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meghteousness by Jesus Christ. At which awful and glorious period, all nations shall be convened before his great tribunal. Then will Jesus, the judge, make an everlasting separation between the righteous and the wicked: awarding eternal life and infinite happiness to the righteous; but everlasting death and neverending torment to the wicked. The equity of which sentence, on either part, I am fully persuaded, will be admired and applauded by all holy intelligences, and acknowledged even by the damned themselves, to their aggravated woe. sentence passed, speedy execution shall follow; for at the conclusion of the august, the solemn scene, the wicked shall go away, appalled and reluctant, into everlasting burnings; but the righteous, cheerful and exulting, into life eternal


Such are the leading articles of my faith,-such the sentiments of my heart. These things, as a Christian, I again declare, I believe; and trust, that in soine degree I have experienced their powerful, comforting, sanctifying influence on my soul. Such also are the doctrines I am determined, by Divine assistance, to preach, and to make the important subjects of my future ministrations. Notwithstanding, as I pretend not to infallibility of judgment, or to know all that is to be known in the present imperfect state, concerning God or his will, concerning Christ or his kingdom, I desire ever to have a mind open to conviction, and susceptive of truth, by whatever means it may please God to inform me of it; and when known, to communicate it to others, as cases and circumstances may require.

Further : I acknowledge it as my indispensable duty to cultivate a friendly freedom and brotherly affection with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity, and bear his image. Such, of whatever denomination they be, I desire te esteem as my brethren, members of the same mystical body, and fellow-beirs of the same eternal inheritance.

And now to Him who purrhased the church with his oron blood, who walks in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks, and exercises a terder care over the weakest and meanest of his flock,-to Him, I say, and for the edification of his people, those especially of this congregation, do I now desire to devote my strength, my life, my all; to be employed how, and as long, as his unerring wisdom shall direct and appoint. And the Lord grant that I may obtain mercy to be found faithful in that ministry I receive from him, living under the habitual remembrance of that swfal account I am to render to him; that so, after I have preached to others, I myself may not become a castaway, being fully persuaded that a damned minister of the gospel is the most shocking character in bell; but, taking heed to myself and to my doctrine, may be enabled to give ap my accounts with joy, in the presenee of our Lord Jesus Christ at this coming. And as it is in Him, I desire to be found at the last, the universal audit; so it is in his name I humbly go forth to the important, the arduous, the honourable work. On Him I depend for assistance in it; to Him I look for success in the performance of it. Oh, my God 1 my adored Redeemer ! my infinite, eternal Alli lèt my own soul, and the souls of my hearers, be ever precious in thy sight 1 and grant that after the exercise of much fervent, mutual love, and the enjoyment of many spiritual comforts in these thy lower courts, we may finally arrive at those blissful regions, where love is perfect and joy perpetual; where hymns of holy wonder, and songs of devoutest praise, shall be our uninterrupted and everlasting employ! Amen and Amen.


Seven Counties in which many Churches practise Free Communion :-

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IN 1689.





We the MINISTERS, and MESSENGERS of, and concerned for upwards of, one hundred BAPTIZED CHURCHES, in England and Wales (denying Arminianism), being met together in London, from the third of the seventh month to the eleventh of the same, 1689, to consider of some things that might be for the glory of God, and the good of these congregations, have thought meet (for the satisfaction of all other Christians that differ from us in the point of Baptism) to recommend to their perusal the confession of our faith, which confession we own, as containing the doctrine of our faith and practice, and do desire that the members of our churches respectively do furnish themselves therewith. Hansard Knollys ... Pastor .........Broken Wharf ......London William Kiffin ..Do. ...Devonshire-square...Do. John Harris .... .Do.

Joiners' Hall .Do. William Collins...

Petty France

Do. Hercules Collins

.Wapping........... .Do. Robert Steed ......... Do.

.Broken Wharf ......Do. Leonard Harrison...Do.

.Limehouse ...

.Do. George Barret ...Do.

.Mile End Green......Do. Isaac Lamb .Do.

.Pennington-street ...Do. Richard Adams...... Minister .Shad Thames .Southwark Benjamin Keach ...Pastor Horse-lie-down ......Do. Andrew Gifford ...Do.

Bristol, Fryars .Som. & Glouc. Thomas Vaux ....Do.

Broadmead ...Do. Thomas Winnel ...Do.

... Taunton

...Do. James Hitt...... .Preacher

.Dorset Richard Tidmarsh... Minister ...... Oxford City

.Oxon William Facey


.Berks Samuel Buttall ..Minister ...Plymouth

.Devon Christopher Price ...Do. . Abergavenny.. .Monmouth Daniel Finch.........Do.

.Kingsworth .Herts John Ball

.. Tiverton...

Devon Edmond White......Pastor .... .........Evershall

Bedford William Prichard...Do.

.... Blaenau

.Monmouth Paul Fruin........ Minister

.Warwick Richard Ring.. Pastor ......... Southampton .Hants John Tomkins . Minister ......Abingdon

.Berks Toby Willes .Pastor .Bridgewater .Somerset John Carter

. Steventon

.Bedford James Web


Wilts Richard Sutton


Robert Knight


Edward Price

Hereford City .Hereford
William Phips

William Hawkins... Do,


Gloucester Samuel Ewer.........Do.

Hempstead. .Herts Edward Man.........Do.

.Houndsditch .London Charles Archer......Do. ...Hook-Norton.........Oxon

In the name and on behalf of the whole assembly.



...... Pastor

...... Warwick




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