a hot roll? You will doubtless remark, "Because it's the grub that makes the butter Ay!

But see "Puniana."
Why is a wide-awake hat so called? Because it never had a nap, and never wants one.

In crown 8vo, uniform with the "Slang Dictionary,"

GUAGE. Revived and Revivable in England and America. An Appeal to Authors, Poets, Clergymen,

and Public Speakers. By Dr. CHARLES MACKAY, of the Times newspaper, HONE'S SCRAP-BOOK: a Supplementary Volume to

Every-Day Book," the “ Year Book," and the “Table Book." Thick 8vo. From the MSS. of the late William Hone. With upwards of 150 Engravings of Curious or Eccentric Objects.

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the "

London : JOHN CAMDEN HOTTEN, 74 and 75, Piccadilly, W.


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This day, nearly 400 pp., 75. 6d.

Immediately, a Choice Book, on toned paper, 6s. NOTICE.-ABYSSINIA AND ITS THE COLLECTOR. Essays

PEOPLE; or, Life in the Land of Prester John. on Books, Authors, Newspapers, Pictures, Inns, DocEdited by John CAMDEN HOTTEN, Fellow of

tors, Holidays, &c. Introduction by Dr. DORAN. the Ethnological Society, &c. With a Neru

A charming volume of delightful Essays, with Map, and Eight Coloured Illustrations by MM.

exquisitely-engraved Vignette of an old-Book Collector

busily engaged at his favourite pursuit of book-hunting. Vignaud and Barrat.

A GUIDE TO READING OLD MAVUSCRIPTS, It is almost a truism to say that the better a country

RECORDS, &c., ios, 6d. is known the more difficult it is to write a book about it. WRIGHT'S COURT HAND Just now we know very little of Abyssinia, and therefore a dull book, provided it contains trustworthy facts concern- RESTORED; or, Student's Assistant in Reading Old ing that region, would be read with eagerness."--Times, Deeds, Charters, Records, &c. October 9, 1867.

*.* A New Edition, corrected, of an invaluable Work “With the assistance of various members of the Geogra

to all who have occasion to consult old MSS., Deeds, Char. phical Society, Mr. Hortex is preparing for immediate ters, &c. It contains a Series of Fac-similes of old USS. publication a descriptive work upon Abyssinia, under the from the time of the Conqueror, Tables of Contractions title of " Abyssinia and its People; or, Life in the Land of and Abbreviations, ancieni Surnames, &c. Half-morocco, Prester John.". The book is designed for popular reading,

very neut, ros, 6. and will contain numerous coloured illustrations, one of

Immediately. which -an Abyssinian gentleman seated on the ground, and devouring

A NEW BOOK by the late “Brundo,” or raw flesh-will probably startle people accustomed to a more refined mode of feed- ARTEMUS WARD. ing.”- The Standard,

Immediately, cloth, very neat, 2s. 6d.

Immediately, in demy 8vo, pp. 350, price 16s.

F. BROWNE, better known as “Artemus Ward.” With WILLIAM BLAKE; Artist and Mr. Conway's Address at the Interment of the Humorist.

Portrait by Geflowski, the Sculptor, and Fac-similes, &c. Poet. A Critical Essay. By ALGERNON CHARLES SWINBURNE.

Now ready, in folio, half-morocco, cloth sides, 7s, 6d. The coloured illustrations to this book have all been LITERARY SCRAPS, CUTprepared, by a careful hand, from the original drawings painted by Blake and his wife.


CELLANEA, &c. A Folio Scrap-book of 340 columns, Also New EDITIONS of Mr. SWINBURNE's other Works. formed for the reception of Cuttings, &c. With Guards, POEMS AND BALLADS. Fcap. 8vo. 98.

A most useful volume, and one of the cheapest ever SONG OF ITALY.


The book is sure to be appreciated, and to becoille CHASTELARD. 73.


Now Ready, Cheap Edition, with Map and Tinted IlustraG. DORE'S SPECIAL FAVOURITES.

tions, 2s, 6d.

OXONIAN IN ICELAND; Immediately, oblong 4to, handsome table book, 7s, 6d. HISTORICAL CARTOONS ;

with Icelandic Folk-Lore and Sagas. By the Rev. Fren.

METCALFE, M.A. or, Pictures of the World's History from the First to the

*** A very amusing Book of Travel. Nineteenth Century. By GUSTAVE DORE,

Now Ready, One Shilling Edition of *.* d new book of daring and inimitable designs by this artist, which will excite considerable attention, and,

NEVER CAUGHT: Personal doubtless, command a large sale.

Adventures in Twelve Successful Trips in Blockade RunImmediately, crown 8vo, pp. 650, 75. 6d.


A Volume of Adventure of thrilling interest. CARICATURE HISTORY OF

Immediately, 7s. 6d.
THE GEORGES; or, The History of the House of
Hanover, from the Squibs, the Broadsides, the Window

Pictures, Lampoons, and Pictorial Caricatures of the A Fourth Edition.
Time. By Thomas WRIGHT, F.S.A.

The Times, in a review of three columns, remarker Uniform with History of Signboards," and a com- that the good things in the book were so numerous as te panion volume to it.

defy the most wholesale depredation on the part of any “A perfect marvel of cheapness."

retriewer." Now Ready, Second Series, Fourth Thousand.

