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In the House of Representatives

THURSDAY, April 18, 1946.

Mr. FERNANDEZ. Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent for the immediate consideration of House Resolution 604.

The Clerk read the resolution, as follows:

Resolved, That on Tuesday, the 28th day of May 1946, immediately after the approval of the Journal, the House shall stand at recess for the purpose of holding the memorial services as arranged by the Committee on Memorials, under the provisions of clause 40-A of Rule XI. The order of exercises and proceedings of the service shall be printed in the Congressional Record, and all Members shall have leave for sixty legislative days to extend their remarks in the Congressional Record on the life, character, and public service of the deceased Members. At the conclusion of the proceedings the Speaker shall call the House to order, and then, as a further mark of respect to the memories of the deceased, he shall declare the House adjourned.

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in the

House of Representatives

Seventy-ninth Congress
Second Session

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Scripture reading and prayer_-.

Representative from the State of Michigan
At the piano------Joan Marie Rabaut
The Chaplain

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