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REDICTIONS, are all those Decla

rations of future EVENTS recorded in the Holy Scriptures, which God by his Providence has brought, or will bring to pass; whether those Events be Punishments. or Blessings.

Thus the Declarations of the Destruction of Jerusalem, and of the Miseries which befel the Jews, were Predictions.

Thus the Declarations of the Deliverance of the Children of Israel out of Egypt, and from the seventy Years Captivity, were Predictions; and so indeed, are all the Threatnings God has denounced against the Wicked; and all the Promises of Blessings, which he has made to Nations, or particular Persons, who love and serve him, and keep his Commandments: And thus the Sacred Declarations in the two first of these Letters are Predictions.

The Providence of the righteous and faithful God, is always fulfilling his Word: Therefore David said unto God, I will praise thee with my whole Heart, ---- for thy Loving

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Sacred Predictions:


Consideration of all Sorts of People at all Times ;

more especially, whenever in danger of PUBLIC CALAMITIES: Collected out of the Holy Scriptures ; shewing the Events, which some Persons have Reason to fear; and those for which others have Ground to hope.

Whereunto is added a LETTER, proving, that the pub

lic Reading the Holy Scriptures on the Lord's-Days is an Ordinance of divine Appointment, for the spiritual Benefic of all Sorts of Hearers, and is Part of that public Worship which God requires from his People.

All intended for promoting Piety and the Consolation of serious

Christians of every Denomination, when under Afiction, either of a temporal or spiritual Kind, frequent in the common Course of Life; and likewise for their Comfort in Times of public Calamities.

And C. R. M. L. C. and R. S. L. S.

Search the Scriptures. John v. 39.

I O N D ON: Printed the J. BUCKLAND, at the Buck in Patera

nojter-Row. MDCCLXI.

101. e. 1037

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