Immediately, in crown 4to, sumptuously printed, £7. WAVERLEY NOVELS. LIVES OF THE SAINTS

“ Toned Paper Edition.” Five Choice Novels. Orna- With so exquisite 4to Illuminations, mostly coloured bmental Border, cloth extra, 850 pp., 38: This very hand

hand : the Letter-press within Wood-cut Borders of beau some Volume contains unmutilated and Author's Editions tiful design. of IVANHOE, OLD MortaLITY, FORTUNES OF NIGEL, *.* The illustrations to this work are far superior t GUY MANNERING, BRIDE OF LAMMERMOOR. Also, First anything of the kind ever published here before. Series, Fifth Thousand, containing WAVERLEY, THE

Immediately, in crown 4to, exquisitely printed, 63. 1os. MONASTERY, Rob Roy, KENILWORTH, The Pirate, Complete in i vol., cloth neat, 3s.

SAINT URSULA, and the A genuine Unmutilated Reprint of the First Edition of Story of the 11,000 Virgins, now newly told by THOM

WRIGHT, F.S.A. With Twenty-five Full-page 4to Illu CAPTAIN GROSE'S CLASSI- minated Miniatures from the Pictures of Cologne.

CAL DICTIONARY OF THE VULGAR TONGUE, *** The finest book paintings of the kind ever publisher 1785.

The artist has just obtained ihe prize at the Paris Exp

sition, Only a small number printed for the Collectors of " Street Words" and Colloquialisms, on fine toned paper,

This day, cloth neat, 5s. half-bound morocco, gilt top, os.

In half-morocco, neat, 305.

MYTHOLOGY, and Miscellaneous Poems. By EDMUN
What he has written is enough, and more than

enoug TORY OF SIGNBOARDS. 4to. With extra Illustra- to give him a high rank amongst the most successful culo tions,

vators of the English Muse."-GLOBE.

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“Large-paper Edition" of HIS

London : JOHN CAMDEN HOTTEN, 74 and 75, Piccadilly, W.


Cheap Illustrated Edition of TRA I LL'S JOSEPHUS. In One handsome Volume of 800 pages, with 75 Illustrations on Steel, made expressly for

this work, extra cloth, gilt top, £1 5s. Numerous Testimonies have been given to the great Care and Accuracy with which this Translation has been accomplished, not only by Travellers in Palestine, but by Residents in Jerusalem.

The Athenæum, in an able and elaborate critique of this translation, observes :“Whether we consider the superior style of the Translation, the excellence of the Notes, the value of the Illustrations, or the care bestowed on the getting-up of the work, this edition of Josephus' must be of great service to biblical and theological students of all classes, while others will find it the best available substitute for competent scholarship. The name of the editor (Mr. Isaac Taylor) is a host in itself, and the honour of that name is here worthily maintained."

The Times, in an obituary notice of Mr. Isaac Taylor, remarks :“ Mr. Taylor was induced to take part with the Rev. Robert Traill in bringing out a new translation of ‘Josephus.' This costly and magnificent work was accompanied with numerous illustrations, engraved by some most ingenious machinery, the invention of Mr. Taylor.”

London : HOULSTON & WRIGHT, 65, Paternoster Row,

Cloth extra, 55.,

Edited by the Rev. CHARLES Rogers, LL.D., F.S.A. Scot.,

Editor of “Lyra Britannica," “ The Modern Scottish Minstrel,” &c.

London : HOULSTON & WRIGHT, 65, Paternoster Row.


Nearly Ready.—The New Uniform Editions of




In small 8vo, richly Illustrated, bound in cloth extra, bevelled boards, price zs. 6d. each,
The Sunshine of Greystone. By Grace Hamilton's School Days.

Miss May, Author of “ Louis' School By Miss WORBOISE.

Bertram Noel: a Story. By Miss
Marian Falconer; or, Stars in the May.
Darkness. By E. H. W.

The Young Middy; or, The

Perilous Adventures of a Boy Officer among Sister Kate; or, The Power of

the Royalists and Republicans of the First Influence. By Miss ADDISON.

French Revolution. By F. C. ARMSTRONG. Nearly Ready. -New Edition, in small 8vo, richly Illustrated, bound in cloth extra, gili edges,

forming a handsome Prize Book, price 3s. 6d. The Wolf-Boy of China : the Adventures of Lyu-Payo among Merchants, Mandarins, Soldiers, Sailors, and People both Wild and Civilized. By WM. DALTON.

Full of Illustrations, richly bound in crimson cloth, bevelled boards, price 6s.
The Wasps of the Ocean ; or, Little Waif and the Pirate of the
Eastern Seas. A Romance of Travel and Adventure in China and Siam. By WILLIAM DALTON,

Nearly Ready.—The 5s. Edition of
Effie Vernon; or, Life and its Lessons. By Miss ADDISON.

Nearly Ready.--In fcap. 8vo, fancy covers, price Is.,
Bella Sandford. By F. C. ARMSTRONG.

Also, a Fine Edition, fully Illustrated, in extra cloth, gilt, price 25. 6d.



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