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As the plan of this work has been somewhat altered since its pubļication began, it is expedient to make a few remarks by way of explanation. The book is formed on the supposition that each lesson will be accompanied by an explanatory lecture ; and on this account, that the substance of what may be said, may be better retained, in some instances, particularly in the 2d and 4th parts, the heads of argument only have been mentioned; and tho' -some may seem, as they siand, to transcend the capacity of the youthful mind; yet it is believed that, when fully explained, they will be so far comprehended as to store it with distipice ideus and sound reasons for the principles stated. Experience has taught the necessity of giving, in doctrinal instructions, not only correct answers, but familiar arguments and illustrations drawn as well from reason as from scripture. Where these answers le too long, it will be easy to divide them, and where they are obscure, to correct or explain them. The great want of such a book in his own charge, and the repeated solicitations of others, is the only apology which the editor offers for this publi. cation ; and the want of time and ability the only one for those numerous errors and defects with which it abounds, and 'which have often - since its publication began produced a deep regret that it was ever undertaken. Defective as it may be, it has not been compiled without consulting many and various pública. tions-without much labour in examining and arranging so many scripture referrences and without much concern that it should so far exceed its originally intended limits.

As writers of compends, indexes and catechisms seldom ob tain the reputation of much originality-and as they perform a necessary, but not very enviable task, if they disclaim any other idea of their own qualifications for the work, than a willingness to meet its ungracious toils, thiey do not, deserve, for their well meant endeavours, the severe censurės of those who witl neither endure the labour themselves, nor be indulgent to the defects of tbose who would fain do it for them.

With these remarks, the principal object of this note is freely stated. It is to solicit those friendly hints from those who may use this manual. by which its plan. its arrangement, or its matter may hereafter be altered and improved-in case it should seem to answer that particular object for which it is formed. If a manual is really wanted in the church for the particular use of Bible-classes, and it shall be possible to make this such a book, all the profits that may arise to the author from the sale of it shall bc faithtully paid into the treasury. and devoted to the use of the Education Society of the Presbyterian church,


The reader is desired to correct with his pen the following and any other errors which he may discover. Page

Line from top. iv. of remarks 37 for errors-read error. u do.

3 for his read this. 24

11 for Luke xi, 23 read Luke ir. 25. 28

12 for Angoz read Argos 62

6 for prophesythe noun read prophecy 75

9 for extraordinary read ordinary. 83

12 for and was 490-read was 490. 89

6 for northeast-read northwest. 139

1 line from bottom, for cover read laver. 153

23 from topfos ancient-read eminent. 127

5 from bottom for which read while.

2 for and Son-read or Son. 123

3 top-for become read becomes, 129

10 for of the reformation read at the reformation. 132

1 bottom for include read incline. 134

20 top for for read far. do

i bortom for in read on. 136

5 bottom for it read its. 149 and 50- The questions on repentance ought to follow those on faith and were by mistake transposed- The two!

questions in Sect. iii. part iv <properly belong to Seet. v.-- The letter E has aken in some cases by oversight that of A in the title Manual. It is possible that in a few cases where answers or parts of them have been quoted, the marks of references may have been by mistake omitted.

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