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When Being's jarring crowds, together thrown,
Mingle in harsh inextricable strife;
Whose spirit quickens the unvarying round,
And bids it flow to music's measured tone ?"-Goethe's “Faust.”

Progress in Nature general-Its law the emancipation of indiviiluality

The object of instinct- Animal instincts and Intelligence in manConsequent Antinomy-Happiness the signal when the instincts are satisfied--The antinomy between reason and sentiment–The antinomy between faith and reason-Reason unable to act without axiomsAntinomy in morals and politics--and in religion-Natural religion inconclusive-The existence of God is incapable of demonstration—The inductive and deductive methods, are usually opposed - Opposition of analysis and synthesis Science analytic and religion syntheticConciliation possible.


HE law of Nature is progress, progress that is gradual,

never abruptly transitional; so that Linnæus might well observe, “She never takes a leap.”

The mineral kingdom shades into that of vegetation, the plant graduates into the animal, and the instinct of the animal lightens slowly into human intelligence. The rock bears no resemblance to the flower, but there is a point at which inert matter and vegetable life meet and kiss, and so


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